1.33 Your Wish Is My Command

Micah’s new coffin snapped open as darkness descended on Glimmerbrook. He arose in this new room, where nothing was his, and yet it did belong to him, according to Morgyn. It looked very impersonal, so different from his former room back at Verena’s manor.

He scanned the room for a wardrobe, and searched the drawers for something to wear.

It was hard to believe that it had been less than 24 hours since his life had turned upside down. But the exact moment was still fresh in his mind. Morgyn leaving the conservatory, after their failed attempt to negotiate Cordelia’s freedom with Verena.

And the tiniest subtle nod the sage gave him as they exited the room.

Subtle enough to go unnoticed by Verena – she was too busy gloating about the manoeuvre she had pulled. But Micah caught it, and understood what it meant instantly. The sage was willing to comply with Micah’s terms.

Which sent him down a spiral of agonising over what to do. Everything he had learned about Morgyn up till then screamed to distrust them. Was this really worth risking everything for?

But the promise of their powerful blood was tempting. Knowledge that could perhaps even bring him back to the living… And perhaps a promise of something else, but that hardly mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Of course, Verena had her right hand lock Cordelia up in the catacombs before Micah could make up his mind. And then the commotion with the mischief sage ensued.

From there on out, Micah’s decision was simple. With Verena temporarily incapacitated, it was obvious there were going to be consequences as soon as she got back to her former self. And Micah would be the primary target of her revenge. There was no way he was sticking around for that.

Up until the last moment, Micah was not sure if Morgyn would hold up their end of the bargain, especially as the sage led him to the duelling grounds. But they did honour the unspoken promise, and the experience matched no other time Micah had known while feeding.

But what had he really learned? That the sage was powerful, perhaps too powerful for someone who wasn’t fully immortal. Micah sincerely hoped that Morgyn had learned to control their powers better since the events he’d seen in the spellcaster’s memories. But as for Micah’s deepest desire, the sage’s blood hadn’t shown him any answers.

But not everything was lost. He was clearly in Morgyn’s good graces, he had a roof over his head, and he’d saved an innocent mortal in the process of it all.

He wondered if Cordelia had come to the house while he slept through the day. Sure, Morgyn said they intended for her to share the house with Micah, but the vampire could not imagine any reason she’d want to. She’d likely want to get herself as far from this place as possible, and Micah couldn’t blame her.

The house did look beautiful though, Micah had to admit. It was smaller than what he’d grown accustomed to during his time with the coven, but much brighter and airier.

From how well put together everything was, it was obvious nobody had been in during the day. Even the sofa cushions were arranged in a perfect row. For the first time in years, Micah was on his own. It felt strangely freeing.

But was he really free? If he stayed in this house, he would be in Morgyn’s debt. Kind of like how Verena got Alba wrapped around her little finger. Alba. Micah shuddered at the thought of her. There was no way he’d become like her.

He exited onto the porch. The air smelled like the forest, and he could hear the tree leaves rustling in the wind. Thea area did seem lovely… but he couldn’t really stay, could he?

First things first, Micah needed to sort out dinner, he reminded himself. The thirst wasn’t very strong in him that night, he still felt fairly satiated from drinking the sage’s blood just before dawn. But going the night without feeding at all would be reckless. One person should do the trick, though, he figured.

He walked along the house, towards the shed at the back. There was a movement. Perhaps sourcing prey would be more straightforward than he’d thought.

It was that elf. The one who had come with the mischief sage and yelled at everybody. The one the mischief sage turned Verena into a gnome over. Definitely not a sensible source of blood, then, considering how close the mischief sage resided, Micah figured.

Not that the elf gave him much time. As soon as he spotted Micah, he turned around and headed straight back into the tree passage he had come from.

Micah wondered where it led to. But the elf clearly didn’t want to be pursued. So he shrugged it off, and carried on with his hunt instead.

The path was almost as deserted as Forgotten Hollow could often be, but he finally spotted a potential victim on a nearby bridge.

The young man hadn’t seen him coming. They never did. It was too easy…

His blood surprised him. He was arrogant, entitled, never really had to struggle to achieve anything. His view of the world was so narrow… but he was so in love. Micah could barely remember what that felt like. He wasn’t sure he wanted to remember. And yet, it wasn’t easy to pull himself away, away from that feeling he didn’t even know he’d missed…

He finally managed to draw his teeth out, letting go of the man, watching him fall to the ground. It was a good thing Morgyn’s blood from last night had been potent enough to curb his thirst tonight.

A flash of light appeared behind Micah. Speak of the devil, he thought, turning around to look. Sure enough, it was Morgyn that materialised before him.

The spellcaster’s gaze briefly went to the unconscious Darrel. Micah was about to say that the man was still breathing, and that he’d be just fine, but the sage didn’t seem all that concerned in the first place.

“Tell me, is Darrel any good?” Morgyn asked casually. “I’ve always wondered.”

“He’s… very single-minded.” Micah said. He wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of sharing the man’s private feelings with someone else. “Let’s get out of here before he wakes up.”

“Your wish is my command.” And with another flash, they appeared back by the house. It was so quick Micah barely had a chance to notice what was happening. But there they were, by the front entrance.

“I trust you’re settling in well?” Morgyn carried on as if their conversation hadn’t just been interrupted by the swift teleportation.

“It’s a nice house.” Micah said evasively. “Don’t know about settling.”

“Have you seen Cordelia?” The sage asked. Now this was different. The way the spellcaster said it was nonchalant, but Micah detected a hint of concern in their voice. Figures. The vampire assumed Morgyn would have known where she was.

“She hadn’t been to the house.” He informed them. “Told you she wouldn’t want a vampire roommate.”

For a split second, Morgyn’s face almost seemed troubled, but the expression vanished almost in an instant – a mortal probably wouldn’t have noticed it at all, but it was there.

“She might be with that elf.” Micah volunteered. “He’s her friend, I gather? The mischief sage’s servant?”


“No idea.” Micah shrugged. “The elf that was in your headquarters when I brought her here. Yells a lot.”

“Sounds like Dandelion,” Morgyn smirked. “Yes, that would make sense.”

“She’s probably down through that tree passage,” Micah speculated. “That’s where the elf went, anyway.”

“Tree passage?” Morgyn raised an eyebrow.

“Through the big tree at the back?”

“Ah. Sylvan Glade.” Morgyn said with a nod, as if that was supposed to mean something to Micah.

“I’m guessing you’re going to go check on her?” It wasn’t really a question. Presumably, that was why the sage was here in the first place.

“No.” Morgyn surprised him. “She needs time.”

“I doubt time will make her more eager to move in with me.” Micah snickered. “Doesn’t matter. I won’t be staying. She can have the house.”

Morgyn studied his face. “And where else will you go, exactly?” Their tone was dry, almost mocking.

“I’ll think of something.” Micah wasn’t deterred. “Look, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted by… everything you’re offering. But I wasn’t born yesterday. Everything comes with strings attached. If I stay in this house, you’ll practically own me.”

“And your vampire mistress in the coven didn’t own you?” Morgyn retorted. “What’s the difference?”

That was a simple question to answer. “The difference is that with Verena, I didn’t have a choice.”

His response didn’t seem to throw Morgyn off balance. “See? I’m giving you a choice. I’ve already surpassed your maker on that account.” The spellcaster grinned.

And they weren’t quite done with their pitch.

“I’m willing to give you a home, and share some of my knowledge that you’re so interested in, much like your mistress did.” The sage listed the benefits one by one. “But unlike her, I’ll not tell you what to do.”

Like Micah would believe that. “What’s the catch?”

“Why would there ever be a catch?” Morgyn said sweetly. “Tell you what, I’ll give you a taste of that mortal life you miss so much. Name one place from the past that you loved to go to before you became a vampire, and I’ll take you there. Anywhere in the world.”

Micah hesitated. “Anywhere?”

“Anywhere,” the sage confirmed. “Let’s call it a little date. Anywhere good you’d suggest?”

The vampire tried to refrain from thinking back on his time in San Myshuno too much. But drinking Darrel’s blood and seeing the man’s love for his fiancée brought up those long-lost human sentiments.

“The old botanical gardens in San Myshuno.” He told the sage.

“Perfect.” Morgyn’s smile grew wider. “It’s a date.”

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  1. Yeah! Micah in boxers!

    Right, so… Morgyn identifies that Cordelia ‘needs time’ but also then goes on to suggest ownership of them both. Here it comes… UGH, MORGYN.

    Awesome, definitely some mutual vibes going down between the pair. Gonna be one nightmare of a living situation. Really wanted to see if either of them could get into the tree, though…

    And of course you leave us on a cliffhanger of an impending ‘date’ that will be lovely and reminiscent, not at all invoke any kind of jealousy, despair or regret.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I find it amusing how Micah in underwear is now an event. Poor Micah 😀

      There is that signature Snuffy cheer! 😀 What a fun prognosis! Of course the date will be lovely, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. In all honesty I just grossly underestimated how many scenes of Micah getting in and out of his coffin there would be when I selected his sleep “attire.” And I’ve committed now haha.

          Please do not bring balls of fire. We already have Morgyn to worry about…

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know why, but this whole exchange reminds me of a kid coming to check on his new toy in the toy box and finding one of this other toys missing.

    I’m glad that Micah didn’t end up having Dandy for dinner. Seeing Micah in his underwear is starting to become a thing, haha. At least this time we get to enjoy it without the added threat of danger to Cordelia. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, why would you think of that? I have no idea over here…

      Luckily Micah settled for Darrel. Haha maybe if you see enough Micah in underwear, you’ll eventually get desensitised to it. I guess I can give that approach a try 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oof I was eager to find out what Micah thought of spellcaster blood. Looks like they’re not too different with humans then.

    More juicy cradling pictures ❤ Yes please, just line them all up.

    I wonder if Morgyn can see the tree passage. It sounded there like he didn’t know what the entrance to Slyvan Glade looked like. Or maybe he knew but because he can’t use it the information is tuck way back in his head.

    Ahh I’m super excited for the next chapter! Especially when it’s connected to all those loovely thoughts in his head. Although wouldn’t drinking blood be pretty risky. It’s like downing a random emotional potion every day heh!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I suppose had this been the first spellcaster Micah fed on, it may have felt different, but let’s remember the last person he drank from was the sage of untamed magic – a “regular” spellcaster would probably not be all that in comparison!

      More juicy pictures, got it 😀

      Some good points about the Sylvan Glade passage there! All we know for certain is that Morgyn appears to be aware that Sylvan Glade exists, the rest is up to your judgement as of now.

      Lots of lovely thoughts 😀 Yes, risky in several senses – as you say the vampire never quite knows what they’ll get. And of course, it’s risky for the prey in a whole other kind of way.


  4. It seems Micah has a hard time believing Morgyn gives him a house without ulterior motives.
    I really do not know …. It’s not the big sacrifice from Morgyn’s side, as the house is conjured up in a second.

    Micah seems to read Morgyn pretty well and it looks like they’m worried about Cordelia.
    But what does a date mean in Morgyn’s optics? Certainly not what everyone else assumes … It never does 😀
    I’m curious and ready for a little bit of everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right that it didn’t seem like conjuring a house was that much effort for Morgyn. But the price of goods is often not determined by how much it took to make them, but how much the buyer is willing to pay. You could say that’s where Micah’s head is at when it comes to any kind of arrangement with Morgyn, not just the house.

      Haha yes, who knows what said date will involve? 🙂


  5. I like Micah. He’s probably the most understanding of anyone in this little tale. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but he does consider others’ feelings. And I really like how accurately he reads Morgyn.

    I can’t help but wonder what Dandy has probably said to Cordie about seeing the vampire just outside the glade entrance. Sure, Cordie won’t be surprised, but still. It’s a confirmation for her. Interested to see that conversation.

    And I wonder who Micah loved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Micah’s had practice in reading people over the past decade with the coven – and of course, he has the added edge of seeing extra details thanks to his vampire nature. Combined, those two things make him pretty perceptive – although he wasn’t born like that.

      Yes, definitely a confirmation for Cordelia that there is now a vampire living in the house.

      Good question! You won’t have to wait too long to learn a bit more about some of Micah’s past.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh man Morgyn, your pitch is that you are better than Verena simply because you are giving Micah a choice. I definitely get why Micah wants to leave, I don’t trust Morgyn either.

    It’s interesting that vampires gain knowledge of a person when they drink from them, must make it really off-putting to drink from a person. I laughed when it was Darrel he drank from, and that Darrel is basically a spoiled, closed-minded guy in love. At least he loves Emilia, that’s about his only saving grace at the moment.

    Haha! And a date in the San Myshuno Botanical Gardens. Hopefully, no green plant ladies show up and ruin their date. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, what, Morgyn’s pitch about being marginally better than an evil vampire overlord didn’t do it for you? 😆

      I think it probably gets quite addicting. Which I suppose is the point. Yes, I wanted Micah’s first prey in Glimmerbrook to be a familiar face, and I figured, who better than Darrel 😆

      Aww, I wish your green lady was there, if anything, because I would love to learn what her deal actually is! Different botanical gardens though, yours are the modern shiny version, mine’s very old and kind of looks like it’s straight out of Gotham 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, yeah, green lady kind of got pushed to the background, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about her and she will make an appearance, eventually. 🙂

        Ooo, I can’t wait to see them. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. oh and I’m curious- “only pure hearted people can go through the tree passage”, does that also mean only pure-hearted people can see them? Bc it def didn’t look like Morgyn knew about the tree in Cory’s garden.


  7. We’re going meta! Here’s a play-by-play of how I interacted with this chapter. It’s the full BC reader experience! Ooooh!

    – Opened story.
    – Saw Micah in underwear.
    – Scrolled down to find Merc’s comment enthusing about Micah being half-naked.
    – Yep.
    – Like always, briefly considered replying to her comment—where the reply uses the word “appendage” somewhere—then asked myself what I would be hoping to accomplish with that, realized she might be disinclined to make similar comments in the future, and ultimately decided against it.
    – Scrolled back up.
    – Got ‘Fresh Prince’ stuck in my head.
    – Bobbed head at spouse because the music library they were playing switched from theirs (ambient classical) to mine (club garbage).
    – Typed ‘manoeuvre’ into the search bar because my ass is American.
    – Reread part of story due to being distracted by a song by 2 Live Crew, the one where they don’t want their girlfriend to be in the house anymore.
    – Realized the desaturated bits were a flashback.
    – Resolved to comment on wallpaper.
    – Laughed out loud at Micah hissing and Dandy making a “bro, what” face in response.
    – Saw Dandy entering the tree, wondered whether it was autonomous, and realized I never really thought about how Sylvan Glade is a playable lot in this story. Wondered if everyone is in the same household.
    – Scrolled back up to see if we’d met that dude already, vaguely recognized the climber/BDSM shirt, thought “oh it’s that guy” without remembering Darrel’s name, got confirmation that this was indeed that guy and his name is Darrel.
    – Was surprised by Morgyn’s nonchalant response to seeing Darrel used as vampire food, and then not surprised, given that sims lack the ability to interpret certain context cues.
    – Clicked ‘Like’ button just in case today is the day WordPress decides to cooperate with me.
    – Nope.
    – Wanted to say something about Morgyn claiming they weren’t going to manipulate Micah while clearly manipulating Micah, then decided to withhold speculation on Morgyn’s intentions.
    – Finished comment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a ride!

      I definitely underestimated the sheer number of scenes we’d see Micah getting into or out of his coffin when I selected his sleepwear (still more to come, lol). I did eventually find him a lovely batman-themed onesie, but of course as soon as I did there were no ciffin scenes needed, so regrettably it does not make an appearance.

      Haha loving the musical additions, really makes the experience come to life.

      I was going to ask how you guys write manoeuvre but my friend google told me and I am shocked! I had no idea. Language is fascinating.

      Dandelion is not impressed with the new vampire neighbour. Retreating back to the tree (haha) was not autonomous, but their facial expressions were totally their own.

      Oh, good question about Sylvan Glade. Yes, Dandelion, Cordelia (and now Micah) are in the same household, I just send Dandy off to the glade a lot. I do like that you can in make Sylvan Glade accessible from any lot as long as you put the tree down – in theory you could create a whole portal network with Sylvan Glade as the main travel hub… which is the opposite of how I’m positioning it haha – for mystory purposes, that one tree in Glimmerbrook is the only way to reach Sylvan Glade.

      Lol, yes that is Cordelia’s boss in the BDSM shirt 😆

      Considering Morgyn stalked, err, observed Micah in Forgotten Hollow for a few nights and watched him feed on various people but asked him to move to Glimmerbrook regardless, they are not particularly shocked that Micah continues the same feeding pattern once in Glimmerbrook. Morgyn is no stranger to being a hypocrite in some instances, but this isn’t one of them.

      Now I have your excellent song stuck in my head again.

      That’s very generous of you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait. Hold the phone. Darrel’s a PREMADE?! And that’s the shirt THEY DECIDED TO PUT HIM IN?!


        That idea with Sylvan Glade is… brilliant, really. I need to see that showing up in other stories. The Batman pajamas, those too. Speaking as someone immune to Micah’s charms. I may be vegan but I like my cheesecake real.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah the whole Charm family are premades, though I entirely changed Gemma and Emilia because the original versions didn’t even look human 😅 The only thing I changed about Darrel was his hair, he had that mum haircut that came with base game… Not too sure what whoever made the family was, but then, I have so many questions about what they were thinking with RoM premades. Simeon and L Faba that I have are actually someone’s attempt to recreate the sages from the trailer, for some odd reason EA made them for the marketing promos and then shoved in an entirely different (and rather odd) versions in the game. Strong catfish vibes there 😆


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