1.45 Something Shiny

The colours of the jungle seemed even more vibrant to Cordelia when she got up that day. The world around her hadn’t changed, and yet it all seemed so different. Up until last night, she’d had no idea it was possible for her body to feel all those things… she felt dizzy just thinking back... Continue Reading →

1.44 The Demon

Morgyn We set off into the jungle. At the start, I have to use a machete to clear the way to prevent rousing suspicion from the locals. But once we get deeper, I am able to simply scorch the overgrowth out of the way. Much less work. It does, however, require a lot more concentration... Continue Reading →

1.43 Only the Pure of Heart

Micah flicked to the next page of the book absent-mindedly. The story of Lucas Dark was failing to grip him. Much like the inspiration for his next painting that failed to turn up. He was sick of painting that tree. He just wanted it to go away. But the silence in the house was deafening.... Continue Reading →

1.42 Raw Magic

“Well, this sure looks like the right place.” Morgyn said as they walked into the alleyway. Cordelia didn’t understand how they could sound so calm. She had an uneasy feeling, the same kind she felt in the empty streets of Forgotten Hollow. “Are you sure?” She turned to the sage. “It’s a little… creepy.” Morgyn... Continue Reading →

1.41 Everyone’s Mother

“Wow! It’s beautiful here!” Cordelia exclaimed as they reached the main Puerto Llamante square. Morgyn had initially transported them straight to the hotel, but they didn’t linger for long after checking in – the sage wanted to head straight into the town centre. It had only been a short walk, but everything looked so different... Continue Reading →

1.40 Stupid Heart

Cordelia heard the chimes as she shut the till after she’d finished counting the cash. Typical. Grace had already dolloped off for her hot date tonight, and Cordelia was just wrapping up. “Sorry, we’re closed!” She called out. Whoever entered should really know from the sign on the door… “Even for an urgent order for... Continue Reading →

1.39 Sprite Girl

Cordelia’s eyes lingered on the sprites as she listened to the gentle strokes of the paintbrush sweeping across the canvas. She wasn’t sure why she found watching Micah paint relaxing, but she did. After all, she even managed to fall asleep at the vampire manor when she watched him paint. But she didn’t want to... Continue Reading →

1.38 Open Book

Micah sat down, taking in his surroundings. The illuminated ruins to their side, the candles surrounding them, the flowers, the champagne… it was a lot, even for Love Day. “You didn’t have to go all out like this for crummy old me.” He told Morgyn from across the table. “I’m fairly low key, you know.”... Continue Reading →

1.37 Eden

Dandelion had never celebrated Love Day before. But he’d enjoyed his newfound holiday celebrations in the last year, and he was determined to get Cordelia’s mind off of whatever she’d experienced in Forgotten Hollow. She hadn’t been herself since getting back. Not that he could blame her. It had been a busy morning, but he... Continue Reading →

1.36 Simple Mind

Cordelia didn’t end up staying over at Grace’s house for much longer. She was far too distracted. Besides, she didn’t want Dandelion to worry about her. She said her goodbyes and set off for Sylvan Glade. She couldn’t help but linger by that new house as she made her way back towards the tree passage.... Continue Reading →

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