The Bloomer Legacy: 8.14 A Chance

There was a fresh photograph on Pauline’s wall. And it meant the world to her. She may have lost the relationship she once had with her mother, but she finally had a father.

The last few days had been amazing. Granted, Candy was not sure how to take the news at first, but ultimately she’d decided to try to put the past behind her. After all, she and Paolo had been through enough already. So she gave him space to get to know his newfound daughter during their visit in Newcrest.

And even now, when they’d left back for Windenburg, Pauline couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. It seemed that everything was finally as it should be. And she had Peyton to thank for that.


“Cannoli and a latte, times two?” The barista smiled.

“You know us too well, Clare,” Peyton confirmed. Breakfast at Monty’s Goodies on Sundays has become the sisters’ tradition.

“So, sis, now that your family drama seems to be sorted, are you finally gonna go out with Leo?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Pauline blushed.

“Oh come on, did you forget that he legitimately likes you?” Peyton giggled.


“His words, not mine!”


“I don’t know if I’m buying it,” Pauline said simply. “He’s sending way too many mixed signals.”

“And you think you haven’t?” Peyton arched an eyebrow. “He’s probably as confused about whether you like him or not as you are about him being into you!”

Pauline wanted to change the subject. Luckily for her, the sisters were approached by a newcomer.

“Hi, I’m Cygnus,” the man introduced himself. “Mind if I sit with you?”


“Not at all,” Pauline replied. “You must be new in town, I don’t remember seeing you before! I’m Pauline.”

“I know who you are,” he nodded. “You’re the reason I moved here!”

“That seems to be a trend,” Peyton giggled.

“What do you mean?” Pauline looked at Cygnus.

“Well, you’re like me,” Cygnus answered. “Half alien, half human. Always stuck in the middle. I figured if I had a chance at fitting in anywhere, it would be here, in your town.”


“Oh Cygnus, we all have a chance at fitting in anywhere,” Pauline told him. “Our roots shouldn’t make a difference?”

“Do you really believe that?” Cygnus gave her a funny look.

“I want to,” Pauline sighed.

“Of course she believes it,” Peyton jumped in. “Because it’s the truth! Sure, you’ll come across the odd unaccepting person here and there, but that would happen regardless of whether you’re green, purple or rainbow coloured.”


They were interrupted by a man’s voice: “Hey girls, happy Sunday!”

“Hi Caleb,” Pauline waved at their fellow café regular. “I was wondering when you were going to show up!”


“Ah well you know me, nothing like a cup of freshly ground coffee to start the day!”

“You’re a wise man,” Peyton agreed.

Cygnus, who’d just been observing suddenly burst out with inexplicable rage: “Oh, of course you’re both going to ignore me now as soon as a human walks in! I see how it is!”


“Hey, calm down, bro,” Caleb tried to interject.

“I’m not your bro,” Cygnus said angrily. “Can’t you just find yourself a regular human skinned girl to hit on?”


“Don’t mind him Caleb,” Peyton stood up. “We’re leaving.”


Pauline stayed behind for a bit longer: “Cygnus, what the plum was that? I don’t know if you were trying to insult me, Peyton, Caleb or all three of us, but if it was the latter it definitely worked!”

“Sorry, it came out wrong,” Cygnus apologised. “I just felt like I was finally with my own people, and he was taking it away from me… I’m tired of being the odd one out.”

“Look Cygnus, this has to stop,” Pauline said resolutely. “If we single ourselves out, then of course we’ll never be accepted. If we automatically assume people will treat us differently because we’re alien from the get go, how can they prove us wrong? You need to give people a chance!”


Her own words kept replaying in her head on her way home. Was she a hypocrite for not taking her own advice? Before she could answer the question, her eyes rested on a very upset looking Leo.


Of course she was being a hypocrite. The poor guy outright said he liked her, and yet she still doubted it and refused to give him a chance. She’d been avoiding him ever since that day at the Garden of Eden Gym and Spa.

How self-indulgent to assume he was sad because of her, she interrupted her own stream of thought. He was probably just…

Oh, plum it, Pauline decided.


“Hi Leo, long time no see,” she approached him energetically.

“I was just thinking that,” he gave her a sad puppy smile.

What have you really got to lose, Pauline asked herself.

“You know Leo, for someone who supposedly legitimately likes me, you really need to step up your game. How about you take me on a legitimate date tomorrow? Your choice of venue. Pick me up at 7 – you know where I live, after all!”


She didn’t even wait to see what his response was, and just strutted off with newfound confidence.


Leo’s enthusiastic cheer gave her all the answers she needed. Perhaps she should take her own advice more often. Because people were worth being given a chance.

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.13 First Time for Everything

Candy was visibly giddy: “Look at this place! It’s gorgeous! And isn’t our daughter amazing, acting so grown up and taking charge of her life? I’m so proud of her!”

“Agreed on all counts,” Paolo smiled.


He threw a penny into the fountain.

“Getting superstitious?” Candy laughed.

“From what I hear this park might be just the place where you can expect miracles,” he shrugged.


“So what did you wish for?” Candy looked at her husband.

“Doesn’t it jinx the wish if I tell you?”

“You’d keep secrets from your wife?” Candy teased him.

“You got me,” Paolo replied. “I wished for us to always be as happy together as we have been up till now.”

“Paolo… so sentimental! Didn’t think you had it in you!”


“Neither did I,” he pulled his wife closer. “You bring out those things in me.”



Candy and Paolo ended up spending the entire evening in the park. They even renewed their vows. The Ruby Perrin Park was definitely working its magic.


But it was getting late, so the couple headed back to their daughter’s new home.

Turns out Peyton was already waiting for them.


“Look at you guys, you reek of sappiness,” Peyton giggled.

“Nothing wrong with being thankful for what you have,” Paolo smiled at his girls with appreciation.

“Dad, can I speak with you for a moment?”

Candy and Paolo exchanged puzzled looks.

“I’ll be inside,” Candy shrugged.

Paolo hugged his daughter.


What’s the matter, Peyt?” Paolo looked worried. “Is that guy still troubling you? Because let me tell you, I still work out, and if you tell me where he lives, I’ll…”

“That won’t be necessary dad,” Peyton jumped in quickly. “It’s not that…”

“Than what’s the matter, honey?”

It’s never been attempted before, Lomdra’s words echoed in Peyton’s head.

Well, it’s now or never, Peyton figured.


She’d never even attempted to read anybody’s memories, let alone erase them. Returning memories that have been taken by her kin… that was a whole other ball game altogether.

But she had to try. Surely they still had to be in his brain, somewhere, just locked away…

“Astrid!” Paolo yelled out.


For a moment, he just stood there, wide-eyed.

“How did you… what did you…”

“I just opened a door,” Peyton shrugged. “Are you feeling ok, dad? You must be confused…”

“Not at all. Everything is finally clear to me,” he smiled. “Astrid, Estrella… she was an alien! And she’s the reason why I had you! My daughter!”

“Actually, there’s more…” Peyton said uncertainly.

“More daughters?” Paolo joked.

“Well… yeah.”









The Bloomer Legacy: 8.12 Guests

Royce wasn’t who Peyton was expecting when she answered the doorbell that day.

“Morning sunshine,” Royce greeted her nonchalantly.

“What the plum, Royce?” Peyton growled. “You think you can just show up here like nothing’s wrong after how you treated me the other day? I don’t think so!”


“Look Peyton, I’m sorry, but what was I supposed to do?” Royce shrugged. “We were in public…”

“So what?” Peyton frowned. “You were embarrassed of being seen with me? Well, that just doesn’t cut it. I don’t have time for this. I’m expecting real guests, you know, people I actually want in my life?”


“Fine, suit yourself,” Royce replied. “You don’t know what you’re missing!”


Peyton watched Royce walk away in disbelief. Who did he think he was?

She shook her head. Live and learn. Not to mention there were far more important things on her agenda for the day. She wasn’t lying when she told Royce she was expecting visitors.


Her parents came over all the way from Windenburg to see their daughter’s new home. Peyton was naturally excited about seeing them again, though she did have another agenda…

“Sis!” she yelled “My parents are here, you should come say hi!”

Pauline walked outside hesitantly. It was the first time she’d seen Peyton’s parents since she found their past was a lot more linked than she’d ever imagined.

“I did always like how you two girls felt as close as sisters,” Candy smiled. “Nothing like a close girlfriend!”

“Well, Pauline really does feel like a sister to me,” Peyton winked. “Anyway mom, I’ve got to show you my new DJ booth, it’s so cool! Pauline, you can keep dad company for a bit, right?”


“This is the life,” Paolo beamed happily as him and Pauline sat down at the back of the house. “Can’t say I blame Peyton for staying here, I wouldn’t mind having a pool in my backyard!”

Pauline observed the man. Her father. She’d seen him many times before, but it felt like he was a whole other person now. Like she’d only just met him for the first time.

She knew Peyton left them on their own on purpose, of course. Peyton really wanted her sister to tell Paolo they were related.

But how would one even go about that, Pauline wondered: Oh Paolo, remember that alien chick you once dated? No? Well of course you wouldn’t, she wiped your memory! Nevertheless, I’m the secret daughter you had with her… surprise!

No, that wasn’t going to cut it, Pauline thought. He was so happy, so blissfully unaware. She excused herself and hid inside the house.


She decided to try to forget about her troubles and drown them in music instead.

Meanwhile, Peyton and Candy rejoined Paolo in the living room.


“How was your chat with Pauline, dad?” Peyton asked quizzically.

“Chat?” Paolo was confused. “You know Pauline, she’s always been quite shy, hasn’t she! Probably because she grew up on that secluded island…”

“So she didn’t say anything?” Peyton was disappointed.

“I wouldn’t say that, of course she talked a bit,” Paolo shrugged. “She was saying how much you both enjoy Newcrest…”

Peyton sighed. He still had no idea.

“Are you ok, Peyton?” Candy asked. “Something seems off…”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Peyton replied quickly.

“Something’s definitely on your mind,” Candy wasn’t convinced.

“Oh, uh… it’s just… this guy!” Peyton finally came up with an excuse. At least Royce would be useful for something, she smirked.


Peyton spent the majority of the day just talking to her parents. They reassured her that Royce was being a plum and she was way too god for him – something Peyton knew all on her own, but she didn’t want to admit the true reason why she’d been distracted. At least not yet. But she had to tell them somehow… especially her dad.

She encouraged Candy and Paolo to go explore the park across the street. She needed time to come up with a plan. So she recounted the whole romance story behind the park that she’d heard aunt Yenn tell before…

Sure, maybe Yenn told it a bit better. But Peyton’s version was convincing enough to make her parents inclined to take a romantic trip over to see the famous Ruby Perrin Memorial Park for themselves.

Time to gather energy, Peyton thought to herself. She knew what she’d do when they got back. She’d considered it before, but Lomdra and Danrof told her it had never been attempted.

Well, there’s a first time for everything, Peyton decided.

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.11 Greenskins

“There’s definitely evidence that supports the theory that humans and aliens do attract one another,” Lomdra noted.

“Yeah, why do you think all the alien abductions started in the first place?” Danrof added.

“I thought they were mainly scientific,” Pauline said doubtfully.

“That would be the primary reason, yes,” Lomdra glared at Danrof.

“Human, alien, I don’t think it makes any difference,” Peyton offered her opinion. “I’ve never witnessed anyone treating me any different.”


“Royce clearly doesn’t seem to care,” Pauline rolled her eyes. “But you’re an anomaly Peyton.”

“Statistically speaking, not quite,” Lomdra objected. “Granted, the data we have are limited. Danrof and I haven’t spent enough time here to contribute to the research significantly. But we know that both you and your sister have lived on this planet for a prolonged period of time, and both of you have engaged in romantic relations with humans.”

“I really wouldn’t call it that…” Pauline uttered.

“Not to mention Pauline herself is living proof that species don’t matter, duh,” Peyton interrupted. “I mean, she’s half each! My dad, her mom…”

“And look how well that turned out,” Pauline said bitterly. “Not to mention your dad had no idea she was an alien. She was disguised for the whole time.”

“Well, the findings are clearly inconclusive so far,” Lomdra sighed.


“Personally I think we should integrate more,” Danrof said happily. I’ve been attending the yoga class at the Garden of Eden Gym and Spa, and everyone’s been lovely so far. And the yoga itself is great too. It would do you good, Pauline.”

“Err, I don’t know,” Pauline hesitated. “The only time Peyton and I have tried yoga was with aunt Yenn, and we failed miserably.”

“We’re in,” Peyton jumped in. “Would be cool to do something aunt Yenn enjoys, since Pauline misses her, right?”



“Peyton’s running late,” Pauline informed Danrof when he arrived at the gym. “I’m pretty sure she’s trying to set us up.”

Danrof laughed: “Cool! Nobody’s ever included me in a social experiment like that!”

“That’s not exactly what I was getting at,” Pauline tried to explain.

“She’s very human-like, isn’t she?” Danrof continued regardless. “You both are, really, but it’s more expected with you. But she’s basically a human in an alien body.”

“So you do think there’s a difference?” Pauline asked.

“I think it’s a cultural one, not an innate one,” Danrof replied. “And you two confirm that.”

Pauline gave him a puzzled look.

“I like it,” Danrof shrugged. “I hope to pick up local customs too! Now, let’s go practice some yoga!”


If Danrof was going to adapt Earthly ways with the same ease and flexibility as he did with yoga, he sure was on the right track.


Peyton, who tippy-toed into the glass after it had already started was not quite a natural. But anything to encourage Pauline to live a little, she told herself.


As soon as the embarrassing yoga session was over, Pauline snuck out into the gym area. She spotted Royce. She could use a pick me up, she thought as she walked towards his treadmill.


“Peyton,” Royce looked at her uncertainly.

“Well hello there handsome,” she waved at him flirtatiously. “Is now a good time for that skinny dipping session you promised me?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he responded sharply.

“What?” Peyton was baffled. “I mean, I wasn’t actually going to make you undress…”

“I should hope not!”

Peyton was still in shock: “Is it something I said?”


“Look Peyton, no offence, but green-skinned women really aren’t my type… why would they be anybody’s type?” Royce looked around nervously.

“Excuse me? Than why did you…”

“See Anna on the treadmill there? She’s more my kind of girl…”

“What’s going on here?” two other voices asked simultaneously.


Pauline and Leo both stopped for a moment and just looked at each other. They’d both approached Peyton and Royce at the same time.


“Nothing to see here at all,” Royce replied evasively. “I mean, no hard feelings, Peyt, right? Now, let me go find Anna…”

“What a plum,” Leo said angrily.

“What happened, sis?” Pauline asked.

“Ugh, let’s go outside and go find Danrof,” Peyton sighed. “I’ll tell you all about it.”


As they made their way out, Peyton could not help but feel the tiniest bit of satisfaction; by the looks of it Anna hadn’t even noticed Royce, she had her eyes on someone much buffer.



“Mind if I join you guys?” Leo leaned over the edge of the hot tub.

“Depends, are you ok with being seen with a bunch of greenskins?” Peyton asked sarcastically.

“Hey, Royce doesn’t speak for everyone,” Leo noted. “I for one definitely find alien girls attractive… and half-alien ones too,” he shot Pauline a quick glance.

Peyton smirked: “You may proceed.”


“See Peyton, this supports our research,” Danrof said enthusiastically. “There might be some exceptions, but clearly some humans are attracted to aliens.”

“I don’t know if you can take it at face value,” Pauline spoke up bitterly. “Flirting with women is a part of Leo’s job description. Regardless of their species.” She looked away.

“Is that so?” Danrof asked with genuine curiosity. “Do you flirt with Pauline because you legitimately like her, or is it a part of your bartender persona?”

“You can’t ask that Danrof!” Pauline’s cheeks turned bright pink.


“Of course it’s a part of my bartender persona,” Leo replied looking directly at Pauline. “But why would that mean I don’t legitimately like her?”

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.10 Skinny Dipping

Dating. Pauline didn’t really know how to go about it. Talking her aunt into going the Freezer Bunny retreat was one thing, but as far as Pauline was concerned, she was clueless. She and Davion never got far enough for that particular experience to help her in the romance department. How does one even start?

She could swear she saw Leo looking at her that way over at the bar sometimes but… It was Leo. Being charming was a part of his job. He probably meant nothing by it.


“Hi Leo, you’re not working tonight?” she waved at her favourite bartender, noticing he wasn’t wearing his uniform.

“Nope, meaning that I have all the time in the world for you,” Leo shot her a compliment. Pauline blushed.

“I, err, actually I need to go home and practice music for work,” she panicked. Plum, why did she say that? “I’ll see you soon?”

“I hope so!” Leo grinned, settling behind the bar.

Smooth, Pauline, the girl thought to herself. You suck at this.


Peyton, on the other hand was quite a natural at talking to the opposite sex. The of course, her bright and bubbly personality made interactions with just about anyone easy. Much like back in Windenburg, Peyton became quite popular.


Though there was one particular sim she was interested in a bit more than the others. And it seemed like the feeling was mutual. Royce had become a frequent guest over at the Bloomer residence.


“Hey Royce, you want to have a dip in our pool?”

“Is it going to be the dip of the skinny variety?” Royce asked enthusiastically.

“I’ll think about it,” Peyton replied flirtatiously. “Let’s start off with some swimwear though!”


The duo headed outside, eyeing each other’s bodies in the swimwear. Both looked happy with what they saw.


“Ok, watch me do this awesome jump!” Peyton yelled out.

“Won’t take my eyes off of you,” Royce agreed flirtatiously.


“Incomiiing” Peyton yelled out as she landed in the pool, water splashing out all over the deck.

Seeing Peyton emerge on the water’s surface, Royce decided he was a fan of her diving technique.


“I think I lost my swimsuit,” Peyton giggled.

“I sure can see that…”


“You got your wish in the end, you lucky plum,” Peyton laughed.

“Look, I can turn away,” Royce said, although his eyes couldn’t stop wondering back to Peyton.


“Meh, it’s not like you can unsee it,” Peyton swam towards him. “Hope you enjoy the view!”

“One of the best I’ve seen,” he confirmed.

One of the best?” Peyton splashed at him, fake-angry. “Excuse you!”

“My apologies, it’s the finest view I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing,” Royce corrected himself with a laugh.

“That’s what I thought! Ok, show’s over,” Peyton dove back under water to retrieve her swimwear.


I’m so smooth, Royce thought to himself giddily. Playyaa!


Once back on dry land, the two of them sealed the playful banter with a kiss.

“You sure know what you want, Peyton,” Royce said approvingly. “I like that.”

“You better!” Peyton smirked.


They continued flirting for the rest of the afternoon, even when they were joined by Pauline.

“Your turn to do the skinny dip next time, mister,” Peyton teased.


“Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Peyton and Royce burst out laughing. Pauline smiled awkwardly as she left the room. She’d never felt like a third wheel with Peyton before.


Of course, it had only been a matter of time, hadn’t it? Peyton was so charismatic, pretty and funny Pauline was surprised she hadn’t started seeing anyone sooner.

It was never like it was going to be just the tow of them forever.

At the corner of her eye, Pauline noticed Leo, the cute bartender, jogging past the house. Maybe it was a sign… Just plumming go for it, she told herself angrily.


“Fancy seeing you running right past my house,” Pauline rushed towards him. “I bet it’s no accident!”

Gah, so cringy, she scolded herself silently.

“Well, my jogging route does go around the park and the gym, and your house happens to be in between,” he said awkwardly.

“Right,” Pauline said, wishing she could dig herself in a hole.

The two of them stood in silence for a moment.


“I guess I’ll get back to my workout?” Leo said uncertainly.

“Yeah,” Pauline nodded. “Happy working… out.”

Oh Pauline you idiot, the girl cursed herself.


Of course he wouldn’t really be interested in her. The flirting just came with the territory, he was a bartender, after all, and she was the bar patron and the bar owner. Did he ever have any ther choice but to flatter her, now that she thought about it?


What could he possibly see in her, anyway? Pauline inspected her reflection in the mirror as she took her makeup off. All she could see was the same thing she saw back all those years ago, as a little green girl on the island in Windenburg. A monster.

How could she had been so stupid? Who would really be interested in her? Davion probably only kissed her out of politeness to her sister. After all, he did start dating Starr the minute Pauline left town…

Peyton, she was so charming and beautiful she could defy any stereotype, transcend any species…


… but Pauline? She was just a plain old sad little green girl.

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.9 Same Love

The morning sun was smiling at Yenn as she started her day off with a bit of painting, and she smiled right back. The girls seemed so happy lately, having discovered their family bond, and Newcrest was thriving. Everything was as it should be.

That left Yenn with time to explore all of her hobbies and, well, enjoy being alive once again.


She went back to writing – the Bloomer Chronicles were in a dire need of updating. Though for now, she was focusing on motivational books; she had a feeling that more materials for the family archives were just around the corner.


She would also spend hours playing the piano. Pauline and Peyton loved listening to her music.

Little did Yenn know that the girls were plotting…


“Sooo, aunt Yenn, I’ve been thinking…” Pauline started cautiously.

“Uh-oh, I feel like I’ve seen that mischievous smile before,” Yenn laughed.

“It’s about love…”

“I’m far from being an expert in that field,” Yenn told her. “But I’ve seen a lot in my lifetimes. I’ll try to give you the best advice I can.”


“Actually, I was thinking more about you,” Pauline said nonchalantly.

“Me?” Yenn’s eyes widened. “I’m almost as old as Newcrest itself honey, this town and my family are the only loves I need.”

“But you deserve more,” Pauline objected. “I know that it would be hard to compare anything to what you had with Ethan, but it’s been such a long time, and I would love to see you happy!”


“Do I look unhappy to you, child?” Yenn smiled.

“No, but…”

“Look, sweetie, I know you mean well, but it’s really not necessary,” Yenn continued. “As you know, I was never one to look for love, even before Ethan. If I hadn’t met him, I would have most likely spent my life without a romantic partner and be quite content with that. There’s no need for you to try to recreate what I had with Ethan, because it can’t be recreated, and shouldn’t be.”


“Not to mention, if anyone should be on the lookout for romantic love, it’s you, the legacy heiress,” Yenn winked.

“Yeah Pauline, when are you going to start dating?” Peyton joined in. “The alien we met the other day, Danrof, definitely seemed into you! Or what about Leo, the cute mixologist that works at your bar and always makes googly eyes at you?”




Peyton approached Yenn sneakily. For a moment, she just watched the woman dance like nobody was around. She admired that about Yenn, the fact she always seemed to act on her instincts regardless of what others felt.

“You’ve got better moves than I do!” Peyton finally said. “I’m so not buying any of the old lady nonsense that you told Pauline earlier!”


“Don’t tell me you’re going to start with the dating business again,” Yenn sighed.

“I’m sorry if I’m out of bounds, I know I’m just a guest here,” Peyton said quickly.

“It’s not that Peyton, you are family,” Yenn assured her. “I just don’t feel like this love thing is for me anymore. It never really was, to be honest. Ethan was special.”


“You know what I read the other day?” Peyton asked casually. “This famous author once said that there are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

Yenn looked at the girl, puzzled. “I didn’t know you read Fitzgerald, Peyton!”

“Who?” Peyton asked. “I don’t really read much in general… it’s actually a motto of this dating service I came across.”

“Peyton! You can’t be serious!”


“Wait, listen to me,” Peyton carried on regardless. “I’ve researched the franchise and it sounds really well suited for you. You wouldn’t be pushed into anything romantic at all unless you chose to go for it yourself, and the coordinator sounds really insightful!

Oh, and did I mention you get to stay at this old secluded farmhouse in the countryside?”

“Secluded? That doesn’t sound too bad,” Yenn smiled, thinking back at her escape to Granite Falls many moons ago.

“Exactly,” Peyton enthused. “Just think of it as a nice long holiday, where you might get to make some friends and get inspired by the beautiful setting!”


“More importantly, going there for a while will get Pauline off your back about the whole dating thing, because you can just say you tried your best,” Peyton finished her sales pitch.

“I must admit I like the way you think,” Yenn chuckled. “But still, leaving Newcrest for so long… Leaving Pauline…”

“It’s not like you’d be gone forever,” Peyton shrugged. “And don’t worry about Pauline. She has me!”

“That she does,” Yenn agreed with a wide grin on her face.



“Alright, I’ve thought about it, and I will give this Freezer Bunny resort a chance,” Yenn announced over dinner. “But only for a few weeks, and don’t get your hopes up about…”


“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it will be so epic!” Pauline burst out. “I cannot wait to hear about who you meet, and see who your new love will be! Oh, maybe you’ll end up getting married in that church you built several generations back, wouldn’t that be COOL?”

“Well I’m glad you’re not getting carried away, Pauline,” Yenn chuckled. “I highly doubt any of that will happen, but a little change of scenery might do me good for a while.”


As Pauline hugged her aunt goodbye, she couldn’t help but feel giddy. “I hope you have an amazing time there!”

“I’m sure I will,” Yenn replied. “But if you need me, just let me know, and I’ll come right back, ok?”

“Oh don’t worry about me! Peyton and I’ve got this!”

Follow Yenn’s adventures in the Freezer Bunny Dating Series in Cathy Tea’s CT Style Franchise!

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.8 Brothers and Sisters V2

“Actual sisters,” Pauline repeated for the umpteenth time. “Can you believe it?”

“Can you not?” Peyton grinned. “I mean, we always felt like sisters anyway. And when you think about it, what are the odds of two completely unrelated aliens ending up in the same exact location on the same planet?”

“I never thought about it that way,” Pauline paused. “It’s just… will it change things? I mean, after all that my mom had done to your parents…”

“Well, those things were done already,” Peyton shrugged. “Long before either you or me were around. So why would things change between us?

“Pauline smiled with relief: “I couldn’t ask for a better sister.”

“Neither could I.”


Had things changed? Yes and no. The girls continued progressing with their careers in entertainment, playing music, throwing parties, spending time with aunt Yenn…


And while Pauline and Peyton hadn’t quite achieved Yenn’s level of zen (although let’s face it, not many people could), things seemed a lot more balanced than before. They felt right.

And the girls felt closer than ever.

Of course, that didn’t necessarily mean anything deeply spiritual. It could be something as simple as ditching the yoga session to play in the fountain instead.


“Are you sure this is ok, Peyt?” Pauline asked nervously as she stepped into the water.

“Duh, you own the place,” Peyton replied nonchalantly before jumping into the fountain with a loud splash.

The group of women sitting on the fountain’s edge stopped their chatter and turned around.


“We’re just, uh, testing the new fountain,” Pauline told them apologetically. “Want to make sure it has good endurance, we only installed it recently…”

“Let’s see if it endures this,” Peyton yelled out and started splashing at her sister.


“Hey, you think I won’t strike back,” Pauline retaliated the attack with vigour.

The trio of women just rolled their eyes and walked off in the search for a new, dryer gossiping spot.

Not that Pauline or Peyton noticed. They were too busy making up for the playful moments they’d lost out on during their childhood.


Yenn smiled and left the sisters on their own. Turning around, she spotted a pair of brothers. It appeared Noel and Leo were joined by a visitor from afar.

“Hi boys,” Yenn greeted the Bloomer clan members. It seemed like just the other day when the two of them were curious kids leaning over their newborn sister Astrid’s crib.


“Hi aunt Yenn,” Theo waved back. “Lomdra here was just telling us about how much she likes Newcrest.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Yenn said to the alien woman. “Our family has worked hard to get it where it is today.”

“So I hear,” Lomdra nodded. “It’s a lovely place. And believe me, I’ve seen a fair share of planets! Me and my friend Danrof are thinking of settling here.”

“You should meet our Pauline,” Noel told her.

“The girls are just over there,” Yenn pointed toward the fountain.


Having been called over, the sisters approached. They took one look at Lomdra and starting cheering.

“There’s even more of us,” Pauline squealed.

“There sure is,” Lomdra confirmed. “My friend Danrof is sitting just over there.”


Pauline and Peyton were trying not to stare at the two aliens, but they couldn’t help themselves.

“So, are you from Sixam?” Peyton asked.

“And how did you end up in Newcrest?” Pauline added.

“We’re not from Sixam originally,” Lomdra explained. “But it’s the last planet we visited before coming to this one.”

“Lomdra and I have been travelling for a while, looking for a good home for us,” Danrof said.

“Funily enough, our stay on Sixam is actually what lead us here,” Lomdra continued.


“When we were on Sixam, we heard of an unusual newcomer, an Earthborn alien,” she continued.

Pauline frowned. She had an inkling of who this newcomer could be.

“Was her name Astrid, by any chance?”

“Yes, it was your mother,” Lomdra confirmed.

“How do you…”


“I didn’t read your mind,” Lomdra assured Pauline quickly. “I overheard your argument on the day you were visited your mother.”

“We liked your morals,” Danrof jumped in. “How you don’t approve of using our powers to invade others thoughts. How passionate you seem about doing the right thing.”

Pauline blushed.


“And we were intrigued about this place you spoke of, Newcrest,” Lomdra carried on. “A place where aliens and humans coexisted. So we decided to see it for ourselves.”

“We hope you like it here,” Pauline smiled.

“And we like what we see,” Danrof said brightly, looking at Pauline. “Our search for a new home is finally over.”

“We need to get going now, we still have a lot to unpack,” Lomdra stood up.


“But we should see each other again,” Danrof said before leaving.

“Well Pauline is the heir of Newcrest, so she can show you around,” Peyton winked.


“Hey, are you trying to set me up?” Pauline glanced at her sister when they were alone again.

“Not at all, he seemed to like you all on his own,” Peyton giggled.


“Well, he literally flew across the universe because of you.”

“They both did!”

“I know,” Peyton beamed. “Isn’t that incredible? Look what a difference you’ve made to Newcrest already. Everyone is flocking here because you made it the place to be!”


Pauline hugged her sister; “It wouldn’t be possible without you Peyt!”

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.7 Mother Knows Best

Astrid opened the door to her guest with a mixture of emotions. Nerves. Excitement. Anticipation.

After all these years, she was finally about to meet her mother. Not just a surrogate. Her actual Sixamian blood.


“I can’t believe it,” she welcomed the woman. “Never in a million years did I think I would get to meet you.”

“See, I have been watching you for years,” the pollination technician replied.

“That must have been a terrible show,” Astrid said apologetically.


“Naturally, I wasn’t just a bystander,” Astrid’s mother continued. “When that plumhead broke your heart, I had to take matters in my own hands.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve seen your little sister in your daughter’s thoughts, haven’t you? Peyton, she’s called…”


“What? It was you who abducted Paolo?” Astrid was shocked.

“Well of course! I needed to send him the message that he can’t just mess with aliens like that. Hurt my little girl…”

“It wasn’t his fault, really. It was all me,” Astrid shook her head. “You didn’t… hurt him, right?”


“He sure got special treatment, if that’s what you’re asking,” the pollination technician laughed.

“Paolo,” Astrid whispered.


“Nothing he wouldn’t deserve,” the woman shrugged.

“But I loved him…”

“Love is a weak, human emotion. And you’re no human.”


“I… I think you should go,” Astrid said, feeling nauseous.


“You can fight your nature all you want,” the pollination technician laughed. “But in the end, you’re one of us… that’s why you came home, after all, isn’t it?”



Pauline looked around. So this was the famous Sixam. She had been surprised by her mother’s sudden invitation, but aunt Yenn encouraged her to go.

Sixam was beautiful, Yenn had said. And finding yourself in a different setting helps you learn new things about yourself.

“How are you finding it?” Pauline heard Astrid’s voice behind her.


“Foreign,” she said. “Does it really feel like home for you?”

“More so then the other places I’ve been,” Astrid answered evasively. “At least in here I don’t have to run.”

“You didn’t have to run before either,” Pauline sighed. “You never had to.”


“I felt like I did,” Astrid said slowly. “But no more of that. That’s why I asked you here. I wanted to tell you about your father.”

The world felt as if it had stopped. All Pauline could hear was her heart pounding.



“Well… now you’ve heard the whole story… what do you think?”

“What do I think?” Pauline repeated. “I think that you robbed me of a father… and a sister… slash aunt.”

“I thought it was the only way at the time.”


“I just don’t understand why…” Pauline welled up. “Why would you do this, to all of us?”

Astrid sighed. This had been a mistake.


Luckily, Astrid had a way of solving mistakes…


“You did not just…”

Astrid lost balance, being hit by an invisible blast. Pauline can shield herself, Astrid realised.

Pauline jumped away in shock. Did she just do that? But it was impossible. She never had any powers.

As she recovered, she realised there were more important matters at hand.


“You tried to erase my memory,” she yelled at her mother. “My memory???”

“I’m sorry Pauline, I wasn’t thinking straight…”

“Not now, and not those other times, huh?” Pauline yelled angrily. “Now I’ve got the answer to my question; why? Because you’re a coward that can’t deal with the consequences of her own actions.”

“I never meant to hurt anyone…”


“But somehow you’ve managed to hurt everyone,” Pauline teared up. “You made sure I’ll never have a father, because he has no idea what happened!

Well guess what, I don’t need a mother either. Not one like you anyway. I kept giving you second chances, but the truth is you just don’t deserve them!”

“My baby…”

“No,” Pauline stopped her. “Don’t. You wanted isolation, you’ve got it. Stay on this stupid planet! As long as you know that you’re not welcome in Newcrest.”


Pauline stumped away, without turning back.


What was she going to do? She could only think of one person who could understand her situation.



“Did you know?” Pauline asked.

“I suspected,” Yenn frowned. “But I never knew the full story, and it wasn’t mine to tell.”

“I’m not mad at you,” Pauline said quickly. “It’s not your fault. I just don’t know how she could do this to me. And to my dad. And her friend…”


“It’s inexcusable,” Yenn nodded. “And you have every right to be angry at her. But someday, you’re going to have to forgive her.”

“Like plum I will…”

“Not for her,” Yenn added. “For you. You don’t want to have regrets.”

“Have you forgiven Cassiel?” Pauline asked.

“I have. But not until it was too late.”

Pauline looked away: “But I’ll never have a father, all because of her.”


“You never know,” Yenn ventured. “I hadn’t believed I would ever get to meet my biological father.”

Pauline sighed.

“In any case, you shouldn’t focus on what you’ve lost,” Yenn continued. “But think about what you’ve gained…”


“…a sister.”


Credit: The house on Sixam is the Small Futuristic Treehouse by The Sim Supply, which can be downloaded here.

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.6 It’s My Party

Peyton stretched, welcoming the new day. She peeked out of the window. Another sunny day in Newcrest, she thought to herself. She had loved her old life in Windenburg, but staying in Newcrest made every day feel like an adventure.

Well, and the amazing pad helped too…


The new family home exterior






Living room




Yenn’s bedroom


Peyton’s bedroom


Pauline’s bedroom


“Morning,” Pauline entered the room.

“Excited for our first day of work?” Peyton asked.

The friends both entered the entertainment career, Pauline with the hopes of becoming a musician, Peyton… well Peyton was just along for the ride. She could picture herself as a dancer, a DJ or even a comedian, depending on the day.


“Nervous,” Pauline admitted.

“It’s going to be awesome,” Peyton reassured her. “And if not, we’ll laugh about it later tonight,” she winked.

“I’m glad you’re here, sis,” Pauline smiled.


Turns out there hadn’t been any need to fear; their first day of work went better than Pauline expected. Peyton decided that the best way to celebrate would be throwing an impromptu party.


She invited just about everyone she could think of, including her new work colleagues Royce and Anna, who brought her friend Caleb along.

“Thanks for coming guys!”


“Are you kidding, like I would miss a party!” Royce proclaimed. “It’s my duty to simkind to attend them all.

Peyton laughed; “So you wouldn’t be afraid of a friendly dance-off?”


“Show me what you’ve got,” Royce agreed.


“Ok, I digress. I’ve got nothing on you,” Royce admitted as the crowd cheered.


Peyton just smiled. Life was her party. Though this Royce guy… he was invited.


As for Pauline, as much as she enjoyed the nightlife, a part of her was content enough to just jam with her aunt. For the first time ever, she felt like she was home.

The new Bloomer family home can be downloaded here.

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.5 Reunited

“Sis!” Pauline and Peyton fell into each other’s arms as soon as they spotted one another.

“I’m so glad you could come this early,” Pauline beamed.

“Well, I needed to check out this Newcrest of yours, didn’t I,” Peyton grinned back. “You look awesome, by the way!”

“So do you!”


“So is this the bar you live above?” Peyton eyed the building curiously.

“Sure is,” Pauline nodded. “Though we’re moving soon – turns out the family has loads of money so we’re having a new house built. But we’ve reopened the bar now, we have staff and everything! Come on in!”


“Ciao bella,” the bartender waved at Pauline.

“How is it going, Leo?” Pauline giggled. In spite of having been born in Newcrest himself, Leo somehow still pulled off the inherited Italian charm. “This is Peyton, my best friend.”


“Nice to meet you,” he greeted Peyton enthusiastically. “I hope you enjoy Newcrest! Drinks on the house are in order!”

“I’m liking this bar already,” Peyton laughed. “Do you always get drinks on the house?”

“Pretty much,” Pauline chuckled. “We need to work on our business model…”


The girls were joined by other two patrons, Ryker and Madeleine Holmes.

“Ryker and Madeleine are actually my distant relatives, sort of,” Pauline explained. “Though I can never remember the details.”

“My dad Malakai also happened to be Pauline’s great-grandfather,” Ryker confirmed. “And my wife here is connected to the legacy through her dad, Newton.”

Peyton almost spit her drink out: “Wait, you’re related to the Newton? He was a legend! My mom still uses a bunch of his classics as a part of her sets. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me! How cool!”

“I had no idea until recently,” Pauline replied.


“You must be Peyton,” Yenn joined in. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Likewise!” Peyton jumped up.


Whilst Yenn and Peyton were getting to know one another, another newcomer had crept in.


“Grim,” Yenn noticed the cloaked figure. “Came to check up on me?”

“I just wanted to see what was new,” the reaper shrugged. “Since you seem to have a way of avoiding me, Yennefer.”


“No hard feelings, Grim,” Yenn told him. “I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.”

“I wouldn’t count on that, considering how long it took you the first time around,” grim shook his head. “But I’ve decided to make this pub my new local to make up for that. You should introduce ghost night. They’re all the rage in the netherworld.”



“What a night out,” Peyton said giddily.

“That part when Grim Reaper showed up was weird,” Pauline laughed.

“Yeah, I didn’t quite imagine that when your messages said that the place was dead,” Peyton joined in. “But I’m loving the idea of going to relax in a spa right after a nice evening at the pub.”


“Not to mention the eye-candy!”


The girls took turns being pampered by the local masseuse, Paige.


“Aah, this is the life,” Peyton purred happily. “Why did you not like Newcrest at first again?”

Pauline smiled. Why didn’t she?


The girls opted for breakfast over at Monty’s Goodies the following day.

“Hi Pauline,” Clare, the barista greeted them. “The usual?”

“Twice please,” Pauline nodded.


The bakery had recently been upgraded with a shiny new espresso machine, and got very popular with the locals for it.


But it wasn’t just the coffee and the baked goods that had people’s attention, Pauline and Peyton were in demand as well.


“I can’t say I expected this,” Peyton told her friend when they finally got around to eating breakfast.

“Me neither,” Pauline agreed happily. “Turns out Newcrest is not a bad place to be at all. Even though we’re technically in Magnolia promenade at the moment,” she laughed.

“Any chance your new house has a spare bedroom?” Peyton grinned.

“For you? Always!” Pauline exclaimed.