The Bloomer Legacy: 9.77 Long Way from Home

The market captured all of their senses as soon as they opened; from the delicious smells of dishes they’d never heard of to the unfamiliar tone of the husker’s song. And naturally, one could hardly miss the vibrant colours surrounding them…


But to Sera, the most unusual sight of the day was Lorcan’s face. It softened as he took everything they encountered with almost childlike curiosity. She could barely recognise the always seemingly detached man she knew in Newcrest. They were a long way from home in more ways than one. But it wasn’t a bad thing.


“So, what do you want to check out first?” Sera asked, scoping the stalls around them.

“I don’t know about you but the food smells pretty tempting to me,” Lorcan suggested. “Not that that narrows the options down too much…”

“I guess we have to try it all then,” Sera winked and headed towards the table with the largest selection.


“The curry is way too spicy for me,” Sera said between bites. “Maybe I’ll just stick with the samosas.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to try it all?” Lorcan teased. “Have a taste of this one, seems pretty harmless.”

“I can’t tell if you’re trying to trick me or not,” Sera eyed him and down with suspicion.

“No I’m serious,” Lorcan insisted. “I promise this one is… hang on! Delayed heat!”


“The worst kind!” Sera giggled, quickly putting her plate down.

She watched Lorcan huff and puff as her turned crimson, trying not to laugh at his misfortune. Not too hard, at least.

“I guess you’re like a real dragon now,” she giggled.

“Go on, revel in my misery,” Lorcan managed to compose himself, wiping away a tear.

“Better you than me,” Sera stuck her tongue out.

“I’ll remember that!”


“I suppose we’re done with the food for tonight.” Sera said when she finally managed to stop laughing. “We need to build up a bit of a tolerance first…”

“At least we tried,” Lorcan smiled.

The little girl passing by with her own plate of extra hot curry was not impressed with their attempt. Foreigners…


Not that Sera and Lorcan noticed. They were in a world of their own.

“Yeah, at least we tried.” Sera repeated, growing serious. Her voice trembled a little. “And we can always give it another go.”

“Of course, we have to.” Lorcan nodded. “Can’t give up that easy!”

“Exactly.” Sera tilted her head a little, waiting to see if he caught on. But he seemed oblivious.

“Right. What’s next?”


“I’ve always wanted to try out one of these,” Sera eyed up the colourful bubble blower.

“Why not,” Lorcan nodded, making himself comfortable on the stool.

Sera joined him and pulled down one of the pipes. “Here goes nothing,” she inhaled.


She started choking on the bubbles, coughing them up everywhere.

Lorcan let out a hearty laugh. “That’s what you get for making fun of my misery. Karma at it’s finest!”

“Pfft. You seem pretty comfortable laughing your head off at my misery,” Sera pulled a face. “Why don’t you have a go?”


“Fair enough!” Lorcan agreed, pulling himself together. “Let me just get that visual of you out of my head… I kid, I kid!” He added quickly when Sera gave him a pretend cold glare.

He reached for the pipe, breathed in and exhaled the bubbles with ease, looking casual as ever.

“Hey! You’re cheating!” Sera accused him playfully. “Have you done this before?”

“I might have,” he grinned sheepishly.

“Seriously? I would have never guessed.” Sera looked at him. “I figured with the yoga and the meditation and all… it doesn’t really go with the healthy lifestyle thing you’ve got going.”


“Not these days,” he agreed. “But I tried all sorts of things when I was younger. You know, a teenage boy, angry at the world… I thought I was so hardcore.” Lorcan chuckled a little, shaking his head.

Sera tried her best to hide her surprise at the fact he not only brought up his past on his own, but that he also seemed quite relaxed about it. She considered what to say for a moment. A part of her felt like she was trying to balance a precious glass vase, eager to hold it, but terrified it will fall and break into bits.

“Too bad I didn’t know you back then.” She said finally. She hoped she sounded casual. “I had a thing for bad boys, you know.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Lorcan said. He didn’t add anything else. They sat in silence for a while.

“Though I have to admit I would have probably liked to know the teen Sera.” Lorcan said after a moment. “I bet she was a firecracker. Maybe she could have set the teen Lorcan straight.” He smiled.


Sera’s eyes lit up. She knew they’d only met as adults for a reason, and by the sounds of it, their younger selves would have probably chewed each other’s heads off, but something about the thought warmed her heart.

More importantly, the fact Lorcan was able to talk about a snippet of his past, no matter how small, with relative ease and things didn’t turn awkward for the first time was a good sign. It filled her with hope.



The monumental building in front of them shone with its crisp ivory white walls. They both stopped for a while when they reached the tip of the garden and just stared at its beauty.

It was Sera who broke the silence. “This is so grand! And romantic, isn’t it? That the emperor built something this impressive in the memory of his deceased wife…”


“Definitely very grand.” Lorcan nodded. “Romantic? Well that depends more on how they were in life than in death, doesn’t it?”

Sera gave him a funny look.

“Sorry. I do get a good feeling from this place. I’m sure they loved each other,” Lorcan muttered.

“No, don’t apologise.” Sera shook her head with a smile. “I like what you said.”

“Oh.” Relief washed over his face. “Should we explore?”


After a stroll around the grounds, Lorcan felt compelled to meditate. He couldn’t ignore the energy of the place.

But strangely, he kept getting distracted. Lorcan usually didn’t struggle with turning inward, especially in beautiful surroundings like this. But today, every time when he tried to focus on his breathing, all that came to his mind was Sera.

This was pointless, he decided, opening his eyes. He set off after her.


He found her sitting at the edge of the gardens, looking like a perfect gem. Perhaps more so than the building behind her, he smiled to himself.

“Hey,” he called out to her. “Sorry I kept you waiting. I thought I needed to meditate to really take the place in.”

“That’s what I’m doing.” Sera grinned at him. “Meditation, the Sera way.”

She closed her eyes and tilted her head towards the sun, basking in its rays.

A warmth spread through Lorcan’s body. He joined her on the bench, mimicking what she did and letting the sunlight stroke his face.


“I think I like the Sera way of meditation,” he told her happily.

Sera looked at him with an odd softness in her expression.

“We really are far from home, aren’t we?” She pondered out loud. “Everything’s so different. It’s almost like we’ve been transported to another life.”

“I agree.”


“You do? You see, for me, this is something I’d never even dreamed of,” Sera exclaimed. “Aside from a couple trips to Windenburg, I’d never set foot out of Newcrest before… but you’re much more well-travelled!”

“I don’t know if I’d call spending my teenage years in Oasis Springs being well-travelled,” Lorcan let out a small chuckle.

“Well, you’ve seen more of the world than I have…”

“I’d say we’re about equal now,” he said softly.

“Lorcan…” Sera paused briefly. She seemed to be gathering courage. “Can I ask use something?”

“Of course.”

“I told you a lot about the teen Sera the other day.” Sera started carefully. “You don’t have to answer this, but… How did you end up in the orphanage in Oasis Springs?”

“I don’t know.” Lorcan said simply.

Sera’s face fell. “Sorry. It was a stupid question… I shouldn’t have asked.”


“No, you don’t understand,” Lorcan interrupted her. He needed to make her feel at ease again, he wrecked his brain. He wasn’t willing to let go of that sun-filled moment they just shared. “I actually really don’t remember.”

“You don’t remember?” Sera repeated incredulously.

He shook his head. “I don’t remember anything up till the age of 14. I was told my family was in some sort of a horrible car accident. I was the only one who survived.”

“I’m so sorry, Lorcan…”

“Don’t be,” he shrugged. “I don’t remember them. I don’t remember that life. It’s is a strange feeling, of course… they’re all gone and I survived without a scratch. In a way, I was glad I got these after that pub brawl.”

He gestured to scars on his face. “It didn’t feel right that I had no mark of it, you know? I suppose it’s the same reason I got all the tattoos too. I didn’t like being a blank slate. I didn’t even know enough about my old life to know if starting over was a good or a bad thing. But I try not to think about it these days.”

Sera looked as if she had an epiphany. “It all makes sense now.” She whispered.


“The anger you say you’ve always had inside you.” Sera explained. “Of course you do. You lost everything… your home, your family, your old life… even your memories. It would be weird if you weren’t angry!”

Lorcan was dumbfounded. He stared at Sera’s face blankly. The world around him turned inside out. “It all sounds so simple when you say it.” He managed to say in the end.

“It doesn’t sound simple at all,” Sera objected. “I’m almost embarrassed now. The younger me… I was so mad at the world too, but for what? My reason sounds so silly compared to yours. Childish. Benign.”

“What was your reason?”

“I was used to being first… and then I wasn’t. And that’s all there’s to it. I was a spoiled little girl.” Sera shook her head. “I feel so ashamed now. You must think I’m ridiculous.”


“I don’t,” Lorcan jumped in immediately. “What you just described, it doesn’t sound like the person I know at all. I don’t care about the past you. I care about you now, the person right in front of me. The person who’s grown, and learned from her mistakes. The past you… it doesn’t matter.”

Sera’s lips twisted into a half-smile. “You know, you should really listen to your own advice sometimes.”

“Or yours,” Lorcan laughed. “You were able to let go of your past. How? What changed you?”

Sera leaned to the side and look directly in his eyes. He couldn’t remember a moment when she looked more beautiful.

And then she said once single word.






Author’s note: I’m using lots from the gallery by a number of talented builders for Sera and Lorcan’s world adventure. Since there is so many this time around, I’ll compile a list of links to all of the builds once Sera and Lorcan’s travels are wrapped up instead of listing them at the end of each chapter like usual.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the rest of their travels. I’m glad to hear you’re using lots from the gallery. I was looking at that building, thinking I hadn’t properly explored San Myshuno, lol.

    I’m loving this slow burn though. These two are taking their time working up to one of the strongest loves I think we’ll see in this legacy, and that’s saying a lot!


    1. Heh oh yeas, I needed it to be a touch more exotic 🙂 And thank you! It makes sense for them to move slow (clearly the opposite has not worked out for Sera in the past too much!)


  2. WOW! I just binge read several chapters and I have loved everything that I have read. I’ve been so busy lately, so I haven’t read any sims stories for quite a while again- I have even taken a break from writing my own!

    First of all, I have to say that I am SO happy for Sigrid and that she has been adopted. My little baby found a family!! ❤ ❤ I am also incredibly happy that Alexus is able to truly be herself and is happy about it, and that Aslan didn't share her secret but let her tell it. That was such an incredible arc. Wow. And the moment between Hallie and Donnie- when he was worried he would never be adopted- was SO touching.

    I am loving the way things are going with Lorcan and Sera. It's really well-done, and I am glad that they are not giving up but also that it isn't easy. And yet, despite it not being easy it also doesn't feel entirely unhealthy in the sense that they aren't ignoring the negative things, etc. etc. etc.

    Speaking of unhealthy- I was SO happy to see that Larobb and Hallie mended their friendship after such an unhealthy split in high school. I didn't know how much I had missed their dynamic, but I really had. Their friendship just brings something so special to the story.

    I am also really happy that Louis has found someone to love, and that it still isn't Vito. That isn't to say that I do not like Vito. I believe that he has grown a lot and I really loved his photography exhibit in the art gallery. I also do feel bad that he hasn't gotten over Louis yet, particularly since Louis has moved on. But it would just seem so forced for them to get back together once again NOW. After everything.

    AND Hope with her new baby siblings was just so adorable. I am excited to see them play together- that is, IF I get to see them play together.

    I have missed all of these sims so incredibly much, and I feel like there is so much more I could say but I am about to fall over from exhaustion so I really should get to sleep. I cannot wait to read more!!


    1. Oh yay, always awesome to see you here 🙂 Hope you’re still enjoying what you’re doing in spite of being so swamped!

      Glad you liked the orphanage storyline, I wasn’t sure how prominent it would become but I’ve had some amazing kids submitted so it kind of developed on its own. And that moment with Donnie and Hallie was a big one for both of them!

      Really glad Larobb and Hallie ended up reconnecting – I used to think it wouldn’t be possible. Lucky that Alyssa has her own way of dealing with life haha!

      It’s definitely a good thing Lorcan and Sera are addressing their issues before jumping in at the deep end. They’ve both had so many issues with self perception in the past they really need to. (And actually, even for more conventional individuals it’s a good idea to address your challenges and differences early on, and not say, when you have a bay on a way like Ralph and Carly, haha)

      Ah yes, Louis and Vito were actually one of my favourite couples of the legacy (well, in the top 5 haha!) so it breaks my heart they didn’t work out, but it didn’t feel right, them getting back together. They’d grown too far apart to be able to mend things, though I do hope they can be friends again some day, much like Louis.

      I don’t know about playing but we will get to see teen Hope interact with her siblings as children 😉


  3. Ah! I am finally caught up!

    I’ve been binge reading the Bloomers (whom I discovered when you advertised the Plum Tree – which I LOVE – at SimsVIP) for about a month now and I am addicted! Now that I am caught up, I can finally comment.

    You are a fantastic writer. You write the most fascinating and complex characters; probably the most relatable and compelling of any Sims story I have read! Since my first comment comes right at the end of this legacy, I’ll share my favourite Bloomers that you have so fantastically written:

    -Ruby. She was the first Bloomer I grew attached to and I was sad to see her go (the second time, that is).
    -Lilah. She’s probably my favourite Bloomer spouse of all time. I loved her! It’s a bonus that Lilah is one of my favourite names too. 😉
    -Chell. I loved Portal and I loved Chell. I was dismayed to see that Booker became heir over Chell, though he fit the generational rule more. I was glad she stuck around awhile after Booker took over.
    -YENN. Everything about her. She represents the favourite Sim everyone has and I love her for that.
    -Olivia. She’s kinda underrated. As a lesbian, I love her so much. And I must thank you for that representation. Most of my sims, personally, are lesbians, but it means even more to me seeing that “rainbow representation”, as I call it, in other players games. I was sad that we never got to see the rest of her life lived out, due to the generation skip and whatnot. But she was great while we had her.
    -Pauline & Peyton. Great storyline and compelling Sims.
    -And lastly, the girls of generation nine, the final generation. I loved Carly and Hallie from the beginning, but Sera had to grow on me. I love Sera so much now. As for Vito, he’s just not my cup of tea, though I am glad to see another gay sim in the game.

    Thank you so much for writing the Bloomers! I certainly look forward to the rest of this legacy and your future works to come. 🙂

    (And sorry for the long comment!)


    1. Absolutely no reason to apologise, I ADORE long comments 🙂 Thank you so much for reading the whole lot in such a short time (and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Plum Tree!).

      Ah, Ruby was awesome. I had no idea she would play such a huge role in the story, and even influence generations down the line when I first came across her. Loved her.

      Lilah and I have a lot in common, so I’m especially glad that you liked her! Definitely one of my faves too (really, a lot of your favourite picks are the same as mine haha!).

      I was really fond of Chell and her understated wisdom and warmth. I actually preferred both of the girls to Booker that generation (well, duh, everybody knows I adore Yenn lol), but neither of them was quite the right fit for the generational task. If it was something more intellectual, she would have been an easy heir choice. But hey, she got to become the director of the science facility eventually, so not bad at all! As for Yenn… well, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to say anything else about her haha!

      Liv was actually my favourite Bloomer heir to write about – Not counting the current generation, since I almost view them as having a story of their own, considering it’s the longest generation of the story by far. Plus it’s always hard to compare anything from the past with what’s happening just now. But I digress. Liv was awesome, and I loved writing her, her teen years were very relatable to me. A part of the reason behind the generational skip was that I didn’t really want to show/write about her dying. Rest assured that her and Heather had lovely golden years running the bar and living in the apartment above it.

      Pauline and Peyton – and Astrid – had a totally different story from the rest, which was a breath of fresh air to write in a legacy 🙂

      As for this gen, I keep going through phases of each one of them being my favourite at a given time haha. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sera though, even when everyone hated her (especially when everyone hated her? Lol!)

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment and I hope you enjoy what’s left to come!


  4. I love this. How wonderful to see “Asia” through their eyes, and to learn a bit more about Lorcan. It’s so sweet to see their relationship blossoming again. ❤


    1. I’m having a blast writing about their travels – it’s always nice to take a little break from Newcrest haha! Having them learn more about the world and each other… well, let’s see where that leads 😉


  5. The Taj Mahal is such an amazing build! It’s very true to form (I’ve had the pleasure of visiting it once before)! And what an epic chat these two had right at the foot of such a majestic building. ❤


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