The Bloomer Legacy: 5.21 Adventure Awaits

Yenn spent most of her days since Ethan’s passing drowning herself in her music. She composed various songs inspired by her family members, and of course, numerous songs inspired by her love.

It worked well enough; she didn’t mind the solitude, and of course she had Monty and Liv around, but she struggled to feel passion for anything. All of the songs seemed hollow, just like everything around her.


And then one day, things changed when she managed to master the rocket science skill. She was able to upgrade her ship and install a wormhole generator to it, which opened new possibilities.


For the first time since Ethan’s death, she felt excited, and even hopeful, about the future. Adventure awaits, she whispered her sister’s favourite motto to herself as she boarded the rocket.


Sixam. The faraway land distant enough to let her forget about her life’s troubles for a while. Or at least get some perspective.


Her first instinct was to see as much of it as possible. It made her think of her mother, Lilah, and her passion for exploration. She would have loved this, Yenn smiled to herself.

And of course, running around whilst exploring reminded her of her brother’s fitness obsession. She wondered if Booker would see the beauty of the place, or if he’d just see it as an unobstructed workout opportunity.


Once she calmed down, she tried to get more analytical and take a more scientific approach, the way her father, Peter would. She entertained the warm memory of Captain Duckhorse in space, and remembered how she and Chell would eat all of their father’s books up.

Chell, of course, was the one that would love this the most. While Yenn’s sister did have some experience with space travel, she’d never been to Sixam. It was for her that Yenn was collecting all of the plant and rock samples.


Finally, once she’d paid her dues to all of her family members, dead or alive, Yenn got to what seemed most natural to her; she turned inward amidst all the beauty.


It was then, when inspiration struck her. She composed a song that was the very opposite of hollow, and poured all of her love into it; her love for Ethan, her love for her family, her love for life and discovery of all things new, and her love for this newfound planet.

It took a while till she realised she’d been interrupted by a clap.


“That was beautiful,” a green alien woman that seemed to have appeared out of thin air complimented her. “Welcome to Sixam, earthling, and thank you for the gift of music you bear. My name is Heavap*”

(*Author’s note: I absolutely loathe that the game gives aliens completely ordinary names like Fred, so I’m using this alien name generator.)


“Thank you, Heavap,” Yenn beamed. “It’s the beauty of you planet that inspired my music, I should be the grateful one. Even though the song is mainly about the sims I have left at home.”

“Funny how sometimes, the places that are the furthest bring us the closest to home,” Heavap mused knowingly.


Once Heavap broke the awkwardness, more aliens arrived, thanking Yenn and welcoming her. They were all incredibly kind and supportive; all but one of them.


“Oh, don’t you think you’re so brilliant, admired by everyone wherever you step foot,” a purple alien attacked her.

“I didn’t mean any disrespect,” Yenn said truthfully. “In fact, I wouldn’t have even played had I known I wasn’t alone here.”

“Don’t lie to me earthling,” the alien growled. “I see into your soul.”


“Give it a rest, Queegan,” another alien tried to calm him down.

“I will not as long as she is on this planet,” Queegan said sharply.


“You must leave here immediately, and never come back,” Queegan yelled at her.

“Of course,” Yenn nodded quickly. “I apologise if I caused any offence. Thank you for letting me visit for as long as I did.”


Queegan snarled at her, so she wasted no time and ran to the wormhole generator to travel back home.


I can’t wait to tell Chell all about this, she thought as she stepped into the mist.


Once she got home, she planted all of the plants she brought from Sixam and put the rock and crystal samples away quickly. She then dashed over to her sister’s house.

Chell will be so excited to hear all about her trip…


But no one seemed to be home. Yen waited patiently. Chell was retired, she should come home any minute. She’d probably just nipped across to one of the community lots.

She called Chell, but there was no answer, so she sent her a quick text telling her to come home as soon as she could.


A few minutes had passed, soon turning into an hour. Yenn grew annoyed. Come on, Chell, she thought, you wouldn’t keep me waiting if you knew what news I had!

She tried calling her phone again, and again, and again.

And then it hit her. No, that couldn’t be.


Several hours later, Yenn had to admit the truth to herself. Her sister was gone, along with Ethan, Knox, and her parents. She’d never be able to share her trip to Sixam with Chell, not as long as she lived.

Author’s Note: Before she passed away, Chell attended Vanity High’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, a Cluedo-style roleplaying evening; right up her alley. She had a blast there, so I hope you check it out!

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    1. Officially? Baato’s amazon genes make her age slower than others. Unofficially she may or may not have had an extra dose of potion of youth… I mean, it’s the amazon genes 😀


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