The Bloomer Legacy: 5.13 Little Matchmaker

“Daddy!” Monty leapt into Malakai’s arms.

“Good to see you, little one,” Malakai smiled.

“Thanks for taking him for the weekend,” Liv said gratefully. “It’s going to be a crazy one.”

“That’s what the wild life of a mixologist gets you,” Malakai laughed.

This was only partly true; sure, as a mixologist Liv was the busiest during weekends, but the main reason why Malakai needed to watch Monty was because the Bloomers had some much needed extensions under way. The house was getting a whole new floor, finally giving Monty a room of his own.


“Speaking of work,” Malakai lit up, “You’re looking at the new assistant manager!”

“And they let you wear that?” Liv joked.

“It’s not about my clothes, but my brilliant ideas,” Malakai snorted.

“Daddeee, can I see my room?” Monty interrupted.


Malakai led them to the tiny bedroom: “It’s not much, but it will do for the weekend!”

“It’s perfect,” Monty ran around in tiny circles.


“Woah, a helicopter,” Monty exclaimed.

Liv grinned. Two new rooms for Monty this weekend, he was a lucky kid: “You boys are going to have a fun time!”


Liv and Malakai settled into the living room for a catchup, while Monty tossed the toy helicopter around.

“So, has the new flashy title brought you any luck with the ladies in the office?” Liv asked. She knew Malakai loved talking about his attempts at having a love life, though he never seemed to get very far.

“Meh, honestly, the hottest person at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe is probably your mom…”

“Please don’t hit on my mom, Mal!”

Malakai laughed: “I’m not that bad. Not to mention, she doesn’t come in all that often, as one of the investors.”


“Anyway, what about you?” Malakai asked. “Did you stay in touch with your hot winter fling?”

“It wasn’t really like that,” Liv shrugged. “I mean, she seemed nice enough, I guess. Not really someone I’d want around Monty though.”


“I think you can do a lot better than nice enough, I guess,” Malakai encouraged her.

Monty ran back to them: “And the helicopter lands! Who’s nice?”


“Your daddy is,” Liv patted Monty’s head. “I’m going to take off now, you boys be good! See you on Sunday!”

“We got it under control,” Malakai nodded. “I mean, for starters, Monty already knows how to land a helicopter…”


Malakai put Monty to bed and tidied up the toys. He was ecstatic. He saw Monty often, but he never had him stay at his place for the whole weekend. It was going to be Epic!



After they had breakfast and Malakai helped Monty with his homework (Well, attempted to help him. Was school work always so hard?), the father and son duo headed to the playground for Monty to continue working on his aspiration.


It was a learning curve to say the least.


“Hi there,” another boy joined him, “I’m Tylor, and I plan to be the rambunctiousest scamp around!”

“Oh my gosh, me too,” Monty exclaimed.

Turns out the two boys had a fair bit in common, they were both cheerful, and both had single parents.


“Mommy, you’ve got to meet my new best friend,” Tylor beamed to his mom.

“Any friend of Tylor’s is a friend of mine,” the lady smiled at Monty. She was very pretty.

“Oh, you should meet my daddy,” Monty said eagerly. “He’s just over there. Daddeeee!”


“Hey there, I’m Malakai,” Mal introduced himself. That girl was so pretty he couldn’t even muster up the courage to throw a cheesy pick up line her way.

“Hey Ty, I bet I can get to the other side of the monkey bars quicker than you,” Monty yelled and ran off. Tylor hurried after him.


Say something, Malakai reasoned with himself, anything: “Isn’t it great to see the little rascals play on the monkey bars?”

“It sure is,” the woman nodded. “Whenever my boy is happy, I’m happy.”

“Same here,” Malakai grinned.


Her name was Janet, and apparently she did work at the same company as Malakai. How she had passed under his radar was a mystery to him; Malakai couldn’t take his eyes off her. And by the looks of it, she was quite partial to him herself.

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen you around the office,” he ventured. “A sexy lady like yourself would never escape my attention!”


She gave him a funny look: “Does that plum ever work on anyone?”

“Err, not really,” he laughed. When things go wrong, turn it to a joke. It’s not like he ever had a shot with a stunning woman like her anyway, he shrugged it off.

“That’s what I thought,” she replied. “You know, Malakai, maybe you should have a go at just being yourself. You’re actually kind of sweet when you’re not trying.

Oh, and as for your question, you wouldn’t have seen me because I’m barely ever physically at the office. I sort of own it. I’m the angel investor, you see.”


And with that, she stood up and left him. What a woman!


“Do you think your mommy likes my daddy?” Monty asked his new friend.

“Oh, if she didn’t like him, you’d know,” Tylor winked. “I’ll see you soon!”



“Welcome to the new and improved house,” Liv greeted Malakai and Monty. “Did you have a good time with daddy, Monty?”

“Yeah, I made a new best friend and found daddy a future wife,” Monty announced.

“Wow, you’ve been busy,” Liv chuckled. She waited for Malakai to make a joke about it, but he didn’t say anything. Could her friend have actually met someone he liked?


The renovations were complete, and the Bloomer house (and one day a bar to be) now proudly displayed its second floor.

“Well, why don’t I give you a tour,” Liv took them inside…


First Floor


Second Floor


12 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 5.13 Little Matchmaker

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    1. I know, kids are so smart, sim kids included 🙂

      I have fingers crossed for Mal and Janet, I think they’d look cute, but it’s too early to tell (and I’m not very far ahead in gameplay :))


  1. Awwwwww! Malakai and Liv’s relationship is sim best friend goals! I love how even though their romantic relationship didn’t turn out, they’re still great friends. I hope they both find suitable lovers soon.


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