The Bloomer Legacy: 8.13 First Time for Everything

Candy was visibly giddy: “Look at this place! It’s gorgeous! And isn’t our daughter amazing, acting so grown up and taking charge of her life? I’m so proud of her!”

“Agreed on all counts,” Paolo smiled.


He threw a penny into the fountain.

“Getting superstitious?” Candy laughed.

“From what I hear this park might be just the place where you can expect miracles,” he shrugged.


“So what did you wish for?” Candy looked at her husband.

“Doesn’t it jinx the wish if I tell you?”

“You’d keep secrets from your wife?” Candy teased him.

“You got me,” Paolo replied. “I wished for us to always be as happy together as we have been up till now.”

“Paolo… so sentimental! Didn’t think you had it in you!”


“Neither did I,” he pulled his wife closer. “You bring out those things in me.”



Candy and Paolo ended up spending the entire evening in the park. They even renewed their vows. The Ruby Perrin Park was definitely working its magic.


But it was getting late, so the couple headed back to their daughter’s new home.

Turns out Peyton was already waiting for them.


“Look at you guys, you reek of sappiness,” Peyton giggled.

“Nothing wrong with being thankful for what you have,” Paolo smiled at his girls with appreciation.

“Dad, can I speak with you for a moment?”

Candy and Paolo exchanged puzzled looks.

“I’ll be inside,” Candy shrugged.

Paolo hugged his daughter.


What’s the matter, Peyt?” Paolo looked worried. “Is that guy still troubling you? Because let me tell you, I still work out, and if you tell me where he lives, I’ll…”

“That won’t be necessary dad,” Peyton jumped in quickly. “It’s not that…”

“Than what’s the matter, honey?”

It’s never been attempted before, Lomdra’s words echoed in Peyton’s head.

Well, it’s now or never, Peyton figured.


She’d never even attempted to read anybody’s memories, let alone erase them. Returning memories that have been taken by her kin… that was a whole other ball game altogether.

But she had to try. Surely they still had to be in his brain, somewhere, just locked away…

“Astrid!” Paolo yelled out.


For a moment, he just stood there, wide-eyed.

“How did you… what did you…”

“I just opened a door,” Peyton shrugged. “Are you feeling ok, dad? You must be confused…”

“Not at all. Everything is finally clear to me,” he smiled. “Astrid, Estrella… she was an alien! And she’s the reason why I had you! My daughter!”

“Actually, there’s more…” Peyton said uncertainly.

“More daughters?” Paolo joked.

“Well… yeah.”









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  1. Well done, Peyton! Pauline must be over the moon.

    I’m also so proud of Paolo for not denouncing Pauline. It must be huge news all of a sudden to suddenly remember another woman in his life, not to mention having another child with someone else…


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