1.24 Down the Rabbit Hole

Cordelia didn’t understand. Over a week had passed since the magical night at Von Haunt Estate, and she hadn’t heard a word from Morgyn. It made no sense. Of course, nothing involving the untamed magic sage ever seemed to make sense, but how could they have gone from sharing that incredible first kiss to radio silence?

She dragged herself from work, trying not to think of them… and failing miserably. Crossing the bridge behind the Hex shop just reminded her of that time she yelled hear head off at the sage, and once she got to her little shack, she could hardly ignore the massive fireplace Morgyn had conjured.

She considered paying Dandelion a visit, but she was well aware the elf was fed up with her babbling about the sage. He was already underwhelmed when she recounted the events of the masquerade ball, and grew progressively more irritated at the mention of the spellcaster as Cordelia turned more and more frantic throughout the week.

Grace was much more enthusiastic when she’d learned of Cordelia’s crazy New Year’s Eve, but when Cordelia started to fret about Morgyn’s silence, Grace just shrugged it off.

Maybe they were both right. Maybe she was turning crazy.

Morgyn was a busy person. That was all there was to it. Maybe she was just getting worked up over nothing… after all, why should the sage be the one to seek her out? She could go to them just as well. Sure, she had no more magical coins to summon them, but she certainly had the means of visiting. All she had to do was casually pop by the Magic HQ, find Morgyn and laugh off how silly she’d been…

That, or confirm that the sage in fact never wanted to see her again, a little voice inside her head said.

She wandered through the headquarters, but there was no sight of Morgyn studying old tomes or practicing their magic on one of the balconies.

Where could they be? Cordelia stared at the empty cauldron in front of her absent-mindedly. Crazy. She was going crazy.

“Looking for something?” The high-pitched voice made her jump.

Of course the sage Cordelia wanted to see the least had to be the one she’d stumble across. She instinctively took a step further from L Faba.

“I was just leaving,” she mumbled.

To Cordelia’s surprise, L Faba did not sneer at her; on the contrary, she smiled. If Cordelia didn’t know any better, she could almost believe she’d made the mischief sage’s day.

“Please, you had no intention of leaving whatsoever.” L Faba said, her grin growing wider. “I know exactly why you’re here.”

Cordelia had no choice but to play for time. “And why is that?” She asked with hesitation.

“Why, you’re looking for Morgyn, aren’t you?” L Faba leaned in closer, nearly as if she was going to let Cordelia in on a juicy secret, just between them girls. It was bizarre. What was with this conspicuous demeanour?

There was no point in lying. “I am. Are they… around?” She looked up at L Faba awkwardly.

“Afraid not,” L Faba’s voice sang. She was enjoying this a little too much, Cordelia realised.

“Right. Well thanks for your help.” The girl muttered, readying to retreat back indoors.

“Are you not going to ask where they are?” The mischief sage studied Cordelia’s face.

Don’t do it, Cordelia told herself. Don’t indulge her. This is exactly what she wants… But she couldn’t help herself. “Where?” Her voice was so quiet she could barely hear it.

“Morgyn is off doing what Morgyn does best.” L Faba purred. “Gallivanting in pursuit of yet another romantic interest. So fresh, so new, so different from the ones before… Until the next one comes around, naturally.”

“You’re lying!” Cordelia burst out, her voice suddenly flying up several octaves.

“Am I?” L Faba tilted her head slightly, relishing in Cordelia’s outburst. “It’s nothing personal, sweetheart. It’s rinse and repeat. I’ve seen this cycle play out far too many times. For all the talk of the untamed, Morgyn is rather predictable. It would appear we’re at the start of a fresh loop. They’ve got it bad this time it would seem, they’ve been away for days…”

“Liar!” Cordelia interrupted. “That can’t be true! I know that the sages aren’t allowed to leave the magic realm for an extended period of time… if there’s not three sages in the realm, it will get torn apart or something…”

“Your concern for our realm is touching.” L Faba smirked. “Funny that Morgyn’s little trips didn’t seem to bother you when they were for you.”

She’s manipulating you, Cordelia reminded herself. “I have no reason to believe you. Why would you be telling the truth? I know you can’t stand me!”

L Faba didn’t as much as flinch. “Oh, you aren’t wrong there, darling. I understand why you’d feel that way. I am the mischief sage, tricks are my domain, and I love seeing you squirm. So I must be lying…”

The sage’s lips were still curled into a smile, but her eyes were ice cold. Cordelia couldn’t look at her anymore. She brought her gaze down to that necklace of L Faba’s, so similar to her own. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. Life lesson, if you will, free of charge.” The sage continued. “I’ve been around for far longer than you have. And while a lot can be achieved through deceit, there is nothing in this world that hurts as much as the truth.”

Cordelia’s heart sank. The mischief sage had won. She’s lying, Cordelia tried to convince herself once more. But she wasn’t so sure anymore.

L Faba took a moment before delivering the final blow. “Tell you what, don’t take my word for it. The new love interest Morgyn’s chasing after is in some town called Forgotten Hollow. I gather it’s not that big of a place, and not that far from Glimmerbrook either. Take a little field trip. See for yourself.”


Cordelia felt like she made a mistake as soon as she left the Forgotten Hollow station. She’d grossly underestimated how long the train ride would take, making it far later in the day then she would have liked. She probably only had a couple of hours… to do what, exactly? Walk around town and ask passers-by if they had seen a charming gender-fluid spellcaster?

Not that she could see any people around anyway. The town centre looked oddly deserted.

Don’t be ridiculous… or at least, don’t be any more ridiculous, Cordelia scolded herself. She had officially lost the plot. And it wasn’t even the sprites that drew her insane in the end. She clearly shouldn’t have come here, but it was too late now. The least she could do is not get paranoid about the empty streets. See some sights, grab some food, head back home. Stop acting like a crazy stalker girlfriend – when she wasn’t even Morgyn’s girlfriend. And Morgyn probably wasn’t even here…

Her eyes landed on a bakery sign. A sandwich sounded pretty good… or maybe a tart, even. She headed for the door.

“Mmm, delicious!” She heard a woman say as she entered. Cordelia turned around. Was she imagining it, or had the woman smelled her?

“Sorry, what did you say?” She turned to the woman quizzically.

“That our pastries are delicious.” The raven-haired woman told her, licking her lips. “Why don’t you come in for a quick bite?”

“Is this your bakery?” Cordelia looked around the small room. The place had seen better days. The furniture was worn, and the wallpaper had peeled in several places.

“In a manner of speaking.” The woman shrugged. What did that mean? Cordelia couldn’t shake a horrible tightness in her stomach. She felt… like the way the strange couple’s presence made her feel at Von Haunt Estate, she realised.

She cleared her throat. “Actually, I’m not that hungry.”

The woman gave her a look that made her skin crawl. “Who said anything about you?”

Perhaps it was paranoid, but Cordelia was not planning on staying alone with this woman for another minute. She bolted for the door. The bakery owner didn’t stop her. Maybe it was all in her head after all.

But why take the risk?

Cordelia ran from the bakery and through some park, only stopping when she’d made it all the way to the other side. It dawned on her that it had already gotten darker than she’d realised. Did it get dark this early in Glimmerbrook? She wasn’t sure.

And then she noticed her. A little blonde girl, right at the edge of the park. Didn’t look older than Cordelia had been when her mother died. What was she doing here all on her own? The more Cordelia had seen of Forgotten Hollow, the less convinced she was that this was the kind of place a little girl should wander alone…

She made her way to the child.

“Hey there,” she greeted the girl in what she hoped was a friendly, non-threatening tone. “What are you doing here all by yourself? Are you lost?”

The girl’s head turned towards her slowly. There was something eerie about the movement that Cordelia couldn’t quite put her finger on. The child was still avoiding her gaze.

“Lost?” The girl repeated. “Me? No. But you are.”

It was only when Cordelia saw her eyes that she realised just how big of a mistake coming to Forgotten Hollow had been.

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  1. I just wanna scream here – I loved this chapter! Taken down by a mini vamp! I mean, Oh no, Cordelia, run! But don’t because, y’know, hungry vamp kids need to eat too. Gah, this is just great stuff, I’m so conflicted, I’m all here for this.

    (The trains to Forgotten Hollow just take forever, don’t they? 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I see you’re relishing in poor Cordelia’s misery, bad Snuffy! 😛 Though you’re right, what’s a little vampire gotta do, right?

      (The train tracks near Forgotten Hollow are appalling, I hear 😀 )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t relish in misery. You must be thinking of some other Snuffy.

        How much can one little vampire drink? I bet Cordelia’s had papercuts that lost her more blood. I also bet someone will come along and intervene. Maybe a bigger vampire, I mean, hopefully Morgyn.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. *face in hands* oh nooooooo, of COURSE she ended up going to Forgotten Hollow. Head-first into danger. That’s our Cordie. That baker was super creepy, even for vampire levels. Is that why there’s barely anyone around at that time of day? Is nighttime a free-for-all for vampires? Yeesh.

    Aaaaaaggh, and one of them really ended up attacking her! I mean, I knew it was coming, but the fact that it was a little kid still gave me the creeps. She reminds me of Babette. Let’s hope this doesn’t kill Cordelia or gets her abducted. Morgyn to the rescue? Something tells me that they’re not going to be around to *grumble* play knight in shining armor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course she did. Though she realised she was probably being manipulated, so that’s something, right? Living in Forgotten Hollow is probably very suspenseful.

      Ooh Babette as in Skyrim Babette? She was awesome – I loved the Dark Brotherhood questline.

      Morgyn’s willingness to play knight in shining armour would probably depend on how flattering the armour looked on them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup, as in Skyrim Babette! That was the first thing my mind went to. I hope this vampire child is kinder than she was – otherwise Cordelia might not live long. 0.o

        HAHAHA. Damn it, that’s Morgyn for you XD

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I looove Skyrim! My husband and I even had a small shrine of Mara at our wedding 😀

          But yes, for Cordelia’s sake, let’s hope that there aren’t many similarities between the two vampires, aside from the obvious 🙂


  3. Oh, I loved this! I loved the eeriness in your pictures and your writing. How the bakery was all dilapidated, and the owner was creepily implying she wanted to drink from Cordelia. And the little girl was perfect. Little vampire kids are so creepy, right up there with clowns in my book. I loved the cliffhanger.

    I don’t know whether to believe L Faba or not about Morgyn. I guess I didn’t get that impression from the last chapter that Morgyn was romantically interested in the vampire, but I might have missed that. But they do seem to be the type of person that jumps from one new shiny thing to the next, so L Faba is right about that. Poor Cordelia, she needs to run far away from Morgyn, but I’m afraid she’s already in too deep. If someone makes you feel crazy, that’s a huge red flag.

    Anyway, I loved this chapter and I can’t wait for the next chapter. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this (poor Cordelia, oops!). Yep, vampire kids are definitely rather creepy!

      You’re right, it’s hard to know if L Faba is telling the truth or not. But Morgyn sure likes shiny things!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Man, Cordie seriously needs to get a real love interest, not that whim-heavy sage. She deserves someone dedicated to her.

    Hm. I don’t have the vampire pack. Wasn’t enough to temp me and didn’t feel like having vampires run amok in my legacies. Anyhoo, interesting that it’s a child vamp. I don’t know how the game handles those. Are you gonna do the whole “they’re forbidden” thing like happens in many vamp stories?

    So Morgyn is gonna come and save her, making Cordie fall harder for him/her. Perfect. -.- Going with my first paragraph, that really isn’t what she needs. Maybe another hero. But I doubt it will happen.

    Anyway, cool chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha whim-heavy is a good way to describe Morgyn! 😀

      I get that! I wish there was a toggle for all the supernaturals, TS style. Though they are not too terribly intrusive, especially now that you can disable them randomly dropping in on you by clicking on the door. I don’t typically play them a lot, and it’s manageable when you’re striving for “realistic” gameplay.

      Can’t confirm or deny anything that happens from here on out 🙂

      Oh, almost forgot to answer your vampire child question! There’s no vampire overlord to rule them all in my universe, so nobody to forbid making vampire children. Life is a chaotic mess around here 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh geez what an awesome chapter. Man of all things, Cordie’s about to become vamp child food. I didn’t realise vamp children existed. Don’t they become vamps in teen stage? I probably don’t play the vamp pack enough.

    L Faba though. She must know what Forgotten Hollow is like. To encourage Cordelia to go there when she doesn’t know anything about vampires and has no means to defend herself is beyond mischief to me. I can’t think of anything that can justify what she decided to do to Cordie as harmless fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ugh. I can’t watch Cory making a fool of herself anymore. Except for the Forgotten Hollow thingie, I wish she would have once listened to Faba 😒
    Crash and burn, girl, then get up and do better next time /sigh

    Oh, but I expect Morgyn will come and save her in a v knightly manner, and that may prolong the crash and burn again. 😫

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yikes! But not to the vampires. I love how Cordelia’s inner monologue reveals that she has a strong intellectual understanding of social situation but ends up making rash decisions anyway. It’s like there’s a gap between her brain and the rest of her. She has to confront it at some point.

    Sending Cordelia to a vampire-infested town strikes me as slightly more than mischief, so I’m wondering whether L Faba trusts that Cordelia will end up safe in the end. Or is she really that callous? If it’s the latter, I have to totally redo my mental image of L Faba.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes. She knows it’s a bad idea, but that does not stop her…

      We’ll see a bit more about what L Faba may have been thinking in a few chapters, but yes, it definitely looks like her motivations and behaviour here are well beyond mischief.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Kids are viscious and there’s no outrunning them. Sad to say, I believe L in some twisted way about Morgyn. You can be trustworthy and dealing in extravagant gifts to your amour but when narrative shorthand comes into play? I doubt it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. L Faba’s definitely not painted herself as the most trustworthy character and definitely has an agenda, but that does not necessarily mean she’s lying here, as you say. I suppose we’ll find out either way. Though Cordelia does have more pressing problems to think about now, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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