Asian Gallery Lots Roundup

Now that Lorcan and Sera’s travels through Asia have come to a close, it’s time to share the amazing gallery lots I’ve used throughout the chapters. I figured it would do these gorgeous builds and their talented creators more justice to do a separate post rather than listing these at the end of each chapter. The amount of talent among builders out there still astonishes me, I don’t know how people come up with these things!

Chapter 9.77 – India-inspired Builds


I’ve used the two lots above to give the Spice Market a slightly more Indian flavour, and while they were mainly in the background in the story, they’re definitely worth checking out in their own right – especially if your sims are foodies, since they’re both restaurants!

Left: Kinara Indian Restaurant by Feed The Weird (Download)

Right: Karishma Restaurant by Hatsy (Download)

I’ve never been to India myself, but I love the colours of these builds and they made San Myshuno feel even more exotic!


Of course, the star of the chapter was the gorgeous Taj Mahal build by Frollein Celine (Download).

The gallery is filled with Taj Mahal-esque builds, and I tried out heeps of them before settling on one, and I can honestly say this one was the most gorgeous. (Plus it fit on the 64 by 64 lot on the island in Windenburg perfectly, and it looks to die for in that lighting!)

Chapter 9.78 – Japan-Inspired Builds


Both of the background builds in this chapter were built by Harichansarubou, and boy, do you need to check out this person’s gallery profile! They have a bunch of Japanese-style homes which I didn’t quite get a chance to utilise in the story, but I can tell you first hand that they are the real deal – I was lucky enough to visit Japan two years ago and the residential areas look exactly like this simmer’s builds. If you want to build yourself a perfect mini-Japan in The Sims, this is the place to be.

Left: Japanese Wedding Shrine (Download)

Right: Sushi Kappo Oyashiro (Download)

Chapters 9.79 and 9.80 – China-Inspired Builds


Now here is where we get to the builds that got more heavily featured in the story. Firstly, there’s the stunning Asian Mountain by Auvbri (Download). I desperately wanted a remote-looking mountain build with an Asian feel for chapter 9.79, and this one delivered on all fronts. I couldn’t believe my luck that someone made exactly what I was looking for!


Next up is a Dojo and Spa that was co-created by two of my favourite builders, Fry of Simproved and Zoe of The Great Simphony. I mean… just look at this thing, do I even need to say more? Well, I will… Both of these ladies make extremely creative and unique builds; some of you may remember that I used heaps of Simproved’ builds for my fairytale chapter back in generation 8.

The Great Simphony is the queen of China-inspired builds, and there’s a good reason why I saved her for last; not only were both of the builds in chapter 9.80 made by her, but her builds are also the reason why this whole travel arc exists. I’ve been dying to utilise some of her Asian builds for a long time, and a journey of self-discovery seemed like a perfect path for Sera and Lorcan; win-win situation!

Fun fact: Zoe’s creepy barn build and archeologic dig site also significantly inspired Ralph and Carly’s YA storyline earlier in the generation. Basically, if you’ve enjoyed this generation, you should thank her for creating builds that practically make stories write themselves…


Left: Temple and Market (Download)

Right: Chinese Water Garden (Download)

Hope you enjoyed this little detour from the story and that some of these builds inspire something great in your game too!

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