The Bloomer Legacy: 5.29 Announcements

“You mean it’s actually a real store now? “ Scarlet looked around impressed.

“Complete with walls,” Monty grinned proudly. “And I even made profit yesterday.”

“I’m so proud of you Monty,” Scarlet choked up. “I may have been sceptical at first, but you were right all along. This bakery has a future.”

“It really does, doesn’t it?” Monty’s palm was sweating as he reached into his pocket. “And I hope that so do we.”


Scarlet’s eyes widened. For a moment, she just watched Monty kneel in front of her: “Woah, you really weren’t kidding with that promise ring, huh?”

“Um, is that a yes or a no? Because my knee’s starting to hurt,” Monty pointed out.


“Of course it’s a yes, silly!”



The couple shared their news with Tylor over at the Lollipop Lair the very next day. Turns out, Tylor had a bit of an announcement of his own.


He introduced Monty and Scarlet to his new girlfriend, Arjuna. For the first time in his life, Tylor was smitten.


Unfortunately for him, Arjuna was seeing not one, but two other men on the side. Naturally she forgot to mention that part when she agreed to go out with him.

(You’ve outdone yourself this time around, EA story progression. Ugh.)


Monty and Scarlet had their suspicions about her; for starters, the first thing Arjuna did when she met Monty was throw a pickup line his way. But Tylor was blissfully unaware, and he seemed so excited about his new partner that Monty and Scarlet pushed the nagging feeling aside. They figured she was probably perfectly nice.


Still, they didn’t end up spending as much time over as they had initially planned, and bode their goodbyes after a mostly quiet dinner.


Elsewhere in the Lair, more announcements were made.


“This is so exciting,” Malakai enthused. “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents again!”

I can’t believe I forgot about the morning sickness,” Janet groaned.



Liv was busy practicing the latest mixology trick she learned whilst taking advantage of the large bar over at the Garden of Eden Gym and Spa.


“You’re pretty good at this Liv,” Heather smiled.

“One would hope, I have maxed out the Mixology skill,” Liv smirked.

“I’m just teasing. You know I love all of your creations just as much as I love you,” she blurted out before she could stop herself.


Liv, however, didn’t seem to notice the slipup.

“It’s a pity that this part of the gym is the closest the town has to a bar,” she said. “But that’s about to change soon… I’m only one promotion away from finally being able to open a bar of my own!”


“It’ll be grand,” Heather agreed. “Though this isn’t too terrible. I mean, we have a stunning view up here. Not to mention, the fact we’re in a gym means we have some additional facilities…”


“Ok, I see your point,” Liv chuckled.

“I’m not sure you do,” Heather said playfully. “Let me reiterate, just in case…”




Apparently having a bakery in an actual building is a recipe for success (pun intended). Monty and Tylor’s Treats have never been as popular.


Meaning that everyone had to lend a helping hand. The family started a rota always making sure to have one baker and one sales person in the shop, whether it be Monty and Scarlet, or Tylor and Yenn.


Much like Scarlet usually persuaded any man to buy the least masculine looking dessert with a bat of her eyelashes, Tylor was quite popular with the female customers.

“Sweet treats for the sweetest ladies,” he ventured in with his regular technique.


Except that this time, it didn’t seem to work.

“Seriously? I mean, don’t you have a girlfriend?” the girl glared at him.

“A little compliment never hurt, right?” Tylor tried to wiggle his way out.


“I’ll still buy the cake, because I know it’s the best in town,” the girl shrugged. “But you can sweet talk me into it. You should be ashamed.”

“Oh, I get it! Sweet talking, nice one!” Tylor laughed.

The girl just rolled her eyes and left.


The girl did have a point though, Tylor thought to himself as he was leaving the shop after his shift. He did have a girlfriend he was crazy about, so why play games and pretend that wasn’t the case?

Monty and Scarlet were taking things pretty seriously, and perhaps it was the time for him to do the same. He’d tell Arjuna that he loved her as soon as he got home, he decided.

Little did he know that he was just about to find Arjuna with another man.

5 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 5.29 Announcements

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  1. Yayyyyy! The Marlet ship sailed! But I feel so sorry for Tylor! He doesn’t know what he’s got himself into with Arjuna…


  2. Monty and Scarlet are so sweet together. She really keeps him grounded. 🙂

    Whoa, Liv and her fire torching beverage skills!

    Poor Tylor! I wonder if we’ll see more of this bakery girl later in his life after Arjuna gets kicked out of it… 😡


    1. It’s not exactly story progression as such, but your sims do start romances on their own when you’re not playing them. Sometimes, I welcome this (like with Allen and Juanita); sometimes, like in this case, not so much!


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