The Bloomer Legacy: 5.1 Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hey there. My name is Olivia Bloomer, though I usually go by Liv. If you’re wondering if I’m related to the Bloomers, you’re right on your money. In fact, I’m the heir. One day, I’ll get to build whatever I want here in Newcrest. That’s what we Bloomers do.

My great-great grandfather Kirk created the community park, my great-grandfather Isaac built several affordable homes, my grandfather Peter is responsible for the neighbourhood library, and my dad’s just recently opened the gym and spa.

Of course, I wouldn’t know about any of this (well, apart from the last one) if it wasn’t for my aunt Yenn. She’s read all sorts of books on the family history, and told me loads of stories. Though I’m pretty sure she’s made some of it up.

I mean, she claims that my great-grandmother had died and was resurrected a whole generation later when my great-grandfather fell in love with her as a ghost – wild huh? Or another good one; supposedly my great-aunt or something was a leader of this crazy crime gang, and fell in love with a guy that was a slave from the amazon. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff… But that’s just aunt Yenn for you.


I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to live with aunt Yenn and her boyfriend Ethan. Well, she claims he’s not officially her boyfriend, but I know better. I can see the way they look at each other, even after all these years together, and they look pretty committed to me.

But labels aren’t everything, I guess. Just look at my parents. Their divorce is still kinda fresh, but honestly, they never seemed like a married couple to me. I think each of them is a bit too focused on what they want, and have forgotten about the other person in the process. Thank plumbob I don’t have to live with either of them!


They both got shiny new modern houses, ironically right next to each other – what can I say, they both wanted to be in the prime location by the golf course, I guess (mom for the posh post code, dad for the actual sport). I’ve made my obligatory visits to each of their new pads.

My mom’s house is very her, she has loads of expensive posh stuff. I think she wanted to keep the place really sleek, black and white; but of course she couldn’t help herself and had to inject a bunch of pink and gold into it.


Keiko’s House First Floor


Keiko’s House Second Floor


“Well, this is cool mom,” I tried to sound encouraging. “Very pink.”

“Oh, I’ve had these sofas especially made from this up and coming interior designer, nobody else has anything quite like it.” Mom ventured into this really long boring rant about how hard it was to get the hold of this designer guy, yap yap, same old.


“We really need to take you to a stylist,” she looked me up and down. “These clothes you wear do nothing for your figure, not to mention they look so cheap.”

“Uh, I gotta get going mom,” I quickly changed the subject. “I do still need to pop by dad’s too.”

“Right,” she looked away uncomfortably. “Well, call me and let me now when we can book that stylist appointment for you.”

Couldn’t get me out of there fast enough! Over to dad’s!


Booker’s House First Floor


Booker’s House Second Floor


“Wow dad, some of this décor is pretty out there,” I examined the crazy bodybuilder statues.

“I like to stay motivated,” dad smiled. “Have you seen my gym setup yet? I’ve dedicated the entire second floor to fitness!”


He dragged me upstairs and immediately jumped onto one of the machines: “Doesn’t this just get you pumped? Care to join me for a quick workout sesh?”

“Oh, I would, but I really need to stop by mom’s as well.” A little white lie never hurt anybody, right?


I decided to go to Newton’s instead. He lives right next door to us, in a house that used to belong to my great-aunt, according to aunt Yenn. Aunt Chell and uncle Knox had it all refurbished when they moved in though.


Chell and Knox’s House First Floor


Chell and Knox’s House Second Floor


Aunt Chell and uncle Knox are really nice, but plum they’re dorky! They had their noses buried in the books as usual when I got to theirs.

“Hey guys,” I yelled across to living room. “Is my cousin here?”

“He should be upstairs,” aunt Chell said, and then she went straight back to mumbling about something sciency to my uncle…


“Hiya, I was just about to head off to the gym,” Newton greeted me. “Wanna join?”

“Gah, what is up with everyone and working out today,” I growled.

“Oh come on, you don’t actually have to do anything athletic,” Newton attempted to entice me, “We can grab a smoothie at the bar and then you can have a soak in the spa while I go on the treadmill. I mean, there’s something nice about hanging out at the gym, so many memories of growing up there before it all got converted and all that…”

“Don’t go all sentimental on me,” I chuckled. “Fine, I’ll join you for a bit…”


I guess it is kind of neat to see our old childhood home all done up and changed. I mean, I’m pretty sure there’s a bunch of treadmills where my room used to be. I think the only things that stayed the same is the sauna in the basement and the meditation corner.


The locker rooms and showers


The spa


Protein shake bar and rooms for yoga classes


Cardio and strength area


“See, this isn’t so bad,” Newton beamed as he downed a chocolate protein drink.

Of course, Newton had always been an active guy, so I’m not surprised by this trip. Though he recently got really into music too. It’s like he’s two people stuck in one body.


I’m not sure why I never got the fitness bug, with my dad being being a bodybuilder and Ethan playing for the minor league. It’s just not really my thing. So after I finished my yogurt I headed back home.


As soon as I got inside, the delicious smell of aunt Yenn’s lobster tortellini hit me. Yum!

“Hey bumble bee,” Ethan glanced up from the computer. Studying his opponents, I’m sure. “How’s your day been?”

Sure, maybe aunt Yenn and Ethan aren’t the closest relatives I have. But I feel more at home in their little cozy house full of old family photos than with either of my parents. I dig the warmth of it and how loving they are towards one another, as corny as it sounds. Home is where the heart is, goes the phrase, and while saying it makes me feel like I’m a 100 years old, I have to say I agree with the sentiment.


Yenn and Ethan’s House

Note: All of the lots featured in the post have been added to the Bloomer Builds page and are available for download.

17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 5.1 Home Is Where The Heart Is

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve only recently started to get into the mood for building, I always found it tedious before this challenge, but practice and having breaks between generations helps 🙂 thank you for reading!


  1. This is such a great legacy, you sure know how to keep me interested in this one lol. Your builds are very lovely I wish I was as good as you are. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It’s probably because I always break the challenge rules haha! Thanks for the compliment on the builds, it just takes practice. I didn’t use to build in TS4 at all until recently 🙂


    1. Not particularly, I use the most expensive camera to get the large size photos and have them take several, then just use whatever photo came out least blurry/photobombing gnome-free 🙂


  2. Love what you did with the gym.

    Now, I find it funny (and fitting) that neither parent thought to have a second bedroom in case their child wanted to spend the night or something. They didn’t ask how she was or how she liked living with Yenn and Ethan. Just continued with their own pitiful existence. Tsk tsk. You go, Liv! Take control of your life.


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