The Bloomer Legacy: 5.3 Bonding

“Chell, whatever happened to that rocket of yours?” Yenn asked her sister. It was a fine Saturday afternoon, and the two sisters were having their weekly catchup.

“We sold it,” Chell pursed her lips slightly. “It was a huge shame, but it would have been such a pain to move that thing all the way here. Why?”

“Well, you know I’ve been progressing in the astronaut career. Soon enough, they’ll ask me to go to space for work, and I’d rather have a go myself first.”

After leaving Future Sims Labs, Yenn dabbled in the secret agent career for a while. The research was intriguing to her, as was all the planning that went into undercover missions, but once she actually was in the field, she realised that line of work was not for her. It involved way too much social interaction for her taste. And so she jumped into the Astronaut career, currently working as a Command Centre Lead.


“Well, we could always build a new rocket from scratch,” Chell smiled.

“Are you serious?” Yenn raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t even know where to start!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think,” Chell encouraged her sister. “I’ll help you! We’ll make a day of it!”


The two sisters got to work the very next day. Turns out, it was a great bonding experience for them both. It almost felt like when they were children, working on science projects together and cheering each other on to finish as many childhood aspirations possible.


“So, how are you finding raising a teenager?” Chell asked as she worked away.

“Well, aside from the fact that I was tricked into it, it’s not too bad,” Yenn laughed. “You know I love Liv, and she’s not really a troublemaker, but a part of me think I’m doing it all wrong. I never wanted kids, since I figured I’d mess them up… and somehow I’ve become a parent regardless.”


Chell smiled: “You’re probably doing better than you think! It’s that way with everything, just give it your best and things will come together. I mean, look how nicely the rocket’s coming along!”

“Maybe,” Yenn shrugged. “I just wish her own parents did more of the, well, parenting. They’re middle-aged now, they should have figured themselves out years ago.”


“Quit whinging, sis! I know you secretly love having Liv around all the time,” Chell winked. “Look at that! It seems we’re all done!”

Yenn looked up in awe. They managed to build the whole thing in less than a day!


“Thanks for all the help Chell!” Yenn hugged her sister.

“Any time, this was fun,” Chell beamed as she looked at the rocket. “Isn’t she a beauty? You better try her out! Adventure awaits!”


Yenn waved to her sister as she stepped towards the rocket. Adventure awaits. She’d heard Chell say those words so many times, ever since they were little.

Let’s do this thing, Yenn thought to herself. If she could visit the amazons, she could do anything.


Adventure time!



“Ok guys, try to be cool tonight, alright?” Newton looked at his parents nervously. Chell chuckled.

Knox smirked: “Are you trying to imply we’re normally uncool?”

“No of course not, dad,” Newton said quickly, “It’s just… there’s this girl…”

“We’ll be out of your way,” Chell smiled. They grow up so fast, she thought.


Olivia burst into the house: “Hey guys! I think I saw Max outside, how nice of you to invite him too!”

Newton sighed: “Well he is her brother…”

“Oh come on,” Liv interrupted. “Apart from that crop top, he’s not so bad…”

“Newt! What up?” Max entered the room.


“So, where do we stand, babe?” he approached Alice immediately.

“I told you,” she growled. “Not gonna happen!”


“Thanks for inviting me guys,” Diane said, “you’re the best!”

“Don’t be silly, we’re glad you could join us,” Liv smiled. “But if you really want to thank someone, you should thank Newton. It’s his house, after all.”


“I wanted to thank you though,” Diane smiled. “You’re the one who introduced me to everyone in the first place. I didn’t think someone so smart, funny, and pretty would want to hang out with me as soon as I move to town.”

Olivia felt her own heartbeat raising; “Wait, what?”


Newton approached the girls and sat on the couch: “What’s up guys?”

“Nothing,” Olivia jumped up and ran to join him on the sofa.

“Hey, now I feel left out,” Diane walked across to them slowly. Liv couldn’t help but notice Diane seemed to move in a very feminine way. Had she always walked like that?

“Oh, I wouldn’t want you to feel left out, not you of all people,” Newton blurted out. “Move, Liv,” he hissed at his cousin.

“Aren’t you cute,” Diane giggled. Yep, she was definitely trying to be seductive, Liv decided. She just couldn’t figure out if Diane was flirting with her, her cousin, or both of them.


She called him cute, Newton thought, oblivious. Surely she must like him, at least a little bit then… she likes him, she likes him, she likes him! Newton’s heart did a cartwheel.

“Would you like me hear play the piano, Diane?”


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  1. Loved seeing the sisters bond again! Chell and Yennefer have always been so close. 🙂

    Oh boy, will Diane come between Newton and Olivia? I hope that it won’t destroy their friendship…


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