The Bloomer Legacy: 9.20 What does it feel like?

I’m a bitch. Everyone knows that. But believe it or not, nobody’s every called me that, at least not to my face. Not until now.

I kind of admire Hallie for saying it. She takes no plum from anyone. Not like the other losers.


So I’m guessing all you kind-hearted people out there are wondering what it feels like to be me.

Because you’ve never had your blood boil with rage. Never found the slightest pinch of satisfaction in the misery of someone you can’t stand. Never said anything you regretted later. Yeah, right. I get it. You’re a bit of an equestrian. You like your horses, and you like them high.

But back to me. What is it like to be me, you ask?


Ok, I’ll be honest with you. The mornings are plummy. Contrary to what you might think, I don’t wake up being angry at the world. I wake up with the world being angry at me. It makes me feel sick, having to face them all. And that’s not even the worst of it.

The longer I’m awake, the more it starts coming back to me. With each second.


That plumming summer.

I won’t say it was all perfect before then, because it wasn’t. Far from it. But then I met Antoine, and suddenly the world seemed different.

I didn’t want to let him in, but he snuck in anyway. The point is I felt something, as much as I tried not to. The things everyone hates about me, he didn’t seem to mind. So I thought everything was going to fall into place from then on.

I thought that he was going to fix me.

Wow, what an idiot I was.


It’s been three months now. I need to stop thinking about it. I still have to drag myself out of bed every day. And so I do.

But I don’t stop thinking about it.

I could probably make peace with what he did to me. After all, I only knew him for what, a week or so? So he ripped my heart out and chewed it up. Plum happens.


What I can’t get over is that none of them said or did anything when it happened. Not that day, or the one after that, or those that followed. Not Hallie, not Vito, not even our little holier-than-you Carly. All she did ask me was if I actually had woohoo. She was obviously judging me. Not something she’d do, because she can do no wrong…

Of course, they all made sure to constantly make a huge deal out of Vito’s new boyfriend. I can’t count the number of times he recounted their first kiss in detail, with Carly cheering him on. And what did I get? Not even an are you ok. At least a simple sorry he turned out to be a jerk would have been nice.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Nobody cries for you when you’re a bitch.


Do I like what I see in the mirror each morning? Not particularly, no. Funnily enough though, I don’t usually see the bitch at first. I see a scared little girl.

It’s pathetic, I know. But luckily it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.


I think of it as war paint. A little bit of mascara here, to forget about a brother who never stood up for his sister. Well, not this sister, that is. He’d do anything for his other, far more morally superior sister.

The oh-so-kind sister, who always does everything right, helps every single nobody, but doesn’t care that her older sister is hurting. What did she say to her precious Vito on the first day of school? That he doesn’t want to be as bad as me, or something?

That’s ok though. Nothing a little bit of concealer can’t hide. A touch of blusher there, so that it looks like I didn’t have a sleepless night.


And now Hallie. At least she had the decency not to get on the Louis and Vito gush train in front of me, but she didn’t exactly do anything to help. She just did what she always does, pretending like what we do has nothing to do with her… Well I guess she’s had her input now.

Since I’m now officially a bitch, I suppose I could go a bit crazier with the lipstick. I mean, I already dyed my hair last night. I might as well go all out, right?


With the right outfit to complete it all, she’s finally coming to life. The you-know-what in the mirror.

As for me, well, I think I’m finally ready to venture out of the room to face them. It’s just another day.

I’ll give them the bitch they want.



22 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 9.20 What does it feel like?

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  1. Oh Sera, no. That’s not the answer. I do feel for her – I know what it’s like to feel like no-one cares. She just… picked the wrong way to deal with it. Stupid Antoine.

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  2. I love the new look, which I feel bad for saying because it’s obviously coming from a self-destructive place.

    You know… Sera kinda has a point, everyone just assumes that with her tough exterior that she doesn’t need compassion. But she definitely needs compassion. I mean, you could tell when Vito was mocking her about Antoine that it was something that upset her, and I totally get how Sera feels like no one even tried to feel badly for her.

    If I were her sibling, I’d let her know that I had an inkling towards compassion, but that I don’t make a habit of pitying self-inflicted problems, like Sera choosing to sleep with Antoine in a damn bush of all places less than a week after she’d met him. But… having said that, I would hope she at least heard the first part that there was compassion underneath the judgement, lol.

    I’m also thinking about Carly and how it’s probably not even occurring to her to give Sera some more compassion. She probably sees her as such a tough chick, who never let’s anything get to her, and the few times it does, she responds by lashing out. So… yeah, if I were Carly, I wouldn’t be knocking old ladies over in the street rushing over to give Sera more compassion. I’d be more worried about ruining our relationship even further when she bit my head off for even trying.

    Yikes, teenagers and their complexities!

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    1. That’s a really good analysis! I can absolutely see why Sera feels hurt by not getting more compassion. And I equally understand why she’s not receiving it. It’s tricky having all these different personalities living under one roof. And the fact they are teens doesn’t help! Hopefully things may get easier when they grow up? Perhaps? 😀

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  3. The thing is, I get that Sera is hurting and she wants compassion but all her moments of compassion have been rare. She’s a teen and doesn’t know how to ask for help but still: treat others the way you want to be treated. She’s using this hurt as an excuse to be truly mean, it seems. I thought she’d grow out of it but it looks like she’s truly done some damage to her family relationships. I can’t wait to read the next few chapters. I’ve been constantly refreshing the page! Although, not having anything to read has finally made me catch up on my own story! :Please love the story!

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    1. Thank you for reading. Ah yes, the whole treat others the way you’d like to be treated… I don’t think Sera’s matured to that point yet haha, it’s been one she’s always sruggled with. Even though as you pointed out, she did have a few kinder moments in the past too. And she is still very young. If there’s any hope for her, she needs to learn how to cope with her own feelings first. That would already drastically improve her relationships with others. The problem is, because of how messed up her relationships with others are, she really struggles with dealing with her issues more rationally.

      And hi! Don’t think I’ve seen you comment on here before, thank you for reading! 🙂

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    1. In Sera’s defense, she is very young – of course, being a sim she doesn’t really have a real age, but she’d probably be about 15 if she wasn’t. So it’s to be expected she still has a lot of growing up to do. They all do 🙂

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  4. It’s heartbreaking to see her decide to become even meaner after what happened with Hailey, rather than try to improve herself. Then again, it’s interesting to see her point of view. She has valid points, but I think she picked the wrong course of action as a result of all this…


    1. I don’t think she necessarily decided to be meaner. After all, for all we know this could be her daily routine. Sera has a lot of pain inside her. She’s just not choosing to cope with it the best way.


  5. I love Sera so much. I love her. I loved her from the beginning and throughout, despite hating how and when she lied to Louis. It’s incredible to me that so many sims (and people) bash Sera for being a sharp-tongued, “mean” woman but Vito is basically the same and doesn’t get the same backlash from other sims really… she is learning and growing and coping and dealing with really difficult things and… ahhhhh… I feel for her. I feel WITH her. I am aching right now. And that look… I’ve been through that. Sometimes the way through is to put on your strength and disregard what anyone else is saying or feeling just to get yourself through the day.

    I feel like I am much more compassionate than that, but some days I think I have a lot to learn from Sera. We both need to have a thicker skin- because really she has a thin and sensitive skin just like I do, and we react to the pain very differently. But also kind of similarly?


    1. I applaud you for noticing this at a time when most readers were giving Vito a free pass. I think he generally gets away with stuff because he’s nice to the people he does like, like Carly and Louis, and also He is pretty smitten with Louis so people get to see a softer side of him. But you’re right, he can be pretty nasty!

      And yes, you’re absolutely right – contrary to what it moght seem Sera doesn’t have thick skin at all. She is not in a great place, and doesn’t know how to cope with her own emotions.


  6. (haha lurking reader on the rise) Is it bad that I love Sera now? My order of favorites is still Carly in first, but everyone else is now battling for second. :0


  7. I love your pictures of Sera’s transformation in front of the mirror 💖

    NB: I sense that the germ of BC is sprouting in the soil.
    Maybe it’s just something I imagine 😊

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    1. I can see what you mean! The 9th generation is definitely the closest to BC in writing style, and it is a bit of a character exploration too. Though they’re still quite different from each other themes-wise, but definitely a stepping stone. Though I don’t know if stepping stone is the right word here, because they both take a different direction. but yes, some commonality for sure! 🙂

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