1.34 First Date Chit Chat

Disclaimer: In spite of the title, the topics discussed in this chapter are not light and breezy. Nothing that hasn’t been directly referenced or heavily implied in previous chapters, but not one of those fairies and pancakes chapters. “Very grand.” Morgyn noted at the sight of the old building before them. “Good choice.” Micah did... Continue Reading →

1.33 Your Wish Is My Command

Micah’s new coffin snapped open as darkness descended on Glimmerbrook. He arose in this new room, where nothing was his, and yet it did belong to him, according to Morgyn. It looked very impersonal, so different from his former room back at Verena’s manor. He scanned the room for a wardrobe, and searched the drawers... Continue Reading →

1.32 Home

Cordelia woke up in the unfamiliar room with a gasp, propping herself up quickly. Where was she? The vampires… “Oh good, you’re up.” Morgyn’s voice reached her. That was it. Morgyn’s room. She was ok. She was safe. The vampires were not here. “You can use my bathroom to freshen up. There should be a... Continue Reading →

1.31 Silver Linings

L Faba opened the door into Morgyn’s room. Under normal circumstances, she would never come anywhere near here, but seeing as Morgyn was off motes know where, gallivanting with their little vampire pet project, or according to them, ‘handling the situation,’ it was perfectly fine for her to do so. Dandelion was sat on the... Continue Reading →

1.30 Out of Hand

Disclaimer: This chapter alludes to domestic abuse (and by this I am not referring to the vampire coven portion), although this is not directly shown or described. If this is a triggering theme for you, you may wish to click off once the characters reach the magic realm duelling grounds. Also, parts of this chapter... Continue Reading →

1.29 The Sprout’s Will

“Just tell me where she is!” The elf demanded. “I know that you know.” L Faba put on her best comforting smile, the kind that would have soothed him and stopped him from asking stupid questions when he was little. “It’s late, Dandy. Calm down, stay over if you like. We can talk it over... Continue Reading →

1.28 Hospitality

The door burst open, causing Cordelia to cower. When she realised it was Micah, a strange sense of relief washed over her. She was aware of how ridiculous that was. He was still a vampire that could potentially kill her, and she was a prisoner in his room. And yet, it felt like the alternatives... Continue Reading →

1.27 The Upper Hand

“What a delightful little surprise.” The vampire whispered in Cordelia’s ear. “I was so disappointed when you left the bakery so abruptly, but here you are, right in my home, in Micah’s room of all places…” The woman lightly stroked through the thick red hair to get it out of the way, her fingers pressing... Continue Reading →

1.26 Sloppy Seconds

Micah stopped in his tracks the minute he walked through his bedroom door. “What the fu-“ “Surprise!” Verena interrupted him impatiently. “I got you a present. Do you like it?” The girl was lying on the bed unconscious, but very much alive. He could feel her pulse from across the room. “You’ve gotta be kidding... Continue Reading →

1.25 Sacrifices

Verena Vampire covens don’t last forever, I’ve been around for long enough to learn that the hard way. These days, I keep my family small. Centuries of failed attempts and betrayals do that. I have learned one thing, there is a time limit on this so-called love. Affection, dedication, loyalty… they’re all fabricated constructs, a... Continue Reading →

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