Generation 9 Building Update

My guesstimate is that we’re currently about halfway through generation 9! And we’re also about to have a bit of a time jump, from the next chapter onwards we’ll be joining Sera, Carly, Vito and Hallie as Young Adults.

With the kids freshly moved out and starting a grown-up life for themselves, I figured I’ll give you a little tour of their new pad before we jump back into the story.

As you can see above, I’ve created small studio homes for each of them, they’re all identical with an industrial look from the outside but furnished to suit each of our heirs’ tastes.


The homes are on the largest plot in Newcrest, so there’s definitely potential for growth as the generation 9 lot start their families. At the moment, they’re big enough to house two sims each. There’s also a large communal garden at the back for them all to enjoy.

Seraphina’s Studio


Sera is the girliest out of the bunch and does enjoy a nice dose of fushia, as we know. I’ve tried to givve her place the darker more gothic look she’s taken on over the years, as well as her penchant for shiny things and beauty products.


Opposite angle


Aerial view

Carly’s Studio


I wanted Carly’s home to have a warm and sunny feel, just like her personality. There’s a lot of plants and earthy tones in here to help with that. Stupidly I left Carly’s collectible collection back in Pauline and Leo’s house, so she’ll have to start afresh; expect this space to fill with frogs, crystals and rocksΒ  soon!



Opposite angle


Aerial view

Vito’s Studio


Vito likes his interior clean and modern, so I went for simple black and white for his place. Of course I had to make sure to include at least a bit of wall art, in particular some photography to reflect Vito’s interests.


Opposite angle


Aerial view

Hallie’s Studio


Hallie’s studio is a lot more subdued then her teenage room but I still wanted to make it kind of groovy. It’s a chilled out space ideal for relaxing while listening to music or hanging out with friends.


Opposite angle


Aerial view


And a closeup of the outdoor seating to finish off – the bird feeder is naturally Carly’s.

The lot is up on the gallery under my user name ThePlumbobBlog.

Hope you guys didn’t mind the small detour from the story that we’ve taken over the last few days! We’ll catch up with our generation 9 gang in the next update to see what they’ve been up during the remainder of their high school years that we missed, how they’re settling into their life as YAs and what has changed (or hasn’t).

Oh, and one of our heirs may have already built their contribution to Newcrest, but more on that in the next chapter…

16 thoughts on “Generation 9 Building Update

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  1. When looking at Seraphina’s room, I find it funny that despite her new gothic style, she never really lost her love of pink.


  2. What a great idea! I love that they each have their own little space. Carly’s is so cute! As much as I love pink and girly things, I love hers the most! Great job!


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