The Bloomer Legacy: 7.12 Alone

One mad dash, several boat rides and a long swim later, Astrid finally deemed it safe to stop running. There was no place more secluded than the uninhabited island she found herself on.


She breathed in and out, relieved, finally able to get away from it all. Complete solitude. She decided not to contact Candy and Paolo ever again.

In all honesty, she didn’t want to speak to a soul. After all, all she’d brought to both her loved ones and herself when trying to make friends on the mainland was pain and suffering.

If only she could stay hidden here for ever…


And then it hit her. Why not? She could easily remain here for good. Her ancestors, the founders of Newcrest, lived off the land, why couldn’t she? All she really needed was a place to sleep, some food and water, and of course, the ability to paint. All of which this island should provide.

Maybe she’d need to travel to the mainland occasionally, to sell her paintings, but a new disguise should sort those infrequent needs.


She smiled and quickly whipped up a new disguise. Here we go again, she thought to herself with a smirk.


Except this time, she wouldn’t let anyone get close. She’d swap out her looks every so often, be the mysterious painter that only ever talks art and disappears before you can get to know her. She would probably swap her disguise to a new one every couple of years, just to be on the safe side.

No one would ever quite know what she looked like, or who she was. They’d only know her name, and her art. This way, she could live safely and protect both herself and others.


But first things first. She’d already passed by a stream, so a source of water was available on the island. Now she just needed to find food for the night.


She celebrated the first day of her new life with a grilled trout, with nothing but the stars and her thoughts for company. She could get used to this.


As for the sleeping setup, one of the abundant bushes would have to do for the night.


Though of course, the setup wasn’t ideal. She’d better get started working on a home of sorts!


It took some time, but eventually, she was able to build a small cottage with all necessities. The island had truly become her home.


She passed the days painting to her heart’s content, just on her own.

But of course, she wasn’t truly alone.


As much as she’d like to tell herself it was an accident, it wasn’t really like her to just forget and not be careful. No, on some level, she must have wanted this. So that she would get to keep a part of Paolo forever.


Maybe it was selfish, but it couldn’t be undone, as the baby was ready to come to the world.


Since hospital wasn’t an option unless Astrid wanted her true identity exposed, she went through the pain of childbirth in her little shack.


But it was all worth it when she held the newborn in her arms.


Sure, babies weren’t always the easiest to be around, and painting would have to take second place for a while.


But what did that matter now. She might seclude herself from all humans, but she’d never be alone again.

“It’s just you and me against the world, Pauline,” she whispered.

17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 7.12 Alone

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  1. Is Paolo’s unborn child Astrid’s too, then? Does that mean whoever they are eligible for heirship as well? Oh my gosh there’s too many questions I need the answers to!


    1. That’s an interesting theory! Paolo’s child is a result of the alien abduction – and as it always tends to be the same polynation technician impregnating all the abducted males, the child would actually be Astrid’s half-sibling… Talk about a complicated family!


    1. No Booker died during the time covered in Generation 7 interlude, but it was never showed because of that whole generation was condensed into one chapter. He did live a pretty long life, though (not as long as Yenn, but still) – he actually ended up outliving his younger girlfriend Ellie.


  2. *Dies* This is the best thing ever and I can’t wait to see where you go with it. I love how you skip the mundane stuff sometimes and give us the juicier parts of the story. You’re incredible!


  3. Omg the twists of this Legacy! You can see it in the story how much fun you are having experimenting and doing this your way! Happy to see these undiscovered chapters (didn’t see them in the index so that’s why haha)


  4. Oh my… This is a rollercoaster ride! Dang. I hope Paolo someday learns about his daughter!

    And I hate to say it, but I’m slowly leaving #TeamAstrid. I’m getting kind of fed-up by how cowardly and selfish she is… But I’m holding on to the hope that she can redeem herself further down the line! And I’m sorry for being so unsympathetic. Obviously she is in a very difficult situation, and maybe I would act the same way in her shoes. It just seems like she is always running…


  5. Congratulations to Astrid! At least she will have someone to love her and to love in return, all alone on that island. It’s an awesome way to begin the legacy on Windenburg though! I love how you shaped the story to fit it. 🙂


    1. I haven’t completely abandoned the whole legacy heir must have a child concept 😊

      You’re right, learning from her mistakes is not Astrid’s strong suite at all. That reset button is too convenient.


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