The Bloomer Legacy: 7.9 Almost

I dealt with the pain the only way I knew; painting. Though initially, not even that seemed to help.


The only good thing that came out of Paolo and Candy’s engagement was the place I discovered after I ran into the countryside to weep. I found a beautiful spot on the river, the only place that soothed me. I’d start spending more time there than anywhere else.


I took the small cottage there as a sign; and decided to start a community. Perhaps for once in my life I could do something useful and share my discovery of this delightful place with fellow painters. So I started a painting club, based at the very spot.


It was a place for likeminded individuals to devote themselves to their creativity. I must say it felt amazing to be the one behind this.


For a short while, I almost felt happy again. Almost.


I met many fellow artists through the club, and finally, I had something to discuss my painting with. In fact, painting was all most of them wanted to discuss. I almost missed the old days of no one sharing my interests.


Well, of course I missed the old days. And as hard as I tried to push the thought aside, as rewarding as setting up a painter community was, I couldn’t forget. If only I could erase my own memory.


In a desperate attempt to get my mind off of things, I attended a party at the Bluffs.

Naturally it was a stupid idea.


Several men tried to talk to me; I really wish I had gone for a blander disguise on that day when everything fell apart. But it was too late now.


I eventually managed to shake them off and had a moment of peace by the bonfire.


It didn’t seem like to long ago, when… Ah, stop it, just stop it. Why do I always do this to myself? Always trying to run away from my past, but never ceasing to think about it….


“Estrella? Hi,” I didn’t even need to turn around to know who that voice belonged to. “Not sure if you remember me, we me a while back, when you first moved to your house.”

“How could I forget you… you’re engaged to my friend, Candy,” I recovered.


“Candy always speaks really highly of you,” he smiled. “She’s lucky to have a friend like you.”

Lucky being a relative term. I looked across to the horizon, hoping for the whole situation to go away. If my alien family ever wanted to take me back to their planet, this would be a great time.


“You know, I have a lot of magical memories of this place,” Paolo broke off the silence again.

If only you knew… “Oh, really?” I said weakly.

“Yeah… Some of them are a little hazy – clearly I must have went a bit overboard on the juice during those parties, but I can remember the feeling. Like, complete happiness, and serenity. It was here where I decided to get a bit more serious and finally settle down. Though, again, the exact moment escapes me,” he laughed.


“Sorry, I must be boring you,” Paolo said. “Why don’t we go dance a little? I mean, we can’t act all grown up all the time, can we?”


So I dragged myself onto the dance floor, hating every move.


He looked so happy, so carefree. I couldn’t stand it.


I crept away, leaving the party behind.


What could possibly make me feel a bit better? The constant running didn’t seem to be doing the trick…

Well, if I was looking back, why not do it properly? I decided to invite my family for a visit.

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  1. Yes! Looking forward to seeing Yenn (I really hope she’s still alive, somehow!) and everyone else again. It feels like Astrid/Estella needs them!


  2. I’m happy she’s surrounding herself with people that make her feel better. The painters, and now her family. Safe travels to the Bloomers on their way to Windenburg!


    1. I could see this working for Yanzi, yes. I’ve changed my writing style a lot throughout the Bloomers, the first three chapters didn’t even have dialogue, so it’s definitely evolved. Generation 9 is much closer to the way I write now. But there’s definitely something about this snappy way of moving things along.

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