1.13 Friends and Foes

“Wait… I thought you said people wouldn’t be dressing up for Spooky Day!” Cordelia pulled a face when she saw Dandelion emerge from the tree trunk. The outfit he was sporting would definitely fit in ye olde times, and the pointy hat with colourful feathers was worthy of a pirate… a successful one, Cordelia thought.

“What do you mean?” Dandelion asked. He didn’t wait for her response, strutting right to the path towards the portal.

Cordelia dashed after him. “I mean your getup, of course, Captain Hook!”

“Who’s that?” The elf looked at her quizzically.

“Never mind…”

“If you mean my coat and hat, well I’m wearing those since it’s gotten colder, dummy.” Dandelion enlightened her. “You’ve got yourself some warmer clothes too, didn’t you?”

Cordelia couldn’t help but laugh. “Point taken. Guess you’re just making me look underdressed.”

“Don’t be silly.” Dandelion shrugged her concerns off. “Who cares what you’re wearing! The fair will be so much fun!”

She smiled at her friend softly. By now she’d learned not to take offense at his remarks. “I’m sure it will be, Dandy.”

A part of her was a little anxious about what would happen on the other side of the portal that night, but she kept that to herself.


They found the fairgrounds through another portal within the magic realm, not far from the gardens. Dandelion babbled on about some place called Casters’ Alley being around the corner, but Cordelia was not sure what he was on about. There was too much to see to take in what her friend was saying properly.

She considered the magic realm outlandish on a regular day, but this was something else. The stalls and lanterns were distracting, but Cordelia still noticed the fact that half the buildings and the furniture within seemed to be amid floating into space. Neither Dandelion nor the spellcasters around seemed to pay it any notice though. Was this considered… normal?

“Neat! This is just like I expected!” Dandelion exclaimed with glee.

Cordelia was happy for him, at least. “It is?”

The elf nodded. “Yeah, I mean, I sort of remember from back when I was a kid, but you know how you big things up in your mind when you are so little compared to the world around you… but it’s just as spooktacular as I hoped!”

“That it is.” She was still taking in her surroundings. Trouble with the magic realm was, she couldn’t quite tell what was real, magical, and what was just a part of the fair… unless there was no such thing as props here, of course… “Sorry. It’s a lot.”

Dandelion bent his back in a little bow. “Not to worry, Cordie. I’ll be your magical guide this evening!”

She took his lead and curtsied with a little giggle. “Enchanted! So where are you guiding me to first, Mr. Guide?”

He looked around briefly. “Err… the bowl of sweets right behind me! I mean, you can’t have Spooky Day without candy, right?”

Cordelia thought back on that evening he attempted pumpkin carving and what he told her that night. She wondered if, in spite of what he was saying, Dandelion did in have plenty of candy-less Spooky Days. But she didn’t ask. “Of course not!” She replied, perhaps a bit too eagerly.

The turned to the bowl. It was overflowing with candy.

“Will my magical guide sample first?” She winked at Dandelion.

“Well, duh! You know how much I love swee- err, I mean, how much I want to guide you through the fair, make sure it’s safe!” He tried to safe face, but his arm was already half submerged within the bowl among all the sweets.

An explosion of fair blue light surrounded them, startling him. He jumped back, dropping his candy, much to Cordelia’s amusement.

“What happened to my brave guide, Dandy?” She chuckled softly.

“Hey, I couldn’t have expected… I was just unlucky that this particular trick was spookier than others, that’s all.” He crouched on the ground, picking up the sweets he dropped and proceeding to stuff them in his mouth. “Candy’s still good, though!”

“I guess it’s my go, isn’t it?” Cordelia asked with a grin.

“Seems only fair,” the elf said with his mouth full.

“Better watch out for all the spooky tricks…” She said out loud, tilting back as if to shield herself in an exaggerated display of supposed terror. She looked at Dandelion through the corner of her eye. He seemed satisfied with her “fear.” She tried her best to suppress laughter. This was too much fun.

She did almost shriek out for real when a giant green arm emmerged from the bowl, tossing the sweets at her. But it was a fake arm, made out of rubber. At least she hoped it was. Either way, they had a good laugh about it.

Maybe she shouldn’t have worried about coming to the magic realm today. The sprites would not follow her here, she was with her friend, and the fair did turn out to be fun… she could barely remember what she was afraid of.

That was, until she spotted Morgyn right talking to some young woman, right by the stall opposite them.

It was one thing for her to chew Morgyn’s head off out in Glimmerbrook, while she was annoyed, late for work, stressed by the sprites and semi-sure she wouldn’t ever need to see them again… and a whole other thing now, in the magic realm, on the sages’ turf.

And then there was that whole other uncomfortable sensation she felt in her stomach when she looked at the girl, seemingly hanging onto Morgyn’s every word.

Cordelia couldn’t make out what they were talking about, but whatever they said, Morgyn then proceeded to launch into what looked like a very complicated spell.

The girl then said something, prompting the sage to laugh. Cordelia did her best to push that ugly feeling down. She’d better get out of there before Morgyn noticed her anyway…

“Dandy, it’s Morgyn… can we go somewhere else?” She whispered to her elf companion.

He raised an eyebrow. “I though you said you liked Morgyn?”

“It’s complicated.” She gave him a pleading look, since he clearly wasn’t understanding her point. “Can we please just… get as far from Morgyn as we can at this fair?”

“Works for me,” Dandelion shrugged. “There’s a roller-skating rink back there.” He pointed somewhere across the fair grounds. “You ever tried it?”

She had not, but was grateful for the out. “Thank you.” She whispered and hurried towards it.


“You ok, Cordie?” Dandelion’s concerned face appeared above her. So she didn’t exactly have a natural gift when it came to roller-skating…

“I’m fine,” she sat up slowly, rubbing her back. The achiness was hardly her biggest concern.

“There you are!” A distinct high-pitched voice echoed from the end of the skating rink.

L Faba swanned in with a huge grin on her face. “I was starting to think you were hiding from me, Dandy!”

“Lulu!” Dandelion let Cordelia to her own devices as she attempted to stand up and rushed towards his sage friend. “Why would I be hiding from you? I came here to see you!”

From the distance, Cordelia saw a smile of genuine affection on L Faba’s face. “Aww, come here, little sprout!”. The mischief sage wrapped Dandelion in a hug.

Cordelia grew acutely aware of what a third wheel she turned into in that instant, seeing the old friends hug. The first time she’d seen them together, Dandelion was so focused on helping her with her own sprite predicament, but not this time. She didn’t understand. If they truly had missed each other so much, why spend so much time apart? Why did Dandelion celebrate holidays alone? She didn’t get it.

“Uh, hi,” Cordelia waved at the sage awkwardly, breaking up their little moment. Dandelion clearly cared about L Faba. Perhaps they could turn a new leaf, for his sake. Perhaps their first encounter wasn’t even all that memorable to the mischief sage in the first place.

L Faba glanced at her. She was smiling, but there was something off about it. “Ah, you brought your pet.”

“Cordie’s not a pet, Lulu! She’s a human. More importantly, she’s my friend. Like you.” Dandelion told her enthusiastically.

“Sure she is,” L Faba’s smile had not left her face, but Cordelia noticed her eyes looked cold. “We’re all friends here, aren’t we?”

“Speaking of mutual friends, how’s Morgyn been getting along with resolving your little sprite issue?” L Faba asked. Cordelia couldn’t decide if the sage genuinely cared or not.

“I… they… I think the sprites have a will of their own,” Cordelia settled on a safe response. She couldn’t quite place a finger on why, but something about L Faba’s question felt insincere. “Dandelion has been a real help with them, though.”

“Oh, has he?” L Faba’s eyes narrowed ever so briefly. “Well, that’s our Dandelion… anyway, what do you think of the fair, Dandy?” She turned to the elf.

“Oh it’s awesome!” He enthused, wide-eyed. “I’m so glad you invited me! We’ve had these cool spooky candies when he got here…”

“Actually, Dandy, would you be a darling and bring me one of those? Or a few… you know how much I love candy…” L Faba said sweetly.

Dandelion didn’t hesitate. “Sure! Do you want any flavour in particular?”

“Surprise me… why don’t you pick a few you think I’d like? I bet you can choose just the right ones…”

Even with Cordelia’s limited life experience, she knew the sage was up to something. But what? Dandelion was oblivious, though. He galloped away happily, probably already thinking about what sweets his friend would like the best.

L Faba didn’t waste any time. Sure enough, as soon as he was out of sight, her fake smile dropped.

“You… I don’t know what you want with Dandelion, but you’d better keep away from him!” She told, no, commanded, Cordelia.

So much for that new leaf, Cordelia thought. L Faba was clearly not interested in getting to know her, let alone being friends. The thoughts of Dandelion’s loneliness back at the pumpkin station rushed back to Cordelia. Who did this woman think she was?

“What, like you have?” She retorted. “You’re so quick to point out all of my flaws, but I’m not the one who’s left him all alone in that meadow!”

The words came out angrier than Cordelia had expected, but she didn’t try stop them. “Do you realise how lonely he had been in Sylvan Glade, while you were busy doing your important sage-y stuff? You called me high and mighty when we first met, well maybe you should take a look in the mirror!”

Her cheeks were burning. She knew this whole yelling at sages habit couldn’t end ell, but this time, she didn’t care. Going off at L Faba may have been just as risky as screaming at Morgyn, but she had a better reason this time, a reason far bigger than herself. And she’d be damned if she let Dandelion be used by this woman.

L Faba’s face grew even more pale than normal.

“How dare you!” The sorceress was shaking. “You don’t know the first thing about me! But you will learn. Maybe you think you can get away with anything because Morgyn finds you quirky – for now – but I am not Morgyn. And you will regret the day you’ve made me your enemy!”

Cordelia subconsciously took back a few steps. L Faba was a sage of mischief. Mischief was not as dangerous as untamed magic, was it? Cordelia wasn’t sure. She didn’t really know enough about either of the magic schools. But she hadn’t expected this outburst of venom.

L Faba took a deep breath. “I really don’t have to deal with you.” She was no longer yelling. In fact, her voice was eerily quiet. “I can just make you go away.”

Cordelia kept backing away, but it was too late. The mischief sage already had her wand out. The last thing Cordelia could remember was hearing her call out the word deliriate. And then the world disappeared in a haze.

22 thoughts on “1.13 Friends and Foes

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  1. I love what the look of the fairgrounds! Those decorations look awesome, especially the giant grinning pumpkin at the top of the mansion =D Did you do that yourself, or is it something that comes with Realm of Magic? Most of the decorations looks like they’re from the Halloween stuff pack, so good job either way =D

    Ack, no! Cordelia should have seen that coming, but still, damn it! Now Dandelion won’t know where Cordelia went, and with him being as innocent as he is, Faba could probably say anything and he’ll believe her. What if she tries to convince him that Cordelia wasn’t having fun and doesn’t want to be around him anymore? GAH!

    I wonder why Faba is being like that. Well I know why she’s like THAT at this very moment – the woman is clearly jealous of Cordelia, and she clearly likes Dandy.
    But if that’s the case, then why leave him alone for so long?

    (don’t mind me, just randomly speculating here. doo-dee-doo)
    I can think of two possibilities. Either Faba is a horrible, narcissistic person who doesn’t care about people until someone else tries to take her “toy” away, or she’s somehow trying to protect Dandy from something (or the other way around) by limiting contact. …I’m not sure which one of those is worse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I could never build something like this! It’s a gallery lot by some called Darthlilos, I’ve listed it on the credits page. As far as I can gather they’ve used a mixture of Spooky Stuff, Realm of Magic and Strangerville debug objects.

      Those are both very good theories, certainly either could be plausible! All I can say is that L Faba has her reasons for acting the way she does, though I won’t necessarily divulge if they are or aren’t good ones!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no what!? It all started so sweetly but that end!

    I loooove Dandy’s outfit. He’s totally rocking that look! Man I hope their weather stays cold forever! Dandy needs to wear that ALL the time.

    Also the fairgrounds is amazing. I don’t know squat about spooky day and halloween but if there’s a place like that I’d love to go.

    Aww poor Cordy is still affected by Morgyn. I’m still glad Dandy is nonchalant about it, even if he so because he’s oblivious xD Sometimes you need those.

    L.Faba is so protective over Dandelion. She also has such a low opinion of Cordelia. Wonder why? I bet there’s a story around this. I don’t think L Faba can get any paler than she already is though.. 😆 I thought her cream top blended with her skin color the entire time.. And I absolutely love your screenshots here. So so so pretty! L faba at the end looking so smug lol. Such a perfect cliffhanger ending! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha let’s be honest, we knew this trip was not going to be smooth sailing for Cordelia 😆

      Haha yes that hat was made for Dandy it seems. And yeah, the fair lot is amazing! I didn’t even use all of it for this, but all the different stall worked really well (I was surprised you could hire vendors in the magic realm no problem! Who knew!)

      Ah yeah, Cordelia is definitely not over Morgyn. Dandy probably is 😂

      L Faba pulls all sorts of amazing faces, she makes my job very easy 😆 She definitely found a lot of satisfaction in this. You’re right, (unlike Cordelia), she’s not exactly acting on impulse, at least not entirely. Though I suppose a mischief sage doesn’t need very profound reasons to be mischiveous!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh you only used a portion of the fair? That’s pretty amazing. I’ll take a look at it on your credits page.

        Wait. The faces your cast made are of their own whims? You don’t use anything to initiate their faces? Pose player for example? If yes thats mad. I’d love to be able to do that. I’m pretty strict about my screenies. I bet I’m the kind of stick up the butt director who complains about every single face muscle lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh yeah, I wasn’t lying when I said I know next to nothing about pose player. I have only recently popped my pose player cherry to deliver exciting animations you can look forward to in upcoming chapters, such as Cordelia and Dandelion sitting on the ground, or Cordelia sitting on a bed 😂 But yeah for the most part I like to achieve things “organically” – I guess I have been lucky with them mostly doing what I want? (Let that sink in for the super awkward romance festival chapter lol) Cordelia has the paranoid trait so she always pulls excellent awkward faces, though her timing on those is pristine. I guess the downside is this *is* their life, lol!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ooh wow that’s pretty amazing. Because that would mean your bloomers was without pose player too right? You’re right about it being “their life” now. 😂 personally I’m trying to add a bit more gameplay so they can at least live lol.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. The Bloomers were most definitely a 100% without pose player. I find it a lot easier that way, but I guess it’s what you’re used to. That is not to say I don’t manipulate the situations in any way. I definitely do!


  3. You have a knack for finding amazing lots! This reminded me of the holiday festivals in sims 3, I really miss those, they were so much fun!

    Haha, I knew Morgyn would be there, looking all spectacular and showing off their magical prowess, lol. Cordelia’s got it bad for them.

    I love how Dandelion takes everything so literally and is sometimes completely clueless. I wonder if L Faba feels like she is protecting him. I’m guessing her intentions aren’t completely good-hearted, I think she’s also a little manipulative, but that’s just my take on her. Poor Cordelia, she’s outspoken and I get that she wants to stick up for her friend, but yelling at the sage of mischief magic probably wasn’t the best idea, lol. I wonder what L Faba will tell Dandelion about Cordelia’s absence? Probably nothing good.

    Posing is a pain in the butt, imo. If I can do a scene where my sims don’t have to pose so much I’ll do it. I often wonder if their personality influences their facial expressions (or if I’m just reading into it). Hailey has the goofball trait, and I swear, she makes the weirdest expressions. Sometimes, I can’t use the pictures because she’s contorting her face in such a goofy way and it makes no sense in the context of the story, lol. None of my other characters do that. Anyway, it’s great that you use mostly game-driven interactions, and let your sims play out the scene. Do you write first, then take pictures? Or take pictures, then write? Or a mix of both?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know there’s so much choice on the gallery I rarely find the incentive to build anymore! I was sure that what I needed for the fair was far too specific and I’d have to make my own, but nope, found exactly what I needed and more! I’ll have to force myself to build eventually. Maybe when Cordelia finally gets a house haha! And yes! I loved the seasonal festivals in TS3, they were so much fun to visit!

      Yeah, Cordelia is not very over Morgyn, as much as she’d like to be lol!

      Dandelion is definitely easy to manipulate by those he trusts, so if L Faba is so inclined, I’m sure she could cause a lot of damage. She does have her reasons or motivations, though I’m not quite ready to share what they are or whether they’re good or bad yet 😊

      Oh yes, their traits definitely influence their expressions. The paranoid trait is hilarious! You should do some blooper shots of Hailey haha! And yeah, I’m kind of getting the hang of pose player now but I don’t think I’ll use it unless I have to. I think I know a lot of the interactions well enough to get what I’m after, and if the guys improvise something, it’s usually a bonus 😆

      Good question! I take screenshots first, write second, 90% of the time. I’ve tried the other way around and I do think I actually produce better quality writing if I write first and screenshot second, but it takes a lot of the fun out of it for me, so I tend to avoid it. I usually generally have an idea of scenes I want to cover when I go to game (for example, with this chapter, I knew I wanted an awkward run-in with Morgyn, some bonding time with Dandelion and a conflict with L Faba), but then I often take inspiration on the details from how things actually play out. I hope that makes sense! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The gallery is full of so many great creations. I also have hardly had to build anything for my story. I did build the luau lot, because I had something very specific in my head for that, but other than that most of my lots are from the gallery as well.

        That makes complete sense. I am the total opposite. I have to have everything written out first, then screenshot. Which isn’t as fun, as just playing the game. I do have a story that I am trying sim-driven writing, but I still find myself wanting to plan things out, or coming up with side stories that I will need poses for, lol. So it’s great to read a story that is mostly game-driven and using just in-game interactions. I like reading both kinds of stories, and I think that the in-game interactions work so well in your story. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I definitely admire your approach to it, I know it’s a lot of work, and you do it so well! I’m probably not as sim-driven/spontaneous with my story as you might think, I do have an outline and do have some conversations in the future in my head already, but I can’t help but indulge in the gameplay a little 😊 I probably wouldn’t go with the gameplay if it entirely deviates from my plans, but it can be useful from time to time 😊

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  4. I really like Dandelion. He is like a happy and carefree child 🙂

    I do not want to call Cordelia a child, but she is impulsive and thoughtless, which brings her into new trouble …. besides the problem she seems to have with Morgyn.
    This time it looks like Cordelia has crossed the line and she’s got a dangerous enemy 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He does have a lot of childlike qualities, in a good way 😊

      Yes, Cordelia can definitely be reckless and not think through the consequences of her actions when she lets her emotions guide her… which happens pretty much any time she gets emotionally invested… which currently is a lot 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  5. First of all, I want to live on those fairgrounds. Halloween is my favorite holiday! Second of all, I will have you know that it’s almost 1in the morning where I am and I popped in just to read one chapter but of course with that ending I have to keep reading because WHAT HAPPENED TO CORDELIA.

    I am trying really hard to dislike L. Faba but her sense of fashion is on point.

    Also, my beloved Morgyn in that black catsuit. Yes. All is right in the world (except that L. Faba is clearly a jerk and Cordelia was right with everything she said but telling her off was probably not the smartest thing and Dandelion is such a sweetie but too sweet and too trusting and what the heck is up with him and L. Faba?).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes a bit of a cliffhanger here! 😇

      I’ll let you in on a secret – I actually like L Faba, even though she’s nasty. I can’t dislike any of my characters, apparently 😆

      Oh yes, Morgyn was made for that outfit!

      Cordelia definitely had a point, but aggrevating a powerful mage at their home territory when you don’t even have a friendly face in sight is not the smartest choice…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ooookay that escalated quickly xD

    I can’t help but get the feeling that Faba is trying to protect Dandy from something. She may avoid him bc maybe she has some dangerous business to do? And since he’s so carefree (bless his heart ❤) he doesn’t take it badly.

    I think she’s hostile towards Cory for the same reason. Maybe humans caused something terrible to the magical creatures (I wouldn’t be surprised, maybe it’s even connected to the hooded guys??) And maybe she knows more about the sprites than she wants to admit.

    Okay now this turned into a wild theory session 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow, you really are making it hard to stay in the Morgyn-ambivalent camp! THAT. OUTFIT.

    Those fairgrounds are spectacular—and while we’re guessing, in a scene that hectic, I’d be personally tempted to sneak in some hidden symbolism or foreshadowing that would pop out on a reread. But this isn’t a reread, so I’m just like, ooh, colors.

    At least L Faba’s up front about her dislike of Cordelia, even if she’s not revealing why. She could have chosen to gloat about how close she and Dandelion are while also not insulting Cordelia, so that Cordelia looks nutso and jealous if she complains, but nope! She’s up-front about it. And the reversal from accusing Cordelia of treating Dandelion like a pet to her calling Cordelia Dandelion’s pet shows that she’s not consistent in the reasons she gives for disliking Cordelia; she’s just grasping at straws for anything that sounds negative with no regard to whether it’s true. It does sound from her accusations that Dandelion got burned by a power imbalance, possibly by humans. And she may also have a reason for her name change.

    Wow, all Cordelia has to do is scream at one more sage and she gets to be a spellcaster! If only that were how that worked. If. Only.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, admittedly I can’t think of many people who read this that are ambivalent about Morgyn. Plenty who hate them (not for outfit-related reasons, might I add, because Morgyn has terrific outfits, if I say so myself), some who love them (*cough* Ferosh, what a surprise 😆), but either way, I’d wager you will have an opinion on the BC version of Morgyn down the line 😊

      Full disclosure I did not build the fairgrounds; I do have a Credits page where I list all of the builds I use, other people are far more talented at building and have far more patience! I do kind of like interior decorating, so a couple of the more recurring interior locations in future chapters have been furnished by me (and *may* even have an easter egg or two). But that’s me getting way ahead of myself 😅

      “And the reversal from accusing Cordelia of treating Dandelion like a pet to her calling Cordelia Dandelion’s pet shows that she’s not consistent in the reasons she gives for disliking Cordelia; she’s just grasping at straws for anything that sounds negative”

      Well-spotted. She is adamant to paint Cordelia in a negative light, but she does seem to contradict herself a bit there, almost as if she’s looking for something that will “stick.” She does have her reasons for disliking Cordelia, whether she’s particularly honest about them is a different story. But, yes, she does make her feelings very clear to Cordelia, once Dandelion is out of sight, of course.

      Ah yes, screaming at sages is like collecting Pokemon, right? Gotta catch them all! BC lore revealed 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I am so intrigued about what the story behind Dandy and L Faba is! It’s so hard to tell whether she genuinely cares or not. Is she jealous of Cordelia? But then why doesn’t she ever visit? I don’t get it… so now I have to keep reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. L Faba is definitely not easy to read, she’s holding her cards close to her chest (and it doesn’t help that I don’t gove her that mich screentime, haha). It is peculiar that she only just started to reconnect with Dandy now that Cordelia’s in town, but who knows what’s up with her…

      Liked by 1 person

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