The Bloomer Legacy: 4.17 Retreat

Some say the hermit lives deep in the woods of Granite Falls, but Yenn and Ethan did not encounter a soul. It was perfect, Yenn thought. She had no idea how Ethan found this place, him being far from a recluse, but a secret house hidden underneath a remote garden by the waterfall was the best getaway she could have imagined.

Note: This house is another fantastic creation by The Sim Supply called the Secret Garden. I thought it was perfect for the hidden lot in Granite Falls, which is where Yenn and Ethan are vacationing. And yes, thankfully the hermit didn’t show up.


Ethan wanted to do everything in his power to be there for Yenn. (This was his first autonomous action after getting to the lot. I love him.)


Much like Chell, he had realised silent company was what Yenn needed in her grief, and so he adapted. They spent the morning fishing in silence…


… and turned to meditation later in the day. Without as much as a single wellness skill, Ethan did not really get it, but he tried his hardest anyway.


Though it still shocked him when Yenn started floating all of the sudden.


He decided to not question things he didn’t understand, and do his own thing without leaving her side.


Still, Yenn spent the evening in tears. “Oh Yenny, it will get better, I promise,” Ethan whispered as he rocked her on his shoulder.


But when would it get better? She spent the night crying in her sleep. It was breaking Ethan’s heart to see her like this.



Yenn woke up to the smell of grilled cheese. “Breakfast in bed for you,” Ethan said enthusiastically, “You’ve barely eaten a thing since we got here.”


“You’re so good to me, Ethan,” Yenn forced a smile. “Thank you. For being here.”


As time progressed, things were getting easier. Since Ethan didn’t want to get on Yenn’s loner nerves, he made sure to give her a bit of alone time by going on long jogs in the woods.


Yenn used this time to read in her new book on known Amazon tribes.


Slowly, she was starting to become herself again.



To his surprise, Ethan twirled into adulthood as he got out of the shower one evening. He’d completely forgotten about his own birthday. But he felt good. Being an adult seemed no different to him.


Horrified that she hadn’t realised it was Ethan’s birthday, Yenn planned a romantic evening for him.

Yenn: “Just you wait till you taste this amazing grilled fruit… it’s better than any birthday cake, I swear!”


But placing a delicious plate of food in front of him was not enough, she’d also play the violin for him to create a romantic atmosphere… in hindsight, maybe not the best idea.

Chuckling, Ethan couldn’t take the noise any longer: “I know you’re quite gifted when it comes to the piano and the guitar, but when was the last time I played the violin?”

“I haven’t really played since childhood,” she admitted. “It shows, huh?”

Ethan smirked: “I love you Yenn, but the violin might be one of the skills you haven’t quite mastered yet.”

The violin slipped out of her hands as she turned around abruptly. “You love me?”


“Look, I know this scares you, but yes I do love you, and I can’t not say it anymore,” Ethan said directly.

“I know you Yenn, and I understand why you’re terrified of commitment. You grew up thinking that both of your biological parents have abandoned you, and you’re scared to let someone besides your family in, because you think they’ll leave you too.

But I’m not going anywhere. And I understand that you don’t ever want to get married, and that’s fine by me.”


“You’re forgetting that I know you too Ethan, and that’s a lot of plum,” Yenn collected herself.

“You’re saying those things, but I know you want to have a wedding and a family somewhere down the line. Wasn’t one of the very first things that you said when you arrived in Newcrest that you were looking for a soulmate?”

“That’s true,” Ethan nodded, “I did want to meet my soulmate, and I believe I have. I want you more than I want a wedding. A wedding doesn’t change anything, as long as you want to be with me.”


“I don’t know if I believe in soulmates,” Yenn looked Ethan in the eyes. “But you’re the only person I can stand to be around without having to hide and recharge.”

“Wow, Yenn the romancer strikes again,” Ethan burst out laughing, “You’re a poet!”

“Shut up Ethan,” Yenn said, annoyed. “I’m trying to say I love you too.”



The rest of their time away passed blissfully, with Yenn reading and meditating while Ethan went on his long jogs and researched his opponents. Soon, they both knew their getaway drew to a close and that it was time to leave.


“Ethan, there’s something I need to tell you,” Yenn said on their last evening in the hidden house. “I… there’s still somewhere I need to go before I can return home, and I need to go alone. But, I’d like it if you were back at the Bloomer house when I come back.”

Ethan raised an eye brow: “Are you asking me to leave you alone or to move in with you?”

“Both, actually,” Yenn smiled, “I want you to live with me over at the Bloomer estate, but I also need you to let me go on this quest I need to do. Trust me, I cannot take you where I’m going.”

“Is there any point in asking where it is that you’re going?” Ethan snickered.

“I’ll tell you when I’m back,” Yenn replied evasively.


She could barely sleep that night. It had taken her so much time to finally finish all of the research, and to figure out how to teleport through meditation the way her mother once had. But now she was ready… as ready as she’ll ever be.

She couldn’t help but think back on the conversation that set her on track a few weeks ago…


“Why on Earth do you think that story would please me?” Yenn snapped at Grim.

“I was under the impression you were not too fond of your biological mother,” Grim shrugged.

“That doesn’t mean that I wished her dead!” Yenn had such a mixture of emotions inside her. But how often does one get to speak to the reaper himself… think, she told herself, think!

“There is something I’d like to ask you though,” she said eventually. “My father, I mean, my biological father… have you taken him too?”

“Oh no, Baato is still alive,” Grim answered nonchalantly, “I see him every so often – I’m great friends with Tribe Arayeo; I go to their parties all the time!”

“Baato… Tribe Arayeo…” Yenn repeated those words, more to herself than to Grim.

“Oopsie, looks like I’ve told you a bit much,” Grim jumped up. “Lovely chat! See you soon, I’ll have more errands to run over at the Bloomer house any day now!”

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  1. Okay…I’m excited about her and Ethan. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they’ll actually end up happy.

    Now….is Yenn heading over to a different game for a bit? Eeeeep!


  2. I don’t like Ethan to be perfectly honest. He’s too nice, too good-looking and too patient. I can’t really explain it…


    1. Haha I completely get what you mean. I normally hate playing sims that are too perfect, and I doubt I would have made a sim like Ethan myself. iheartdinosx3 really made him as the perfect man, and when I first met him at the speed date I absolutely could not connect with him (Sort of like when he first met Yenn. Soulmate blah blah, whatever :D)

      But the more I’ve seen of him in game, the more I’ve grown to like him. It’s not his fault he’s just too perfect lol! And he seems to make Yenn happy (and more stable), which is what I’m concerned with the most – she’s my favourite so she gets extra perks/whatever/whomever she wants.


  3. Amazing! I have been playing The Sims for fifteen years, but I was just able to finally get The Sims 4 last week. I’m in love. I’m obsessed again. Yours is the first challenge story I have read for The Sims 4 and you are amazing at it. I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for all the story and lot suggestions. I always find that reading legacy stories are the only way I can learn all the amazing things I can do with my game.

    I’m going to go read more now. Update again soon please!


    1. Aww thank you so much, I feel honoured! I’ve played The Sims series since its beginnings too and I’m still enjoying it even after all these years 🙂 I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my little story, I usually update multiple time a week so there’s more coming soon. There’s a lot of great SimLit stories out there, I’d recommend everyone I’ve tagged in my Liebster Award post 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting!


  4. I’m glad to see Yenn in a stable, meaningfull relationship 🙂 I usually don’t force my non-commital sims into relationships (not saying that you forced her, just that my sims would require it) so it’s very refreshing to see this one working! I really hope nobody’s heart get broken.


    1. Well, technically they’re not officially boyfriend and girlfriend, so that helps 😀 But Yenn actually had the whim to ask him to be her boyfriend twice – the first time was when after Chell’s wedding when she ran to his house (I had her act on the sentiment, not the whim action itself, because non-comittal sims in relationships tend to be tense).

      The second time I actually had a moment of weakness and let her ask him, and he said no, even though the friendship and romance bars were both in the max. I think he understands she doesn’t really want to be tied down and that she’d regret the decision, at least that was the only explanation that made sense to me 😀 They seem to have an understanding.

      Neither of them get any whims to be romantic with anyone else, they just get a nice mixture of whims to be romantic, friendly and mischevious with each other 🙂


  5. Ethan is such a wonderful Sim. And Yenn, of course he’s in love with you – that man does so much to make sure you’re happy. ❤ Safe travels to her while she heads to Tribe Arayeo! I enjoyed reading July's chapter with her in it so very much. 🙂


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