The Bloomer Legacy: 9.36 The View

“Well, here we are,” Hallie said when they got out of the taxi. “Should be that apartment building over there.” “Check you out, booking the best pad in Windenburg,” Vito nodded approvingly. “Looks pretty swanky.” “It’s mean to have good views,” Hallie shrugged. “But more importantly, the festival lot is less than a 5 minute... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.35 Jackpot

Ralph reached the barn in Willow Creek and stopped for a little bit. It seemed abandoned, but almost looked quaint in the sunshine. Two things he hadn’t really expected. Was this definitely the right place? He pulled out his phone to check the address. Seemed right. Time to have a closer look, he thought as... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.34 Memory Lane

20 hours earlier Vito’s heart skipped a beat when he got into the studio that morning. He’d returned! Granted, he looked all sorts of disgruntled and uncomfortable, but that didn’t change the fact Louis was sitting on his couch. “You’ve come back!” Vito blurted out as soon as he walked through the door. Louis didn’t... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.31 Matter of Principle

Vito dragged himself through the back garden. Seeing how animated the girls were that afternoon, he almost regretted not taking the front door to his house. “So hopefully the cute guy will come to the bar again tonight,” Sera whispered to Hallie conspicuously. “Uh…huh…” Hallie’s reply was lukewarm. “You should see how ripped he was…”... Continue Reading →

Generation 9 Building Update

My guesstimate is that we're currently about halfway through generation 9! And we're also about to have a bit of a time jump, from the next chapter onwards we'll be joining Sera, Carly, Vito and Hallie as Young Adults. With the kids freshly moved out and starting a grown-up life for themselves, I figured I'll... Continue Reading →

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