The Bloomer Legacy: 7.5 Where Do You Fit In?

The days that followed were like being on a seesaw. Sometimes, I thought my paintings were getting pretty good…


Sometimes I wanted to rip them apart.


And it was the same with Paolo. The evenings were good…


…the nights were great…


…but the mornings were an awakening, back into reality.


And there I was, on my own again. I still needed to figure myself out, find a place where I can fit in.

It was then when I got the call.


The Paragons wanted me to join their club.

I was a bit apprehensive, I must say.


“So… what is it that you guys do, exactly?”

“Oh, we just like a good old gossip over some coffee, and naturally, we like to make sure we look good,” Siobhan, their leader, said enthusiastically.


Like that makes any sense…

“It’s all good fun, honest,” Siobhan carried on. “Come on, try on an outfit. We’ll pick one for you! You’ll love it.”


They all seemed so excited, so, with a deep sigh, I decided to humour them.


When I saw the outfit they picked for me, I wish I hadn’t. They all thought it was hilarious though.


“Haha, very funny,” I snarled. “So you basically like making fun of people? I think I’ll pass.”

“No, you don’t understand,” the only guy in the club, Sergio explained. “It’s all pretty light-hearted. We make fun of ourselves, too. Shioban doesn’t tak herself too seriously.”

“Of course not,” she nodded eagerly. “Pick an outfit for me, Sergio!”


She emerged wearing the same clown attire they made me sport earlier. They both thought it was hysterical.

I don’t get it.


I really tried to give them a fair chance, and there were even some moments when I really enjoyed myself.


But when Shioban almost had a meltdown when I started to talk to a guy with very unfashionable facial hair, I just knew the Paragons weren’t for me.


Luckily, there were no hard feelings.


But I still had no answers about where I belong. It suddenly felt like I was back in Newcrest. Back to square one.

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  1. Aw. For some reason this makes me really sad for her. Then again, I’ve been there…sometimes you have to keep starting over until you learn whatever lesson is there for you. Then, a new door will open and new things will happen.
    Sending her my love as she figures out what is next for her.


  2. Poor girl. She’s struggling to fit in, just like when she was a kid. So unfair. But I guess it’s supposed to teach her that problems cannot be escaped, only solved? Or I’m just getting too philosophical again 😀
    Anyway, I hope she’ll figure it out soon.


    1. This was my only experience with them, and I just don’t get what they’re all about. Definitely not Astrid’s kinda thing. (I was still just exploring Get Together at this point, I wrote these early gen 7 chapters around Christmas, when I’d just gotten the game 🙂


  3. All these clubs! 🙂

    I think it was for the best that Astrid backed out of the Paragons early. If they didn’t like her chatting to that guy, imagine what they’ll do if they find out she’s an alien. 😦


    1. Lol! I had to go back to see what this even was. So for context, this whole generation was written when Get Together first came out, so this was actuallly me playing the EP for the first time. So this was the first time I got to experience the Paragons haha. I still don’t really get what they’re about 😂

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