The Bloomer Legacy: 5.5 Are You Ready?

Ethan loved waking up next to Yenn every morning. As far as he was concerned, she was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He felt pretty lucky. Not everyone gets to find their other half.

Of course, he hadn’t always been looking for a soulmate. When he was a lot younger, his looks always helped him in the dating department, and he may or may not have abused this before he knew better. But all these brief shallow relationships were all the same, and he grew tired of them quickly. He knew he wanted more substance in his life. And that of course, brought him to Newcrest.


While he didn’t know much about the girl he’d be meeting when he signed up for the speed date, he had a good gut feeling about it. And so he decided to stick around, even when it turned out that he and Amelia Agustin didn’t have much in common. It just seemed like the right place to be.

He got a spot on a minor football team quickly enough, made friends with the other people that attended the speed date… but it wasn’t until he met Yenn that everything suddenly fell into place. Ever since their first date, he knew they were going to end up together. He just had to wait for her to realise it too.

“What’s up with the cheesy grin, Ethan?” Liv entered the room. “Surely you can’t be that excited about getting old?”


“Morning bumblebee,” he looked Liv’s way. “I guess I must be getting sentimental. Care for a pancake?”

“I’d love one, but I’m already late,” Liv replied as she was shoving some cereal down. “I stayed up late yesterday night, looking for the perfect drink recipes for our party.”

“Someone’s excited to be a grown-up,” Ethan chuckled. “And you know what… I think it’s perfectly fine for you to be a tiny bit late today. It is your last day of school after all.”

“Good point,” Liv grinned. “I wish I didn’t have to go at all! I’m gonna go get dressed. Oh, and Ethan… happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday, bumblebee,” Ethan smiled as Liv dashed towards her room.

“You know, you won’t get away with calling me that after today, once I’m a young adult,” she pointed.

“Of course not, that’s why I need to get it out of my system today.”

To Ethan, Liv was always going to be a little girl. She was the closest he had to a daughter, after all.


Yenn walked through the door sleepily: “You’re up already? You should have woken me.”

“Morning beautiful,” Ethan kissed her cheek. “I made some pancakes for breakfast.”

“You got this all wrong, I should be pampering you today!”


“Well, what do you have planned for me then?” Ethan winked.

“We do have the whole day before the party starts,” Yenn grinned…


Ok, Ethan did not expect yoga. But apparently it was a part of the Body & Mind relaxation package over at the Garden of Eden Gym and Spa. Turns out Yenn had booked a full day of wellness for them.


Well, maybe Ethan spent a bit more of the yoga class watching Yenn do all the poses rather than doing them himself… but hey, observation is key to imitation, right?


“You barely tried,” Yenn laughed.

“Well, we could go have a quick workout to make up for my lack of flexibility,” Ethan answered.

“That’s hardly relaxation,” Yenn teased, “But I guess it is your birthday, so you’re the boss.”


The two headed to the gym section for a quick run, before making their massage appointment.

Ethan wondered if these runs were going to get much more difficult after today… But, there was no time like the present.


“All right, finally I can get my hands on a nice muscular bod,” the female massage therapist revelled.

Yenn shot a cold glare at her: “Excuse me lady, I’m right here!”

“I don’t see no wedding band,” the massage therapist shrugged.


Yenn didn’t have any retort for that, so she had no other choice than to let that plumming woman go ahead with the massage.

Once the massage therapists were done, the couple headed downstairs to the sauna.


“I think someone may have been a tiny bit jealous,” Ethan looked at Yenn as they sat down, amused.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Yenn grumbled. Ethan raised an eyebrow. “Fine, but I mean… did you see the way she was gawking over you?”

“Luckily for you by tomorrow I’ll be all wrinkly, so you’ll definitely have me all to yourself,” Ethan joked.

“Good,” Yenn grinned. “I can’t wait.”


“On a more serious note, how are you feeling about it all?” Yenn examined Ethan’s face. “Are you ready to head over there?”

“I’m ready,” Ethan nodded. He looked into Yenn’s eyes. “Though, on second thought, we could linger here for a bit longer.

The sauna suddenly got a whole lot steamier.

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  1. So I’m listening to music on shuffle as I am reading this and L-O-V-E came on right when I read the line “I think someone may have been a tiny bit jealous,” and the chorus started up right at the end of the chapter when I read “The sauna suddenly got a whole lot steamier.” ❤ HA HA HA!

    "L" is for the way you look at me, "O" is for the only one I see… TOO PERFECT.

    The way that this song merged with the story was ON POINT.

    I love Yennefer and Ethan together SO MUCH.


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