1.31 Silver Linings

L Faba opened the door into Morgyn’s room. Under normal circumstances, she would never come anywhere near here, but seeing as Morgyn was off motes know where, gallivanting with their little vampire pet project, or according to them, ‘handling the situation,’ it was perfectly fine for her to do so.

Dandelion was sat on the bed, not taking his eyes off of the girl. The sight alone filled L Faba with rage, but she managed to contain it. At least he would shut up about needing to save her now. Silver linings.

“Dandy, it’s time for you to go home,” she said as softly as she could manage.

He looked up at her, as if he hadn’t realised she’d entered the room up till now. “What? No, why would I do that? Cordie-“

“Is safe and sound.” L Faba finished his sentence. “So you can head home. There’s nothing you can do for her now anyway, she just needs rest.” She forced herself to add. Like she cared what Cordelia needed.

“Yeah but, if she wakes up and there’s no one here, she’ll be scared, after everything she’s been through…” Dandelion objected.

Curse the sprout’s kind heart, L Faba groaned inwardly.

“Look, Dandy, I’m not sure if we’re quite done with this mess Morgyn got us into.” She got serious. “If one vampire knows how to get to the magic realm, what’s to say more of them don’t? And if they do come here, I can’t imagine they’ll be thanking you or me for our visit. So I don’t want you anywhere near here if they do know how to find us.”


“No buts. Sylvan Glade is the safest place you can be right now.” She re-affirmed in what she hoped was a soothing yet authoritative tone. “Only the pure of heart can see the tree passage, remember?”

“I can’t just leave her here!” Dandelion protested.

“You can, and you will!” L Faba lost her patience. “Enough about her! Think about yourself for once, and go home!”

“I don’t have to listen to you!” The tone of his voice matched hers. “You can’t tell me what to do!”

“Oh, can I not, now?” She asked icily, no longer yelling. “Do I need to remind you that me telling you what to do and you listening to me is the only reason you’re still alive, little sprout?”

He looked deflated. “Fine. I’ll go.” He said finally. “But you’re not always right, you know? All this talk of darkness in Cordie, saying she’s capable of terrible things… if that were true, and only the pure of heart can come into Sylvan Glade, then how did she get through the tree passage in the first place, back when I first met her?”

L Faba didn’t exactly have a good answer for that. But apparently, Dandelion wasn’t done speaking.

“I’m not sure if I like you anymore, Lulu. You’ve changed.”

His words pierced through her like a thousand knives.


“That’s enough!” Morgyn cried out, pushing Micah away. They were surprisingly strong, especially for someone who just lost a fair bit of blood.

The vampire struggled to return to the present moment. He wiped his lips, making a conscious effort to distract himself from the frenzy of bloodlust. Draw his fangs in. But how could he, after everything he’d just seen?

“Those memories…” Micah failed to articulate a full sentence. “Your childhood…”

“My childhood is not worth discussing.” Morgyn cut him short.

But there were so many things Micah wanted to discuss, wanted to know. “What was that pyramid?”

“A place of power.” The sage said curtly. “Walk with me… We don’t have much time till sunrise.”

There wasn’t time for more questions. Micah followed them out through the portal.

“So it would appear you are now covenless, and more pressingly, homeless.” Morgyn summarised as they emerged on the other side, on a woodsy path. The sky was still filled with stars, but Micah could tell the night was dying.

“I would love to extend an invitation for you to join me in the magic realm – it would be an ideal place for you, really, with the lack of sun – but as you may have noticed, the other sages may be a little… reluctant.” The spellcaster smirked. “That being said, I appreciate I have played a role in causing your current predicament.”

This couldn’t be for real. Micah risked everything – lost everything. “Played a role? Are you kidding me?”

“Hush now. I’m being nice.” The sage grinned. “You may not be able to stay in the magic realm, but I won’t leave you hanging. Not to mention, I’d love to have you close by… here we are.”

They stopped, even though the path hadn’t quite ended. Micah wasn’t too sure what they were looking at. There was a withered old tree, covered in all sorts of mushrooms and moss, a fire pit, and some kind of shed. He wasn’t planning on sleeping in a shed, but between that and burning to death, the former was preferable. Although the shack didn’t exactly look like it offered that much protection from the sun either…

“This pathetic little dwelling is Cordelia’s camp.” Morgyn explained. “It is of course completely unsuitable, don’t get me started. I’ve had words with her, but she was adamantly against major refurbishments. Luckily, she’s not here right now.”

What on earth were they talking about? None of what they said made sense to Micah. But things were about to make even less sense.

The vampire stared at what had been empty land just a moment ago and now… was far from empty. The shed was still there, though it looked a lot more dolled up than when they first arrived. More importantly, there was a house standing right next to it.

And somehow, the stream from the river was enveloping the house. Micah noticed the large pipes going out of it. And the sound of water. Seemed the house was water powered.

But how was it even there in the first place?

“What the hell? How did you do that?” He asked Morgyn.

“Practical magic, it pains me to say.” The spellcaster said, like that even began to explain any of it. “It bores me to no limit, but I must admit it has its uses. Well, what do you think of your new home?”

“My new home? Didn’t you say Cordelia lives here?” He tried to make sense of it.

“That she does.” The sage nodded, waiting for Micah to connect the dots.

“You’re suggesting that I live with Cordelia?” He asked incredulously. That had to be the stupidest idea anyone could come up with. “I doubt she’d want me as a roommate – she definitely didn’t enjoy it in the last two days.” He added with a smirk.

Morgyn didn’t seem deterred. “Every trial run comes with hiccups, doesn’t it? At least you’re well acquainted already.”

Micah didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You can’t be serious…”

“Would you prefer to go hide in a dumpster during the day?” Morgyn frowned. “Or get scorched in the sun?”

“Obviously not.” The vampire sighed.

The spellcaster gave him a victorious smile. “Then don’t frown on my gift. Welcome home.”

Micah was far from convinced, but he could feel his skin starting to react to the sun creeping up on the horizon. Beggars couldn’t be choosers, he thought as he hurried through the front door.

As for Morgyn, it was time for them to finally return home, back to the magic realm.

The insane events of the night had finally caught up with Morgyn, exhaustion washing over them. They felt lightheaded. To be expected after losing blood, of course. Probably not the best state to conjure an elaborate house in, but the spellcaster couldn’t help themselves. Couldn’t have their loves living in a dump.

There was no sign of Dandelion in the room. Damn unreliable elves, Morgyn thought to themselves. But what else could one expect from L Faba’s kind…

It didn’t matter. Finally, Morgyn could crash, and the long night was over and done with.

Cordelia was still asleep. She looked peaceful, Morgyn thought, as they laid their head down beside her. Trust her to sleep through all the commotion she’d caused…

Naturally, it was then she decided to open her eyes.

“Morgyn?” She said sleepily, still in a haze. “What happened? How did… what?”

“Shh.” Morgyn tried to stop her from fully awaking. “I’m drained. I’m sure you are too. Just sleep. We’ll talk later.”

Mercifully, she obliged.

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  1. Couldn’t have their loves living in a dump?? Their loves??? LOVES???!!!! SO CORDY’S CAMP IS OFFICIALLY HIS HAREM GROUND? GONNA COLLECT MORE LOVES AND ADD TO THAT HOUSE??

    *Makes large scythe army*

    And is THAT why L Faba can’t visit Dandy in Slyvian glade anymore? Because she’s not pure hearted enough to enter the portal? I’m super excited to know if Micah can enter the tree!

    Also I like this chapter. It’s a breath of relief from all the topsy turvy that happened. Micah must feel like being made the fool by Morgyn though. He sacrificed everything only to be sent to a weird camp. Imo if the sages thought things through they would’ve realised that Micah must be confined like a prisoner in the magic realm and interrogate him because he knows the way to the Magic realm! What’s to stop the vamps from tracking him down. Especially when Cordy’s scent is supposedly delicious. And they were super interested in Dandy too. Cordy’s camp feels like a battle scene waiting to happen. Ok I’m supposed to be sleeping now. lol so no essay today xD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I guess that depends on how many additional homeless loves you anticipate Morgyn acquiring 😀 I mean, it can’t accommodate nowhere near as many as that palace Yanzi is living in… For the moment though I think it’s fairly safe to assume it’s “only” referring to Cordelia and Micah haha.

      Good questions about L Faba and Micah! I suppose the answers would depend on what exactly the definition of “the pure of heart” means. As is with most prophecies and myths, they can be interpreted in different ways.I mean, the fact we can have the Sylvan Glade thread means it must be lenient enough to allow you and your scythes and villain Yimi… 😀

      Lol the last paragraph made me laugh! “Poor Micah, he gets a nice new house. he should be confined like a prisoner instead” 😛 I kid, I know they were meant to be two separate points, but that’s how it read in my head 😀 It’s probably too early for Micah to fully assess all of his gains and losses. At least he has somewhere to hide out from the sun from for the day. As for making him a prisoner… well, it’s unlikely Morgyn would want to do that to their newest love interest, hard to say what the other two sages would have wanted to do had Morgyn not whisked Micah away pretty much straight away.


  2. “Do I need to remind you that me telling you what to do and you listening to me is the only reason you’re still alive, little sprout?”
    This line is so eerily ominous. Something big happened in the past, and I’ll bet we’ll find out what it is eventually – and that it has something to do with why Dandy is all on his own in the Glades. Gah, foreshadowing! And that comment from Dandy at the end… he’s the purest cinnamon roll who can’t say a bad word about anyone, so him saying something like that to Faba… that was a big one. She completely deserved it, though, with how she’s been acting.

    Haha, leave it to Morgyn to completely go against Cordelia’s wishes and turn her tiny shack into a luxurious mansion! Well, for Micah, that is. Looks like she gets to keep her shack. I don’t know how happy she’ll be with that, though.

    Hm. I wonder if this counts as Morgyn and Cordelia officially sleeping together? xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not very much I can say about Dandy and L Faba’s past, apart from the obvious, i.e. that there is a lot more to it then we know. But you are already aware of that…

      Yes, even Dandelion’s good-natured patience with “friends” isn’t unlimited. And yes, definitely deserved on her part.

      Morgyn sure like to go against Cordelia’s wishes a lot, apparently. Luxurious mansion is probably a bit of a strech, it just looks huge compared to Cordelia’s old shack, but it’s not that huge 🙂

      Hahaha, if you want to count it, sure! I doubt either of them is currently capable of doing anything more than actual sleeping mind 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Spill it, L Faba. Did you talk Dandy down from the treehouse? What do you have against Cordelia. *circles ‘motive’ menacingly* 😆

    Oh, Morgyn… there’s a different between loves and toys. Of course, Cordelia will wake up next to you and think you’re her saviour. Until you shack her up with hot vamp and she hopefully falls for him.

    I hope Dandy can still get into the tree with that great big ol’ house in the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. May be a while yet. You’ll wind up circling a hole in your paper 😛

      Oh yes, for sure. Morgyn uses the word love very liberally, as we have learned. We shall find out what Cordelia will make of the new living arrangement soon.

      Good point! He probably won’t be able to get any lorries into Sylvan Glade, but other than that, he should be alright!


  4. Oh Dandy, that was harsh, but L Faba needed to hear it. I’m glad he’s sticking up for himself and not letting L Faba push him around, but then again it might put him in danger. And now I’m wondering what it means to be pure of heart? What are the prerequisites? Who can and can’t enter the tree? Or is it just L Faba making up some nonsense?

    And now Morgyn is making a nice house for his second potential love interest right next to his first potential love interest. If I was Cordelia, I’d be a little pissed that I had to live in a shack and all I got was a fireplace from Morgyn, while hot vampire dude gets to live in a nice house on my property. I don’t see this going over well. I mean, if Morgyn wants to do an open relationship; they need to talk to both Cordelia and Micah, and I don’t think Cordelia would be on board with that idea, but I could be wrong. I have no idea where this is going. Cordelia still is infatuated with Morgyn, but then will something develop between her and Micah? But then again, it doesn’t seem like Micah has any interest in her and is interested in Morgyn. Oh, this is going to get real interesting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some great questions there! What being “pure of heart” means – and if it indeed it is a thing – will be a theme that will be explored down the line 🙂

      Haha! In fairness Cordelia didn’t want Morgyn to make any other adjustments or conjure any houses at all. I’m sure she will have some opinions on all this.

      And yes, the whole romance side of things is one big mess at the moment lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think more and more about what L. Faba’s story is and her motive for manipulating Dandy.
    Maybe she just wants to protect him or is she driven by jealousy or something completely different?
    Now she has even incurred Dandy’s anger.

    Then there is the relationship between Morgyn and Micah. Is it a new love interest?
    Micah has read Morgyn’s memoirs and there is something recognizable in the way Morgyn uses their magical abilities …. without thinking about the consequences.
    Now Morgyn has “built” a magical house next to Cordelia’s shed, but is it doing any of them a favor?

    Morgyn, of course, immediately assumes that Dandy has failed Cordelia by going home to Sylvan Glade.
    Once again, my thoughts land on L.Faba. What is the background to her contempt for Morgyn?

    So many unanswered questions 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So many great questions, and I can’t really answer any of them 😀 But I like the way you think, definitely picking up on some under the surface stuff.

      Probably the only thing I can comment on is what you said about Morgyn’s remark about Dandelion – Morgyn doesn’t really know Dandy all the well, so they primarily make any assessments of Dandy through the lens of Dandy’s association with L Faba first. Which naturally may not be that favourable. Luckily Dandy doesn’t care about what morgyn thinks of him whatsoever haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ah, great. So now she’s gonna wake up and think it was all Morgyn’s doing.
    I’m happy Dandy finally acknowledged L Fab*tcha’s meanness. She needs a mirror placed in front of her if she’s talking about darkness. And he made an excellent point: How did she get through the tree if she wasn’t pure of heart? Maybe the elf thing.
    Glad we found out (something at least) about the pyramid doodah. Hopefully, vamp dude (I suck with names today) will retain his curiosity of the place, and we’ll get to see more.
    Cordie is gonna be so PISSED OFF when she sees “her” house. I wouldn’t put it past her to stubbornly live in the shed, at least for a while. lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Morgyn totally single-handedly saved the day 😛 At least Morgyn would like to think so haha.

      Dandy did make a good point about the tree passage. I suppose there could be a few explanations, most of them being either variations of L Faba being wrong about the tree and/or Cordelia, or L Faba lying about the tree and/or Cordelia. or a combination of those. Only time will tell.

      Haha I’m glad you found the tiny tidbit Morgyn offered about the pyramids satisfying enough for now.

      I’m sure Cordelia will have something to say about it, yes 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure many people would like it going that way. Cordelia is so bamboozled by Morgyn that I doubt she’d be able to see anyone else in a romantic way at the moment though, and of course Micah is busy brooding haha.

        Liked by 2 people

  7. Dandy !!! ❤❤❤
    It’s his turn to get all my love and appreciation now ehehe
    Faba is so ominous… I need to know what she knows! She does care for Dandy, but she also controls (or did control!) him…

    Ofc Cory will think it was Morgyn that got her out of the vampire’s den, and I bet they wouldn’t even deny it 😫

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ouch. Props to Dandy for recognizing L Faba’s manipulation and calling it out. Props to you for setting it up so that Dandy’s the relatable one here, but that the statement he makes just before leaving is wrong. Everyone’s capable of terrible things. Of course. Oh, that’s crunchy. Crunch crunch.

    I also don’t trust L’s pure-of-heart statement: one, because we know her to lie and two, because having a well-defined concept of heart purity doesn’t make sense in a universe like this where there are no straightforward heroes or villains, just people. That would suggest there’s a person in their shared past who Dandelion perceives as evil, and L is able to manipulate him by promising protection from person X or group X. And whatever happened, their shared past started in childhood. Guess we’ll see.

    The shed was still there, though it looked a lot more dolled up than when they first arrived. More importantly, there was a house standing right next to it.

    Is Douglas Adams one of your influences?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, Dandy’s views are quite simplistic. People are good and lovely, or they aren’t, and that’s it. Perhaps one day he’ll realise it’s not that straightforward.

      Faba is definitely not the most trustworthy of people. And you’re right, what exactly does being pure of heart even mean anyway? Ooh, interesting theory!

      Is Douglas Adams one of your influences?

      Not really, but definitely taking that as a compliment!

      Liked by 1 person

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