The Bloomer Legacy: 7.2 Sights of Windenburg

Day 2. Now that I’d properly unpacked, it was time to explore. I wandered through the streets of the old town centre, though let’s face it, I got lost a fair bit. This place is much bigger than Newcrest! Luckily I came across a number of maps on the way.


But better yet, I found an unused easel right in the middle of the town square! It was perfectly positioned for capturing the scenery.

It’s official. Windenburg was made for me.


It seemed like I was only painting for a few minutes (though, to be perfectly honest, it could have been hours. I lose track of time as soon as I pick up a paintbrush) when a familiar voice interrupted me.

“Hey! Astrid, was it?” Paolo waved at me, broad grin on his face just like when we first met. “I didn’t know you were into painting!”


“I’m trying to become a painter, actually,” I muttered. “And this place seems perfect to make a head start!”

“I wouldn’t know about that,” he shrugged. “Don’t know much about art and all that. But if you’re into clubbing I’m your man.”

“Err, I wouldn’t know,” I replied awkwardly. “There are no clubs in my hometown. My grandma has a bar, which is nice, I guess…”

“Wait, what?” Paolo’s eyes widened. “You’ve never been on a proper night out? No way! We need to fix that ASAP. Meet me and the crew tonight at Discothèque Pan Europa!”

“It’s going to be epic,” he winked at me before he walked off.


Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt, right?



“Alright guys, the pressure is on,” Paolo took partying very seriously, apparently. “It’s Astrid’s first night out in time, and more importantly, first night out, like, ever.”

He paused, as if to let that sink in. “Now, let’s show her a good time!”


“So glad you wanted to come out with us,” Candy beamed. “This is a neat place, I DJ here 3 nights a week.”

I nodded, thinking about how different these people’s lives seemed compared to everyone back at home.


“Anyway, I know it must be hard to be in a new place all on your own,” Candy said, as if she’d read my mind. But of course she didn’t. Unlike me, she wouldn’t know how to do that. Not that I ever use that ability. Sometimes, not knowing is the best policy.

“So I just wanted you to know that I’m here for you if you need me,” Candy continued.

“That’s really nice of you, I appreciate it,” I smiled, and before I knew it, she was hugging me as if we’d known each other for ages.

“That’s what friends are for,” she said.

“Ladies, less mushy, more party,” Paolo called over.


Admittedly, Paolo didn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the box, but I couldn’t help but giggle like a schoolgirl around him. Perhaps because I haven’t done a whole lot of giggling when I was an actual schoolgirl.

And I think he actually flirted with me several times throughout the night. Not that I’m an expert on the matter.


“Thanks for a great night out Paolo,” I told him as I was getting ready to head back home. “It’s been an unforgettable experience.”

“Oh, this? We’re just getting started, beautiful,” he grinned.

I hate to admit it, but the way he said it made me a bit weak in the knees. And made Jade shoot an angry stare at me.


“Don’t worry Jade, you know Paolo,” Jade’s friend Eva told her, “Player’s got a new toy. But he’ll get bored of her soon. Nobody can change a guy like him.”


I overheard it alright, but I couldn’t wipe a silly grin off my face. And hey, objectively speaking, it was a great night in any case.

candy 2

If nothing else, I made a good friend.

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  1. Eee, I love this! Astrid is so adorable. I haven’t really played with aliens yet, this makes me really want to do a story with one… *resists urge to start more stories, but adds to list a mile long of stories to-do*

    I love the Windenburg townies so much. Candy’s my rebuild willow creek heir’s BFF and sister-in-law; Dominic was her good friend (until he started flirting with her 24/7 and she was already married lol). Paolo’s my windenburg legacy founder’s husband; Jade and Marcus are her good friends. Max (the evil kid) has been really mischievous toward one of my willow creek spares, kinda like he has a child crush on her? He’s never mean. It’s so cute. Windenburg is such a good addition to the game ❤ Can't wait to see more from Astrid!


    1. I haven’t played with aliens until Astrid, so I really wanted to explore what they can do. I love the fact they can disguise themselves 🙂

      Windenburg townies are so awesome! I think my favourite is Candy, she’s such a sweetheart. And don’t even get me started on the Windenburg scenery – so gorgeous!


  2. I’m so against premades, but you always make them seem interesting to me…

    I love this story and I’m enjoying Astrid an awful lot. Windenburg seems really beautiful. I’ve hardly had time to explore it yet…

    Also…Astrid is beautiful. Both with and without her disguise.


    1. I used to be really into premades in TS2. I haven’t really played them much since! Windenburg’s premades, however, seem pretty cool. Amd the world is to die for. How will I ever go back to Newcrest?


  3. I really enjoy seeing Astrid become good friends with Candy! The two of them get along so well.

    Ooh, drama on the horizon! Love triangles are always messy.


  4. Pablo seems to be a hit in legacy stories. >.> Not that I’ve read many. But the many that I’ve read he seems to play quite the main role 😀 This is an interesting spin though. For him to be a player. oof

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yeah, Paolo was very popular around this time. I kind of got the impression that all of partyhouse were meant to be sleeping with each other, though I do think Paolo has a good heart deep down. Marcus on the other hand… I mean he’s way older than the rest of them. I so got sleezeball vibes from him.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I think the official premade household story goes that it’s his house and he asked all the younger people to move in. Definitely a bit of a sleazeball. Though you could also think of him as a guy who’s past his prime and trying to cling on to his days of partying because he hasn’t found anything of more substance along the way. Coming up – the untold story of Marcs Flex 😀 I kid. I don’t like him enough to write a story about him lol. But I’m sure there’s some layers there to dissect.


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