The Bloomer Legacy: 7.9 Almost

I dealt with the pain the only way I knew; painting. Though initially, not even that seemed to help. The only good thing that came out of Paolo and Candy’s engagement was the place I discovered after I ran into the countryside to weep. I found a beautiful spot on the river, the only place... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.7 A Star Reborn

“Special place for a special girl,” Paolo said. “Can’t believe this is your first time to the ruins. You should paint the place.” “I should,” I smiled. Paolo had really been making an effort to support my painting lately. It was quite sweet, really. Actually, he’d been surprisingly attentive altogether. I wanted to stop the... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.6 Lone Wolf

"Do you not fit anywhere else? Maybe, just maybe, you could be an Avant Garde," Maike said. She was actually just citing their promotional blurb that’s meant to entice people to join, you know, the one each of the clubs advertise. But her timing was great. Maybe I could be an Avant Garde. I started... Continue Reading →

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