The Blackwell Chronicles

Meet Cordelia Blackwell. A fiery redhead with a hidden unlucky trait, and according to a certain elf, a bit of a buzzkill. Known as the cursed child for the majority of her life – or at least ever since that fateful night that turned her life upside down – she’s determined to leave her old life behind. Stumbling into a world unlike anything she’s ever seen, for the first time ever, Cordelia might actually have a chance at getting rid of her curse. Will she escape her past, or will it consume her?

Chapter Index

Chapter 1: The Dream

Chapter 2: Into the Woods

Chapter 3: The Elf in the Tree

Chapter 4: Realm of Egos

Chapter 5: Motes and Secrets

Chapter 6: Frogs and Bargains

Chapter 7: First Day of Work

Chapter 8: Trial of Elements

Chapter 9: Untamed

Chapter 10: Revelations

Chapter 11: Potions

Chapter 12: The Hollow Pumpkin

Note: I’m using some amazing gallery builds and a couple of gallery sims throughout the course of the story – all credit goes to the original creators. Visit the Credits page for a list of lots, sims and their creator’s Origin IDs.

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