The Bloomer Legacy: Interlude – Unexpected (Generation 6)

Some people have their lives all planned out. Take my parents, for example. They started a family as soon as they got married. Two kids, a perfect family unit.


In the meantime, their bakery business prospered and built up a good customer base. Everything was perfect for them. Predictable, but perfect.


Then there’s people who act like a bit of a loose cannon, a wild card, like my uncle Tylor. He’s had all kinds of pursuits over time.


Even though he secretly only had a single on one his mind.


But when the one thing he wanted finally materialised, he managed to have it slip through his fingers before he even realised he had it.


Life has a funny way of catching up with you that way.


Then again, the great thing about life is that everything you do puts a whole other set of events into motion.


Events that might finally break another person’s streak of bad luck.


Sure, some people consider the saying about one door closing and another one opening a cliché.


But I’d say you can find a handful that would beg to differ.


And the circle doesn’t end there.


One good thing can set off another…


…but I’m sure you get the idea.


I guess what I’m trying to get at is that whether you have your perfectly planned out life, or whether you are just going with the flow, some things can’t be predicted. Even in the lives of the predictable ones.


One minute, you’re following your everyday routine…


…the next, your entire world turns upside down.


And believe me, I know this better than most.


After all, it’s how I came into this world. Unexpected.


But why dwell on the past… I’ve got my whole life ahead of me.

Since at least one of my brothers needs to complete their aspiration and reach the top of their chosen career before I can officially take over as the newest heir of Newcrest, I’ve got the luxury of freedom for now. I can do as I please, start a new life, in a whole new place…


… a place where I can be a whole new me.


Author’s note: The wedding venue where Newton got married was built by aryannehawker and can be downloaded here. Rumour has it that Newton was not the only famous sim to get married here.

The post also shows glimpses of Monty and Scarlet’s bakery, their family home and Liv’s bar – I’ll be doing a separate post with more detailed tours of the lots for those of you interested in the building aspect of the Build Newcrest challenge soon!


20 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: Interlude – Unexpected (Generation 6)

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  1. OooOOoooooOOOhhhhh!!! Wow! I am so excited about where this is going! Also, I love how you wrote this chapter, and it was SO sweet that you linked back to my blog about Dexter & Sasha getting married at the same wedding venue! *blush*


    That wedding venue just gets more and more magical every day…


    1. I told you that I stumbled on the venue recently too 🙂 Maybe the word has spread in simland that Dexter and Sasha got married there, so Newton wanted to use it too 😀 It really looks gorgeous at night time doesn’t it? And yes, how could Liv not propose in such a beautiful setting? 🙂


  2. Great chapter! So good to see the Bloomers again. That bakery is gorgeous! I’m excited to see where the next generation will go. 🙂


  3. Oh, man! I’m so excited! This might be my favorite chapter every! If I ever do a legacy again, I might do a one-chapter-per-generation story–I just love the quick look overview! (Of course, the reason this works is because of the all the storytelling leading up to it! That quick glimpse of Newton’s surprise romance wouldn’t be quite as thrilling if we didn’t know the whole story behind it!)


    1. Thank you! I thought about the execution of this one a lot, and was nervous about it since I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off – skipping over so much that’s been happening with beloved characters and making a brand new unknown character the central one in the story seemed quite risky. I’m happy that the transition was received so well 🙂


  4. And I’m back to reading about this lovely family! 🙂

    Super excited for an alien heir! I love her voice and seeing what the family got up to during this time. 🙂


    1. Welcome back, and thank you for reading 🙂 Hopefully I’ll manage to respond to most of these, forgive me if I skip some!

      Astrid definitely brought a unique perspective!


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