The Bloomer Legacy: 5.28 If You’re Serious…

Monty’s bakery was up on a rise. Sure, it was still not more than a camping table and a cash register, but the goods never stayed on the shelves for too long. Monty had a hard time managing to restock everything. He poured most of his energy into his business, heading over there every day after school.

Though of course, it wasn’t all work. Having Scarlet as a co-worker was quite the temptation…


“We better get to work Monty,” Scarlet sighed. “We haven’t sold a single pastry today!”

“Just one more kiss,” Monty negotiated.

“You said that earlier,” Scarlet giggled. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it as much as you are, but there’s more to life than making out…”

“I know,” Monty grew serious. He reached into his pocket…


“You’re pretty amazing Scarlet, and I’m not just saying that because I want you to make out with me some more. Well, I do want you to make out with me some more, like… for the rest of our lives. Well, not now, but… someday.”

“You’re not making any sense,” Scarlet interrupted. “What are you…”

Monty simply slipped a ring on her finger.


“Is that a… promise ring?” Scarlet’s eyes widened.

“I just wanted you to know that I’m serious,” Monty grinned sheepishly.


Over in Willow Creek, Newton’s love life was a lot more complicated. He had been on a few dates with a woman called Monica. He showered her with kisses and compliments…


…she showered him with hate and insults. Mean by nature, Monica was easily annoyed.


And so, after their third date, they decided to part their ways for good. Newton was left alone, once again.


As he wallowed and contemplated what drink he should choose to soften the blow of yet another failed attempt at love, the realisation dawned on him… What are you moping about, there’s plenty of pretty girls around?


“Hi ladies, can I join you for a dance?” he approached the group of young women awkwardly. Had it been anyone else, they probably wouldn’t even get acknowledged. But of course, being Newton did have its perks.


Girl 1: “Oh-em-gee! You’re Newton! The Newton!”

Gril 2: “Of course you can dance with us! Hopefully they’ll play one of your songs!”

Girl 3: “can I get an autograph?”


The girls were all over him. Each of them wanted to get just a bit closer, make him laugh just a bit more, impress him with her moves more than the others…

Girl 1: “Have I mentioned I’m your biggest fan, Newton?”

Girl 2: “Hey, that’s not true! I’m his biggest fan!”

Girl 3: “As if!”


Ultimately, the girls got so distracted by fighting over Newton they all ended up storming off, too angry at one another. And Newton…


Well at least he got an idea for his next big hit, Forever Alone.



Monty’s young adult birthday came around quicker than anyone expected. He picked up the family oriented trait, and his aspiration was changed to Successful Lineage, the generational requirement.

But that didn’t mean he left his enthusiasm for his business behind. If anything, with his school days now behind him, he was ready to focus on his store full time.


Yenn: “Well Monty, if you’re really serious about this bakery business, I can help you.”

“You’d do that? But how?”

“Well, for starters, my level 10 cooking and gourmet cooking skill point might come in handy,” Yenn smiled.


“Not to mention, maybe the bakery could use some walls.”


Soon enough, Monty had a proper business on his hands.


And with a real business come customers! So many paying customers!


Sure, running a business might be tiring. But it is so worth it!

8 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 5.28 If You’re Serious…

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    1. I know! I think I’ll be moving things along even faster in the next generation, there might even be a time jump at some point, since I’m keen to get to a certain point which won’t happen for ages…


    1. It depends on what you’re selling. Skilled painters can earn a lot if they sell their paintings with a 100% markup. As far as bakeries go, the baked goods don’t really sell for much at all, so if you want any profits Baked Alaskas and Monte Christo sandwiches are the way to go. Or ambrosia, if you have the necessary skills and ingredients.

      It does get a bit repetitive after a while since you have to try to talk people into buying your products all the time, but I do enjoy having stores every so often.


  1. Aw! A promise ring! How sweet! ❤ 🙂

    The bakery's slowly taking shape! Go Monty! 🙂

    *hugs Newton* Poor guy. I hope he finds someone loving who can appreciate him for who he is and look beyond the rockstar facade. 🙂


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