The Bloomer Legacy: 9.79 In Love

Sera woke up with the first rays of sunshine that entered through the window. She jumped out of bed, briefly appreciating the room’s minimalist design. They’d only arrived at the mountain village late last night, so she didn’t really have a chance to take a closer look up till now. But naturally, what she was much more curious about laid outside of these walls. She rushed straight to the doors to the terrace to take in the scenery in the light of day.


A light breeze dancing through the tree branches greeted her as she stepped outside. Sera could hear birds chirping around her, and the sound of a waterfall in the distance. She closed her eyes, a wide smile spreading across her face.

They hadn’t yet decided how long they would spend here, but she could envision staying here for a good while. It was the kind of place where time could stop if you wanted it to.


Sera allowed for exactly that to happen and simply admired the waterfalls. She took in the view while doing a simple morning yoga session. Nothing too crazy, that one time she’d attempted a handstand was quite enough for her. She’d leave the truly difficult poses to Lorcan for a good while.


Of course, it would be a while till she’d see Lorcan. They may have officially been a couple now, but he still insisted on getting separate rooms in each destination they went. Apparently he didn’t want her to see him in the mornings, when he claimed to be at his worst; not before he’d completed his little morning routine.

Sera questioned it at first, jokingly telling him that she wasn’t normally much of a morning person either, but it didn’t seem to be much use, so she let it go. Which meant she had about an hour or two to herself now.


Through the branches, she noticed a small temple in between the trees. It didn’t look too far, she figured. She could probably comfortably make it there and back with a bit of time to spare. Besides, if Lorcan had to wait around for her for a while, at least it would give him incentive to change this silly sleeping arrangement, she smirked.


She didn’t waste much time getting ready, tying a bow around the kimono-inspired dress she’d bought at a market a few weeks ago, before setting off in the direction of the curved roofs.


As Sera approached the temple, it struck her it was a lot larger than what she’d originally anticipated. So much for making a quick back-and-forth trip, she thought. There was no way she would leave the place without having a closer look.

Her mind felt unusually clear when she made her way across the little bridge. Normally, there would always be at least a bit of a buzz; thinking about Lorcan, her family back at home or trying to plan the next part of their trip.


But right now, all she felt was peace. She gravitated towards the tall tower without even being conscious of her movement. Slipping out of her shoes, she climbed onto the little platform heading to the entrance and opened the door.



Sera wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting, but the marvel in front of her took her by surprise. The room was filled with hundreds of candles, plants and incense. She let out an involuntary giggle. Something about this place made her feel so much joy, but she wasn’t even sure why.

When the brain doesn’t know how to process what it’s feeling into forming coherent thoughts, it’s best to just let yourself be guided by your senses, she decided.


She slowly sat down on one of the cushions, listening to the rhythm of her breath. A stream of golden glow passed through her. Her energy. Her spirit. Her soul. It was pouring out of her through her skin, but there was no less of it inside her for it. She set herself free, melting into the world around her. The glow was everywhere now, though not all of it came from her. Much of it was the energy from the outside world. Or was it a part of her all along? Was she a part of it?


Her body felt light. Did she even have a body anymore? She felt herself rising up. For a moment, it was as if she could see all. Be a part of every single soul in the world.


All she felt was love. She was love. A feeling of warmth tingled trough her.

Was this what Lorcan experienced when he was meditating? Was she actually floating in the air now, like she’d seen him do so many times before?


The fall was immediate. Sera only just managed to open her eyes before landing on the ground with a loud thud.

She blinked a few times, trying to gauge where she was. Definitely in her body. She rubbed her eyes, feeling the skin against her fingers. Her knees ached from the hit she took when she fell.

So she was levitating, wasn’t she?


Perhaps she would become a master of meditation yet, she chuckled to herself as she pulled herself up from the ground. This was definitely an experience she wanted to repeat. Ideally without the fall, of course.

Slowly, she started making her way back to the cottages they were staying in. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been at the temple for, but it was definitely longer than she’d intended.


At the same time, she wasn’t in a particular rush to get back. There were too many things to process. She thought of the experience she’d just had. And then her mind slipped back to the conversation her and Lorcan had in the mausoleum gardens, back towards the beginning of their travels. When she told him he’d changed her. She wasn’t even aware to what extent, until now.

Thanks to Lorcan, she was at peace. She could only hope she’d be able to do the same for him in time. He made her strong. Possibly stronger than he was. So that she could now be strong, for him.

Sera realised she’d fallen in love on this trip. Not with Lorcan – deep down, she knew she’d already loved him for a long time before they both admitted to their feelings. But she’d now discovered a new love in her life; she finally fell in love with herself.




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  1. Yaaaaaaay! I did NOT like Sera as a kid, but I am so happy I can like her now. And it was really good to have a chapter 100% dedicated to her, and not include Lorcan in it (as much as we love him! 🙂 ). Sera has found herself. It’s so nice to see the grounded adult she has become.


    1. Yeah, I remember you used to hate her haha. Glad she grew on you as she grew as a person. And yes, she did actually spend the rest of the day with Lorcan and I was going to include some of that in the chapter, but it didn’t feel necessary in the end.


  2. Oh no… I’ve caught up… I’ve been reading this thing for 3 days now and used up all the mobile data reading it in different doctor’s waiting rooms.

    You need to write faster. 😀

    Your screenshots become more beautiful with every chapter, and the lots you chose to display the world travels are absolutely awesome, I might need to check them out myself.


    1. OMG, you read all of this in three days? :O That’s got to be a record! Thank you so much! (Oh and I’ll be making a post linking to all the lots I’ve used for the travel chapters in a few days, so stay tuned for that if you want to download them yourself 🙂 )


  3. That’s awesome! Falling in love with yourself is the hardest to accomplish! I’m still working on that one myself 🙂

    You have great character development in your legacy also!


  4. I love this chapter. I’m very glad that Sera finally is at peace with herself, and that she can finally say she can love herself.
    Plus OMG that lot is AMAZING.


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