The Bloomer Legacy: 8.14 A Chance

There was a fresh photograph on Pauline’s wall. And it meant the world to her. She may have lost the relationship she once had with her mother, but she finally had a father. The last few days had been amazing. Granted, Candy was not sure how to take the news at first, but ultimately she’d... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.12 Guests

Royce wasn’t who Peyton was expecting when she answered the doorbell that day. “Morning sunshine,” Royce greeted her nonchalantly. “What the plum, Royce?” Peyton growled. “You think you can just show up here like nothing’s wrong after how you treated me the other day? I don’t think so!” “Look Peyton, I’m sorry, but what was... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.11 Greenskins

“There’s definitely evidence that supports the theory that humans and aliens do attract one another,” Lomdra noted. “Yeah, why do you think all the alien abductions started in the first place?” Danrof added. “I thought they were mainly scientific,” Pauline said doubtfully. “That would be the primary reason, yes,” Lomdra glared at Danrof. “Human, alien,... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.10 Skinny Dipping

Dating. Pauline didn’t really know how to go about it. Talking her aunt into going the Freezer Bunny retreat was one thing, but as far as Pauline was concerned, she was clueless. She and Davion never got far enough for that particular experience to help her in the romance department. How does one even start?... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.9 Same Love

The morning sun was smiling at Yenn as she started her day off with a bit of painting, and she smiled right back. The girls seemed so happy lately, having discovered their family bond, and Newcrest was thriving. Everything was as it should be. That left Yenn with time to explore all of her hobbies... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.7 Mother Knows Best

Astrid opened the door to her guest with a mixture of emotions. Nerves. Excitement. Anticipation. After all these years, she was finally about to meet her mother. Not just a surrogate. Her actual Sixamian blood. “I can’t believe it,” she welcomed the woman. “Never in a million years did I think I would get to... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.6 It’s My Party

Peyton stretched, welcoming the new day. She peeked out of the window. Another sunny day in Newcrest, she thought to herself. She had loved her old life in Windenburg, but staying in Newcrest made every day feel like an adventure. Well, and the amazing pad helped too… The new family home exterior Downstairs Upstairs Living... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 8.5 Reunited

“Sis!” Pauline and Peyton fell into each other’s arms as soon as they spotted one another. “I’m so glad you could come this early,” Pauline beamed. “Well, I needed to check out this Newcrest of yours, didn’t I,” Peyton grinned back. “You look awesome, by the way!” “So do you!” “So is this the bar... Continue Reading →

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