1.21 The Gift

The sound of the bell carried through Dandelion’s tiny kitchen surprisingly loudly.

“Ho ho ho, the feast is served!” The elf called out in his finest belly voice attempt.

Cordlelia chuckled to herself softly. He was being very over the top, considering Winterfest was not till tomorrow and it was only the two of them in the house. But she wasn’t complaining. The only real Winterfest festivities she cared to think back on where the ones with her mother, back when she was little.

Sure, the various foster families she had stayed with in Gibbs Hill celebrated the holiday, but all that ever ended up in was her feeling like she didn’t belong, as if she watched strangers’ lives unfold from behind a glass window. And in the recent years, after practically the whole village turned on her, she spent the day on her own. So this… this felt like the real deal.

Dandelion piled up mountains of food on her plate s soon as they sat down.

“It smells divine, Dandy,” she told her friend. “I can’t believe you made all of this on our own.”

“I wasn’t sure what to make, so I figured I’d make everything.” The elf said with a sheepish smile.

She shook her head, smiling. “That’s not what I meant! You should have told me to come earlier, I would have helped with the cooking!”

“No, that’s ok,” he shrugged. “It’s my treat today. Besides, I bet the Charms will serve you up something real tasty tonight and tomorrow morning, so I wanted to go all out… not that I can compete with it…”

So she still hadn’t exactly told him that there was no Winterfest dinner and brunch at the Charm house, or rather, none that she’d been made a part of… but it wasn’t exactly like she could reveal that now. Last thing she wanted was for Dandelion to feel guilty about his holiday trip to the magic realm.

“Mmm, these pancakes are to die for.” She exaggerated with her mouth full. “Your best yet, I’d say!”

Thankfully, that was enough to distract him. Dandelion spent most of the brunch between trying to perfect his belly laugh and enthusing about his upcoming celebrations with L Faba. Cordelia was happy for her friend, she’d never seen him this giddy. His smile only faltered at the end of the meal when he realised it was time for him to set off.

“Oh, wait, there’s one more thing!” Cordelia grinned, having saved her surprise till the end of the visit. “I have something for you…”

She handed the carefully wrapped present over to him.

Dandelion’s eyes widened in surprise. “A present… for me? Wow… oh no, I didn’t get you anything!” He realised, looking embarrassed. “I… I sort of forgot that people give each other gifts this time of the year. I’m so sorry, Cordie!”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said swiftly. She didn’t really care if he got her a present or not. All she could feel was her hatred of L Faba amplifying, after all, if Dandelion had forgotten the festive custom, it was L Faba who was to blame for that. Cordelia pushed her feelings down, determined not to ruin the moment. “Well, open it!” She encouraged him.

“Oh my goodness!” The elf exclaimed as he examined the contents of the box. “It’s a violin!”

“I know it’s not exactly the real deal,” Cordelia told him, self-conscious. “But it’s as close as I could get… Do you like it? I figured, with how much you enjoyed L Faba playing to you… maybe it’s time that you made your own music.”

“I love it!” He beamed. He picked the violin up to give it a test run.

So… perhaps he had a bit of practicing to do, Cordelia thought to herself as his “music” made her ears feel like weeping. Still, he seemed so overjoyed. It was worth it.

“This is awesome, Cordie!” He grinned at her. “It’s the coolest violin I’ve ever seen too! Where did you get it?”

“I made it,” she confessed. “Hopefully I got kind of close. I don’t really know much about violins, I just went off this book…”

“It’s perfect!” he assured her. “I don’t deserve this, Cordie…”

He wrapped her in a tight hug. “I wish you could come to the magic realm with me. It would be the perfect Winterfest if you could come along…”

“Hey, I’m sure it will still be the perfect Winterfest.” She told him. As much as she would have liked to spend Winterfest with him, between going to the magic realm to spend time with L Faba and being on her own, Cordelia knew the latter was the far superior option. Of course, Morgyn would be there too, a sneaky voice inside her head said, but she did her best to ignore it.

It was only just past midday when she emerged from the tree passage. No matter. Cordelia was good at keeping herself busy. She spent a good hour or so shovelling through the snow to clear a path between the road and her shack, and then even decided to make a snowpal… who was to say she had to be completely alone today, anyway?

The Glimmerbrook woods were so quiet. There were not many people about, most probably huddled up in their homes to spend time with families. It’s fine, she told herself. You’ve done this before. Just last Winterfest… She stopped herself. Thinking of last Winterfest was no better than concentrating on this one.

She shivered. The sun was starting to set, and she hadn’t bothered to put her coat on after returning from Sylvan Glade. She decided to cook some dinner before the night took over.

There was nothing particularly festive about hot dogs, of course – it was what she ate most days. But that was exactly the point. It’s just another day, she said to herself firmly. It doesn’t matter you’re on your own…

But she wasn’t exactly alone.

Of course the sprites decided to swing by today. How could they not… they came to mock her, didn’t they? She thought of Dandelion, L Faba and Morgyn in the magic realm, likely having a blast.

Then again, the sprites were the only company she had. She loathed them with her very core, but today was one of those days when she felt close to being somewhat glad for their company.

They fluttered right before her eyes. What was worse, spending the Eve of Winterfest with the fae that killed her mother, or the fact that a small part of her was thankful they were there?

She tried not to think about it. She leaned back, trying to will herself to sleep. Just sleep through the night, and tomorrow it will all be a distant dream.

She closed her eyes, but she could still hear their wings flapping above her.


The sprites were gone when she woke up, thank the watcher. It looked like a sunny day outside. She could smell the snow. But there was something else. She heard something. Someone? She wasn’t sure. She raised her head, propping herself up.

It was the mailbox. Odd. Dandelion was with L Faba, it was unlikely she’d be sending him a Winterfest postcard.  But what else could it be? He didn’t really have any other friends… unless the post was for her? Was Grace sending her Winterfest wishes, perhaps? Nonsense, Grace didn’t know where she lived, Cordelia reminded herself.

She ventured outside. There was no postman of any kind around… maybe it had just been the wind. Still, she went to check the post box anyway.

There was something in there, alright. An envelope, and a box shoved at the back… She reached for the envelope first. It was addressed to her. Cordelia furrowed her brows as she ripped the envelope open.


The Sage of Untamed Magic kindly requests the presence of one Cordelia Blackwell at the annual New Year’s Eve ball at the Von Haunt Estate, Windenburg. Please arrive at the chateau promptly at 7pm on 31st December.

In the fairly likely event the guest does not possess appropriate attire for a formal dance, the sage has graciously provided a suitable option.

Happy Winterfest.


Was Morgyn writing about themselves in third person? More importantly, why where they asking her to attend a New Year’s Eve party with them? Cordelia’s hands were shaking as she reached back for the box.

Inside it was the most beautiful gown she’d ever seen, made out of a material so soft she was afraid to touch it. Her head was spinning. This had to mean something…

Something was telling Cordelia that this year would end like no other before it.

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  1. Oh wuuut? Man I’m loving Cordelia’s expression in the finally picture. She looks bewildered, excited and nervous all at the same time. ❤ Aww and she made Dandy a violin! I felt so sorry for her. She was so lonely that she had to settle for the fae for company 😦

    I hope Dandy never finds out the truth. He'd feel so guilty. Then again I do hope he'll find out the truth so Cordelia doesn't pull a stunt like this again. If they keep doing this to each other they'd only resent each other.

    How do you take such gorgeous pictures? I feel like you tweaked something of your pics but since you don't use reshade, I've no idea. But it's beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly how Cordelia is feeling! She’s so adorkable 😊

      Yeah you’re right, he’d be gutted if he found out, but they can’t keep going on like that. At least they did spend some time together before.

      Aww, thank you, that’s such a huge compliment coming from you! I don’t do anything with most of them, I only tweak the ones that were taken in the dark because you can’t see squat in those 😆 I don’t think I’ve done anything with these. Might just be that awesome Sylvan Glade glow 😊


  2. Don’t go! I don’t think that invite is from Morgyn. The dress is probably made from magic fabric that’ll disappear or turns to rags or something the second she’s in front of all the other guests. I’ll cling to optimism for now though and assume she’s going to have a lovely night and Morgyn won’t be a complete donut this time. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “cling on to optimism” 😆 I’ve not seen much of that in your comment haha! Interesting prediction, sounds like reverse Cinderella! We shall see how things go… with optimism 😝


  3. Haha! I love Dandy, pancakes for Winterfest. And that’s so cute that she made him a violin. Hopefully, this will make L Faba a little jealous. Though, I don’t know if Cordelia needs more anger directed at her from the sage of mischief.

    And I feel so bad for Cordelia. All alone except for the sprites, which aren’t good company, anyway. But at least she got to spend some time with Dandy.

    I really want to see this dress now and find out why Morgyn is inviting her to a ball. I can’t wait! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can’t be a Dandy meal without pancakes 😆 Haha you’re right, Cordelia doesn’t need more heat from L Faba… but Dandy liked the gift in any case 😊

      Yes it’s not been the best Winterfest for her, but she has the ball to look forward to now! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “I bet the Charms will serve you up something real tasty tonight and tomorrow morning, so I wanted to go all out… not that I can compete with it…”

    Owww. Ouch. Ow ow ow. My heart. They have got to stop doing this. Cutting into their own happiness because they think that makes the other person happy. All it will do in the end is leave both of them miserable.

    Oof, and the sprites showed up again, too. Though this time it wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe they felt Cordelia’s sadness and decided to keep her company. No idea if that’s how their mind works, but that’s how I’m going to interpret it. T.T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good way of wording what they’re doing. You’re right, they need this silly self-sacrificing dance. It’s doing them no good in the long run. I guess they both have so few friendships in their lives they are extra worried about upsetting the other one.

      Yes, there are times when Cordelia can almost appreciate the sprites (key word being *almost*). Their behaviour is open to interpretation as of right now, so your guess is certainly a valid theory 😊


  5. Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just over here with my white wine, finally done with meetings for the day and YOU ARE STOPPING MY HEART. A New Year’s Ball?

    Okay, let me back up. The screenshots were lovely. I wanted to be invited to Dandelion’s festive home. I really enjoyed reading this because I felt like there were two conversations going on. On the one hand, there is Dandy being all jolly and excited for the Magic Realm but also holding back a part of himself that is lonely (and thus, super excited for L. Faba’s attention). And then there is Cordelia also being excited but holding back the part of herself that is super lonely but doesn’t want to burden Dandy with it.

    It made me feel warm and fuzzy and bittersweet all at the same time.

    I do not trust L. Faba.

    I’m blinded by my love of Morgyn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well hello there ❤️ White wine is a perfect choice for the New Year’s ball 😊

      Yes, you are so right – they both hide their loneliness in an attempt to make the other person happy. Bittersweet is about right.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Okay, what was that again with, I don’t want to break your heart?? Morgyn certainly should know what expectations this invitation AND the dress would cause to Cory 😡

    I loved the Pre-Christmas dinner Dandy and Cory had. It’s sweet he made one for her so they could celebrate together. It would be better if their relationship would be more open and less I-don’t-want-to-hurt-the-other, tho. At least from Cory’s side, Dandy is pretty honest.

    IUgh and poor Cory! To be so lonely that she’s even grateful for that terrible company… she needs a friend so badly, one that is on her level. Grace could be one, but the girl doesn’t even know where Cory lives, wtf :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holy cow, you’ve been busy Candy! ❤

      This is true. However, she did basically give them a license to go ahead and break her heart. Which of course should not mean that it's ok to do so.

      Ugh, I know, this dance Dandy and Cordelia do to try to protect the other one is not great. And yeah, she's probably had equally crappy Winterfest eves before, but it still stings.

      Hmm, I know a lot of people that I'm friendly with but don't necessarily know where they live. They just didn't get to that point of the friendship yet – if they ever will, of course.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh, now THAT is a gift! I assumed the violin book was sheet music, but that was a perfect choice. She nailed it. Probably not literally, because nails would ruin the timbre. Or something. It’s not like I have real violin-making experience.

    I’m awarding you a grammar medal for “carefully wrapped present.” Took me far too long to learn the rules for not hyphenating phrasal adjectives, personally.

    Where’s that self-imposed maturity when it comes to L Faba? And then there’s another relatable moment: no one has cared about you for so long that you forget what it feels like, and then when you finally get a taste of real affection you can’t go back. Good for her that she finally knows what she’s missing now. I wonder if that’s part of what draws her to Morgyn: she’s not bothered by the flakiness because she’s used to having to work for basic attention, and she hasn’t met that many people that don’t think she’s nuts and they just happened to be one of the first.

    Lastly: ooooooooooh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you approve – I was very pleased when you left the comment with the ideal gift the other day because I was just going, check, check, check 🙂 And yeah I made the violin book reference deliberately vague as to not make it too obvious. In any case, I’m happy she did not disappoint you!

      Thank you, that means a lot coming from you! My grammar is far from spotless, mind – split infinitives are a vice of mine, for instance. But hey, that’s how people talk, right? It’s believable dialogue, yep. (That and as you know I am a typo queen, though that’s more to do with me not being able to type rather than not being able to spell).

      I wonder if that’s part of what draws her to Morgyn: she’s not bothered by the flakiness because she’s used to having to work for basic attention, and she hasn’t met that many people that don’t think she’s nuts and they just happened to be one of the first.

      Bingo. Plus if the person that’s not treating her as crazy happens to be a sage, respected and admired in their circles, that comes with extra validation. So what if they’re hot and cold, she’s used to mostly cold, so it’s an improvement. In fact if Morgyn was purely warm and fuzzy towards her I doubt she’d be as interested in them, sadly.


  8. Liking the gift contrast of the scrappy violin and the ball gown. Don’t know if it tells us anything we didn’t know about Dandy or Morgyn before but Cordelia is as lonely as…the rest of us in 2021. 😔

    Liked by 1 person

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