The Bloomer Legacy: 9.11 Whatever

Seraphina hit refresh again and stared at her Simbook inbox. No unread messages. Whatever, she told herself.

She resisted the urge to go look at Antoine’s profile again. Who cares.

Why was she still thinking about him?


She caught a glimpse of her brother on the workout machine, with that stupid smug smile he’s had for the past month. Of course everything would work out just the way Vito wanted.


“What are you looking at?” Vito caught her eye and got of the treadmill.

“Nothing. I was just trying to work out but it’s hard with your stupid grunting.” She muttered.


“You weren’t working out,” Vito laughed, noticing her phone on the floor. “You were hypnotising your phone.”

“No I wasn’t…”

“He’s not gonna message you. I mean, why would he?”


“Can you just go gloat somewhere else?” Seraphina lashed out.

“I want to work out, tough luck,” Vito shrugged. “If the fact I have a boyfriend who cares about me bothers you that much, then you’re the one that should leave!”

“Well maybe you should stop being so obnoxious about your little boyfriend! You’re not the first person on the planet to have one!”


“Maybe, but I can’t help but notice you don’t have one,” Vito pointed out. “The guy obviously realised what a plumming demon spawn you are and ran away.”

“Vito stop…” Seraphina whispered.

“Newsflash, it was just a summer fling,” Vito carried on. “He got what he wanted and then backed off. He never gave a plum about you. And I can’t say I blame him. Cause let’s face it, why would anyone want to be with you?”

Seraphina felt as if she’d frozen in one place, the words echoing in her head. He never gave a plum about you. He never gave a plum about you.


“You know what, on second thought, you can have the gym all to yourself.” Vito told her. “I’m in too good of a mood to be in the same room as you.”

Seraphina stood there in silence. She heard her brother’s footsteps thumping on the staircase, and then the house filled with his piano playing.


Oh great. Now there’s nowhere in the house she could hide from him, Seraphina thought.

She heard the doorbell.

Maybe Vito would get the door and stop playing. Leave her in peace.

But the music wasn’t stopping. Seraphina sighed and headed upstairs to answer the door. Hopefully, whoever it was, she could deal with them swiftly.


Her jaw dropped when she opened the door. It was Louis. Grinning from ear to ear.

“I think I’m gonna be sick…”


“Hi Sera,” the boy didn’t pay attention to her odd welcome. “Surprise! I’m going to live here in Newcrest now! For a whole year!”


“I’m here as an exchange student! I’m staying with your aunt Peyton,” he explained, smiling.


“Well I’ve always wanted to study abroad,” Louis shrugged. “But more importantly, I now have much more of a reason. Cause you know, if Vito lives here, where else would I want to be? Speaking of which, that’s why I came over. Is Vito here? I haven’t told him I’m coming, I wanted to surprise him… Because… sorry, I’m rambling.”

He laughed awkwardly. Seraphina just stared at him.

“What is it?” He asked.


“Yeah Vito’s here,” she answered carefully. “But he doesn’t want to see you.”

“What do you mean? Is he busy?” The boy seemed confused.

“Nope. He just doesn’t want to see you.”


Louis stumbled. “I don’t… I don’t understand. This has got to be some mistake…”

“Newsflash, it was just a summer fling,” Seraphina said robotically. “He got what he wanted and then backed off. He never gave a plum about you.”

Louis’s eyes watered. He opened his mouth and then he closed it again. “No,” he said finally, his voice shaking.


“Oh, you don’t believe me?” Seraphina glared at him. “He said those exact words to me just now, I swear. You think I’m hiding him? He’s just there, playing the piano.” She pointed towards the living room window. “See for yourself.”

Louis: “But he said…”

Sera: “People say a lot of things, but rarely ever mean them. The sooner you learn that, the better off you are.”


“Right.” Louis scratched his head, looking helpless. “I guess I… I’m gonna head off.” His voice broke.

Seraphina swallowed heavily. It was painful to look at him in this state.

“Louis wait…”


“What?” he turned around, holding back tears.

“I… I’m sorry.” She said.

“Yeah. Me too.”

And with that, the boy dragged himself home.


Seraphina closed the door behind her. She could hear her brother playing the piano. He never even noticed someone was at the door.

She felt a twinge of guilt. The poor guy looked so defeated. Whatever. Vito deserved it.

She couldn’t believe Louis had come all the way to Newcrest just to see her brother. He must really care about her brother. What made Vito so loveable and her so…

She felt tears rushing to her eyes.





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  1. I want to yell at both Vito and Sera today. Vito STOP BEING SO MEAN TO YER SISTER! Sera WHY WOULD YOU MAKE LOUIS CRY?!
    I just want to hug Louis and maybe flick the other two on their ears. Or make them wear the get-along shirt.


    1. Sure there is, if there wasn’t she wouldn’t feel bad about what she’s done. I find it really interesting that people cut Vito a lot more slack than Sera. I don’t think their moral values are that different, Vito just happens to have much better social skills than Sera (he has the insider trait).


  2. The hell?!?!? Dang Vito, way to give out the truth in the most hurtful way possible. He clearly gets some pleasure from antagonizing Sera.

    I think people give Vito a break because he’s not scheming and lying like Sera does. She lies to herself, lies to other people, and then brushes it off like it’s nothing.

    Louis is going to be there for a whole year, I mean, come on, does she really think the two guys are going to find their way back to each other? Argh, so frustrating.


    1. I agree with all of this apart from the bit about Seraphina being a schemer. She does lie (to herself and to others, as you said), but I don’t think I ever recall her plotting. Everything she does is impulsive. As you pointed out, it’s not like Vito will not run into Louis throughout the year so if it was a plan it wouldn’t be a very good one 😀 It was a spur of the moment decision. That obviously doesn’t make it right.

      Don’t get me wrong, poor Louis definitely didn’t deserve that. But if his and Vito’s relationship can really be ruined just by one interaction with Seraphina, I’m not sure if they ever had a chance. 🙂


  3. OH HELL NO! Look I understand what Vito did was really harsh, but Louis didn’t deserve that and they havnt seen each other in months!!! Sera has issues sure, but don’t ruin my OTP because you have bad taste in guys!


    1. I’m definitely not saying that Sera had a right to do that. I think we’ve established she’s not a very nice person lol!

      I just find it interesting that nobody ever criticises Vito – it’s not the first time he’s said hurtful things to Seraphina.

      Let’s hope the rest of Louis’s year in Newcrest goes better! Things can only pick up from him from now on, right?


  4. Sera no. 😦 I’m trying to like you, but it’s hard to when you do things like this.

    That said, it’s definitely not all her fault. She’s got the mean trait; Vito needs to take the higher road and stop antagonizing her. Although I imagine it would be hard to turn the other cheek all the time, living in the same house as Sera constantly, so I do understand why he’s got such a horrible relationship with her.

    I really hope that Louis and Vito are able to figure out what Sera did and get over this hiccup in their relationship. 😦 I really love them together.


    1. Yeah I think growing up around Sera and her fits made Vito think saying anything to her is ok, no matter how nasty it is. And I totally get why, because he’s seen her act awfully many times throught the years. That being said, sometimes he just attacks her for no reason, and sees no problem with it because of her overall behaviour.

      I think I might need to write a chapter from Sera’s POV one of these days to show people where she’s coming from. But yes, she definitely shouldn’t have done this. I think even she herself knows that.


  5. Vito is a good guy! He only defends himself from Sera’s sarcastik comments! Now definitely she shows her bad bad bad side to the world. She is so jealous of her own brother 😦


    1. Vito is very selective with who he’s nice to, actually. He’s great to people he likes, such as Carly – he takes on this whole protective brother thing with her. If you look at what he says to Sera though, especially in the last few chapters (in this one for sure!), it’s actually usually him attacking her and her getting defensive as a result. People seem to give Vito a lot of credit, but I’m not necessarily sure if he deserves it. I reckon Louis is way nicer than either Sera or Vito 🙂

      Oh, and of course Sera is jealous of her brother. He has everything she wants.


  6. Okay, Vito totally escalated the situation by running his mouth. I was so surprised at him!

    That being said… Sera was a total bitch. I can’t believe what she did! I am glad she seems to have a touch of remorse. I’m gonna be optimistic and hope she will come clean later. But for now, I’m super disappointed in her 😦 ugh. Overall I’m still #TeamSera, but she upset me this time haha

    Of course, all that being said…

    Why did Louis take her word for it?! It would have been so easy for him to go in and talk to Vito about it face to face. I am really hoping he’ll end up talking to him soon instead of taking what Sera said at face value!


    1. Yep and yep. As per your third point, I think I wrote this on my thread somewhere, but basically I think Louis was completely gobsmacked. He was too shocked to question it. And he doesn’t know Seraphina or the ins and outs of her her compliacted relationship with Vito too much, so he wasn’t being vary of what she said.


  7. ok so Vito was definitely not in the right he was extremely nasty. but what Sera did was take it up to a whole new level of cruel she really is a bitch to do that to poor Louis


    1. It’s a bit of a vicious circle. Vito being nasty to Sera pushed her to do something even worse, which will probably make Vito even meaner to her, which will most likely cause Sera to… You get the idea. They push each other’s buttons and are both acting worse and worse as a result. One of them has to just walk away to break the circle, but I’m not sure either of them is noble enough to do that.


  8. I can’t believe it. I was horrified when Vito said all those things to Sera, and then even more horrified when she took her hurt and anger out on Louis by misleading him. This is not going to end well for Sera, either way… 😦


  9. I am so angry at both Vito for his behavior toward Sera, AND Sera for being so cold-hearted to Louis. *grumbles*

    I don’t like Vito too much, but I loooove Sera. It pains me that she’s so,… awful. XD HA! And that Vito is so harsh to her. And that Sera feels like she needs to lie.



    1. I agree, both parties were wrong in this one. And a the third party who had nothing to do with the conflict got hurt for it 😦

      I really like Sera. In spite of some of the things she does. She’s not evil, but she tends to take out her pain the wrong way. As for Vito… well, he’s an interesting one. He seems to get away with a lot. But again, though he can be mean to people he dislikes, he’s not necessarily a bad person either. There’s nothing black or white about either of them, which makes this generation so fun for me 🙂


  10. I feel so bad for Sera 😦 I actually like her, idk why, I feel like she’s misunderstood, and the way Vito just lashed out on her… oh god. Poor thing.


    1. I like Sera too, and I agree that she definitely is misunderstood by a lot of the people around her. Vito never minces his words with her, unfortunately he thinks that the fact he doesn’t like her makes him entitled to say whatever he wants to her…


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