1.32 Home

Cordelia woke up in the unfamiliar room with a gasp, propping herself up quickly. Where was she? The vampires…

“Oh good, you’re up.” Morgyn’s voice reached her. That was it. Morgyn’s room. She was ok. She was safe. The vampires were not here.

“You can use my bathroom to freshen up. There should be a spare towel.” The sage told her. “And feel free to borrow some of my clothes if you’d like to get changed.”

Did that mean she was smelly, Cordelia pondered? She probably was.

“I’ll go find us something to eat.” Morgyn left her on her own, exiting the room. She just sat on the bed for a moment to take her environment in. The room seem very glamorous.

And then it hit her that she was in Morgyn’s room, and had just spent several hours sleeping in the same bed us them, cuddling. She tried to suppress a squeal.

The bathroom was just as glitzy and golden as the rest of it. Of course it was. Morgyn’s bathroom… A small niggling part of Cordelia’s brain kept trying to remind her of the events that brought her here. The awful vampire ordeal she’d been through in the last couple of days. A part of her thought she’d never get to leave that room.

But she didn’t want to think about that. She told her brain to shut up, slipped out of her clothes and into the shower, washing the horrific experience away.

It felt good to just stand there, warm, safe, at peace. She would be ok. And she was with Morgyn now. She could feel her troubles evaporating into the air, along with the hot steam from the shower.

But how did she end up there, in Morgyn’s room, exactly? She remembered hearing Morgyn’s voice in the vampire house. And that creepy vampire child showing up… being trapped in the catacombs… and then Micah showed up. He fought that terrifying vampire woman. But he didn’t do that to save Cordelia, did he? She heard what he said to the woman. He came to claim her as his prey. But then, didn’t he say he didn’t want to kill her?

She groaned. The more she tried to shut her mind off, the more it was coming back at her with questions she had no answers to.

Maybe Morgyn returned and saved the day somehow. Shoved Micah out of the way to rescue her…

Cordelia liked that idea, as dumb as she realised it was.

Of course, she could just ask Morgyn at breakfast. Or whatever their meal would be, seeing that it was already so late in the day.

Wrapping herself in a towel, Cordelia exited the bathroom. That silly feeling of giddiness at being in Morgyn’s room came back to her.

Not that she intended to snoop, but just looking at the decorations was fascinating. No wonder the sage was underwhelmed by her little shack, she thought.

She noticed a movement behind her. Her blood froze. All she could think of was those catacombs and the pain of vampire fangs piercing through her throat…

But the movement had just been her own reflection in the mirror.

Cordelia sighed. Like she needed to add more items to her list of terrors. Sprites, masked people, vampires… What was it like to live without fear, she wondered?

“You are safe here,” she told herself out loud firmly.

She headed over to Morgyn’s huge wardrobe to find some clothes.


Morgyn eyed her up and down as she entered the large dining hall. “It’s a little ill-fitted.” The sage commented. “But we can’t have you looking better than me in my own clothes, naturally.”

“Thank you for letting me borrow them.” Cordelia said, sitting down next to them.

“Help yourself to the food,” Morgyn gestured towards the large plate of eggs and bacon on the table. Actual food. Cordelia’s mouth watered. She hadn’t even realised how hungry she was, but her only meal in the last two days had been the cannoli Micah brought. She quickly scooped up some of the scramble, for once thankful that Dandelion wasn’t in charge of the food. She needed something proper today.

For a moment, neither of them said anything. For some reason, Cordelia suddenly felt anxious about how she wound up at the Magic HQ, but she had to know.

“So… I’m a little hazy on everything that happened.” She cleared her throat. “When I was at the vampire house… I thought I heard your voice at one point.”

“I didn’t realise you were within earshot.” Morgyn replied. “Had I known you were that close, I would have just swooped in and saved you.”

“Isn’t that what you did anyway?” Cordelia asked, her voice betraying her.

“Something like that,” the sage said. “But I’d be lying if I said it was just me. It was actually one of those very vampires that got you out of there and brought you here.”

“Micah.” Cordelia whispered. She didn’t know how to feel.

“Yes. I hear the two of you spent some time together.” Morgyn said casually.

What a strange way of putting it, Cordelia thought. Although not technically untrue. “He… he seemed kinder than the others.”

“I’d be inclined to agree.” The sage nodded. “He did save your life, after all.”

It felt surreal. A vampire saved her life. Saved her from other vampires. Vampires he knew well. Why? He did say he didn’t want to kill her… and apparently, he did want her to live too. “I’m very grateful to him.” She manged to say. And it wasn’t untrue. Whatever the reason for his change of heart, she owed him.

“I’m sure you can tell him that yourself.” Morgyn replied nonchalantly.

“What?” Panic washed over her. “He’s still here?”

“No.” The simple word eased Cordelia’s tension. Except the sage didn’t stop at that. “But he did need a new home, seeing as he can’t exactly return to his old coven after betraying them like that. I can’t imagine the others would view you being freed by him all that favourably.”

Cordelia’s throat felt dry. “So you gave him a home.” Well, that seemed nice of Morgyn, she tried to rationalise with herself. They rewarded the vampire for helping. Seemed fair.

“So I gave him a home.” Morgyn confirmed. “Conjured a house in Glimmerbrook. And you know that I’ve been dying for you to get an actual house, so I figured, two birds…”

Cordelia dropped her fork in awe. “You gave my home to a vampire? After everything that’s happened?!”

“I did not give your ‘home’ to anyone, I conjured a brand new one.” Morgyn corrected her. “Last time I checked, you didn’t have any home worth speaking of. Now you do, if you’re willing to share.”

Her camp. Gone. Belonging to a vampire now. Cordelia felt like she was going to feel sick.

“I may not have had what classes as a house in your book, but I did have my little plot of land. You can’t just give that away!” Her voice was trembling.

“Oh really? And you own this plot of land, do you? Have a deed for it?” Morgyn’s voice sounded annoyed.

She was speechless. This had to be a bad dream. She was still asleep in Morgyn’s room. That had to be it.

“Why are you doing this?” She whispered finally. None of this made any sense. After everything she’d been through in the last two days, why would Morgyn possibly want her to share a house with the very vampire whose room she’d been trapped in?

“Look, this is for your own good.” The sage seemed oddly calm. “We may not have seen the last of the vampire coven that held you. I don’t believe they know where to find us as of now, but they certainly have the time to dedicate to an investigation. And if they do come after you, living with another vampire – especially one that knows what we might expect of them – will be your best line of defence.”

“If he doesn’t kill me first!” Cordelia burst out. “He’s one of them… what reason would a vampire have to protect me if the rest of them come anyway?”

“This vampire gave up everything just to bring you back home.” Morgyn told her quietly. “His home, his family, everything he had. If he killed you now, all of that would have been for nothing. He won’t harm you. May as well end his own life if he did that.”

A million thoughts were spinning in Cordelia’s head. Perhaps this was all true. But how could Morgyn know for sure? The events of the last few days unfolded so quickly, how did Morgyn have the time to strategise?

“Do you see everyone in your life as a chess piece?” She asked, her voice flat.

Morgyn didn’t reply straight away. For once, she’d manage to catch them off guard, Cordelia thought bitterly. Too bad there was nothing to celebrate.

“What sort of a question is that?” The sage finally spoke. “Cordelia, he saved your life, sacrificing most of what was important in his in return. The least you can do is show him some courtesy.”

Courtesy. This was insane. Show the vampire courtesy for not having ripped her throat open…

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me.” It was all she managed to say. Dizzy, she stood up and left the room. She couldn’t feel herself walking, exactly, her body just drifted out of the room.


So there it was. The new house. That belonged to the vampire. And to her, supposedly.

Cordelia listened to the water stream falling from the top of the house. It all seemed so unfamiliar.

Her old shack was still at the back, but even that had changed beyond recognition. The only thing that remained the same, the only constant, was the tree leading into Sylvan Glade.

Dandy. Cordelia ached for her friend, and the familiar comfort of his meadow. It was the only place she could possibly think of going now.

He was gardening. And the sprites were fluttering around him, in their tense state, though he seemed to pay them no mind. Why on earth were the sprites here, Cordelia wondered?

But she wasn’t sure she could handle any more information that day, at least not right then and there. She was too exhausted and heartbroken.


The elf was on his feet almost as quickly as those vampires managed to move. “Cordie! You’re ok! I was so worried!”

“You knew I was missing?” She asked, surprised. While it felt like an eternity, it had only been a couple of days, after all.

“Did I know? I saw those vampires! And then Lulu turned one of them into a gnome…”


L Faba turned a vampire into a gnome? Nothing made sense anymore. Maybe the vampires had killed her, and she was now dead, and all of this nonsense was just a product of her brain checking out. Whatever the case was, Cordelia decided that she definitely couldn’t handle any more information.

“Dandy… I… I don’t want to talk about it right now. Any of it. Can I just… Can I stay with you for a few days?” She asked. Even she herself could hear the exhaustion in her voice.

“Of course!” The elf beamed. “I’m just happy you’re safe. Even if you decide to stay here forever, that’s fine by me.”

Cordelia melted in his arms. And in that moment, in spite of everything, she felt like maybe, just maybe, everything would be ok again.

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  1. This chapter is amazing. The revelation. You’ve made me extremely intrigued. Morgyn has surprisingly low empathy. With everything that happened in their past, I expected him to at least be responsive to Cordy’s trauma. Especially when they calls Cordy and Micah his love. With that extra layer of ‘emotional bond’ they supposedly thinks they shares with them, this chapter, Morgyn’s words, their reasoning are pretty telling that Morgyn in all respects, doesn’t know what love is. I found it odd that they tackled everything from a logical front before. Heck, even his kiss for Cordy on the balcony was for some damn reason and not emotive. But here after Cordy’s entire ordeal, I can only imagine Cordy’s expression and gestures, some which you’ve pointedly wrote ‘her voice trembling’ for example. She’s not the most stoic person. Anyone would be able to smell her fear a mile away. But Morgyn doesn’t see nor respond to any of that and tells her she has to live with her nightmare so calmly. Is he truly unaware or he’s purposely acting that way? Or that he is aware, but believes in his way? Wow. Plumbob you got me.

    I find it ironic that between Micah the vampire and Morgyn the sage, Micah for all his undead-ness and obvious disconnect with humans, (She likes cannoli! Haha) has more humanity than Morgyn. Not by much, but he has sympathy, something Morgyn at this point, may not be able to have. Depending on what you reveal later, of course. In that sense I’m actually relieved that she’s with Dandy and Micah. They both, sadly, are actually (the only ones) good for her emotional wellbeing now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Morgyn definitely doesn’t seem particularly emotionally connected here. Whether it’s surprising or not, I don’t know – you have made some good observations about the first kiss. I went back to check what exact words Morgyn used to describe Cordelia in their first person POV chapter at the Von Haunt Estate, and the words were “intriguing,” “beautiful riddle,” “innocent” and “entertaining.” Make of that what you will.

      You’re right that Cordelia isn’t particularly hard to read – she wears her heart on her sleeve, and has of course gone through a pretty traumatic experience. Hopefully Dandy can help her hear.

      That’s an interesting point about Micah. As you’ve mentioned, there is a disconnect with humans there, but also some level of sympathy with them, since he’s still a pretty new vamp. Time will tell which one of those is dominant in him.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh darn, my cold heart! Yes, stay forever with Dandy! If you don’t, I will!

    Morgyn… ugh seriously. Do you not have a soul? The poor girl has been through hell and you tell her to suck it up and shack up with someone who’s been holding her captive and terrified her. SHE IS NOT A TOY.

    (I’m very pleased to see windows in the shack. Now I promise to shut up about them.)

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  3. …Ah. So that’s what it was. Morgyn is incapable of empathy. I felt a hint of this when they kissed Cordelia on the rooftop during the masquerade – their thoughts were too goal-oriented and reasoning and absent of emotion for my comfort.
    And this confirmed it. Morgyn doesn’t seem to be capable of thinking from another person’s perspective at all. I wonder if they even see them as people instead of playthings or, as Cordelia put it, chess pieces to move around as they please.

    Strangely enough, this reveal of Morgyn being incapable of empathy – it actually makes me hate them less. It explains a lot. Their behaviour might not be aimed at confusing/manipulating/stringing along Cordelia at all. Morgyn might really not realize what kind of effect their actions are having on the people around them.

    And that’s incredibly sad. Dangerous too, with them being a super-powerful sage and all… but mostly sad. I wonder if their mother is the last person that they shared an actual connection with.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Having consulted my gnome attorney (thank you for letting me borrow him), I will refrain from answering this comment, because I feel like there is no answer I can give that would not be a flat out “yes” or a flat out “no.” All I can really say is that we will learn more in some of the upcoming chapters. Maybe.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cordelia wakes up and finds Morgyn, who in many ways is friendly and hospitable, but not quite the way Cordelia dreams of.
    Now it dawns on her that Morgyn has made a new house for her and imagines that she will live there with a vampire! Although Micha has saved her and Morgyn’s arguments seem rational, it shows that Morgyn is socially underdeveloped. What a disappointment it must be 😦
    Thank you to Dandy who accepts Cordelia without reservation and with open arms. He truly has a pure and unspoiled soul.

    NB: I still really like Morgyn, but I still think: Too much force in an immature body.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, whatever the cryptic “only the pure of heart” Sylvan Glade mumbo jumbo means, if indeed anything, Dandy definitely fits the bill by any definition.

      That’s an interesting way of putting it. I like that!


  5. Morgyn is finally showing their true colors. Okay, so I will play devil’s advocate for a little bit. I wonder if this is a protective device that Morgyn has built up, the lack of empathy. They burned down their home and accidentally killed one or both of their parents when they were a kid. I think that Morgyn felt some empathy or remorse in that moment, judging by the pictures, so I wouldn’t say that they are a completely incapable of empathy (maybe they are and I am wrong). I think Morgyn is the type of person that sees a problem and then just comes up with a solution and doesn’t consider people’s feelings into the equation. They are doing what they feel is necessary and right, and it is helping Cordelia and Micah in the end, so I can’t be completely angry at Morgyn. Frustrated, yes, but I also am trying to see it from their eyes.

    On the other hand, I suspected Cordelia wouldn’t like what Morgyn did. It really is kind of a slap in the face for her. Morgyn built a house without her knowledge or approval and is just expecting her to accept the situation and live with a vampire that she barely knows. And she also built that shed. Yeah it was a crummy place in Morgyn’s eyes, but I think in Cordelia’s eyes that it was special to her, she built it, with her own sweat and hard work, and Morgyn just discards it like it’s nothing. I know Morgyn thinks they are helping, but I can understand that Cordelia might feel like her hard work means nothing or that she is insignificant in some way. Anyway, this is just my thoughts on the character’s motivations.

    I’m glad she went to see Dandy, I think he is what she needs right now, and she will be safest there. And he can make her lots of pancakes and hopefully help heal some of her wounds. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You may not know this about me, but I have an irrational tendency to try to offer counterarguments to a popular opinion, regardless of whether the unpopular opinion I’m trying to defend actually mirrors my own views or not. I think I subconsciously strive for balance, so I try to look at things from all perspectives when possible. So whenever I see someone else jumping into the devil’s advocate role, it makes me happy – regardless of whether your theory here is right or wrong 🙂

      I will say that young Morgyn definitely felt emotional (and remorseful) in the childhood flashback – both when seeing the fire they’d caused, and in the events leading up to the fire; while I only used images for the flashback, that much at least was not intended to be cryptic). I can’t really comment on the rest of the paragraph.

      Oh absolutely, I can’t see how Cordelia could have reacted any differently. You’re right that in addition to the trauma she’s been through, the little shack she built represented something to her, and she spent time making it and was proud of it. Of course she’s upset by it being changed so dramatically. Equally we know that Morgyn had opinions on the shack too. I could probably say more about this point, but I think I’ll leave it for now.

      Yes, Dandy to the rescue! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can definitely relate. I do the same thing and try to look at things from different perspectives, even though it might not necessarily line up with my own views. And I might be completely going out on a limb and be way off in my predictions, but it is still fun to speculate. 🙂

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  6. Morgyn… Ugh. Look up self-centered in the dictionary, there he/she is. Not thinking of the other’s feelings any deeper than how their feelings are affected from the other’s feelings. Even has to make a kind of snide comment about how Cordie looks in their clothes. Yup. Self-centered.

    It’s already been said about the whole house thing, and I agree with most of it. “Who cares because I got her a house! She should be grateful I’m making her shack up with a close association to her abductor.” Gah!

    I’m glad she went and visited Dandy. He needed that just as much as she did. It’s a shame those damn sprites have shown up again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not like Morgyn has made a name for their selflessness so far 😀 Although technically speaking, all of the reasons Morgyn has listed for the new house setup here were all to do with other people rather than with Morgyn themselves. Not that that makes them or the situation right.

      Yes, she needs Dandy now. She’s probably too exhausted by it all (both physically and emotionally) to even care about the sprites being there at this point.

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  7. I start to wonder if Morgyn actually intended to burn down their mother (?) with the house?
    They could still feel remorse once they realized what they did, but they didn’t even make any attempt to save the woman. And they didn’t have any issues to get rid of the previous sage of untamed magic.
    I smell some strong psychopathic tendencies here, not saying Morgyn is evil, but it makes me just the more worried for Cory.

    I’m happy she has at least Dandy, the probably only honest soul in this place v.v

    Wait – what about her work place? Aren’t they angry/worried that Cory didn’t show up for a while?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t usually say one way or another on theories, but as this was never intended to be cryptic or ambiguous, but may not have fully come across from the image only segment, I suppose I’ll break my own rule for once – child Morgyn definitely did not intend to burn their mother alive, or even start the fire at all, for that matter. They just didn’t really have much of a handle on their magical abilities at the time.

      As for what went down with the previous sage of untamed magic, we don’t really know what exactly happened to her, so any guess is fair here at the moment.

      Yes, Dandy was definitely healing for Cordelia here!

      Hah, I’m glad you asked about her workplace – as you know now it was addressed in a later chapter, but I’m always glad that it’s not jsut me that thinks about stuff like that 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for clearing this up! Pics only chapters could always be read in one way or another. I never thought Morgyn is evil (even tho my comments may give the impression I hate them 😅) but they do lack some basic compassion. Well they’re in good company with all the other spell casters haha

        Girl you still have to clear up quite a few things in this story 🤭 ngl I do enjoy that

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Now there’s a Morgyn outfit that deserves a special comment! And Cordelia’s giddiness at having taken an accidental cuddle-nap with her crush, despite the near-death experience, and then going around to comment on the environmental storytelling, was adorable. Realistic, too. I felt that jump at her own reflection. It’s ok because PTSD doesn’t stop you from realizing you never thought about what Morgyn’s sink looked like, but if you saw that thing in the wild, you’d say to yourself, that’s Morgyn’s sink.

    So this isn’t related to anything but I initially read “Do you see everyone in your life as a chess piece?” as “Do you see everyone in your life as a cheese plate?” and wasn’t going to question it because I have no idea what that means but THEY TOTALLY DO.

    Haha, I’m sorry for getting so off track. Ahaha. Cheese plate. Ah, so Morgyn’s definitely going back to Forgotten Hollow at some point in the future because the world is their charcuterie board.

    Special mention for Dandy’s apron.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chic loungewear! What else are you going to wear after a long night of dealing with vampires, right?

      I’m glad you think so! I agree, I don’t think people only feel one thing at a time, it’s always a mixture of emotions and some thoughts that are downright unsuitable for the situation you may find yourself in. Minds are messy. And yes, I could not picture any other sink for Morgyn. I had way too much fun decorating their room.

      Haha! Incidentally I did actually gorge on a cheese platter last night, and yes I’d say it’s a valid analogy. Morgyn totally treats everyone as a cheese plate!

      I love your fashion commentary. Makes me want to put extra effort into my sims’ outfits!

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