The Bloomer Legacy: 9.12 First Day of School (Part 1)

The four of them stood in front of Magnolia High with anticipation. First day at a new school can be nerve-wrecking, but for Seraphina, Vito, Carly and Hallie, it was mainly an opportunity to turn a new leaf.


The promise of a fresh start put them all in a great mood, even Sera had a hint of a smile on her face as they walked in.


“You guys, this is a moment we’ll never forget,” Carly enthused. “The four of us entering high school for the first time!”

They all laughed.

“I do love your enthusiasm, sis,” Vito nodded to her. “I’m sure we’ll –“


He stopped mid-sentence, a huge smile spreading across his face. All of the others turned around to see what, or rather who he was looking at.

“Plummit,” Seraphina uttered.


Louis looked away as soon as his eyes met Vito’s.

“Louis! What are you doing here?”

“Oh err, hi. I’m just here for a year-long exchange programme, because I’m an idiot.” Louis mumbled, staring at his feet. “So anyway, good seeing you. I’ll be out of your way…”


“You’re here for a year, and you didn’t tell me?” Vito jumped with excitement.

“Ugh yeah, surprise, I guess… Anyway, I won’t bother you.”

“Bother me?”


Vito didn’t wait for an answer and wrapped his arms around Louis, pulling him in for a kiss. For a split second, everything around them ceased to exist.


“I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore. That it was just a summer fling to you…” Louis breathed out.

“What? If that was the case, why would I message you every day?”

“I don’t know… Sera said…”


Vito turned his head around slowly, glaring at his sister with hatred.



“You just never get enough, do you?” he spewed at Seraphina. “Being nasty to your family is one thing, but what the plum were you thinking lying to Louis? You just can’t stand anyone around you being happy, can you?”

“I was upset,” Seraphina said quietly.

Louis looked her in the eye, hurt apparent in his face. “Why did you lie to me, Sera? You swore that was what he said!”

“I didn’t lie, per say… he did say those words, just not necessarily about you.”

“I’ve had it with you!” Vito burst out. “I’m not gonna take your plum anymore. I can make your life hell, you…”


“Vito!” Carly yelled out, dashing towards the arguing group. “Don’t say things you don’t mean, please…”

“What makes you think I don’t mean them?” Vito said coldly.

“If you do mean them, then how are you different from Sera?” Carly asked.

Vito didn’t seem so sure of himself anymore. He looked at Louis.

“She does have a point,” Louis admitted. “Let it go… The class is about to start, let’s get going…”

“How did you get so nice, Carly?” Vito shook his head. “Two sisters, one practically a saint, the other a raging…”


“A saint huh?” Seraphina looked Carly up and down, her eyes narrow. “I bet you feel pretty good about yourself now! Well guess what, I don’t need saving! I don’t need anything from you, any of you! If anybody’s making anybody’s life hell, you bet I’ll be on the other end of that equation.”


“Speaking of which, you should get your plum to algebra. But don’t you worry your angelic little head. I’m not gonna do anything to you or your precious Vito and Louis. Why would I waste any of my time on you? I don’t need you. Not today, not ever!”

Carly just stared after her as Sera stormed away.


“What are you looking at!?”

“That was pretty intertaining to watch. I thought I was the troublemaker around here, but boy do we have trouble in the house now!”

“Yeah, like I have time for this bullplum. Entertaining to watch? Watch me not caring! Like so!” She stomped down the stairs, not giving him another look.


The boy, on the other hand, couldn’t stop looking…

Author’s note: The Magnolia High School build featured in this chapter (and probably a fair few chapters to come) was made by Jordan.

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  1. YAY!!!! I’m so glad that Vito and Louis are reunited. I was so worried that Sera was going to drive a real wedge between them. But obviously I was thinking with the dramatic, evil mindset of myself. 😛


    1. Hahaha! See, Vito is totally besotted so I don’t see him getting discouraged just because Louis is acting a little off. Also, we all know that Vito doesn’t particularly pay attention to subtle hints, which probably worked in Louito’s favour this time around – Vito barely questioned what was wrong until Seraphina’s name got mentioned.


  2. I’m caught up! (Now it’s your turn :P)

    I’m glad the truth came out! I’m glad Sera’s plan didn’t work, and that she got called out on her shit haha. Though Vito seems to be getting meaner and meaner himself lately :-/ One meanie is enough haha kudos to Carly for being the voice of reason!

    That guy looking at Sera looks like a creeper, but I’m gonna not judge a book by its cover yet hahaha #StillTeamSera #PleaseGiveHerANiceGuyToCalmHerDown 😛


    1. Wow, you’ve read a huge chunk last night! 🙂

      Calling what Sera did her “plan” is probably a bit of a stretch, I don’t think she planned it or thought it through, really. It was a sort of a knee-jerk reaction, she wanted to hurt Vito, but Vito wasn’t there so she aimed at a proxy. (This is not me saying that what she did was right, btw!)

      I feel like I guilted you into feeling obliged to like Sera, lol! There’s no need for you to try to justify what she does, she definitely has very questionable moments 😀

      Oh, and lmao at the creeper comment 😀


  3. Oooooh! A school? Nice 🙂
    I’m glad that Louis isn’t sad anymore, and that Carly stepped in. Hopefully Vito will rethink the meanness that has been creeping in. Also the ‘I was upset’ – she was sorry about it. I really hope she’ll find a version of herself that she can be happy with. She’s not evil, she’s just… not socially adept and prone to anger. She’s still a teen, there is hope for her yet.

    Honestly I’m just glad Louis isn’t upset now.


    1. I’m testing out the Go to School mod! 🙂 Not that that would let me have them all at school at the same time, so the poor kids had to have their first day of school on a Sunday, but it is fun to follow each of them to school individually. And Jordan’s build is pretty cool 🙂

      Socially inept and prone to anger sounds like a pretty accurate description of Sera. I think what you described above is probably the closest to how I see her. And yeah, she definitely might still change. Hopefully for the better. But I don’t really know yet – I’m not that far ahead.


  4. No guilt whatsoever! I have a huge soft spot for mean and hot-headed sims! I feel they are the most interesting characters and are often misunderstood 🙂 (EVIL sims are another story though… I don’t think I could ever like one!)


    1. One of my favourite sims in this whole legacy was evil – and she was pretty epic! Funnily enough, I think she was much more generally liked by the readers than Sera 😀


  5. Haha that’s really interesting, I will be on the lookout when I go back and read what I missed!

    See, for me, I genuinely haven’t seen Sera do anything to earn hate. I mean she’s a bitch. Definitely. But she hasn’t done anything outrageously bad to anyone. The worst is this thing with Vito and Louis, and to be honest, it wasn’t earth shattering — Louis is in Newcrest for a year, so eventually he would have talked to Vito and worked it out.

    Right now I see her as someone who really needs to CALM DOWN haha but I also feel like she resents her siblings (especially Vito) because they aren’t very kind to her in return, and they are the “good” kids while she’s the “bad” one, if you know what I mean.

    I may be “projecting” Mari on her a bit, as that was why she wasn’t very close with her siblings (though she is hot-headed, not mean!). Mari resented them because she was the oldest and they took some attention, and also because they were “good” and she was the one always getting in trouble.

    Anyway, I know maybe it’s odd that I loathed Astrid so much, yet feel sympathy for Sera. But Astrid did things that messed up/effected people’s entire lives — including her daughter’s. Sera just does petty kid/teenager stuff that has no lasting repurcussions (yet!)

    Mind you, my opinion of Sera could change drastically, depending on what she does down the line!

    But for now, I still have sympathy toward her. But, again, I really want her to calm down! Haha so my fingers are crossed that will happen!

    Sorry for writing a novel haha


    1. Ooh I love novel-like comments 🙂

      Yeah Sera and Mari definitely have that in common. Sera is the oldest too, so initially it was just her not wanting to share the attention too, she always felt the need to prove that she’s better than them. With the “good” part, it’s definitely something that annoys her about Carly. It’s not the case with Vito, since he’s not as cookie cutter, but she’s jealous of him because he has the relationship she wants. And then there’s another reason why she resents these two, but I’ll get more into that in a future chapter, so stay tuned 😀

      And I agree that you can definitely tell that she’s a teenager from her behaviour – she’s super impulsive and acts based on her (ever changing) mood without thinking of the consequences. And things that aren’t necessarily a huge deal seem like the end of the world to her 🙂 I suppose that’s why I don’t judge her too harshly myself.


  6. Sera is such a bitch. I don’t care what self-inflicted problems you’re poorly healing from, that is no excuse to treat people so terribly. Her yelling is certainly interesting to read, in a love-to-hate-her kind of way.

    I’m just glad Louis and Vito are back on track. Carly can do no right in Sera’s eyes, poor thing. I guess we’ll see what happens when this new guy pursues Sera. I could take him or leave him, but if a guy who looked like that hit on me in high school, I’d be creeped out, ijs.


    1. Oh yeah, Seraphina is not a fan of Carly’s. Not that she particularly likes anyone in general 🙂

      Lol! Personally I don’t see the creep vibe haha. In fact, someone like that would have been exactly my type in high school – though preferably he should be more pale and undead looking (I was a goth) 😀 Different strokes for different folks, I suppose 🙂


  7. *hugs Carly* Poor girl.

    I’m super worried for Sera. All this self-destructive behaviour is just going to make her life worse, not better.


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