1.13 Friends and Foes

“Wait… I thought you said people wouldn’t be dressing up for Spooky Day!” Cordelia pulled a face when she saw Dandelion emerge from the tree trunk. The outfit he was sporting would definitely fit in ye olde times, and the pointy hat with colourful feathers was worthy of a pirate… a successful one, Cordelia thought.... Continue Reading →

1.12 The Hollow Pumpkin

Cordelia threw herself into work, both at the store and at her little campsite. She really got the hang of things at the Hex Shop – sometimes, Grace would even let her work on potions on her own, even though Grace was ultimately the one to end the finishing touches to the potions, actually make... Continue Reading →

1.11 Potions

Cordelia heard Morgyn calling after her but she didn’t stop. Thankfully, she was almost by the shop. She didn’t allow herself to think about what just went down and raced inside the shop instead, darting straight towards Grace. The whole ordeal with Morgyn had already side-tracked her enough. “Nice of you to finally stop by,”... Continue Reading →

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