The Bloomer Legacy: 5.20 All About Monty

Monty’s birthday rolled around shortly after the camping trip, so Liv organised a little party for him. The man of the hour was looking rather dapper, and felt pretty pleased with himself; aside from topping the rambunctious scamp aspiration, he was also the first Bloomer child to complete the social butterfly one.

“Don’t we rock grandpa?” Monty beamed.

“We sure do,” Booker replied, a little short of breath. “Though grandpa might need a bit of a break.”

1 monty

“But grandpa…”

“I’m no longer quite as rambunctious as you are, I’m afraid,” Booker sighed.

“Let your grandpa rest for a bit, Monty, and he’ll be ready to dance with you again in no time,” Keiko told her grandson.

“Thanks Keiko,” Booker said, surprised.

“Ah please, I can relate,” Keiko laughed. “These high-heeled shoes are killing me, why do you think I’m sitting? We’re not what we used to be, are we?”

“No, we aren’t. But maybe that’s a good thing,” Booker smiled.

Maybe it’s the old age catching up with them, but by the looks of it Booker and Keiko have finally found a way to be civil together.

2 monty

More guests arrived; Chell gave her brother a big hug as soon as she walked through the door, followed by an unexpectedly colour-coordinated couple, Janet and Malakai.

“Hi birthday boy, what an awesome party you’ve got going,” Malakai greeted his son.

“Mommy organised it all,” Monty shrugged.

“That’s true, but people showed up for you, Monty” Liv told him. “Hi Mal!”

“Liv! You’ve got new hair again,” Malakai laughed.

“Technically, it’s my old hair; I went back to my natural colour,” Liv noticed the woman in green that was eyeing her up. “And you must be Janet! Let me get you guys something to drink!”

3 monty

“It’s so great to finally meet you Janet, I’ve heard so much about you,” Liv enthused as she effortlessly shuffled the bottles.

“Uh-huh,” Janet muttered stiffly.

“Let me make you guys Liv’s Surprise, it’s a new cocktail I came up with,” Liv didn’t give up. “So, how was the camping trip? Monty won’t stop talking about it!”

“It was pretty sweet,” Malakai reminisced. “Those nights in Granite Falls are just magical! Though of course, you’d know that,” he winked at Liv.

“Very funny,” Liv smirked. “So, did you have a good time in Granite Falls, Janet?”

“Sure,” Janet said. She then proceeded to get up and walk to the other side of the room.

“Give her time,” Malakai nodded to Liv apologetically as he went after his girlfriend.

4 monty

Janet spent the majority of the party glued to Malakai’s side, making sure to display her affection for him any time Liv walked past. Not that Liv particularly cared. There was a particular guest she was waiting for…

Yenn approached her sister awkwardly. She hadn’t really spoken to Chell much ever since their encounter at the graveyard.

“Hi sis,” Yenn ventured. “I’ve been meaning to apologise. When we last talked, those things I said…”

“You were hurting,” Chell stopped her gently. “It’s ok Yenn. We’re ok. Best friends forever, remember?”


“Best friends forever,” Yenn hugged her sister tightly.

She noticed Chell’s body seemed frailer than it used to be… but she pushed those thoughts aside. For now, she was there, with her sister, her best friend, her kindred spirit, her confidante. And that was enough.

And over on the other side of the room, another happy reunion was happening…


“Doctor Krautzinger, you came,” Liv welcomed her favourite doctor.

“Please Olivia, call me Francesca,” the woman told her. “I’ll feel like I’m on call if you keep calling me doctor Krautzinger.”


“Well, Francesca, I’m glad you could make it,” Liv corrected herself. “Welcome to the madness that is my family.”

Both of the women seemed a bit lost for words, but they continued to look at each other and smile.

“Mommy, are you and the lady playing a staring game?” Monty asked.

Liv blushed: “Do you remember doctor Kre-, err, Francesca, Monty? We met her at the park the other day, and she was the one who helped me bring you to the world.”

“Yeah, I remember,” Monty shrugged. “She was the one who said I can’t have a pirate ship. But that’s ok, I guess. I don’t need it now, since I’ll be all grown up.”

“Monty?” a high pitch-voice squealed.

5 monty

“Scarlet!” Monty rushed to greet the friend he made in Granite Falls.

“Guess what, it’s my birthday too,” Scarlet informed him.

“Happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday!”


“So, do you think cooties disappear once you grow up?” Scarlet wondered. “Because I want to give you a birthday hug!”

“Yeah, I think they do,” Monty nodded.

He felt ready to become a teen now.


Off to the cake, and explode!

6 monty

Hello Malakai number 2!

Apart from Malakai’s looks, Monty also inherited his father’s glutton trait. He also rolled the mansion baron aspiration (I highly doubt that will happen this generation!), which will be replaced by the successful lineage aspiration on his YA birthday.

Speaking of which, I intend to tweak the generational task for Monty a little, since I already have enough “middle class” houses as it is. I have a whole other thing in store for him… But more on that later.


Monty’s best friend and Janet’s son Tylor also aged up, shortly followed by their red-haired acquaintance Scarlet. She aged up rather pretty, gaining her attention from both of the boys (no more love triangles, please guys!).


As the teens partied it up, the grownups opted for casual chatter. Malakai couldn’t help but notice how much attention Liv seemed to be paying to doctor Francesca, and it made him smile. He hoped his best friend would soon find the same happiness that Janet brought him.


“Thanks for the amazing birthday party, mom,” Monty said warmly, hugging his mother. “You’re the coolest!”

Oh thank plumbob, he still thinks I’m cool, Liv sighed with relief. Her worst fear had been averted, Monty would continue to be a momma’s boy for a little while longer.


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  1. Keiko isn’t kidding when she said she will be a stylish grandma, haha!

    Is there a red-haired Bloomer yet? If not, I really hope things went well with Monty and Scarlet! I’m interested to see what are the tweaks for his task too.


  2. Eeep! Eep eeep eeeeeep! >:D

    OH I am sooooooo excited! Monty is a teen now, and Liv is back to her natural hair color, and FRAN is SO ADORABLE, and Monty asking if they were playing a staring game, and Janet being JEALOUS of Liv, and BOOKER AND KEIKO BEING CIVIL. AHHH!


  3. I ship #marlet! Hehe maybe it’s a little early but it would be SO COOL to see a red-headed Bloomer! Beautiful chapter as always, you never fail to impress!


  4. What a meaningful and wonderful birthday party! All these gorgeous teens! I can’t wait to see what you have in story for Monty. 🙂

    Also, how beautiful is Francesca? I don’t know if I’ve said this before but whew! I don’t blame Liv one bit.


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