1.35 Lucky

Cordelia was more than aware of Grace’s quizzical gaze on her, but she tried her best to ignore it and focused on the magical fire under the cauldron. It was only her first day back at the Hex Shop. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for it, but the distraction of the work tasks seemed to be helping.

It had taken her more than a week to even brave leaving Sylvan Glade. It felt so safe there. Especially when Dandelion told her there was some kind of protective magic over the place that prevented anyone with harmful intentions from coming in.

The elf filled her in on his side of the events of the last few days. He’d gone to visit her on the day she took her ill-fated trip to Forgotten Hollow, but she wasn’t home. At first, Dandelion assumed she was just out, likely with Morgyn. But when she hadn’t returned that night, or even the following day, he knew something was wrong.

Cordelia was shocked to learn that Morgyn wasn’t the only sage to have paid the vampires a visit as the elf recounted his own trip to Forgotten Hollow with L Faba. She must have already been in the catacombs at that point, too deep below the house to overhear any visitors. But hearing Dandelion say that L Faba even cast some kind of a spell on the vampire leader… Cordelia found it hard to believe the mischief sage would go to any kind of length for her.

And so, when Dandelion asked if it was in fact L Faba who prompted her journey to Forgotten Hollow, Cordelia hesitated. It was clear the mischief sage wanted Cordelia to get her heart broken by going to Forgotten Hollow, but if she had intended for her to fall into the vampires’ grasp, why would she then try to save her? It all made very little sense to Cordelia, and Morgyn’s involvement in the cause of the whole ordeal was too painful for her to think about.

Thankfully, Dandelion did not insist on discussing any of it. The days went by in the Glade, with the two of them spending time in the elf’s garden, swimming in the pond, cloudgazing, and naturally, eating ample quantities of pancakes.

But Cordelia knew she couldn’t stay in the magical meadow forever. Staying with Dandelion was lovely, but it felt like she was just avoiding real life. She eventually took the tree passage back up, sped by that big new house Morgyn had conjured and paid a visit to her workplace.

She fully expected for Darrel to fire her on the spot – she hadn’t shown for work for a couple of weeks at that point. But he turned out oddly understanding, welcoming her back without question.

Darrel told her that the sage of the untamed themselves had vouched for her, and while Cordelia doubted Morgyn would have explained the full nature of where she had been, for some strange reason Darrel appeared sympathetic. It was all quite strange, and very unlike Darrel, but Cordelia decided not to question it.

Grace, however, didn’t look like she was ready to let the matter go.

“Come on then, spill the beans.” The spellcaster turned to Cordelia over the large bubbling cauldron as soon as Darrel left the shop. “Where have you been for the last few weeks, and why did Morgyn deliver a Darrel a sick note for you – or whatever they did to turn Darrel into Mr Compassionate?”

“I was… not very well.” Cordelia took inspiration from the sick note comment.

Grace arched an eyebrow. “You expect me to believe that? Nothing about this whole thing sits right.”

Cordelia turned her gaze to the potion. Grace sighed. “I thought we were friends. But whatever. Keep your secrets.”

“It’s not that!” Cordelia protested. “I just… it’s kind of a long story. And not one I can quickly explain in between helping customers.”

“Pub after work?” Grace suggested.

Cordelia did not feel ready to go somewhere so public and exposed like that. She felt safe enough in the shop, in the light of the day, but a pub filled with strangers at night…

“I’d rather not.” She said. Grace’s face fell. “Could we maybe go over to yours?”

“Oh. Sure,” The spellcaster perked up. “You’re lucky, Tomax and I just cleaned the place the other day.”

Lucky, Cordelia thought. Maybe she was, considering she spent two days trapped in a house full of vampires eager to drain her dry, and somehow got away with her life. But she definitely didn’t feel it.


“Woah! That’s… insane!” Grace’s eyes were wide as Cordelia finished her story. “I can’t believe you went through all that… I think I’d just tell Darrel to stuff it and never go anywhere if I were you.”

“It’s not like I can keep hiding forever.” Cordelia shrugged. “And if I did, I’d never stop thinking about it. Being at work actually kind of helped. I need to keep busy.” She realised how much she wanted to carry on with her woodworking to keep her mind off things. But that would mean going near that new house…

“As if Morgyn would allow a vampire to move to Glimmerbrook.” Grace carried on. “I’ll be looking over my shoulder every time I’ll go to the pub now, knowing there’s a killer vamp out there, hunting…”

“I don’t think Micah would actually kill anybody… I hope.” Cordelia said uncertainly.

She reminded herself of what she knew about him, and his conversation with Verena she’d overheard. Not only that, he actively saved her from a vampire house, didn’t he? And surely Morgyn wouldn’t really unleash a cold-blooded killer on Glimmerbrook?

“If you say so,” Grace didn’t seem convinced. “I mean, you’re the one that’s supposed to live with him, I guess. Which, again, complete insanity! What the hell is Morgyn thinking?”

“Oh good, you guys are talking about my favourite person, huh?” A man’s voice said from behind them. “Maybe I’ll just come back later.”

“Oh hey, Tomax!” Grace greeted her friend. “About time you met Cordelia, but honestly, there’s bigger fish to fry than introductions – you won’t even believe what happened…”

“If Morgyn’s involved, I can believe anything.” Tomax rolled his eyes. “And I don’t wanna know. Just leave me out of it.”

“You know, Grace, maybe it would be best to leave this just between the two of us.” Cordelia turned to her friend.

Bizarrely, she was starting to regret sharing her vampire ordeal with Grace. If Grace passed that story on… The thought of a town full of spellcasters being aware of a vampire in their midst made Cordelia worry for Micah’s safety. Which was an absurd thought. Why should she be concerned for the safety of a vampire?

Cordelia wasn’t sure. But she did owe him, didn’t she? It was probably that.

“Anyway, like you said, Morgyn wouldn’t put all of Glimmerbrook at risk. So just trust them.” Cordelia said in spite of herself.

Tomax scoffed from the corner of the room. Cordelia turned to him. She still remembered what grace had told her about her housemate and the sage of the untamed on their shopping trip to Windenburg.

“You and Morgyn used to date, right?” She asked him awkwardly.

“If you can call it that, I guess.” Tomax replied, sounding unenthused. “I don’t know if Morgyn really dates anyone. They just move on to someone new, someone they find more interesting, someone that needs fixing more than you do.”

Cordelia had to admit that sounded a whole lot like what L Faba had told her. How did the sage put it? There is nothing in this world that hurts as much as the truth.

“Anyway, none of it matters.” Tomax brought Cordelia back to the present. “I’ve got more important things to worry about than Morgyn. Like my own magical training. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll become a sage myself. That would show them…”

Didn’t exactly sound like somebody that had moved on, Cordelia thought, but she didn’t say anything. Who was she to judge?

Visibly annoyed, Tomax seemed to have changed his mind about sitting down with them. He stomped out of the room and left the women to themselves, clearly unimpressed by the topic of choice.

“I’m sorry, he’s normally not this grumpy.” Grace said. “Touchy subject.”

“I get it.” Cordelia shook her head.

“Anyway, where were we… you still saying we can trust Morgyn not to put as all at risk?” The doubt in Grace’s voice was apparent.

“I don’t know about Morgyn,” Cordelia admitted. “But I hope you can trust me. Micah isn’t dangerous.”

“You really think so?” The spellcaster asked. “But if you’re so convinced about that, why wouldn’t you share a house with him? Especially one that’s by the sounds of it much nicer than your original one.”

“That… is a good point.” Cordelia muttered.

Of course, she could think of several good reasons. But she was so confused now. She didn’t even know where this instinct to protect Micah had come from. It was utterly ridiculous. Like a vampire needed her to protect him. But she couldn’t help it.

“I guess you’ve given me something to think about.” She continued, looking directly into Grace’s eyes. “But Grace, I’m serious. Everything that I told you… I told you as a friend, in confidence. Please promise me you won’t tell anyone about Micah.”

“Fine.” Grace agreed begrudgingly. “I promise. But I’m totally carrying garlic on me from now on…”

Cordelia had no idea if that would make any difference or not, but she nodded profusely regardless.

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  1. Morgyn… still setting everything on fire, even when they’re not around.

    It’s lovely that Cordelia has a friend in Grace, but whew… she is not going to keep her mouth shut, is she? She hasn’t about anything, so far.

    Poor Micah; the outcast evermore. Still, something else to bond with Cordelia over back in their ‘love’ prison.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha what can I say, it’s a skill. Though they did smooth things over with Darrel for Cordelia, yay? 😀

      Grace does like her gossip, but she did promise Cordelia she’d keep her secret… time will tell which of those will prevail.

      I see you have softened the house’s nickname to love prison now 😀 Hey, anybody in the house can leave whenever they like. Not that Cordelia even lives there at the moment.


  2. Grace doesn’t realise how traumatising the whole ordeal was for Cordelia despite all the telltale signs. Interesting. And after hearing Cordy out, Grace didn’t offer a hug or words or comfort. And after knowing her friend almost became vampire feed, she thinks its a good idea to share that story with Tomax. I’m glad she at least thinks its not a good idea for Cordy to stay with Micah but still… I’m surprised at how Grace handled… everything.

    And for Cordelia to so readily accept Grace’s point was surprising for me. She didn’t agree, but getting to that stage of acceptance so quickly is startling. I get it Micah saved her, am also aware that its been 2 weeks, but I totally saw this playing out a different way. I’ll take some time to understand this moment.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think you might be overestimating how close Grace and Cordelia really are. They are coworker’s that get on well, and occasionally hang out beyond that, but it’s certainly not the same level of friendship Cordie has with Dandy. Equally, Tomax is a much closer friend to Grace than Cordelia is – of course Grace would want him to know there is a potential threat in Glimmerbrook.

      Cordelia’s outward agreement with Grace’s point does not necessarily align with what she’s actually thinking – she’s just trying to stress the point of Micah not being a threat to Grace. Although the fact that her instinct was jumping to his defence is making her question things. She is very conflicted about what to think about Micah, that’s for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Even if Grace is not v close to Cory I have to agree her behavior is heavily lacking compassion. Which again confirms my theory that spell casters in general don’t seem to have much of it 😄

      As for why Cory accepted Grace’s point, I’m quite sure deep down Cory knows Micah is not dangerous to her, and that she does owe him her life. But ofc that doesn’t mean she’s not traumatized/afraid anymore xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That theory definitely seems to have a lot going for it 🙂

        There’s a few reasons for Cordelia to go along with that, but she definitely was exaggerating how “non-dangerous” she really considers Micah to protect him there. There is a reason why she wants to protect him, but I’m not sure she necessarily understands it either, so I won’t say more 🙂

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  3. How wonderful that Cordelia is on her way back to life outside.
    It looks like Sylvan Glade and Dandy have done her good.
    It’s hard for her to understand that L. Faba has done anything to help her …. it seems incomprehensible.

    I can understand Cordelia needs to talk about her experiences … but I’m wondering if Grace can keep the secret?
    I like that Cordelia’s instinctively tells her that she should protect Micah … he has more than others saved her life.

    So Tomax is yet another of Morgyn’s forgotten lovers?
    In the end, Grace gives Cordelia more to think about.
    There are a lot of big questions that occupy Cordelia’s young head.
    Nice chapter 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Cordelia is starting to make baby steps towards trying to get back to her life before the vampire trauma. And she is definitely very confused about what to make of L Faba now. Actually, she’s just generally confused about everything now haha.

      We’ll see if Grace keeps the secret and her word!

      Yes, Tomax was yet another of Morgyn’s flings. I must confess I have partly included him in this chapter because people seemed to be assuming the worst, that he was buried somewhere in Morgyn’s basement, so I thought I would give him a brief cameo to show he’s alive lol.

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  4. First off, I love Tomax’s and Grace’s house! One of the things I love about reading this story is seeing all the lots you use. They fit so well into the story.

    Haha, I knew Dandy’s pancakes and company would help Cordelia feel a little better about her ordeal and maybe get over Morgyn a little.

    It sounds like Tomax isn’t completely over Morgyn and a little bitter, and he summed up Morgyn pretty well in his description. I don’t know if Grace will keep a secret. I’m guessing she will talk to Tomax about Micah, if he hasn’t already overheard their conversation. I think somehow news of a vampire in Glimmerbrook will get out, if not through Grace, then maybe from Micah feeding on the residents.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s no credit of my own, there’s so much choice on the gallery! I have so little incentive to build these days, people’s creations are so amazing (and I find building so very tedious 😀 )

      Yes, Dandy’s definitely helped Cordelia do a bit of healing. She needed a safe haven and he’s given her just that 🙂

      Haha yeah, Tomax is a wee bit bitter for sure. We shall see if the residents of Glimmerbrook find out about Micah, the vampires seemed to be doing ok in Forgotten Hollow, so maybe it won’t be an issue?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Nothing like a vacation complete with pancakes!

    Tomax: The hottie voice of reason. Maybe he and Cordie could hook up, or more than hook up. 😀 Look at me, making ships where there shouldn’t be any.

    I hope Grace can keep all this to herself, but I don’t know if she can. She may think that everyone’s safety outweighs her promise to Cordelia. After all, we don’t know FOR CERTAIN if Micah is as safe as she hopes he is.

    And honestly, I’m surprised Morgyn went to the trouble to get Cordelia a sick note. Glad it happened, though. I was wondering about her job status, even if that was the least of her worries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, that’s definitely some out of the box shipping 😀 I’m not sure Cordie is Tomax’s type, but hey, you never know 😀

      This is very true, we know that Micah *tries* not to kill, but has killed in the past. So there is that. But hey, let’s hope for the best!

      Even Morgyn has their moments 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I am finally caught up and whew, what a journey! First, I just want to say I love how this story expands. With the introduction of Micah and Verena and the perspective of the Sages, it just added a whole new dimension. It’s still Cordelia’s story, she’s still at the center of it, but it’s much richer and I know that’s hard to do!

    I am blinded by love for Morgyn. Also, I’m obsessed with Verena. I LOVE a villian, what can I say? But you write your villains with such compassion and complexity that it’s hard to put them in a box. Heck, I’m not even sure who the villains really are! And that’s a good thing. They are vampires and spellcasters and fae but their flaws are so human.

    And oh the screenshots and settings, don’t get me started! I keep seeing things and thinking about how clever the shot was or ow beautiful. The images really enhance things!

    Oh man, I’m so excited to be caught up and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

    And as much as I love Morgyn and Micah and Cordelia and Dandy, I’ll be honest, I’m kind of rooting for Verena hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, I can’t believe you’re all caught up, you blasted through those chapters (also, I can now finally say that it’s a good job you went for white wine and not red, lol!)

      Thank you! This was never actually meant to be just Cordelia’s story, she’s our first introduction to everyone and sort of our lens into the world, but there’s a whole lot more going on that she doesn’t even realise. (And unfortunately for her, some of the other characters are far more interesting than she is haha!)

      I don’t really think of anyone currently in the story as a villain, they’re just a set of people that have conflicing views and motivations (and you know, some are slightly more murderous than others lol). I always feel like antagonists are just a matter of perspective, many of us have probably been villains in someone else’s story. So I like to have fun with that kind of thing.

      Aww, thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you – your screenshots are always insane!

      Haha you’re not the only one rooting for Verena.

      Thanks again for reading ❤️

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  7. Dude, Grace, chill. She clearly doesn’t want to share. Don’t push her!

    Though I do like how the casual-work-acquaintance social dynamics are muddying everyone’s true intentions. I don’t expect Grace to keep the secret, especially not after she and Darrel compare notes. What’s the HR protocol for an employee living with the guy who drained her boss’s blood?

    I’d ask what Morgyn was hoping to accomplish by setting up the “there was only one bed house!” fanfic scenario, but expect the answer to be that they weren’t really thinking about the consequences. It’s true to form, after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What an excellent question about the HR protocol, quite the hot potato. Then again, Darrel just offered Cordelia her job in spote of a long absence away, who knows what their discussion with Morgyn entailed. Let’s hope Micah is not on Cordelia’s next of kin form.

      Considering Micah sleeps in a coffin, even if there only was one bed, they should be golden. Who knows what Morgyn’s end game might be here, if they indeed have one, haha.

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