The Bloomer Legacy: 8.23 The Loves Past

“Congratulations, Mrs Sorrano!” Peyton hugged her sister.

Pauline’s aunts who were just casually drinking nearby both tilted their heads.

“She’s just kidding,” Pauline called towards them. “I’m still a Bloomer. The legacy’s fine, no need to panic!”


The two sisters giggled as Pauline’s aunts returned back to normal.

“Just between you and me, I kind of wish I could have taken Leo’s name,” Pauline whispered.

“Then you should have!”

“A Bloomer heir that’s not a Bloomer? That would be scandalous!”

They started laughing again.


“Anyway, you helped me get ready this morning and I haven’t even said anything about your new hair,” Pauline changed the subject. “Sorry for being so self-absorbed! It really suits you, Peyt!”

“You’re the bride, sis! Everything’s kind of supposed to revolve around you today,” Peyton said brightly. “You could not notice at all and it would still be ok! But thank you, for always thinking of me.”

“Oh no, don’t make me cry again, I did enough of that during the ceremony,” Pauline welled up.


“Can you believe it? Pauline is all grown up,” Yenn sat down next to Astrid.

She examined the woman’s face. “It was brave of you to come here. How are you holding up?”


“I didn’t exactly expect her to be thrilled to see me,” Astrid shrugged. “I’m just glad I could see my little girl get married. I probably won’t stick around very long though…”

Astrid glanced towards Candy and Paolo nervously.


“Such a beautiful ceremony,” Candy enthused.

“Thank you for inviting us,” Paolo added.

“Don’t be ridiculous, like I’d get married without having my parents here,” Pauline blurted out.

“Of course, we heard Astrid is here,” Candy said awkwardly.

“I didn’t invite her,” Pauline explained quickly. “And I wasn’t talking about her. I meant you guys.”

Candy choked up. “I couldn’t… I’m not…”

“I wish you were,” Pauline told her.

Paolo could see it was all starting to be a bit much for Candy. “Well I’m sure everybody wants a piece of the newlyweds, so we won’t keep you.”

“We’ll talk to you later,” Leo smiled. “And of course, we’ll see you right after the honeymoon.”

The couple was planning to go to a resort near Windenburg, so they’d arranged to visit Paolo, Candy and Peyton before returning back to Newcrest.


“Pauline really is a wonderful girl,” Candy sniffed, overwhelmed with emotion.

“I know,” Paolo agreed. “Thank you for coming to the wedding with me. It means a lot, to both of us.”


While Candy and Paolo were sharing their emotional moment, Pauline’s uncles were a lot more pragmatic about the whole marriage business.

“I bet Kiersten will be expecting romantic gestures for the foreseeable future now,” Noel sighed jokingly.

“Same with Anika,” Theo joined in. “Whoever came up with the idea of weddings didn’t think it through. Wives expectations raised, being forced to make small talk with relatives you barely knew existed… no offense, Peyton!”

“Speaking of which, apparently our sister’s here,” Noel gestured towards Astrid at the bar.

“Oh, great,” Theo grunted. “I stand by my point…”


Meanwhile, their wives were too busy gawking over Danrof’s adorableness to even think of whether their husbands will be extra romantic in the days to come…


As for Danrof, this was the first wedding he’d experienced, and he was determined to make the most of it, no matter if he was the only person dancing or if his moves irritated the other guests.

Pauline let out a small laugh is she watched him. She was glad her and Danrof were able to stay friends. Which brought her to the next point on her agenda.


“You guys haven’t changed at all,” she grinned as she joined Davion and Starr at their table.

It was the first time she’d seen the two of them since her move to Newcrest. Her anger over them becoming a couple seemed like a distant memory now. They did look cute together, actually, she observed.

“But you are all grown up,” Davion smiled broadly. “Thank you for inviting us. It means a lot that… you know…”

“That I’m not jealous of you two?” Pauline finished his sentence. “I’m a married woman now! It was a good first kiss Davion, but don’t flatter yourself.” She teased.


“So are you guys thinking of tying the knot? You’ve been together for a few years now…”

“Who knows, tonight does seem like quite the romantic night that might inspire someone to finally pop the question,” Starr looked at Davion, not so subtly.

“You know what, it just might.” Davion answered.

Starr became flustered. Probably best to leave these two lovebirds alone, Pauline chuckled to herself.


Leo emerged from the crowd. “May I have this dance?”

“I’d love that,” Pauline got up. “It was god to see you guys!”

But not all reunions with loves past were bound to be happy ones…


Candy felt a shadow fall over her. It was her.

“I was hoping I could talk to you,” Astrid finally spoke up. “Both of you.”

“Since you can read minds, you should know that we have no desire to talk to you,” Candy said coldly.


“I won’t take too much of your time,” Astrid pleaded. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“Well I have nothing to say to you,” Candy retorted as she walked away.


As she sat down, she’d realised her husband hadn’t joined her yet. “Paolo?”

Paolo hesitated.

“I… I could talk.” He looked at his wife cautiously.

A shocked expression spread over Candy’s face briefly, but she manged to compose herself.

“Fine. I won’t stop you,” she said, distant. “I’ll be here when you two are finished with… whatever this is.”


Astrid turned to Paolo. Even after all these years, seeing him made her feel weak in the knees. “Thank you,” she managed to say.

“Ok,” he nodded. “Let’s talk.”

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  1. Oooh – cliffhanger! (Now that they matter to me). I love how you spread the wedding out over several posts. The wedding is so much more than the ceremony. It’s the festivities and reactions as well!


    1. Haha isn’t that the worst thing about catching up? 😀 I’ve considered splitting weddings into 2 chapters before, because a lot tends to happen, but it never seemed justified to split the events of only a few hours into multiple entries. This time around, There was no way I could squeeze it all in, so I went with three altogether! (The last part of the wedding is coming tomorrow :))


  2. I can’t wait to see how this conversation goes! Paolo is going to have some ‘splaining to do when he and Candy get home.

    I don’t trust Astrid for this to end well though. As soon as things get tough she bails. She never really understood how to interact with people. I mean, did she even apologize to Yenn for how their last interaction went before Yenn died?

    Hopefully, whatever they talk about doesn’t ruin the reception.


    1. I couldn’t remember so I went back and checked and Astrid did apologise to Yenn, but only once the conversation was brought up. And it wasn’t a very thorough apology either (luckily Yenn doesn’t really hold grudges anymore at her age). But yes, Astrid sucks at conflict resolution, since she’s all too focused on avoiding conflict altogether, causing much bigger issues down the line…


  3. I hope Astrid understands the huge impact she had on everyone’s lives with the choices she made! That being said, it is brave of her to try and talk to Candy and Paulo.

    And it’s so nice to see Pauline having a good time and enjoying her friends and family. Weddings are so overwhelming like that.


    1. I suppose there’s always several stories to tell at a wedding, not just the bride and grrom’s. (I’m attending a friend’s wedding soon and I’ll probably think about that now haha!)


  4. Oh I enjoyed seeing Pauline interact with all the people in her life! It’s wonderful to see how many friends and family she’s connected with since her days alone as a little girl on that island.


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