The Bloomer Legacy: 5.6 Party Time

“I can’t believe you chose to have the birthday party at your father’s house,” Keiko greeted Olivia as soon as she walked in.

“Thanks for coming, mom,” Oliva sighed. “It’s just that it is a bit bigger here, and there’s two bathrooms for guests, nothing else. I’m sorry if it’s awkward for you.”

“Oh I don’t mind being here at all,“ Keiko tilted her head back with an exaggerated back. “Although, if your aunt didn’t live in a shoebox, this would not have been an issue.”

Booker overheard the last sentence: “Well, if you didn’t take a big chunk of my family’s money, that wouldn’t have been the case…”

“I worked my plum off to get the money I have,” Keiko hissed at her ex-husband.

“Err, I’m gonna go check on the cake,” Olivia excused herself.


Luckily, the tension between booker and Keiko didn’t overcome the whole party, in fact, there was still lots of love in the room.

“My mom and dad are so embarrassing,” Newton remarked.

“Oh come on, I think it’s awesome,” Olivia beamed. “I mean, they could be my mom and dad…”

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking,” Newton looked away awkwardly. “Oh, Diane’s here. She’s my girlfriend. My girlfriend!”


“Cowboy hats are all the rage now, aren’t they?” Diane looked at Alice’s ensemble.

“You look amazing Diane!” Newton sat down beside her enthusiastically.

“I know,” Diane said smugly.

“Must be the cowboy hat,” Alice smirked.


Chell sat outside with her little brother.

“How are you holding up, Booker?” she smiled gently.

“Oh, I’m great,” Booker answered. “I love this house, I love my job… you know. It’s all great.”


He stared at his drink for a moment. “Just great.”

Chell wished there was something she could do to help her brother, but she knew what he needed was time. And less obnoxious ex-wives in the house.


“I think the décor here is just tasteless,” Keiko went on.

Olivia turned around quickly: “Oh hi Malakai! How is it going?”

“Hey there, birthday girl,” he poked her teasingly. “Ready to join the young adult elite?”

“Pfft, like you are elite,” Liv laughed. “But I’ve never been more ready!”


First batch of cakes! Olivia aged up, gaining the Bro trait. (I wasn’t really sure what to go for, and I figured it would be nice for Ethan to have a fellow bro in the house).

Newton followed suite shortly.


Newton’s parents gathered around him.

“So proud of you my baby,” Chell hugged her son.

“He’s no baby anymore, sweetheart,” Knox smiled.

Keiko looked her daughter up and down; “I think you’ve gained weight, Olivia. You better hit up that gym your father made soon…”

Liv rushed out of the room and shut the door behind her, mumbling to herself.

“You trying to seduce me?” She realised she was in her dad’s bedroom with Malakai.


“Haha, very funny,” she replied.

“I figured a little joke could help your mood,” Malakai smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about your parents.”

“Well, they do have a talent for bringing out the worst out of each other. I wouldn’t expect any different from them…” Liv shrugged.

“Still, this is supposed to be your day,” Malakai said. “And for the record, I think the weight you’ve gained is in all the right places, if you know what I mean.

Olivia laughed.


“You know Malakai, I used to think I had a crush on you, when I was little,” she smiled at her friend.

“No way,” he laughed. “I totally had a kid crush on you! Why do you think I peed myself when I met you?”

“It all comes together, huh?”

“Totally,” he chuckled. “So… how do you feel about me now?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up,” Liv looked down. “You’re my friend, I don’t really feel about you that way.”

“No, that’s cool,” Malakai said. “It’s the same for me. I mean, you’re hot, sure, but we’ve been friends forever. It’s just not really there.”

Olivia sighed with relief. “You know, it’s probably me. I’m not even sure if I can feel that way about any guy. Or even… have you ever had woohoo, Malakai?”

“Nope, though not for the lack of trying,” he smirked.

“So you’d have woohoo with any girl?” Liv raised an eyebrow.

“Is it gonna make me sound desperate if I say yes?”

“Yes,” she laughed. “But I wonder… would you be open to a little experiment?”




“Well, that was…” Malakai paused.

“Awkward?” Olivia filled in.

“Well… yeah. But still, it was woohoo,” he grinned.

“I guess,” Liv replied. “It was a stupid idea. I thought that maybe… never mind. We’re better off as friends, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Malakai nodded.

“I’m sorry I almost made things really complicated between us with that idea,” Liv said.


“Are you kidding? I had woohoo!” Malakai beamed.


Liv returned back to the living room just in time to see Ethan blow out the candles on his cake.


The way he and Yenn looked at each other, even with the age difference between them. That’s what Olivia wanted.

As the party guests slowly started leaving, Liv found herself alone in the room with Diane, of all people. Still, they were friends, so she figured she could confide in her about her experience with Malakai.


“Well of course it didn’t do much for you, it was Malakai,” Diane exclaimed. “I bet he had no idea what he was doing. I’ve heard he’s not even that great of a kisser, let alone…”

“No, I don’t think that’s it,” Liv frowned. “It’s just because I have no feelings for him.”

“That’s plum,” Diane disagreed. “Feelings have nothing to do with it! It’s all about skills! I’ll prove it to you!”


And before Liv could ask how, Diane kissed her.


It was the best feeling in the world. Liv was reluctant to let go as Diane slowly drew back.


“Woah…” Liv was speechless.

Diane smirked; “See? Skills! It has nothing to do with feelings.”


Up on the terrace, Yenn and Ethan were watching the sunrise in the hot tub. Although Ethan was mainly watching Yenn. She was still so young, and beautiful.

“So,” he smiled sadly, “how do you feel about the wrinkly old man prospect now? Are you sure you don’t want to replace me for a younger model?”


“Don’t be ridiculous,” Yenn moved closer to him. “This model is a classic. Never goes out of fashion.”


Being an elder is not so bad, Ethan thought.


The Bloomer Legacy: 5.5 Are You Ready?

Ethan loved waking up next to Yenn every morning. As far as he was concerned, she was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He felt pretty lucky. Not everyone gets to find their other half.

Of course, he hadn’t always been looking for a soulmate. When he was a lot younger, his looks always helped him in the dating department, and he may or may not have abused this before he knew better. But all these brief shallow relationships were all the same, and he grew tired of them quickly. He knew he wanted more substance in his life. And that of course, brought him to Newcrest.


While he didn’t know much about the girl he’d be meeting when he signed up for the speed date, he had a good gut feeling about it. And so he decided to stick around, even when it turned out that he and Amelia Agustin didn’t have much in common. It just seemed like the right place to be.

He got a spot on a minor football team quickly enough, made friends with the other people that attended the speed date… but it wasn’t until he met Yenn that everything suddenly fell into place. Ever since their first date, he knew they were going to end up together. He just had to wait for her to realise it too.

“What’s up with the cheesy grin, Ethan?” Liv entered the room. “Surely you can’t be that excited about getting old?”


“Morning bumblebee,” he looked Liv’s way. “I guess I must be getting sentimental. Care for a pancake?”

“I’d love one, but I’m already late,” Liv replied as she was shoving some cereal down. “I stayed up late yesterday night, looking for the perfect drink recipes for our party.”

“Someone’s excited to be a grown-up,” Ethan chuckled. “And you know what… I think it’s perfectly fine for you to be a tiny bit late today. It is your last day of school after all.”

“Good point,” Liv grinned. “I wish I didn’t have to go at all! I’m gonna go get dressed. Oh, and Ethan… happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday, bumblebee,” Ethan smiled as Liv dashed towards her room.

“You know, you won’t get away with calling me that after today, once I’m a young adult,” she pointed.

“Of course not, that’s why I need to get it out of my system today.”

To Ethan, Liv was always going to be a little girl. She was the closest he had to a daughter, after all.


Yenn walked through the door sleepily: “You’re up already? You should have woken me.”

“Morning beautiful,” Ethan kissed her cheek. “I made some pancakes for breakfast.”

“You got this all wrong, I should be pampering you today!”


“Well, what do you have planned for me then?” Ethan winked.

“We do have the whole day before the party starts,” Yenn grinned…


Ok, Ethan did not expect yoga. But apparently it was a part of the Body & Mind relaxation package over at the Garden of Eden Gym and Spa. Turns out Yenn had booked a full day of wellness for them.


Well, maybe Ethan spent a bit more of the yoga class watching Yenn do all the poses rather than doing them himself… but hey, observation is key to imitation, right?


“You barely tried,” Yenn laughed.

“Well, we could go have a quick workout to make up for my lack of flexibility,” Ethan answered.

“That’s hardly relaxation,” Yenn teased, “But I guess it is your birthday, so you’re the boss.”


The two headed to the gym section for a quick run, before making their massage appointment.

Ethan wondered if these runs were going to get much more difficult after today… But, there was no time like the present.


“All right, finally I can get my hands on a nice muscular bod,” the female massage therapist revelled.

Yenn shot a cold glare at her: “Excuse me lady, I’m right here!”

“I don’t see no wedding band,” the massage therapist shrugged.


Yenn didn’t have any retort for that, so she had no other choice than to let that plumming woman go ahead with the massage.

Once the massage therapists were done, the couple headed downstairs to the sauna.


“I think someone may have been a tiny bit jealous,” Ethan looked at Yenn as they sat down, amused.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Yenn grumbled. Ethan raised an eyebrow. “Fine, but I mean… did you see the way she was gawking over you?”

“Luckily for you by tomorrow I’ll be all wrinkly, so you’ll definitely have me all to yourself,” Ethan joked.

“Good,” Yenn grinned. “I can’t wait.”


“On a more serious note, how are you feeling about it all?” Yenn examined Ethan’s face. “Are you ready to head over there?”

“I’m ready,” Ethan nodded. He looked into Yenn’s eyes. “Though, on second thought, we could linger here for a bit longer.

The sauna suddenly got a whole lot steamier.

The Bloomer Legacy: 5.4 The Cousin’s Girlfriend

~ Note: This chapter will be narrated by Liv ~

My world turned upside down just a little bit when Diane came over that day.

“Guess what,” she squealed. “Newton and I had a date!”

Holy cow plant. My stomach was in a knot. This shouldn’t be happening… Newton has been obsessed with this girl ever since he met her. This is meant to be good.

“No way,” I tried to stay cool. “How did it go?”


“Well for starters, he was late! Could you believe it? I made myself up to look all hot and then he makes me wait for him? Pfft!”


“But then he rocked up with that puppy smile of his, and he just looked so adorable as he does, you know.”

“Eww, that’s my cousin you’re talking about…”


“Sorry! So he was all like, apologetic, and he kept complimenting me all evening and stared at me like he really wanted to make out…”


“So we did! A lot, actually. He’s a pretty good kisser, your cousin.”


My throat felt all tight and dry.

“That’s awesome,” I managed to force out.

Diane leapt into a hug. Her body felt all warm and soft. Plum, plum, plum.

“You’re the best Liv, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you!”

Extra plum.


But of course I couldn’t just hear about it all once.

“Oh Liv, I had the best date with Diane,” Newton exclaimed.


“I was so nervous getting ready that I actually was a bit late, but she didn’t seem to mind. You know, because she’s so amazing. And she looked so beautiful, you wouldn’t believe…”


“So I was trying to put my best moves on her… What am I saying! I don’t have moves… but it worked anyway!”


“And by the end of the night, she agreed to be my girlfriend! We even took a selfie to always remember the moment. Here, wanna see?”


“I’m really happy for you,” I formed my lips into a forced smile.

He looked at me curiously: “Aww, are you jealous, Liv?”

Mega Plum! “Of course not,” I choked.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll meet someone you like soon too!”

Yeah, that is not the issue. Plum my life.


I needed to hang out with different friends. Thank plumbob for the Agustins.

“Hey guys, I was wondering,” I ventured. “Have you guys ever had a crush on someone your friend was dating?”


Liam’s eyes nearly popped out of this head: “Are you kidding? That’s totally unacceptable. If I actually had a girlfriend and one of my mates had a thing for her, I’d be livid!”

“Yeah it’s pretty much a no-no, isn’t it,” Josephine agreed. “The friend sort of has dibs by dating the person first, don’t you think?”

Alice peered at me curiously: “Who are you even talking about, Liv? None of us three are dating anyone…”

“It was a hypothetical question,” I grumbled.


I’m a terrible person. They’re completely right, of course. My cousin found the girl of his dreams, who happens to be my friend, and I can’t even be happy for them. What the plum is wrong with me?


There was only one person that I could talk to. Aunt Yenn was fiddling with her rocket, as usual these days. I know her though. Soon enough, she’ll drop it for painting, or gourmet cooking, or playing the trumpet.

“Hey aunt Yenn,” I waved at her. “Could I talk to you for a moment?”


She turned to me immediately: “Sure, what’s up?”

Why can’t I just be as nice as her?

“So… the thing is…” Ugh. I can’t even tell her, can I? “Have you ever had feelings for someone you shouldn’t? Like, romantic feelings, I mean.”

She looked flustered. Great. Now I’ve made her uncomfortable.

“Well Liv, I’m no expert when it comes to love. Far from it, really,” she replied. “I’ve only been in love with one person.”

Ethan, of course. And they’ve lived happily ever after.

“But what I do know is that when you first start having romantic feelings for someone, there’s no way of telling if they’re right or wrong for you. And that’s pretty scary. Because all you can do is trust your gut,” aunt Yenn continued.

“To be completely honest with you, the more I’ve learned about love, the less I understand it,” she smiled pensively. “But I can tell you this; you can’t control who you fall for. Feelings can grow stronger, or fade away; but you can’t manufacture them at the power of will, or make them simply go away at the snap of your fingers.

So who ever it is that you have feelings for, don’t beat yourself up about it. Time has a way of mending things; if this person is the one for you, I know you’ll end up together. But if they’re not… Well, you’re pretty amazing, so you’ll probably find someone even better.”


This is why I live with my aunt. She is the best.


I hope she’s right about what she says. Personally, I think she knows everything there is to know about love, her and Ethan have the best relationship I’ve seen.


I mean, the rocket leaves behind hearts when they’re both in it for crying out loud.

The Bloomer Legacy: 5.3 Bonding

“Chell, whatever happened to that rocket of yours?” Yenn asked her sister. It was a fine Saturday afternoon, and the two sisters were having their weekly catchup.

“We sold it,” Chell pursed her lips slightly. “It was a huge shame, but it would have been such a pain to move that thing all the way here. Why?”

“Well, you know I’ve been progressing in the astronaut career. Soon enough, they’ll ask me to go to space for work, and I’d rather have a go myself first.”

After leaving Future Sims Labs, Yenn dabbled in the secret agent career for a while. The research was intriguing to her, as was all the planning that went into undercover missions, but once she actually was in the field, she realised that line of work was not for her. It involved way too much social interaction for her taste. And so she jumped into the Astronaut career, currently working as a Command Centre Lead.


“Well, we could always build a new rocket from scratch,” Chell smiled.

“Are you serious?” Yenn raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t even know where to start!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think,” Chell encouraged her sister. “I’ll help you! We’ll make a day of it!”


The two sisters got to work the very next day. Turns out, it was a great bonding experience for them both. It almost felt like when they were children, working on science projects together and cheering each other on to finish as many childhood aspirations possible.


“So, how are you finding raising a teenager?” Chell asked as she worked away.

“Well, aside from the fact that I was tricked into it, it’s not too bad,” Yenn laughed. “You know I love Liv, and she’s not really a troublemaker, but a part of me think I’m doing it all wrong. I never wanted kids, since I figured I’d mess them up… and somehow I’ve become a parent regardless.”


Chell smiled: “You’re probably doing better than you think! It’s that way with everything, just give it your best and things will come together. I mean, look how nicely the rocket’s coming along!”

“Maybe,” Yenn shrugged. “I just wish her own parents did more of the, well, parenting. They’re middle-aged now, they should have figured themselves out years ago.”


“Quit whinging, sis! I know you secretly love having Liv around all the time,” Chell winked. “Look at that! It seems we’re all done!”

Yenn looked up in awe. They managed to build the whole thing in less than a day!


“Thanks for all the help Chell!” Yenn hugged her sister.

“Any time, this was fun,” Chell beamed as she looked at the rocket. “Isn’t she a beauty? You better try her out! Adventure awaits!”


Yenn waved to her sister as she stepped towards the rocket. Adventure awaits. She’d heard Chell say those words so many times, ever since they were little.

Let’s do this thing, Yenn thought to herself. If she could visit the amazons, she could do anything.


Adventure time!



“Ok guys, try to be cool tonight, alright?” Newton looked at his parents nervously. Chell chuckled.

Knox smirked: “Are you trying to imply we’re normally uncool?”

“No of course not, dad,” Newton said quickly, “It’s just… there’s this girl…”

“We’ll be out of your way,” Chell smiled. They grow up so fast, she thought.


Olivia burst into the house: “Hey guys! I think I saw Max outside, how nice of you to invite him too!”

Newton sighed: “Well he is her brother…”

“Oh come on,” Liv interrupted. “Apart from that crop top, he’s not so bad…”

“Newt! What up?” Max entered the room.


“So, where do we stand, babe?” he approached Alice immediately.

“I told you,” she growled. “Not gonna happen!”


“Thanks for inviting me guys,” Diane said, “you’re the best!”

“Don’t be silly, we’re glad you could join us,” Liv smiled. “But if you really want to thank someone, you should thank Newton. It’s his house, after all.”


“I wanted to thank you though,” Diane smiled. “You’re the one who introduced me to everyone in the first place. I didn’t think someone so smart, funny, and pretty would want to hang out with me as soon as I move to town.”

Olivia felt her own heartbeat raising; “Wait, what?”


Newton approached the girls and sat on the couch: “What’s up guys?”

“Nothing,” Olivia jumped up and ran to join him on the sofa.

“Hey, now I feel left out,” Diane walked across to them slowly. Liv couldn’t help but notice Diane seemed to move in a very feminine way. Had she always walked like that?

“Oh, I wouldn’t want you to feel left out, not you of all people,” Newton blurted out. “Move, Liv,” he hissed at his cousin.

“Aren’t you cute,” Diane giggled. Yep, she was definitely trying to be seductive, Liv decided. She just couldn’t figure out if Diane was flirting with her, her cousin, or both of them.


She called him cute, Newton thought, oblivious. Surely she must like him, at least a little bit then… she likes him, she likes him, she likes him! Newton’s heart did a cartwheel.

“Would you like me hear play the piano, Diane?”


The Bloomer Legacy: 5.2 The Cool Kids

Saturday evenings is when all the teens hang out in the park. All the cool kids know that. Liv wasted no time saving the seating around the fire pit for her gang.

She was joined by her cousin Newton shortly, and soon enough, the Agustins arrived. Liv knew she was vaguely related to Liam, Alice and Josephine – they were her second cousins once removed or something? In any case, they were cool.


“This gig I went to in Oasis Springs was amazing,” Newton exclaimed.

Liv had heard the story already before the Agustins got there, but she couldn’t get enough of it: “I can’t believe you got to go to Oasis Spring and see the Fiery Llamas! Life’s so unfair!”

“Oh I’m sure it must be so plummy to be the heir to the family that leads Newcrest,” Josephine interrupted. “You’ll get to build an epic community lot someday, you just have to follow a few rules as a trade-off, so what?”

“Have you figured out what you want to build yet?” Newton looked at this cousin inquisitively.

“No,” Liv sighed, “though right now I’m thinking a concert hall would sound good! Show us that video again!”


Alice peered over Newton’s shoulder: “That guitarist is pretty dreamy, I must give the band that!”

“I thought girls always swooned over singers,” Newton chuckled. “Maybe I should reconsider my career choices!”

Newton was torn. He had been hoping to play for the same team as Ethan one day, though on days like these, he felt an itch to start a band and tour the sim nation. He did play both the guitar and the piano, and was told he had a decent singing voice. Maybe he could end up pursuing both music and sports somehow?


“You guys done with that video yet? I wanna have a look too,” Liam said impatiently. Newton handed the phone over to him.

Liam watched the video quietly. He liked to keep to himself more than the Agustin girls. A part of him always wondered whether he’d break the Agustin curse of insanity. Both his granddad and his dad had turned gained the insane trait on their young adult birthday, and although he never admitted it to his cousins, he was scared he’d follow suite.


“Hey guys,” Malakai joined the group. Ever since Liv met him in those awkward circumstances, she’d always tried to include him in everything. At first he thought she’d just felt bad for him, but over the years he became a part of the gang. Sort of.

“Hey, isn’t that your dad over there Liam? The dude dressed like a homeless person,” Malakai asked.

“Err, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Liam replied nervously, turning the other direction. “But speaking of outfits, look what that guy is sporting!”

Everyone’s eyes traveled to a teenage boy wearing a crop top.


“The name is Max,” the crop top boy said. “Me and my sis Diane are new in Newcrest. Obviously our original town was a lot more fashion forward!”

“You don’t say,” Alice muttered.

Olivia wanted to make the newcomer welcome: “Nice to meet you Max! We were just talking about the Fiery Llamas, do you know them? Newton saw them live in Oasis Springs the other day.”

“No way!”

“Way! You wanna see the video?”


Max hurried to show the video to his sister. She seemed to dress much more normal, in fact, she was rather cute. Liv decided to go over to say hi.


“Hey there, I’m Olivia, or Liv for short,” she introduced herself to the girl. “Me and my friends just met your brother.”

“Oh, sorry about him! He’s a bit out there,” the girl grinned. “I’m Diane.”

“You should come meet the rest of the gang,” Liv said enthusiastically, “They’re pretty chill people, not a band bunch to start off with when you’re new in town.”


Liv lead Diane back to the fire pit where everyone hung out: “Guys, this is Diane, Max’s sister! Diane, these are my cousins Liam, Alice, Josephine and Newton!”


“Hi everyone,” Diane waved to the group. “Can’t believe everyone’s so welcoming in this town!”

“Not everyone,” Alice laughed, “but Liv’s family has sort of built this place up from the ground, so she feels like it’s her personal responsibility to make everyone feel welcome.”

Liv just smiled and shook her head. She noticed Newton couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Diane. He sure seemed pretty eager to meet the make the newcomer feel welcome, Liv giggled to herself.

Diane’s brother Max joined them again.


“I bet you are pretty glad we moved here,” Max started poking Alice. “I bet you don’t get men like me around here! You and I are gonna be a thing, I can feel it!”

“Back off,” Alice stepped aside. “In your dreams maybe!”O

“Plum Max, do you have to try to ruin everything from us from the get go? I’m really sorry about him,” Diane glanced at Alice apologetically. “It’s time for us to head home anyway, it’s been real nice to meet you all though!”


Max took a last look at Alice: “You know it’s gonna happen, no need to fight it!”

“Maaax,” Diane called out to her brother, annoyed. Max smirked and followed his sister.

“Hey Newton, care to join us here on earth?” Liv looked at her cousin, who was staring after Diane’s figure disappearing in the distance with a huge grin on his face. Liv poked him jokingly.

“Sorry, what?”


“Dude, you totally owe me for this,” Liv laughed. “You are so crushing on this girl!”

“I am not!” Newton blushed.


“It’s cool,” Liv said playfully. “I won’t tell anyone. And I’ll make sure to invite her to join next time we’re all hanging out together.”

Newton smirked and hugged his cousin. “I do owe you,” he whispered.

The Bloomer Legacy: 5.1 Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hey there. My name is Olivia Bloomer, though I usually go by Liv. If you’re wondering if I’m related to the Bloomers, you’re right on your money. In fact, I’m the heir. One day, I’ll get to build whatever I want here in Newcrest. That’s what we Bloomers do.

My great-great grandfather Kirk created the community park, my great-grandfather Isaac built several affordable homes, my grandfather Peter is responsible for the neighbourhood library, and my dad’s just recently opened the gym and spa.

Of course, I wouldn’t know about any of this (well, apart from the last one) if it wasn’t for my aunt Yenn. She’s read all sorts of books on the family history, and told me loads of stories. Though I’m pretty sure she’s made some of it up.

I mean, she claims that my great-grandmother had died and was resurrected a whole generation later when my great-grandfather fell in love with her as a ghost – wild huh? Or another good one; supposedly my great-aunt or something was a leader of this crazy crime gang, and fell in love with a guy that was a slave from the amazon. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff… But that’s just aunt Yenn for you.


I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to live with aunt Yenn and her boyfriend Ethan. Well, she claims he’s not officially her boyfriend, but I know better. I can see the way they look at each other, even after all these years together, and they look pretty committed to me.

But labels aren’t everything, I guess. Just look at my parents. Their divorce is still kinda fresh, but honestly, they never seemed like a married couple to me. I think each of them is a bit too focused on what they want, and have forgotten about the other person in the process. Thank plumbob I don’t have to live with either of them!


They both got shiny new modern houses, ironically right next to each other – what can I say, they both wanted to be in the prime location by the golf course, I guess (mom for the posh post code, dad for the actual sport). I’ve made my obligatory visits to each of their new pads.

My mom’s house is very her, she has loads of expensive posh stuff. I think she wanted to keep the place really sleek, black and white; but of course she couldn’t help herself and had to inject a bunch of pink and gold into it.


Keiko’s House First Floor


Keiko’s House Second Floor


“Well, this is cool mom,” I tried to sound encouraging. “Very pink.”

“Oh, I’ve had these sofas especially made from this up and coming interior designer, nobody else has anything quite like it.” Mom ventured into this really long boring rant about how hard it was to get the hold of this designer guy, yap yap, same old.


“We really need to take you to a stylist,” she looked me up and down. “These clothes you wear do nothing for your figure, not to mention they look so cheap.”

“Uh, I gotta get going mom,” I quickly changed the subject. “I do still need to pop by dad’s too.”

“Right,” she looked away uncomfortably. “Well, call me and let me now when we can book that stylist appointment for you.”

Couldn’t get me out of there fast enough! Over to dad’s!


Booker’s House First Floor


Booker’s House Second Floor


“Wow dad, some of this décor is pretty out there,” I examined the crazy bodybuilder statues.

“I like to stay motivated,” dad smiled. “Have you seen my gym setup yet? I’ve dedicated the entire second floor to fitness!”


He dragged me upstairs and immediately jumped onto one of the machines: “Doesn’t this just get you pumped? Care to join me for a quick workout sesh?”

“Oh, I would, but I really need to stop by mom’s as well.” A little white lie never hurt anybody, right?


I decided to go to Newton’s instead. He lives right next door to us, in a house that used to belong to my great-aunt, according to aunt Yenn. Aunt Chell and uncle Knox had it all refurbished when they moved in though.


Chell and Knox’s House First Floor


Chell and Knox’s House Second Floor


Aunt Chell and uncle Knox are really nice, but plum they’re dorky! They had their noses buried in the books as usual when I got to theirs.

“Hey guys,” I yelled across to living room. “Is my cousin here?”

“He should be upstairs,” aunt Chell said, and then she went straight back to mumbling about something sciency to my uncle…


“Hiya, I was just about to head off to the gym,” Newton greeted me. “Wanna join?”

“Gah, what is up with everyone and working out today,” I growled.

“Oh come on, you don’t actually have to do anything athletic,” Newton attempted to entice me, “We can grab a smoothie at the bar and then you can have a soak in the spa while I go on the treadmill. I mean, there’s something nice about hanging out at the gym, so many memories of growing up there before it all got converted and all that…”

“Don’t go all sentimental on me,” I chuckled. “Fine, I’ll join you for a bit…”


I guess it is kind of neat to see our old childhood home all done up and changed. I mean, I’m pretty sure there’s a bunch of treadmills where my room used to be. I think the only things that stayed the same is the sauna in the basement and the meditation corner.


The locker rooms and showers


The spa


Protein shake bar and rooms for yoga classes


Cardio and strength area


“See, this isn’t so bad,” Newton beamed as he downed a chocolate protein drink.

Of course, Newton had always been an active guy, so I’m not surprised by this trip. Though he recently got really into music too. It’s like he’s two people stuck in one body.


I’m not sure why I never got the fitness bug, with my dad being being a bodybuilder and Ethan playing for the minor league. It’s just not really my thing. So after I finished my yogurt I headed back home.


As soon as I got inside, the delicious smell of aunt Yenn’s lobster tortellini hit me. Yum!

“Hey bumble bee,” Ethan glanced up from the computer. Studying his opponents, I’m sure. “How’s your day been?”

Sure, maybe aunt Yenn and Ethan aren’t the closest relatives I have. But I feel more at home in their little cozy house full of old family photos than with either of my parents. I dig the warmth of it and how loving they are towards one another, as corny as it sounds. Home is where the heart is, goes the phrase, and while saying it makes me feel like I’m a 100 years old, I have to say I agree with the sentiment.


Yenn and Ethan’s House

Note: All of the lots featured in the post have been added to the Bloomer Builds page and are available for download.

The Bloomer Legacy: 4.20 Time Flies

Time has a funny way of flying by when you’re not looking. Olivia was trying to come up with a wish as she watched the candle lights glimmer on top of the cake. How do you settle for just one? She had so many. But time waits for no one, so eventually she blew the candles out and twirled into her teenage years.


Olivia gained the cheerful trait, and rolled the most useless aspiration for a teenager, successful lineage. You’re one generation early Olivia! I guess I’ll just let her enjoy herself throughout her teen years until we can get this changed.

Her cousin Newton entered the teen stage as a romantic aspiring to be a musical genius. Now that I can work with!

“Look at us,” Olivia chuckled, “We’re like twins in plaid!”

“Great minds think alike,” Newton grinned.


While birthdays are the easiest way to mark time in a legacy house, there have been other subtle developments. Some things change, and some never do.

Ethan and Yenn’s relationship has stayed as fresh as on the day it started, but the two have definitely grown together. Yenn left young adulthood and doubts behind, as an adult, she was finally happy with who she was.

As for Ethan, being with Yenn has opened up his mind a lot compared to when he first came to Newcrest. Sometimes he liked to tease Yenn and say she’s the reason he’d gone grey so early. But truthfully, while maybe both of them have gained a wrinkle or two throughout their relationship, nothing fundamental has changed at all.


What’s changed with Chell and Knox over time?

Well, they redecorated; their condo now had more muted colours instead of the bright pinks. They did not feel the need to be in a bright and loud environment at their age, though they still enjoyed listening to the gramophone together, and having a little goofy dance when no one was looking.


But nothing’s changed about the way they looked at each other.

That leaves us with Booker and Keiko…


The physical side of their relationship had died a long time ago, after it had turned into more of a chore than anything. And with that means of communication gone…

The truth was, the two of them barely spoke these days. They were both so busy with their careers they rarely saw each other, and on the off-chance they did bump into one another, neither of them was all that sure what to say.


They’ve both been quite successful individually, though. Keiko has become a big shot investor; as a hedge fund manager she no longer relied on Booker’s family fortune to satisfy her shopping streaks.


As for Booker, his career has skyrocketed… quite literally, some even called him Mr. Solar system! That’s right, he had topped the bodybuilder branch of the athlete career. Having also fulfilled his aspiration effortlessly, there was nothing in the way of building a neighbourhood gym.

This of course meant that it was time for yet another house move, and more importantly, a talk with the future heir.


“Soo… what is this about?” Olivia glanced at her parents. They looked tired, she noticed.

Keiko was nervous. She’d given so many business presentations to investors, but this was a lot harder: “Olivia… as you know, your father will be building a gym and spa on this lot, meaning we’ll all be moving out…”

“Aaah,” Olivia felt uneasy. “Is this the legacy talk? Look, it’s great that dad’s already making his contribution, but I don’t know what I want to build yet!”

“That’s fine, Liv,” Booker interrupted. “This isn’t about that. It’s just that, uh, when we all move… well, your aunt Yenn is going to be moving to a separate house with Ethan, and aunt Chell and uncle Knox will be getting their own home with your cousin, and um…”

Plum this will take a while, Olivia thought. Was he sweating?

“Gah, just spit it out,” Keiko finally lost patience, “We’re getting a divorce.”


“Oh,” Olivia sighed with relief. “Is that all?”

Keiko and Booker stared at her blankly.

“Liv, I’m not sure you understand,” Booker said slowly.

“No, I do,” Olivia replied. “I don’t remember ever seeing the two of you happy. I think it’s a good thing.”

“Ok,” Keiko took a deep breath, “Ok. Well, this leaves us with one decision to settle, and that’s which one of us you’re going to live with.”

“We want this to be your decision, Liv,” Booker said calmly. “But, as you know, my side of the family has been building Newcrest for generations, and you did point out earlier that you are the heir to this legacy…”

“However,” Keiko gave Booker a cold glare, “the legacy does not necessarily mean you have to live with your father. You can still very well stay with me and carry out your responsibilities as far as building up the town goes. It is a well-known fact that a child that’s being raised by the mother has a far more nurturing environment…”

“Hah,” Booker burst out laugh him before he could stop himself. “That’s a good one!”


“Look guys, I appreciate you making this my decision,” Olivia jumped in, “But in all honesty, I’d much rather live with aunt Yenn than with either of you.”


“What? That’s not acceptable, young lady,” Keiko yelled. “You’re a child, and you have to live with one of your parents!”

Olivia raised her eyebrows: “Looks like that concept of me making the decision for myself went out of the window quickly, huh?”

“Now Liv, we do want you to ultimately make the decision,” Booker replied, “But… don’t you think you should be living with one of your parents?”


“I don’t know,” Olivia ventured. “Where were those parents when I needed my help with my homework? When I wanted to learn how to swim? When I had my first crush and need someone to talk to about it? Oh that’s right, it was aunt Yenn that helped me with those things.”

Booker and Keiko fell silent.

“Listen, it’s fine that you missed those things, I know you both work hard,” Olivia tried to soften her statement. “But look at yourselves. You’re both miserable. I… I don’t want to end up like that. I think living with aunt Yenn would be the best for me for now.”


Booker sighed: “Well, we did say it’s your decision.”

“I promise I’ll visit you both all the time,” Olivia said hurriedly. “I mean, we’ll all still be in Newcrest…”

“Slow down, Olivia,” Keiko urged her. “I mean, we need to chat to your aunt first to see if she’d even be willing…”

“I’ll go talk to her now,” Olivia ran out of the room, knocking one of the chairs down in the process.


“Wow,” Booker said, looking toward the door his daughter ran through.

“Yeah,” Keiko replied uneasily.

Booker looked at his ex-wife: “Does she hate us?”

“I don’t know.”

They stood there for a moment. They could hear Olivia break the news to Yenn excitedly in the distance.

“So,” Booker looked away.

“So,” Keiko said.

“I guess that’s it.”

“I guess so.”

They had yet to move the furniture out, but the house felt empty.


The Bloomer Legacy: 4.19 Favourites

Olivia was determined to make friends with as many sims as she could. Eventually, she even managed to befriend Malakai, the boy who had an accident over at the playground.


Turns out Malakai is a hoot when he’s not uncomfortable, he kept cracking Olivia up. She loved spending time with him.

But her best friend was definitely her cousin Newton.


Newton: “I wish I had a bike to ride around!”

Olivia: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those…”

Newton: “Of course you have, there’s a picture of one on my t-shirt!”

Olivia: “Oh, right! You mean those thing really exist?”

Newton: “Hmm… I’m not sure!”

Olivia: “Why is your dad always dancing in his pyjama bottoms?”


Newton didn’t really have a good answer to that one, but he didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, his parents were the best parents ever. They were the smartest people he knew, but also incredibly funny and very loving.


Of course, the downside of his parents caring was that his mom always insisted on him doing his homework as soon as possible. At least she’d always help him (in another life, Chell would be a teacher).

As a senior manager, Keiko often worked overtime at the office, so she couldn’t care less about her daughter’s academic success. She needed to have a big Americano every evening just to keep herself from collapsing as soon as she got home.


This often left Olivia doing her homework on her own in the middle of the night, since she’d put her homework off till the last minute. She liked to fill up a cup with soda and pretend she’s like mommy, working on her reports with an extra strong cup of coffee.


Booker arrived home, feeling rather pleased with himself: “Guess what, I got a promotion!”

“Uh-huh,” Keiko’s head was still in the office. The targets were so steep this month!

“So there’s this big shot celebrity player that I’m going to be training now,” Booker continued excitedly. “I’ve had one session with him so far, and he’s so…”

“Cool,” Keiko glanced at her husband. “Wanna woohoo?”

Sure, Booker didn’t seem as enthusiastic about it as he once had been, but woohoo helped Keiko keep her stress levels down.

What did her husband now about stressful work? He spent his days training famous athletes and lifting heavy things. (Note: This is true. Every time I get one of the work opportunity pop-ups for Booker, it’s something along the lines of: “There’s a heavy thing, should Booker lift it?”)



“There you go Knox, that should relieve the tension in your back,” Chell finished the massage. “You’ve got to stop reading in such awkward positions though, or this will never stop!”

“I just can’t help it,” Knox replied. “I stop paying attention to everything when I get into reading!”

“I know the feeling,” Chell laughed.

“I know you do, that’s why you’re the best wife,” Knox smiled and kissed his wife on the cheek.

“Eww, guys, that’s so gross!” Newton loved his parents, but they sure needed to be more careful when it possible cootie tranfers!



“I knew you’d score the winning goal uncle Ethan,” Newton exclaimed.

The boy idolised Ethan so much; while he was interested in both of his uncles’ athletic jobs, team sports sounded a bit more intriguing to him than heavy lifting.

“Oh did you, little man? I sure didn’t! I’m not as quick as I used to be,” Ethan remarked. Not getting any younger, he thought to himself with a sigh. He noticed Olivia’s sad face next to him: “What’s wrong, bumble bee?”

“Neither mommy or daddy don’t have time to teach me how to swim,” Olivia pouted. “I’ll be the last in my class not to know how to do it; even though we have a pool right in the house!”


Yenn appeared out of thin air, overhearing Olivia’s concerns: “Perfect timing, Liv! It just so happens I was going for a swim anyway. I can teach you!”

“Can I come too?” Newton jumped in, “And uncle Ethan? I mean, I know how to swim, but…”

“No bragging, little man,” Ethan interrupted. “But we should definitely join, let’s make a day of it!”

Ethan and Yenn smiled at each other.


The four of them spent the day splashing around in the family pool.


“This looks like fun,” Chell joined in, “How is it going, Newton?”

“Awesome!“ the boy enthused. “I’m gonna be the best swimmer, just like uncle Ethan! Livvie’s not bad either though, I guess.”


Yenn and Olivia were soaking up the sun after their swim.

“Aunt Yenn, can I tell you a secret?” The little girl asked.

“I think I can keep one,” Yenn smiled softly.

“You’re my favourite aunt,” Olivia whispered.

“Aww,” Yenn was surprised at the warmth that overcame her. “You shouldn’t have favourites though, Liv. And aunt Chell is pretty cool, don’t you think?”

“She is,” Olivia agreed. “And I know I shouldn’t have favourites. That’s why it’s a secret!”


Later that evening, Ethan examined his mirror image in his jersey.

“I’ve been thinking, Yenn,” he turned to his better half. “Do you think I should retire? I’m getting a bit old to still be an active player…”

“Let’s see,” Yenn sat on the bed beside him, “Do you still enjoy the game?”

Ethan’s mind went back to when he scored the deciding goal earlier. “Immensely,” he answered.

Yenn swept aside a loose lock of Ethan’s hair that fell out of his bun and smiled: “Well, then what are we even talking about?”


In another part of the house, Keiko was getting jumpy after her routine evening coffee: “And you wouldn’t believe what my boss said to me…”

“Sure thing,” Booker replied mindlessly. He was exhausted after his extensive training. Did Keiko not realise his whole body was aching?


“Are you even listening to me?” Keiko snapped. Another migraine hit her. Must. Sit. Down. The pain was piercing through her skull.


Booker watched his wife drop onto the futon, bemused. What is she playing at, pretending to be all tired. She doesn’t have to lift a thing all day!

“That’s rich,” Booker frowned. “When do you ever listen to me?”

They sat in silence for a few moments. Finally, Keiko stood up: “I’m going to bed.”

“Whatever,” Booker mumbled to himself. He leaned back on the futon and fell asleep within a few minutes.

The Bloomer Legacy: 4.18 My Tribe

If you haven’t read about Yenn’s trip to visit Tribe Arayeo over at Julyvee’s Sim Stories, you’re missing out – go catch up on it now to find out if Yenn succeeded in her efforts to meet her father.


So much seemed to have happened while Yenn was hiding out in the woods with Ethan, and during her trip to the Arayeos. When she got back, she felt like she had missed so much… And she had definitely been missed; Chell leapt into her sister’s arms straight away. The two of them were still best friends, and no amount of growing up would change that.

Chell, a pioneer of new technologies, had recently been appointed the new leader of Future Sims Labs. After all, she had been the Angel Peril’s right hand and knew the most about all of the projects, now that the previous director had deceased. In fact, knowing what she knew, one of her first actions as the new director was making a stop to some of the projects. Ethical and helpful research would now become ethos over at Future Sims Labs.

But that was only the smallest of the changes…


Knox had celebrated his adult birthday. Much like Ethan, he felt exactly the same. Well, aside from the fact that he was now also a father.


Chell had given birth to a bouncing baby boy! Her nerdiness won when naming the baby, Knox had no other choice but to shrug it off. He figured it could have been worse than Newton.


Keiko was making her way in the business world, having recently been promoted to Regional Manager. She kept progressing in her career, almost as if she hadn’t given birth recently as well…


Keiko rushed off to work shortly after baby Olivia was born (Get it? Olivia and Newton…), leaving Booker in disbelief. Their relationship still didn’t seem to have properly recovered.

booker and baby

However, as much as Keiko was getting on Booker’s nerves with her materialistic priorities, he adored his little baby girl. And of course, Olivia was special; she would become the first female Bloomer heir someday.


“You must be aunt Yenn! I’ve heard so much about you, give me a hug!”

Yenn was overwhelmed at the affection this tiny person apparently already felt towards her. Olivia was a little social butterfly, and the fifth Bloomer to have the perfectionist trait (I should have done exemplar).


Chell’s son Newton had the same sociable aspiration as his cousin, and he was an active boy. Booker and Ethan were heroes in his eyes, he hoped to grow up and become an athlete just like them.


Speaking of Ethan, he had settled into the Bloomer residence nicely. Him and Booker would often work out together or watch sports together, and whilst Booker was not a bro, Ethan enjoyed being friends with someone who shared his passion for fitness.

As for Booker, he had discovered a new added benefit of working out on the rooftop terrace; it was ideal for watching the kids on the playground.


The social butterflies would hang out on the pirate ship behind the house often in the hopes of meeting new people and making friends.


And soon enough, they did have company.

Olivia: “Hi there, I’m Olivia Bloomer my family’s building Newcrest! What’s your name?”

Malakai: “Don’t talk to me! Get away from me! Don’t come any closer… Oh no.”


Olivia suddenly understood the boy’s apprehension as a puddle emerged underneath him. She wasn’t sure if he had really needed to go that desperately, or if she made him so nervous; but the cause was almost irrelevant. Malakai had an accident right in front of her.


“Haha, someone still needs diapers,” another boy approached.

“Hey, that’s not nice,” Newton turned to the newcomer.

“Maybe not, but it’s still true,” the red-headed boy shrugged. “Malakai is a baby, Malakai is a baby!”


“Now listen up, Mr Perfect,” Olivia pointed at the bully, “I bet you’ve had moments you’re not all that proud of, and you wouldn’t want me to bring those up.”

The boy hesitated: “What do you know?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Malakai interrupted. “I don’t need to be defended by a girl! I’m out of here!”


Olivia ran after him: “But… I was just trying to help!”

“Well you didn’t help at all,” Malakai frowned. “Mind your own business next time!”

“Fine!” Olivia yelled as she turned away.

“Fine!” Malakai had to have the last word.



“It’s so good to have you back Yenny,” Ethan smiled at his love. “So, are you going to tell me what your mystery trip was all about?”

“I went to see my father,” Yenn said simply, but her face was an array of emotions.

“How is that even possible?”

“I…” Yenn paused. She wasn’t too keen on talking about her conversation with Grim Reaper. “I learned some new information, and with a bit of research I was able to locate his tribe.”


“That is amazing news,” Ethan exclaimed. “Did you get to speak to him?”

“I did actually, although it was brief.” She looked into the distance, as if her mind was far away. “He seems like such a kind man, with such a big heart…”

Warm tears rolled down her cheeks. “I wish there was something I could do for him, to make his life better.”

“I think you already have,” Ethan took her hand, “I’m sure he was overjoyed to meet you.”

Yenn smiled weakly. “You know, it’s strange,” she trailed off. “Him and my birth mother seem to have nothing in common, they couldn’t be any more different. His personality is so warm, and she was… well…”

Ethan nodded.

“And yet, from the way they talked about each other, I think they really cared about one another,” Yenn collected herself as she continued. “Love is a peculiar thing, isn’t it?”


Yenn told Ethan more about her trip. About how she’d not teleported quite to where the tribe was located, about finally reaching her destination, and about how reassured she felt to see the creator of Tribe Arayeo seemed to be a wise woman and a good person.

“I can just picture you there Yenn, a strong and beautiful Amazon,” Ethan could see it so clearly in his head. “Were you… were you tempted by it all?”

Yenn hesitated. “I would have loved to stay there a bit longer,” she admitted. “Get to know my father better, make up for some of the lost time, learn more about this curious culture…”

“But you didn’t,” Ethan finished her sentence, audible relief in his voice.

“I didn’t,” Yenn confirmed. “This is where I belong. You, my family, the legacy… This is my tribe.”


Yenn visits Tribe Arayeo over at Julyvee’s Sims Stories

Yenn makes an appearance over at Julyvee’s Sims Stories as her quest for finding her last living parent leads her to Tribe Arayeo. Julyvee wrote this absolutely beautifully!

Find out if Yenn was reunited with her father in When Your Past Returns. (And make sure to check out the rest of The Unusual History of Tribe Arayeo while you’re at it – I can’t recommend this story enough!)