The Bloomer Legacy: 8.1 Dead

Hi Peyton,

I swear time in Newcrest passes by slower than when I was living on that plum island – it feels like I’ve been here for a lifetime already! Though I guess it’s like we’re living a whole different life here.

The isolation is gone. Everyone knows us. And I know no-one.


I’m surrounded with pictures of people I’ve never heard of. Supposedly they’re family. But that’s bullplum. They’re just empty photos, someone else’s memories. You’re my only family, even though we’re not related.


When it comes to my actual blood family… yeah things are still pretty iffy. Mom and I barely speak. I want to hate her for ruining my life, but it’s hard when she’s so broken. She’s been crying a lot. Especially in that room full of old photos of those random people.


Eventually, even she could see that living in her childhood home was not working out, so she converted the house into an art gallery.


Art Gallery – Downstairs


Art Gallery – Upstairs


Gallery café


Relaxation and painting area


Personally, I find the gallery a bit of a snoozefest. I grew up around these plum paintings, they were the only thing keeping me company as a kid. But hey, at least now they’re here in the gallery and not in my house.


Not that we live far… we moved right next door, to this apartment above a bar. I know it sounds cool, but really, the bar is dead most of the time, since no one really runs it.


Most of Newcrest is dead, to be honest. It’s just so lame compared to Windenburg! I came across this abandoned guitar in just behind the art gallery the other day, but there was nobody playing it. Davion would be right on that if he was here!

So, him and Starr, huh? That’s cool. I’m happy for them. Totally.

Ok, not really. But I don’t blame him. He can’t wait forever.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the town being dead.


There are people here, of course. Like my supposed family. They’re pretty nice, actually – it’s hard to believe they’re related to my mom. They don’t look or act anything like her.


Uncle Noel is the oldest brother. He’s pretty ambitious, chief of staff at the local hospital. He’s married to a smart lady called Kiersten who is a doctor too, and they have a daughter called Tania who is a few years older than me.


And then there’s uncle Theo. He’s a gloomy comedian. I know. He has this morbid kind of humour. His wife Anika manages the local bakery, Monty’s Goodies. And they have a son called Grady who’s Tania’s age.

I don’t know. They’re all really kind and polite, but they still feel like strangers. I do always accept their invitations to come over but… there’s just no real bond there. Even your parents feel like more of a family to me than these people do.


Doesn’t help that mom never spends any time with them. They used to ask us both to come by, but I think they’ve given up on her now. So she just spends time on her own and paints depressing pictures. I don’t know how to help her.


I tried talking to her, but it all escalated all too quickly. Before I knew it, we had a massive argument. Again.


Ended up with me saying I can’t wait to get out of this plumhole. Oops. I tried. I really did.

But at the end of the day, it’s true. I can’t wait to go back to Windenburg. And to see you again, and the others. Even that traitor Davion.

I miss you sis! Counting down the days till my birthday!


Build Downloads:

Art gallery

Liv’s bar

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.18 Not Fair

“This is so plummy Pauline,” Davion repeated for the third time that night. “Is there really no way you could stay?”

“Nope,” Pauline sighed. “My mom is adamant that we’re moving back, because she’s the heir of this whole legacy thing or whatever…”

“You would think if this legacy is so important to her, she would have mentioned it before,” Peyton pointed out.


“I know right?” Pauline grumbled. “She never spoke a word about her family, but suddenly she says we have to go back to wherever they’re from and continue building a town for them. It makes no sense!”

“Why is she the heir anyway?” Starr asked. “Didn’t you say she had two older brothers?”

“Beats me,” Pauline shook her head. “Why can’t her brothers build their own plum town!?”


Everybody sat in silence. Davion stood up and started playing his guitar.

Normally, hearing him play always made Pauline happy, but this time, tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“It’s so unfair!” she sniffed. “I’m finally happy and finally have a life and all of you guys, and I have to leave! And what’s worse, my mom says I’m the next heir so I’ll be stuck there…”


“It’s not so bad,” Peyton tried to cheer her friend up. “Legacy heir, building a city… it sounds pretty important! You’ll really get to make a difference!”

“But I don’t want to,” Pauline sulked. “Why should I care about a legacy I’ve never heard of?”


“You know, it’s only your legacy if you want it to be,” Peyton’s eyes twinkled. “It sounds like a really good opportunity, but at the end of the day, once you become a young adult, the decision is yours, not your mom’s.”

Pauline hadn’t thought of it that way. Moving to Newcrest sounded like a sentence. But maybe it didn’t have to be… though what would her mom say?

She sat down, her head spinning.


“How are you holding up?” Davon sat beside her.

“I know that’s a stupid question,” he continued before she could open her mouth. “I know it’s all plummy.”

Pauline let out a quiet laugh in spite of herself: “You may have mentioned that once or twice…”

“Yeah… I’m not so good with words,” he shrugged. “But I wanted to… hey, can we talk alone for a while?”


He jumped up and took Pauline’s hand, leading her towards the ruins. The further they went from their group, the closer he seemed to be getting to her, his arm wrapped around her body.

And then they stopped walking. Pauline held her breath.

Davion erased the last bit of space between them…


“I thought I should do that before you go,” he announced.

“I’m glad you did,” Pauline grinned.

And then they kissed again. And again.


Pauline pretended time had stopped. That she was never going anywhere. All that mattered was this moment.

But when his hands got a bit too enthusiastic, she pushed him away.


“Sorry,” he said quickly. “I just wanted to give you a proper goodbye.”

Pauline was feeling a million things at once.

“Thanks, Davion,” she replied simply.

The two of them walked back in silence.


The moment Pauline saw her best friend’s expression back at the fire pit, she forgot all about Davion.

“Peyton! What’s the matter?”


“I guess I lied a little when I said it was not so bad, you leaving,” Peyton tried to smile. “I’m gonna miss you, sis!”

“I’ll miss you too!”


The two girls hugged each other tightly.

“Best friends forever?”

“Best friends forever!”



The sun was already up as Pauline finally made her way back to the island. She was greeted with the furious Astrid.

“Where have you been all night? And don’t say you went for another one of your walks! You’re not keeping the truth away from me this time,” Astrid shouted.

“Pfft.” Pauline didn’t feel like acknowledging her mother’s question. Keeping the truth away? That was rich, coming from her!


“You won’t tell me? Fine,” Astrid said coldly. “I’ll find out anyway.”

Everything seemed to slow down as Pauline watched her mother place her fingers on her temples, and then everything went dark and…


Astrid was in her head.







Flashing light. Pauline regained her vision again. Her mother was looking at her as if she’d seen a ghost.


“How dare you just flick through my brain like that?!” Pauline screamed. “You can’t do that! I’m a person! You can’t just dive in and out of my mind like it belongs to you!”


“It was the only way to get the truth out of you,” Astrid frowned. “I can’t believe you’ve been lying to me about so many things, and for so long! To your own mother!”


I’m the one who’s been lying? You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Pauline burst out. “Why did you lie to me about what people are like? Why did you keep me on the island like a prisoner? What happened to you in Windenburg? Who is my father? And what about your family? Why do you care about your legacy, you clearly hated them all!”

Astrid opened her mouth, but Pauline wasn’t finished:

“You know what? I don’t care! You had my entire life time to tell me those things! Well guess what, I don’t give a plum about your legacy! I’m going back to Windenburg the minute I turn 18!”


“You’re quick to dismiss 6 generations of people you know nothing about,” Astrid hissed. “You might not like it but you wouldn’t be here without them. Nice of you to repay them by spitting on their graves!”

Pauline was taken aback. A part of her felt guilty, but then, it wasn’t her fault she didn’t know anything about these people… did thinking that make her a bad person?

It wasn’t like it made a difference. They were headed for Newcrest that very day.

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.17 Brothers and Sisters

Pauline quickly became a part of the group, making several secret trips to the mainland. She fell in love with Windenburg and the people in it. Why her mother chose to stay secluded on that small island was beyond her. But she didn’t care. For the first time ever, she felt alive.


Usually the gang would just pick a random location to gather, play music together and dance, but sometimes they branched out a bit; went to the movies or the arcade and just goof around.


“Score,” Peyton cheered.

To no-one’s surprise, she excelled at video games too. There seemed to be nothing Peyton couldn’t do.

Pauline couldn’t believe her luck. Not only did Peyton change her life for the better, but she genuinely seemed to like her. Her, the weirdo from the island. Pauline was slowly working on trying to accept being an alien, being different. And Peyton was eager to help.


“You know what you should do? You should dye your hair!” Peyton exclaimed. “I always thought my brown hair never suited the green, it’s so boring! If you could dye your hair any colour, what would it be?”

“Um, blue?” Pauline suggested hesitantly.

“You should go for it!”


And so, with Peyton’s help, Pauline got a makeover. She ran her fingers through the vibrant blue locks.

“You look so good, it’s really brightened your face,” Peyton encouraged her.


Pauline examined her face as she took a selfie. Maybe, just maybe, the reflection on her screen was not the ugly creature she had been seeing in the mirror for years.


“Come here, I need a photo with you too,” Peyton squealed. “Look how awesome we are!”

Pauline smiled for the photo. She couldn’t help but wonder: “Peyton, were you always… like this?”

“Like what?” Peyton arched an eyebrow, confused.

“So… bubbly and happy with who you are,” Pauline tried to explain. “I mean, ever since I remember my mom hated herself. She never said it, of course, but I could see it. And I know she doesn’t hate me but… she definitely hates what we are. She… she called me a monster. Said I’ll never be like anyone else.”

Peyton tilted her head, as if she was thinking.


“My mom said I’ll never be like anyone else too,” Peyton told her. “Because I was special. Because everyone is.”

“Nobody in the world will ever be exactly like you, Pauline,” she continued. “But you could say the same thing about Starr, Ted or Davion. Or the bartender. And it’s not a bad thing. It’s what makes life fun!”

Pauline was touched: “You’re too smart, Peyton.”

“I don’t know about that, you should see my algebra homework,” Peyton laughed and looked at their picture. “It’s a good thing we’re pretty!”


“You’re my best friend, Peyton,” Pauline managed to say. “I now it probably doesn’t seem much, because I’ve only met a handful of people I my life, and well, everyone wants to be your best friend anyway… but you are.”

“And you’re mine,” Peyton replied simply. “We’re sisters, remember?” she winked.



Playing the guitar wasn’t so hard, Pauline thought to herself as she was trying to replicate the chords Davion had taught her. He’ll be so proud!

“Pauline, I need to talk to you,” Astrid came in. She paused for a moment, taken aback by her daughter’s appearance.


“Do you like my new hair?” Pauline smiled. “I know it’s different, but isn’t it a lot more creative?” Pauline knew that appealing to her mother’s artistic side was the best way to appease their differences.

“Um, sure,” Astrid nodded absent-mindedly.

“Mom? Is everything ok?”

“No actually,” Astrid replied. “I just had a phone call…”


“Astrid, I was told this is your emergency number,” the male voice said. “It’s Noel.”

“Noel… what gallery are you from again?”

“Plummit, Astrid! Have you forgotten your own brother’s name? Theo was right, I shouldn’t have bothered…”


“YOU HAVE A BROTHER?” Pauline interrupted.

“Two, actually,” Astrid looked away. “Noel and Theo are both my brothers.”

“And you never mentioned this?” Pauline couldn’t believe it. What else did she not know?

“Remember when you asked me how and where I was born?” Astrid asked.

“Yeah, you told me that that you were planted inside of some man in a place called Newridge or something…” Pauline said impatiently. “You never said anything about a family!”

“Newcrest,” Astrid corrected her. “And yes, well… he did have two sons, and a wife.”

“And you never thought you should mention any of them?” Pauline grew more and more irritated.

“I was going to tell you about Newcrest… about my brothers… and my parents,” Astrid sighed. “I was just waiting for the right time…”

“And why is the time suddenly right now?” Pauline growled.


“Because my parents are dead,” Astrid looked her daughter in the eyes. “And we are moving back to Newcrest.”

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.16 One of Us

“Where have you been?” Astrid glared at Pauline as soon as she walked through the door.

“I just went for a walk,” Pauline replied. Luckily it was too dark for Astrid to see her daughter blush. Pauline had never lied to her mother before. But hey, she lied to Pauline about the mainland, so it was only fair… right?

She’s your mom, Pauline reminded herself. There must be a reason for this. A big misunderstanding.

“Mom, I was thinking,” she started carefully. “I’m getting older… maybe I could go to the mainland with you sometime?”


Fear spread across Astrid’s face: “Pauline, we talked about this! You can’t go to the mainland, because we have no way of disguising you. It’s for your own good, you know that.”

Pauline frowned. Still the same old story.

“Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad,” Pauline tried again. “Maybe people would surprise you…”


“Come on mom, I can put two and two together. I’m only half alien. So what about the other half? You must have had faith in people at some point, otherwise I wouldn’t have been born.”

Astrid sat still for a moment, dumbfounded.


This wasn’t working, Pauline thought. Astrid never answered any questions about Pauline’s father, and today was no different. She thought of Peyton.

“Mom, how did you come to this planet?” she chose her words carefully. “You always say we don’t belong here, but you’ve never spoken about our home planet. Why not?”

Astrid was concerned. She knew these questions would be inevitable one day, but she still wasn’t ready.

“I was born on this planet, like you. Well, not quite… I was implanted into a man who lived in a place called Newcrest.” Her mind trailed off. “Speaking of Newcrest; we…”

“So you weren’t raised by aliens,” Pauline interrupted, victorious expression in her face. “You had a family here. A local family.”


“Pauline, I know where you’re trying to go with all these questions,” Astrid said stiffly. “You’re right. I did have people in my life once. Family, friends, your father. And look where they all are now. Gone.”

“What happened?”

“They’re not like us. They will never understand. They broke me. And I broke them. It’s best we stay out of each other’s way.”

Pauline sighed. There was no use. Her mother was trying to teach her a cautionary tale, without telling her the actual story. What could have possibly happened that was so terrible?

But fine. If she didn’t want to share the whole truth, neither would Pauline. She had one last idea.


“So what if we meet one of our own mom?” Pauline asked. “An alien, someone who understands. One of us.”

Astrid smiled sadly: “Sweetie, I’ve lived on this planet my entire life, and I have never met a fellow alien.”

“But if you did, hypothetically…”

“I would hug them and ask where they’d been all my life,” she shook her head and let out a slight laugh. “If I do come across another one of us, you’ll be the first to know. But I just don’t see it happening…”


So there it was, Pauline’s mother had indirectly given Peyton her blessing, without knowing. If lying, or rather, not telling the full truth, was the way to keep her new friend, then so be it. After all, it was the only example she’d been set.



The next time Astrid had to leave the island for business, Pauline invited Peyton and her crew over to the island right away.


“Wow, you live in paradise,” Starr shrieked.

“One man’s paradise is another man’s prison,” Pauline smirked.

“Wouldn’t mind this being my prison,” Ted, the green-haired boy laughed.

The other boy, Davion, who had first discovered Pauline in her hiding spot just smiled and started playing his guitar.


Soon enough, everybody was dancing to davion’s tune. One thing Peyton’s friends had in common was their love of music.


And boy, was their dancing something else. Astrid was in awe when Ted added fire to his performance.

“Woo, you can do it this time, Ted!” Starr clapped enthusiastically.


“Or not,” the blonde giggled as her friend almost caught on fire. Luckily, being on an island, water was not too far.


And then Peyton showed them how it’s done.

Pauline’s heart was beating rapidly. She had friends. And each of them was amazing. Peyton, of course, stole the show with everything she did, but she admired every single one of them. And they all adored music just as much as she did. No matter what her mother said, Astrid was one of them. And she needed to show them.


Her hands trembling slightly, she pulled out her violin. Soon enough, her fingers loosened up as her heart ran away with the sound.


And then, when she started paying attention again, she noticed that Davion was playing the same melody. Their instruments danced together, their spirits were talking without either one saying a word. Pauline wasn’t sure how much time had passed.


And then it was time to say goodbye.

“Man, we need to do that again,” Davion grinned. “You’ve got some skills! And I’m not just saying that because you’re pretty,” he winked.


Pauline beamed. She wasn’t sure what she thought of Davion yet, or if she liked him that way, but she knew one thing; playing her violin with him gave her butterflies.

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.15 Peyton

“What’s up gang?” The alien girl approached them, smiling broadly.

Pauline’s head was spinning. This wasn’t possible. Was she dreaming? Did her fantasies get so realistic looking that she couldn’t tell them from reality anymore?


“We’ve got a newcomer, Peyt,” the blonde girl announced excitedly.

“This is too awesome,” the alien beamed. “Are you my long lost sister or what? I’m Peyton, by the way, but I guess you would have figured that one out! And these guys are Starr, Ted and Davion.”


“My name is Pauline,” Pauline said weakly. She still didn’t understand what was happening. The girl in front of her was clearly an alien, a full one, just like her mother. But none of the others seemed to care, or mind, if anything, it seemed they all admired the Peyton.

And Peyton didn’t appear to be ashamed of her appearance one bit, on the contrary, she looked so happy… Pauline couldn’t take her eyes off hr. It was all so puzzling.


Before she could say anything else, the girl hugged her. “Welcome to the family,” she grinned.

Pauline froze. This had to be a dream.

“I… I don’t understand…”

“You poor thing, you look so overwhelmed,” Peyton exclaimed. “I get it, I’ve never met anyone like us either! Come on, let’s chat! I need to know all about you!”


She dragged Pauline to the nearby bench. “I can’t believe we’ve never ran into each other! I mean, I haven’t even heard of any other aliens on the planet, let alone right here, in Windenburg!”

“Windenburg?” Pauline asked hesitantly.

“Well yeah, the port in the distance… wait, have you just landed on the planet? I always assumed all aliens would only ever get here the same way I did, but I guess that’s pretty close-minded of me,” Peyton pondered.

Pauline studied Peyton’s joyful face. That girl was the least close-minded individual she could have imagined. And more important, she was no monster… but she was definitely an alien…

“No, I was born here, actually,” Pauline explained. “Just on these islands. But I’ve never been to the mainland… How did you get on this planet?” Pauline asked.


“My parents think they’ve been experimented on by aliens,” Peyton shrugged, as if it was no big deal.

“They say their memories leading up to me being conceived don’t seem to add up too much, like there are some parts missing… but they do know a UFO took my dad the night before their wedding and he returned back with me planted inside him.”

“So your parents are…normal?” Pauline gasped. “And they think of you as their daughter?”

“Normal? I don’t know, they’re pretty goofy,” Peyton smirked. “Though in all honesty, I’m pretty lucky to have such chill parents. My dad is a dance team captain, and my mom’s DJ. What about your parents?”

“My mom is a painter. She… she is like you. A full alien.”

“What do you mean?” Peyton asked.

“I’m only a half-alien,” Pauline explained hesitantly. “But my mom… she looks more like you and she has… powers. Do you?”


“I never thought of them as powers,” Peyton said. “But yeah, I guess I do. I can read people’s minds if I want to, and pretend to look like someone else. But… why would you want to?

My friends and family are always honest with me, so why doubt them and read their minds? If you think people aren’t trustworthy, then why would you want them in your life anyway?”

“But… the disguises? You could look like a regular sim?”

“And what’s the fun in that?” Peyton asked. “I love being me! I’m unique… well, less so now that I’ve met you,” she laughed. “But still… the things that make each person different are the things that make us special. Why would you ever want to hide them?”

“So you don’t hide from people on the mainland? And they don’t think you’re a… monster?” Pauline’s voice was barely audible.

“What? Of course not! The people in Windenburg are the most welcoming ones you’ll ever meet,” Peyton shook her head. “You know what? I think it’s about time for you to see the mainland for yourself!”



“Are you sure this is safe?” Pauline looked around nervously. The mainland was prettier than she’d ever imagined, and so far, they hadn’t run into a soul. But Pauline was terrified of meeting the locals.

“Don’t worry, my parents live right here,” Peyton reassured her. “And as you know, they raised an alien. So you know you’ve got nothing to worry about there!”

With a silent plea, Pauline followed Peyton into the house.


“Hey guys, I brought a friend for dinner, is that cool?” Peyton greeted her parents.

“Hello,” Pauline peeped.

“Of course it’s fine! Hi Starr,” Peyton’s mother stopped mid-wave as she turned around. “Oh, you’re not Starr! Hi, I’m Candy!”

“Any friend of Peyton’s is a friend of ours,” Peyton’s father smiled at Pauline.

“Da-ad, don’t be corny,” Peyton rolled her eyes.

“But who can you count on to embarrass you if not your parents?” Paolo chuckled. “Come on, let’s eat.”


“Have you just moved to Windenburg, Pauline?” Candy asked the newcomer enthusiastically.

“I grew up on one of the islands, but normally only my mom goes to the mainland. She’s a painter,” Pauline changed the subject.

“That sounds really fun,” Candy smiled. “Though I can’t say I know a whole lot about art!”

“Don’t say that, your music is art honey,” Paolo praised his wife.


Pauline remained mostly quiet during dinner, just taking her surroundings in. The atmosphere around the table was so genuinely warm; Peyton’s parents seemed enamoured with each other and Peyton was acting so natural and carefree around them, as if she had no idea how lucky she was.

Everything Pauline had ever known, everything Astrid had taught her… was the world really that different from what she’d been told? And why would her mother lie to her?


Everyone gathered in the living room after dinner. Peyton wasted no time and started dancing to Candy’s music. Pauline tried to dance a little too, but she was too overwhelmed and needed to sit down.


“Are you ok, Pauline?” Peyton joined her new friend and her father on the couch.

“I… your family is so amazing,” Pauline breathed out.

“They have their moments,” Peyton chuckled.

“It’s just,” Pauline didn’t know how to choose her words, but she had to ask. She looked at Peyton’s father: “I would have thought you would hate aliens… They experimented on you, took your memories, kidnapped you and…” She stopped herself, scared of losing her new friend if she said more. But Peyton just smiled.


“I don’t really see it that way,” Paolo answered. “Candy and I got together around the time when the strange things started happening to our memories. So maybe the alien experiments brought us together. Who knows if we would have ever gotten married if it wasn’t for them!”

“And of course, they gave us our beautiful daughter! We would have never had any children if it wasn’t for that. So if anything, we should be thankful for those aliens. Bring on more of them,” he laughed.


“So, are you not scared of the mainland anymore?” Peyton asked as the girls said goodbye later that evening.

“I think my mom must have ran into some really bad sims,” Pauline pondered. “I don’t understand why she would have told me those horrible things about this place otherwise… it was probably all a misunderstanding.”

“You need to ask her,” Peyton encouraged her.

“I will,” Pauline nodded. “Thank you… for everything!”

“Hey, thank you,” Peyton hugged her. “I always wanted a sister, and who’s closer to that than another alien! Don’t underestimate your coolness,” she winked. “And see you soon!”

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.14 In the Shadows

After her mother’s revelation, Pauline continued living her lonely life on the island. She accepted her fate of being a monster, since there didn’t seem to be an alternative. And as Astrid’s painting career blossomed, making her travel off the island more and more often, Pauline found herself on her own more often than not.


As a painter’s daughter, she kept busy with art. Astrid made sure Pauline always had plenty of painting supplies to follow in her mother’s suite.


But as much as Astrid tried to push her daughter towards the easel and brushes, Pauline’s true passion lied in music. It soothed her soul, and transported her to a world of imagination, a world where even a strange form like her could have friends and be a part of something.


But of course it was all just a dream. In the end, it was just her and her violin. And sometimes, Astrid.


Pauline often wondered if her mother was happy. She only ever seemed to be content when she was painting; once a piece was finished, it meant trying to sell it, going to the mainland, attending exhibitions…


Whenever Astrid had to leave the island for work, her face was full of disdain. But it was the necessary evil for her to be able to return to her little slice of paradise and continue painting.


Pauline didn’t get it. She would give anything to be able to be able to slip into a disguise and venture out to roam with other sims. She was jealous of her mother’s trips. But at the same time, they gave her the opportunity to get as close to being a part of the world as she could ever hope for.


Pauline had never forgotten about the secret passage to the Bluffs. She would sneak away every time Astrid was out of the picture.


Sure, she was more careful now. She lingered in the shadows, only coming out of hiding when there was no one around.

But her favourite times in the Bluffs where those when other sims visited the place, and she would be able to listen to them, tucked away in the bushes, fantasising about being one of them.


“Cannonbaaaaall,” a girl yelled out, followed by a splash. Pauline felt a few drops of water hit her ugly skin. It was a strange sensation. They were so close, yet so far.

She’d never seen this group in the Bluffs before. They seemed to be her age. Except unlike her, they were normal. What she would give to be one of them…


“Count on Starr to make an entrance,” one of the boys laughed.

“I was taught by the best,” the girl replied. “Speaking of which, where is Peyton?”


“She’ll be here any moment, you know time management is not her strongest suite,” the green-haired boy shrugged as he climbed out of the water.

“Actually, I think I heard something,” the other boy followed. “Peyt? Is this another grand scheme?”

bluffs 2

To Pauline’s horror, the trio started making their way towards the bush she was hiding it. She held her breath…

“Come on Peyton, why are you hiding,” the boy with the long hair was getting closer. “What are you… woah!”

There he stood, right in front of her. Pauline’s head was spinning. There was no going back, they’d all seen her. What would they do to her, seeing what she was? Maybe she’d get lucky and they would be too scared of her to get anything…

bluffs 3

“Please don’t hurt me, I’ll leave immediately, I promise,” she stuttered.

“Huh?” The boy looked confused. “You running away from something?”

“Guys, this is SO cool,” the boy with the green hair interrupted.

“Funny you guys thought it was Peyton,” the girl noted. “She looks so much like her! Who knew that was possible!”

“You’ve got to meet Peyton,” the dark-haired boy grinned at Pauline. “She’ll love you. And she is, like, the coolest person ever!”

Pauline was confused; were they not going to hurt her? And who was this girl they kept talking about?


“Did anyone say Peyton?” a distinct voice called out from the distance.


Pauline was speechless. She’d overheard many conversations in the bluffs, but she only knew of one person with a voice like that: her mother.

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.13 Monsters

Growing up on an island had its ups and downs. Pauline loved the sea surrounding her, being able to run among the sandy beaches barefoot and the lush nature. Every tree was her treehouse, every rock was her observing platform, every bush was her fort.


And best of all, she got to share the island with her mom. There was nothing her mom couldn’t do, and nothing she wouldn’t be able to teach her.


Her mom was the most amazing person Pauline had ever met.

Of course, she was also the only person Pauline had ever met.


Pauline often wondered what was beyond their little piece of the world. She knew there had to be something, since her mom sometimes left with all of her paintings to go to a place called the mainland. All Pauline knew about it is that it was a dangerous place that her mother was protecting her from, so she would never go there.

But still, living on a single island makes you feel restless.


And so one day, when Astrid fell asleep, Pauline decided to see how far the island would go. As long as she didn’t go past the shores, she should be safe, after all…


But what would the rule be for a secret passage going into the shrubbery at the far end of the island? Pauline hesitated. She looked back towards the cottage she grew up in, took a deep breath, and walked through the branches.


What she discovered was like nothing she’d ever seen before. There must have been a castle here a long long time ago, but not much has been left. Instead, a gorgeous natural pool lay ahead of her.


Eager she climbed up onto the platform and dove straight in.


It was the most fun she’d ever had.


She wasn’t sure how much time she’d spent splashing in the water, but her initial excitement was gradually replaced by inexplicable sadness. How come she hadn’t known about this place, even though it was so close to her home? And what else could be hidden from her right under her nose?

“There you are!”


“You gave me such a fright, Pauline,” Astrid exclaimed. “Why would you wonder off on your own like that?”

“We’re still on the island,” Pauline shrugged. “Isn’t this place beautiful?”


“Now listen to me young lady, you can’t just sneak away like that. The passage to the Bluffs is hidden away for a reason,” Astrid scolded her daughter. “You cannot come here!”


“But why?” Pauline yelled angrily. “This isn’t the mainland! There are no monsters here! I was just bored.”

“Just because it’s safe now doesn’t mean nobody will show up,” Astrid replied. “Come on, we’re going home.”


“No! I don’t want to, I’m not going anywhere,” Pauline shouted.

“This is not a discussion, missy. We are leaving,” Astrid stood up, frowning. “I’ll explain when we get home.”


Pauline followed her mother begrudgingly.


She’d never been this angry at her mother.

There better be a good reason for all this. If not, she would run away from home, she decided.


“Sit,” Astrid gestured towards the bed as they entered the cottage. “I suppose you’re now big enough to learn the truth.”

“I told you that we can’t go to the mainland because the place is full of monsters,” she continued. “But the truth is… it’s not them. It’s us. We are the monsters.”

Pauline’s jaw dropped as she watched her mother twirl around and turn into a strange green creature with bug-like eyes.


“This is my true form,” Astrid told her daughter. “You would have been too little to remember seeing me in it. But this is why your skin is green. And so we must hide. We don’t belong on this planet, Pauline. Our ancestors are not like anyone else.”

“But, I don’t understand,” Pauline looked at her, puzzled. “You’ve never looked like this before.”

“I’ve always looked like this,” Astrid shook her head. “I’m a full alien, meaning that I have some… powers. I rarely use any of them, apart from the power of disguising myself. I can make myself look like a regular sim, but the true me is still there, underneath. That’s why I can venture out there, unrecognised.”

“So teach me how to do it,” Pauline exclaimed. “And then I can go with you!”

“I wish I could, sweet girl,” Astrid sighed. “But you’re only half alien. You will never be able to disguise yourself. So you must stay here, where it’s safe. Where no one will hurt you. You understand?”

Pauline nodded.


“Now be good, and play in here,” Astrid handed her daughter a set of crayons. “Why don’t you paint something beautiful?”

Something beautiful. Easier said than done. Pauline stared at the crayons in her ugly green hand. She’d never thought about it before, the way she looked.


How could she not have seen it before? She was hideous. And because of that, she would never be able to be seen by anyone.

In the years to come, Pauline would never forget this day.

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.12 Alone

One mad dash, several boat rides and a long swim later, Astrid finally deemed it safe to stop running. There was no place more secluded than the uninhabited island she found herself on.


She breathed in and out, relieved, finally able to get away from it all. Complete solitude. She decided not to contact Candy and Paolo ever again.

In all honesty, she didn’t want to speak to a soul. After all, all she’d brought to both her loved ones and herself when trying to make friends on the mainland was pain and suffering.

If only she could stay hidden here for ever…


And then it hit her. Why not? She could easily remain here for good. Her ancestors, the founders of Newcrest, lived off the land, why couldn’t she? All she really needed was a place to sleep, some food and water, and of course, the ability to paint. All of which this island should provide.

Maybe she’d need to travel to the mainland occasionally, to sell her paintings, but a new disguise should sort those infrequent needs.


She smiled and quickly whipped up a new disguise. Here we go again, she thought to herself with a smirk.


Except this time, she wouldn’t let anyone get close. She’d swap out her looks every so often, be the mysterious painter that only ever talks art and disappears before you can get to know her. She would probably swap her disguise to a new one every couple of years, just to be on the safe side.

No one would ever quite know what she looked like, or who she was. They’d only know her name, and her art. This way, she could live safely and protect both herself and others.


But first things first. She’d already passed by a stream, so a source of water was available on the island. Now she just needed to find food for the night.


She celebrated the first day of her new life with a grilled trout, with nothing but the stars and her thoughts for company. She could get used to this.


As for the sleeping setup, one of the abundant bushes would have to do for the night.


Though of course, the setup wasn’t ideal. She’d better get started working on a home of sorts!


It took some time, but eventually, she was able to build a small cottage with all necessities. The island had truly become her home.


She passed the days painting to her heart’s content, just on her own.

But of course, she wasn’t truly alone.


As much as she’d like to tell herself it was an accident, it wasn’t really like her to just forget and not be careful. No, on some level, she must have wanted this. So that she would get to keep a part of Paolo forever.


Maybe it was selfish, but it couldn’t be undone, as the baby was ready to come to the world.


Since hospital wasn’t an option unless Astrid wanted her true identity exposed, she went through the pain of childbirth in her little shack.


But it was all worth it when she held the newborn in her arms.


Sure, babies weren’t always the easiest to be around, and painting would have to take second place for a while.


But what did that matter now. She might seclude herself from all humans, but she’d never be alone again.

“It’s just you and me against the world, Pauline,” she whispered.

Call for YA sims!

Most of you probably follow me on the forums, but I’ll post this here as well just in case:

I’m looking for some fresh faces for my story! If you have any young adult sims you would like to donate, feel free to upload them on the gallery using the hashtag #BloomerLegacy.

I’m accepting sims of all genders, shapes and sizes; and I would love some ethnically diverse sims! I’m fine with sims fresh out of CAS or established sims, whatever floats your boat. My only conditions are that they must be YA and CC-free. I am taking two sims per person to keep things fair.

Before you upload, there are two things I need to note though:

1) It will most likely be about 5-6 weeks till any of the sims appear in the story – sorry! The only way I’ve been able to deliver regular updates for you guys with my current schedule is by being ridiculously ahead of my story.

2) The submitted sims will basically become new townies in my world. Since I let my sims determine their own story for the most part, there is no guarantee of how prominent these characters will be in the legacy. It might be the case that we’ll only catch a glimpse of them briefly, or they might become the next Ethan; I don’t know! It’s all in my sims’ hands!

If you would like submit your sims even after reading above, let me know!

The Bloomer Legacy: 7.11 Unanswered

It was a strange mixture of anger and sadness that Astrid felt after she’d heard of her aunt’s passing. She kept yelling at Yenn in her head, mad that she couldn’t let her anger channel through, mad at her aunt for leaving her, mad at her for being right, mad at her for not letting her ask for forgiveness…

But no, she aunt Yenn wasn’t right, Astrid told herself. She wasn’t, she couldn’t be…

It was chaos in Astrid’s head. One thing was certain though, it did wonders for her paintings. And so she painted away.


“Woah, is this not a good time?” Paolo asked, wiping the paint that splattered him from forehead.

“Sorry… the creative process, you know,” Astrid said apologetically.

“I’ve heard about your aunt from Candy, I’m sorry,” Paulo’s face turned serious. “She seemed like a kind lady.”

“Yeah, well… what brings you here?” Astrid quickly changed the subject. “Aren’t you getting married tomorrow?”


“Yeah, that’s right,” Paolo nodded. “I’ve been feeling a bit antsy. Huge step, you know.”

“You getting cold feet?” Astrid heard her own voice grow significantly more high pitched than she had intended.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Candy,” Paolo said quickly. “I just needed to get out of the house, clear my head. So I figured I’d come here and get that painting you said you wanted to give us. Since you can’t make the wedding and all… Are you sure you can’t come?”

“No, I’m incredibly busy with the… upcoming exhibition,” Astrid choked. “Come on in, I’ll get you the painting though.”


“I did actually make a specific one when I was thinking of you guys, but uh… you might want to go for something else,” Astrid said evasively. “Look around, take your pick.”


Paolo did look around. But his eyes kept turning back to Astrid: “Sorry, I know nothing about art,” he laughed. “As far as I can tell you are the prettiest thing in the room.”

He stopped himself; “This can’t end well… I should go.”

“Don’t,” Astrid whispered.


One thing lead to another…


…and there was no looking back.


The painting Astrid made when she thought about Candy and Paolo together just stood by in silence.


“Wow, that was really something,” Astrid giggled happily. She knew she shouldn’t feel that way. But she couldn’t help herself.


“Paolo, there is undeniably something there, between us,” she held her breath.

“Woah, you’re glowing. Like, actually glowing,” Paolo lost his train of thought. “What… anyway. Look, I do feel strangely drawn to you, and I can’t explain it. But this was a huge mistake. I made a promise to Candy. I’m getting married tomorrow for crying out loud. This should have never happened…”


“But… but… you said you felt something,” Astrid couldn’t help but start sobbing.

“I’m sorry Estrella,” Paolo said. “I’ve gotta go.”


He quickly threw his clothes on and walked out the door, leaving Astrid speechless.


As soon as he stepped outside, Paolo noticed an odd light above him.


It appeared the night wasn’t quite over for him.


Meanwhile, Candy was starting to get worried. It was almost dawn, and her fiancé wasn’t back yet. She knew he went to pick up the painting, so she headed to Estrella’s house. Nobody was home, but she did find some interesting things there…

She left for Estrella’s painting studio, wanting more than one answer.


But when she saw Estrella in her underwear, and Paolo being returned from a UFO, she got more answers then she’d ever planned to ask for.

“What the plum is happening?” she shrieked. “What are you? What have you done to my fiancé?”

Paolo landed on the ground next to her as she finished her sentence.


“I don’t feel so good,” he rubbed his head. “What… Estrella? Candy!” He stood up dizzily, feeling too guilty and confused to form a coherent sentence.


“What have you done to us?” Candy turned to the painter helplessly, tears rolling down her cheeks.


This was a disaster. Looking at their sad, confused faces made it clear to Astrid that there was only one thing she could do…


Sorry, aunt Yenn, she whispered to herself as she ran off into the woods after writing their memories of her… again.


The sun rose fully as Candy and Paolo slowly came to their senses again.



“What happened? Why are we here, exactly?”

“I have no idea…”

They fell into each other’s arms.


“I do know one thing though,” Candy looked up to him. “We’re getting married today!”

“Like I could ever forget that,” Paolo beamed back at her.

“Do you think anything’s going to feel any different after the ceremony?” she asked.

“I can’t imagine that things could change too much for us,” Paolo shook his head happily.


He couldn’t be more wrong though. Neither of them could imagine the biggest change that was about to enter their lives.