The Bloomer Legacy: 5.7 Sharing the Big News

“I’d say the party was a success,” Yenn grinned over breakfast the next day. “What do you think, Liv?”

“I… I’ve got to tell you something,” Oliva said nervously. “I kind of… had woohoo for the first time yesterday.”

Oh boy, Yenn thought. This parenting thing never stops, even when they’re grown up, she realised. “Oh? Was this with the person you said you have feelings for?”

“No, it was… it was Malakai,” Liv hung her head down. “It wasn’t really what I expected. It didn’t really… I didn’t feel anything.”

“Well,” Yenn cleared her throat. “I don’t really have a lot of experience in that department, but I’d say if you didn’t feel anything it was probably not with the right person.”

“I know,” Olivia nodded. “I thought it would magically fix everything. Fix me.”

“Liv, you don’t need to be fixed,” Yenn smiled gently. “You’re brilliant just the way you are.”

“You’re too kind, au-“ Olivia suddenly felt a sensation that interrupted her. She stood up quickly and headed for the bathroom.


“Are you ok?” Yenn was studying Liv’s body language.

“Yeah. I probably had a bit too much juice at the party yesterday,” Liv shrugged it off.

Yenn frowned.


“When you and Malakai, well…” Yenn felt incredibly uncomfortable about the whole thing. This should be your job, Booker, she thought. “…were you safe?”

Olivia’s face dropped: “You can’t be suggesting…”


This was insane, Liv thought. She only woohooed once, and she didn’t even enjoy it. She couldn’t possibly be…




“Sooo apparently you’ll be a great-aunt,” Liv announced.

“Oh plumbob,” Yenn slipped up. “I suppose we’ll have to share the big news with your parents… and Malakai.”



Newton came over to see his cousin, devastated.

“What’s going on, Newton?” Liv was concerned. He couldn’t possibly know about what happened between her and Diane, could he? And even so, Liv was sure it didn’t mean anything to Diane… or did it?

“Diane broke up with me,” he said, defeated.

What did this mean? Liv was immediately ashamed of her initial reaction. Her cousin was hurting. She needed to be there for him.

“I’m so sorry Newton…”

“She didn’t even give me a reason,” Newton sighed. “Like it didn’t mean anything to her.”

Liv didn’t know what to say. It suddenly occurred to her that Diane never really mentioned how she felt about Newton. Or talked about her feelings, in general.

Change the topic, Liv thought: “Well I got some news that might cheer you up… you’re going to be an uncle, or something like that.”


“Wait, what?” Newton stared at Liv blankly. She looked down on her already expanding belly.

“It’s a long story,” Liv smiled.



Liv’s nausea gave her away before she even broke the news to Booker. He’d realised all on his own.

After the initial shock, he managed to pull himself together. He’d be there for his daughter, he said. And for his grandbaby. Anything they need.


Yenn smiled. Her baby brother was finally becoming a man. It may have taken years, having a child and having a grandchild on the way, but he was finally getting there.

That of course left the discussion with the more difficult parent…


“You’re what?” Keiko burst out. “What were you thinking? I always used protection when I was your age! This is so reckless! Do you think I’m ready to be a grandma?!?”


“I… I’ve got to use the bathroom,” Liv left the room with her head hung low.

“Keiko, don’t you think Liv has enough to worry about now without you in the equation?” Yenn asked.


“How could you possibly let this happen, Yennefer,” Keiko hissed. “Booker and I have put faith in you with our child, and you let her act like some crazy hippie? Have you taught her nothing?!”

Yenn’s eyes narrowed. She was livid.


“Ok, I messed up. I should have talked to her about woohoo more. But with the amount of woohoo you and Booker had when you were her age, I assumed one of you would have already done so,” Yenn snapped at Keiko.

“Also, this happened at the birthday party that both you and Booker attended,” she continued angrily. “Both of you had as much of a chance to intervene as I did. I accept that I play a role in this, but do you?

I’ve done what I could for Liv, and I will continue to do so. But at the end of the day I’m only her aunt. The fact you failed to raise your own child is yours to face, so don’t you dare try to blame this on me!”


It was the first time Liv had seen Diane since the party. She broke the news of her pregnancy to her friend, but of course, there was more on her mind. So reluctantly, she asked about the breakup with Newton.


“It’s simple, really,” Diane shrugged. “What you said about feelings the other day… I’ve been thinking about it, and you’re right. I have no feelings for Newton. So I figured I should end it.”

Poor Newton, Liv thought. He was right, their relationship apparently had not meant anything to Diane. But of course, it was for the best that Diane had ended it, wasn’t it? This way both of them had a shot at finding someone they truly care for.

Or maybe… maybe there was even more to it? Liv hated herself for thinking this, but she couldn’t help herself.


Liv hesitated. She had to ask: “So… is there anyone else that you do have feelings for?”

“What are you trying to say Liv?” Diane smiled.

“I figured that maybe… you know that kiss we had at the party… has that played any part in you breaking up with Newton?”


“What? No,” Diane said sharply. “That was just fun… I’m not gay! What would even make you think…”

Diane stopped herself as it dawned on her.


“Holy cow plant, I am not, but you are,” Diane started laughing. “Plum, I know I’m a good kisser, but I didn’t realise I’m that good!”


“And the best part is, you’re knocked up with some random guy’s baby… this is priceless!”

Liv was shocked. Who was this person in front of her?

“Malakai isn’t some random guy, he’s my friend,” she said.

“Oh really,” Diane chuckled. “Have you even told your friend yet? You should probably throw in the fact you’re gay too, for good measure!”


Liv’s blood was boiling: “You know what? I’m not sure what I am. I’ve only felt this way about one person; you. But I do know one thing now. I was wrong. I don’t even know you.”

“Sheesh, someone can’t handle rejection,” Diane replied. “Looks like you and your cousin have a whole lot in common.”

“Newton can do so much better than you,” Olivia frowned.

Diane simply turned around and left.


She’d only been a Young Adult for a short time, but it sure was a whole lot different from being a teen, Liv thought. Did the entire world around her change, or was it just her?

In any case, she did still have one more person she needed to speak to…


“Hey, I’m glad you came over,” she greeted Malakai. “Soo you know the night we… well, you know.”

“What, you’ve come to the conclusion that you can never forget about my sweet loving?” Malakai joked.

“Err, technically, you’re right. I’ll never forget about it…”

Malakai looked up, worried. She sounded serious.


“I’m pregnant,” Liv stated simply. Of course, now that he was facing her, it was more than obvious.

“What??? This is impossible… you didn’t even like it!”

“Well, as you did point out that night, it was still woohoo,” Liv sighed.


Malakai started laughing: “Aww man, this is too funny.”

Liv was annoyed. His reaction reminded her of Diane. She didn’t want to think about Diane. Not now, and not ever.

“You don’t have to be involved if you don’t want to. I just thought you should know.”

Malakai stopped laughing and looked at Liv directly. “No, of course I want to be involved. Don’t you think I’m going nowhere. I’ll do the right thing! In fact, we should get married!”

Now it was Liv’s turn to laugh: “Get married? You can’t be serious! You said you don’t feel about me that way!”

“Well, no, but it’s the right thing, isn’t it? My mom was a single mom, and I’ve never even met my dad. I’m not gonna be that guy.”

Liv took his hand and gently placed it on her belly: “The baby’s kicking.”


Malakai was amazed. He looked up at Liv’s face, and then back on her belly: “This is pretty cool, actually. I mean, we made this! A whole new person!”

“Yeah,” Liv smiled. “Pretty cool. Listen, getting married would be a stupid idea. People that are trapped in a marriage without love do not make good parents. Trust me.”


“You’re not gonna be that guy.”

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  1. Weee, I’m glad Diane is gone!
    And these two are so cute together. They will be great parents. I sense that this baby’s gonna have a not-so-traditional family (two sets of parents, maybe? 😛 ) buuuut great nevertheless. And interesting, at least genetically speaking. 🙂


    1. Actually before the Bloomers came along I used to play non-traditional family setups a lot more than the traditional ones. I’m kind of glad to be taking a break from love stories to be honest! Liv and Malakai are a breath of fresh air for me 🙂


  2. This is great!!! OMG! I’m gushing over how well you’ve done this because…well…I’m having certain issues in a certain legacy game that will not be named.

    Anyways…yay for Liv. How lovely is it that a dear friend of hers is going to be the father of her baby!?! And good freakin bye Diane! You will not be missed!


  3. I totally did not see this coming, both the pregnancy and Diane’s reaction! Oh Liv. I’m glad that Malakai is such a sweet guy, and that Booker is super supportive. She’s going to be fine.


  4. OKAY. My opinion of Diane has developed with the story and my hope is gone and she needs to get the plum out of here. I have no room in my life for people OR sims who are like that. Nope. Nope. UH-UH. NO.

    And I’m glad that Livvie knew better than to agree to marry Malakai. But I am also glad that he is still going to be involved in the baby’s life. Freakity-freakin’ DIANE THOUGH. GUH.

    She needs a wake-up call.


  5. “It was still woohoo.” HA! I think too many people forget this tidbit when they wonder how it could have happened to them!


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