Call for YA sims!

Most of you probably follow me on the forums, but I’ll post this here as well just in case:

I’m looking for some fresh faces for my story! If you have any young adult sims you would like to donate, feel free to upload them on the gallery using the hashtag #BloomerLegacy.

I’m accepting sims of all genders, shapes and sizes; and I would love some ethnically diverse sims! I’m fine with sims fresh out of CAS or established sims, whatever floats your boat. My only conditions are that they must be YA and CC-free. I am taking two sims per person to keep things fair.

Before you upload, there are two things I need to note though:

1) It will most likely be about 5-6 weeks till any of the sims appear in the story – sorry! The only way I’ve been able to deliver regular updates for you guys with my current schedule is by being ridiculously ahead of my story.

2) The submitted sims will basically become new townies in my world. Since I let my sims determine their own story for the most part, there is no guarantee of how prominent these characters will be in the legacy. It might be the case that we’ll only catch a glimpse of them briefly, or they might become the next Ethan; I don’t know! It’s all in my sims’ hands!

If you would like submit your sims even after reading above, let me know!

4 thoughts on “Call for YA sims!

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  1. Are you still accepting “submissions”? I’ll make 2 townies and upload them to the gallery later today under the name “Plumbob Townies” just in case but it’s ok if you don’t need them anymore x


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