The Bloomer Legacy: 8.9 Same Love

The morning sun was smiling at Yenn as she started her day off with a bit of painting, and she smiled right back. The girls seemed so happy lately, having discovered their family bond, and Newcrest was thriving. Everything was as it should be.

That left Yenn with time to explore all of her hobbies and, well, enjoy being alive once again.


She went back to writing – the Bloomer Chronicles were in a dire need of updating. Though for now, she was focusing on motivational books; she had a feeling that more materials for the family archives were just around the corner.


She would also spend hours playing the piano. Pauline and Peyton loved listening to her music.

Little did Yenn know that the girls were plotting…


“Sooo, aunt Yenn, I’ve been thinking…” Pauline started cautiously.

“Uh-oh, I feel like I’ve seen that mischievous smile before,” Yenn laughed.

“It’s about love…”

“I’m far from being an expert in that field,” Yenn told her. “But I’ve seen a lot in my lifetimes. I’ll try to give you the best advice I can.”


“Actually, I was thinking more about you,” Pauline said nonchalantly.

“Me?” Yenn’s eyes widened. “I’m almost as old as Newcrest itself honey, this town and my family are the only loves I need.”

“But you deserve more,” Pauline objected. “I know that it would be hard to compare anything to what you had with Ethan, but it’s been such a long time, and I would love to see you happy!”


“Do I look unhappy to you, child?” Yenn smiled.

“No, but…”

“Look, sweetie, I know you mean well, but it’s really not necessary,” Yenn continued. “As you know, I was never one to look for love, even before Ethan. If I hadn’t met him, I would have most likely spent my life without a romantic partner and be quite content with that. There’s no need for you to try to recreate what I had with Ethan, because it can’t be recreated, and shouldn’t be.”


“Not to mention, if anyone should be on the lookout for romantic love, it’s you, the legacy heiress,” Yenn winked.

“Yeah Pauline, when are you going to start dating?” Peyton joined in. “The alien we met the other day, Danrof, definitely seemed into you! Or what about Leo, the cute mixologist that works at your bar and always makes googly eyes at you?”




Peyton approached Yenn sneakily. For a moment, she just watched the woman dance like nobody was around. She admired that about Yenn, the fact she always seemed to act on her instincts regardless of what others felt.

“You’ve got better moves than I do!” Peyton finally said. “I’m so not buying any of the old lady nonsense that you told Pauline earlier!”


“Don’t tell me you’re going to start with the dating business again,” Yenn sighed.

“I’m sorry if I’m out of bounds, I know I’m just a guest here,” Peyton said quickly.

“It’s not that Peyton, you are family,” Yenn assured her. “I just don’t feel like this love thing is for me anymore. It never really was, to be honest. Ethan was special.”


“You know what I read the other day?” Peyton asked casually. “This famous author once said that there are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

Yenn looked at the girl, puzzled. “I didn’t know you read Fitzgerald, Peyton!”

“Who?” Peyton asked. “I don’t really read much in general… it’s actually a motto of this dating service I came across.”

“Peyton! You can’t be serious!”


“Wait, listen to me,” Peyton carried on regardless. “I’ve researched the franchise and it sounds really well suited for you. You wouldn’t be pushed into anything romantic at all unless you chose to go for it yourself, and the coordinator sounds really insightful!

Oh, and did I mention you get to stay at this old secluded farmhouse in the countryside?”

“Secluded? That doesn’t sound too bad,” Yenn smiled, thinking back at her escape to Granite Falls many moons ago.

“Exactly,” Peyton enthused. “Just think of it as a nice long holiday, where you might get to make some friends and get inspired by the beautiful setting!”


“More importantly, going there for a while will get Pauline off your back about the whole dating thing, because you can just say you tried your best,” Peyton finished her sales pitch.

“I must admit I like the way you think,” Yenn chuckled. “But still, leaving Newcrest for so long… Leaving Pauline…”

“It’s not like you’d be gone forever,” Peyton shrugged. “And don’t worry about Pauline. She has me!”

“That she does,” Yenn agreed with a wide grin on her face.



“Alright, I’ve thought about it, and I will give this Freezer Bunny resort a chance,” Yenn announced over dinner. “But only for a few weeks, and don’t get your hopes up about…”


“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it will be so epic!” Pauline burst out. “I cannot wait to hear about who you meet, and see who your new love will be! Oh, maybe you’ll end up getting married in that church you built several generations back, wouldn’t that be COOL?”

“Well I’m glad you’re not getting carried away, Pauline,” Yenn chuckled. “I highly doubt any of that will happen, but a little change of scenery might do me good for a while.”


As Pauline hugged her aunt goodbye, she couldn’t help but feel giddy. “I hope you have an amazing time there!”

“I’m sure I will,” Yenn replied. “But if you need me, just let me know, and I’ll come right back, ok?”

“Oh don’t worry about me! Peyton and I’ve got this!”

Follow Yenn’s adventures in the Freezer Bunny Dating Series in Cathy Tea’s CT Style Franchise!

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    1. She deserves another shot at love, but on the other hand definitely doesn’t seem to need romantic love to be happy… So whatever the outcome it will be a good one 😀


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