The Bloomer Legacy: 8.34 Doll House

Hallie dragged her feet through the doorway. It all seemed like a dream, but not a good one. Her parents, her home, Windenburg… all of it seemed to have disappeared in an instant. She was in a strange house in a strange town, with relatives she barely knew.


“You’re with family, sweetie. We’ll take good care of you,” the woman told her.

Hallie knew Pauline was her sister, but she’d only really met her once, at Peyton’s wedding. And Peyton was her sister too, yet during the short time Hallie spent with her after her parents passing made it abundantly clear Peyton had no idea what to do with children. Which was how Hallie ended up here in the first place. She wondered where she would go next. Would she ever have a real home again?

Hallie realised Pauline was still speaking; “We’ve set up a nice room for you upstairs, why don’t you go have a look?”


Hallie opened the door hesitantly. The room in front of her seemed nothing like her own room back at home. It was larger and brighter… but it looked foreign.

And then she spotted it; her blue teddy bear from back home! Her heart skipped a beat. Maybe she wasn’t alone after all.


“Hi Hallie,” a voice interrupted her thoughts. “Remember me? I’m Carly, we met at aunt Peyton’s wedding.”

“I remember,” Hallie nodded.

Carly noticed her aunt’s voice sounded a lot more dull than when they first met, lacking its former vibrancy and energy.


“Yeah, I was the scaredy cat,” Carly attempted a joke.

“Now I’m scared,” Hallie let out a sigh.

“Don’t be scared of us! You’re gonna love Newcrest! And you get to stay in one of the good rooms, the only other bedroom that has its own balcony is Seraphina’s!”


“That’s true,” Seraphina walked in. “This used to be our playroom, you see.”


“We had a bunch of toys here, we’d play cards and don’t wake the llama; and best of all, we had a foosball table. We would play all the time,” Seraphina continued.


“And then you had to come here and ruin it,” she suddenly starting yelling.

“Sera!” Carly was horrified.

“What, she just gets to come here and take over our playroom? And get a balcony?” Seraphina went on.

“I’m sorry, ok?” Hallie threw her hands in the air defensively.


“I’m sorry you lost your playroom,” Hallie lowered her voice again. “I lost my mom and dad. I wish I didn’t have to be here. But I do.”

Seraphina didn’t have a comeback for that. Carly’s eyes welled up. She wasn’t sure what to say, so she turned her attention to her sister instead:


“I don’t know why you care about the playroom anyway, Sera! You always just ended up getting mad when you lost!”

“You… you’re the worst,” Seraphina said angrily. “I never wanted a sister anyway!”


“That’s ok,” Carly shrugged. “Hallie can be my sister instead now.”

She went on to hug her aunt.

Seraphina opened her mouth, and then she closed I again. She turned around and walked out of the room.



Carly and Vito peeked into Seraphina’s room the following morning.

“Is the coast clear?” Carly whispered.

“Aye aye, captain!” Vito confirmed.

The two accomplices snuck in, and took over the doll house, giggling.

Vito picked up one of the dolls, speaking for it: “I’m Seraphina, I’m a silly doll who only likes pink and princesses, since I have no imagination…”

“That’s kinda bad, Vito,” Carly hesitated.

“But most of all, I like myself,” Vito ignored her. “That’s why no one likes me…”


“What are you doing here?”

Carly and Vito jumped up. Seraphina was stood in the corner of the room, eyeing them up with a cold glare.

“How… how long have you been here for?” Carly almost whispered.


“Does it matter? This is my room! And these are my dolls!”

“We’re sorry Sera,” Carly said.

“Yeah, real sorry,” Vito repeated awkwardly.

“Get OUT!”


Seraphina finished her breakfast and got dressed, but she still felt angry. She was pacing around the room. Why had everything changed so much?

First she was an only child and everyone adored her…


Then she had to deal with having siblings and the attention being divided… sharing her toys…

And now Hallie moved in and took away even that stupid playroom she had to share with her siblings in the first place. And those little brats seemed to hate her.


But who needed them? Not her! And she’d make sure they’ll never touch her doll house again!

“Sera, about what I said earlier, I wanted to say I’m sor… Woah!”


Vito stopped in his tracks. “What have you done Sera?”

“What do you think, loser?” Seraphina was pleased with herself. “Now you’ll never get to play with my doll house!”


“But Seraphina… now nobody will get to play with it. Ever. And those poor dolls…”



The smile slowly left Seraphina’s face. Her beautiful doll house was ruined. Just like everything else.

And nobody liked her any better.

“You really are the worst sister ever,” Vito shook his head as he made his way out.


Seraphina felt the warm tears sliding down her cheeks. She wasn’t sure if she was crying for herself, the dolls or even for Hallie and her loss. Nothing was right. And Seraphina felt powerless against it.



“Looks like we got through another day,” Pauline breathed out.

“I’m proud of you,” Yenn said softly.

“Onwards and upwards, right?” Pauline forced a smiled.

The doorbell rang.

The two women looked at each other.

“Who could that be?”

“Maybe Peyton?”


But it wasn’t Peyton. Neither of them was prepared for what lied behind that door.

“What is that?” Pauline asked.

She looked over and realised her aunt was crying.


Pauline had never seen aunt Yenn cry. In her eyes, aunt Yenn was invincible. And now, strings of tears were pouring out of nowhere.

“It’s an alien grave,” Yenn told her.


“No,” Pauline said firmly.

“Yes,” Aunt Yenn’s voice was shaky between all the sobbing. “It’s your mother.”

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  1. Oh wow. I did not see that coming! Poor Yenn. I feel worse for her than for Pauline, since she had a better relationship with Stella once upon a time.


    1. Yeah, I agree that it did hit Yenn harder than it did Pauline, partially due to what you’ve said. But we’ll be getting a bit more insight into how they both feel in the upcoming two chapters.


  2. Oh man! So much happening in this chapter. Poor Hallie! Poor Yenn! Poor Pauline!

    And for the first time, I feel empathy for little Seraphina. She’s so bad. I think I will feel sad for her as her motivations and behavior drives a wedge between her and her family. This will be so interesting to watch.

    Carly is so sweet. And Vito is clearly gonna grow up to be a man’s man, despite being surrounded by women. I love how he’s hard wired.


    1. I’m loving your analysis of the current generation and your prognosis! Can’t wait to see if you’re right haha!

      I’m glad you’ve said that! Seraphina is really interesting to me, she’s not a one-dimensional villain, but she probably shouldn’t act on her gut instinct because her knee jerk reactions are always awful. Let’s see if it comes back to bite her.

      Carly is a sweetheart, she’s almost too nice for her own good. Vito is probably somewhere in between the two. He’s a fairly good kid, but he has sharp edges.


  3. I know, I feel for Seraphina as well. Perhaps she’ll always be stuck up and really she hasn’t tried much, but it’s clear that she doesn’t enjoy being mad all the time either… maybe this will be a turning point? #teamoptimism!


    1. Funnily enough Seraphina actually really wants to be liked. She even has the social butterfly aspiration. Unfortunately she’s her own worst enemy. But you’re right, she’s definitely not pure evil and she does feel bad about some of the events of this chapter. She just doesn’t know how to act in tough situations and her go to reaction is anger.


  4. Amazing children! I love Hallie, she is very realistic. Interesting character, I’m sure she will have a great role in the coming chapters


  5. So many feelings in this chapter! I really hope that Seraphina can turn a new leaf – I like her. She’s still a child, so plenty of time for her to figure out healthier ways of dealing with things. And poor Hallie! And Yenn. And Pauline.

    I really do love this legacy. You’re a wonderful writer. Plus you inspired me to start my own (and I am terrible at doing things) so I’m really grateful.

    I hope things look up for the Bloomers soon!


    1. Yeah you’re right, a lot can still change 🙂 let’s hope things pick up soon!

      Thank you very much, so happy you started your own legacy after reading mine! I need to go check it out soon!


  6. Wow! First…I try to feel sorry for Sera, but I just don’t get her! I mean, poor Hallie. You’d think she could find some sympathy or empathy or something human. Still, it fits her. Just seeing her own troubles in front of her and not worried about who she runs over in the process of getting what she wants. I hope she calms down a little.
    And I feel so bad for Pauline!!! How hard must that be for her?!?!


    1. Ah yes, Sera is not the most likeable of people, since she always puts herself first. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not capable of empathy at all, but for the most part, she focuses on herself. And yes, this is not the greatest time for Pauline 😦


  7. Good riddance, Astrid XD

    Okay, now that I’m done being a bitch… This chapter was so sad. I feel horrible for poor Hallie, and Sera is not helping things at all by being a little monster haha Though this is a really hard adjustment for her too, I get that!

    I am starting to like Vito more and more too 😛 Carly’s not bad or anything, but I feel like I don’t “know” her as well as her brother and sister. I really am loving the sibling dynamic here 🙂


    1. Lol! You’re definitely the leader of team Anti-Astrid. Not that she’s ever had many fans, but I don’t think anybody ever hated her this much lol! I did feel kind of bad for her once she passed away, since she did royally mess up her life.

      Oh yeah, Sera has troubles adjusting to things in general. But obviously the situation is way tougher for Hallie and Sera’s not helping.


  8. Oh Seraphina. She does have quite a mean streak in her. I’m glad that Carly was there for Hallie though.

    😦 Astrid. I’ll miss her. She wasn’t the best of Sims, but she was an amazing character. I’m happy that she died knowing that Paolo bears her no ill will. I hope Pauline will be okay in the days to come, and Yenn too.


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