1.36 Simple Mind

Cordelia didn’t end up staying over at Grace’s house for much longer. She was far too distracted.

Besides, she didn’t want Dandelion to worry about her. She said her goodbyes and set off for Sylvan Glade.

She couldn’t help but linger by that new house as she made her way back towards the tree passage. Curiosity overcame her. Sure, Morgyn conjured the house for Micah, but they made it for her as well. What was inside?

The sun hadn’t quite set yet, meaning Micah would still be asleep, Cordelia thought. Perhaps she could take a peek before the vampire woke up? See what the sage came up with…

She walked up the rickety stairs and opened the front door.

For a moment, she just stared at the room she’d entered. Cordelia had never lived anywhere this nice. Everything looked so… elegant.

She slowly walked through the living room and into the kitchen.

The countertops were spotless. Naturally, she thought. It wasn’t like Micah was doing any cooking around here, was he? If the house had only been made for him, Morgyn would likely not have bothered for a kitchen.

Cordelia had to see more. See where Morgyn saw her living. She made her way upstairs.

There was a small painting nook by the landing – made sense, she thought. She could picture the vampire there, painting by the moonlight. She wasn’t sure how the idea made her feel.

A few doors lined the hallway. One of these had to be her room. But which? Picking one at random didn’t seem like a wise move, but she decided to go for it anyway.

Wrong room, Cordelia realised as soon as her eyes landed on the white coffin in the alcove. Abort, abort.

But the coffin lid slid open before she got a chance to turn around. Cordelia glanced out of the window, only now realising that it had gotten dark while she was busy snooping around the place.

Her instinct was to dart for the door, but her whole body froze. She watched the vampire rise from his slumber. His eyes opened and stared at her. It took a while for either of them to speak.

He’s not going to hurt you, she tried to reassure herself. If he wanted to do that, he would have already, wasn’t that what she claimed to Grace earlier? And she was not trapped in the room now, she could leave whenever she liked. Except that her body refused to move.

“Cordelia?” He finally spoke, studying her face. He didn’t make any attempts to charge towards her, and his expression wasn’t menacing. If anything, he looked perplexed. Perhaps he found this all as odd as she did, it occurred to her.

Now that she wasn’t a prisoner, Cordelia was also suddenly a lot more aware of the fact he slept in his underwear. She looked away, feeling her cheeks burn.

“I thought you didn’t want to know my name.” She uttered, awkwardly studying her feet. Just don’t stare at him, she told herself.

“I didn’t.” The vampire confirmed. “I didn’t really get a say in it. I didn’t get a say in a lot of things…”

Cordelia couldn’t help but look back at him. “But you did free me from that place. You saved my life. I… I don’t even know what to say. Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me.” His voice was cold. “I didn’t really do it for you.”

“Right.” Of course he didn’t. Her thoughts lingered back to her talk with Grace. “Micah… you… you’re not going harm anyone in Glimmerbrook, are you?”

“I’m not intending on killing anyone, if that’s what you’re asking.” He gave her a funny look. “Of course, I would probably say that even if I was.”

She instinctively took a step back, the memories of being trapped in his room flooding back.

“Look, I do need to feed, there’s no way around that,” the vampire told her. His tone didn’t seem threatening though, and he didn’t move closer towards her. “I try to take as little blood as possible. Means I need to drink from a few people each night, but it also means they survive.”

The very thought made Cordelia sick. Judging by his expression, he could probably tell. He sighed.

 “I’ll never feed on you, ok? Seeing that we’re housemates now, apparently. I’ve been along you enough now to be able to…” Micah cut himself off, not finishing his sentence. “Anyway, speaking of feeding, I need to head out.” He said uncomfortably. “Your room is just next door to this one, I think.”

“Thanks.” She replied, feeling uneasy. This was dumb, she thought. Why was she even here? But she couldn’t help but feel curious about “her” room.

She left his room, making her way through the hallway. Clearly, this room was the one she was supposed to open all along.

She looked around. The room was very pretty. Soft. A faint smell of cinnamon lingered in the air.

A large painting decorated the wall across from the bed. It was beautiful, but rather peculiar.

Cordelia’s head was spinning. This was her room, but it wasn’t. Nothing in here was hers. It was all foreign. She had to get out.

She ran into Micah on the landing. At least he got himself dressed in the meantime.

“Did you make that painting in my room?” She asked him.

The vampire shook his head. “I didn’t even know there was a painting in your room. Haven’t been in. With it being your room and all.”

Was that supposed to be a dig at her intruding on his privacy earlier? It wasn’t as if she’d done that on purpose. And besides, with what they’d been through together, what privacy was there really to speak of?

As if any of it mattered, Cordelia thought to herself, turning to the stairs. She should just get out of there…

“Whatever’s in your room is all Morgyn.” Micah added.

All Morgyn. The room was exactly how Morgyn saw her, it dawned on Cordelia. Soft, pretty, peculiar. That’s all the sage thought she was. A weird, soft girl. Weak. Someone that needed saving. An irrational anger crept up on her.

And past conversations started to flood in. All the warnings everyone had given her about Morgyn. Tomax, just earlier today. Grace, long before that. Heck, even L Faba warned her in her own twisted evil way.

And perhaps so did Morgyn themselves. She thought back at their visit to the Humour and Hijinks festival. At the night at Von Haunt Estate…

I’ve found something in the maze. Someone. We should return to Glimmerbrook. I’m not sure if you’re safe here.

“It was you.” Cordelia turned around, looking at Micah as if she was seeing him for the first time. “At the Von Haunt Estate. It was you at the bar in that ballroom.”

Micah’s face was hard to read, but he did not object. “Yes. I thought you knew that.”

“It was you Morgyn found in the maze.” She continued.

“Yes.” He nodded once more, not really elaborating this time. He looked at her expectantly, clearly realising she had more to say.

“It was you who Morgyn went after to Forgotten Hollow.” Her voice grew so quiet she could barely hear herself. But she could tell Micah could still make out her words. The vampire did seem to have better hearing than she did, after all. “The new romantic interest. I’m so stupid. I… I’ve gotta go.”

Micah didn’t try to stop her. Not that he had a reason to, Cordelia reminded herself. He had probably been waiting for her to get out of his hair. So that he could go see Morgyn, or go suck someone’s blood, or both.

Of course the vampire she had been trapped with, the vampire that saved her, was the person Morgyn was pursuing. Or rather, given that Micah was living in the house the sage had conjured, the person Morgyn had been successful in pursuing.

Cordelia felt sick. She flew through the house, out onto the front porch. Fresh air. Quiet. She needed it badly.

But she should have known better – it wasn’t as if life often gave her what she hoped for.

“Cordelia! Good to see you.” The sage’s words sounded genuine. She couldn’t stand it.

“But you’re not here to see me, are you?” She said bitterly. “You’re here for Micah.”

“I didn’t get the impression you wanted to see me.” Morgyn replied calmly. “It seemed like you needed space.”

“Please, this is not about me.” That irrational anger she’d felt after seeing “her” room resurfaced. “It’s all about what you want! Which clearly is Micah!”

“It’s not that simple.” Morgyn told her, their voice soft. But their attempt to soothe her would not work on her.

“Oh really? Then please explain so that my simple mind can understand!” Cordelia could feel her voice rising. “You fell for Micah just moments after we had our first kiss, didn’t you? You followed him all the way to Forgotten Hollow. You let him take over my land! And judging by you being here tonight, you two are probably seeing each other, dating, or whatever it is you do with people!” She recalled Tomax’s outburst earlier in the day.

Admittedly, compared to her own, Tomax’s speech had been quite tame.

“Everything you said is true.” Morgyn’s words stunned her. The sage wasn’t even trying to deny it. She felt like she was going to pass out.

“But Cordelia, me seeing Micah doesn’t have to change anything between the two of us.” Morgyn carried on. The words were spoken softly, but each one hurt all the same. “Only if you want it to. Which is fine too, if that is what you wish. Stay in the house. I made it for you as much as much as I made it for him. I just want you to be safe. I want you to-“

“Oh that is rich!” She interrupted them. “It is so like you to tell me things can be as I wish, and then go on to say what you want me to do in the same breath!”

“Do you think I wish for any of this?” She screamed. It all came out, as it always seemed to with Morgyn. “I didn’t want any of it! I didn’t even want to meet you. I… I hate you! I hate what you do to people! I hate what you’ve done to me! I hate…”

But she couldn’t finish the sentence. Hot tears were streaming down her cheeks. And like an idiot, she fell right into Morgyn’s arms.

“I hate… that I can’t… hate you.” She stuttered between sobs.

For a moment, she just allowed herself to breathe Morgyn in. She knew how ridiculous she was being, and that none of this was helping anything.

She was also very aware of the fact she was still wearing the clothes she’d borrowed from Morgyn back in the magic realm. Of course Morgyn felt like they could tell her what to do. Didn’t everything about her just scream that she was theirs? She should really pull herself away.

But Cordelia didn’t want to leave Morgyn’s arms. She wanted to stop time.

The sage pulled her in closer, gently rocking her. Their hand was running through her hair and tucking it behind one of her ears.

“What is it you want Cordelia?” Morgyn whispered. The sound of their voice made her knees weak. “Just tell me what it is. I can conjure anything you ask for. Give you anything you dream of.”

Of course, she knew that wasn’t true. Morgyn could give her everything but the things she actually wanted, it seemed.

Cordelia allowed herself a few more sweet moments, and then she finally forced herself to pull away from them.

“Cordelia…” The sage reached out towards her as she slipped out of their embrace.

“You can give me anything I dream of?” She repeated their words quietly, folding her arms on top of each other to stop herself from clinging onto Morgyn again. “Stop lying to me. You couldn’t even rid me of the sprites.”

The sage’s hand on her arm froze. She managed to make Morgyn speechless yet again. Too bad it was even less of a cause for celebrating this time.

“Just go.” She said, her voice shaking. “Go to your Micah. I hope you two are really happy together.”

It took every bit of her willpower to walk away, when all she wanted to do was to throw herself back into Morgyn’s arms.

On top of everything, it started raining. Not that it mattered. It never rained in Sylvan Glade, after all.

But Cordelia still lingered, instead of doing the sensible thing and rushing to the tree passage. She stopped by the old shed she once called home. It had changed almost beyond recognition, but the shack she once made was still in there somewhere, underneath the fancy magic.

Cordelia peered in through the window as the rain dripped down her coat – well, Morgyn’s coat. How did the sage see fit to redo her old shack? How did they want to mould it to suit them?

Her old woodworking bench was still in there, as was a whole other work bench. Rulers, materials, tools… she even saw supplies to make candles.

It was the ideal spot to get her hands dirty and just make things, there was no denying that. It was all perfect. Of course it was. Why did Morgyn had to do things like that? She could just picture herself in there. But of course, that was the point, wasn’t it? To lure her in with shiny things.

But in spite of how perfect this new and improved shed was, all Cordelia yearned for was to turn back time, back to when it was just the crummy shack she had made, with glassless windows, a rickety sleeping cot, and one obnoxiously large magical fireplace.

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  1. “Morgyn could give her everything but the things she actually wanted.”

    Aw man, that just sums up their entire relationship, doesn’t it? What a gut punch for Cordelia. But it’s true. Morgyn gave her promises, sweet nothings, the idea of a relationship, adventure, danger… but none of the things that she actually wanted and needed, and nothing that was genuinely good for her. And now she has nothing. Not the land she turned into a home, not her self-made shed, not even her happy outlook from before. Just Dandy in Sylvan Glade.

    I wonder how much Cordelia throwing in their face that they can’t even deal with the sprites hurt Morgyn. Unless they actually can, and just never did because it kept Cordelia close to them. I can’t feel sympathy for him here. Normally you discuss having multiple romantic partners before getting seriously involved with them, ye thick-headed potato.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Oh my God! Unhappy love…. It’s heartbreaking 💔

    I love your description and I hate what it evokes in me 😭
    You are very skilled 😄

    I have an appointment and I will return with my comments later….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes please! I guess I might well need a sweet and caring Dandy and some pancakes 🥰

        I’m very much in conflict about what I think about Morgyn and therefore I’m also a little on thin ice.
        Are Morgyn very immature or are they on the other hand more empathetic than most?
        Everyone seems so sure that Morgyn is a jerk and a manipulator …. so why do I get confused? 😵
        Am I too seduced by their sweet talk? 🙄

        My conclusion is probably still … too many abilities in an immature body.
        In Morgyn’s zeal to meet everyone’s needs, they do more harm than good.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Morgyn is pretty confusing, so I don’t blame you there! Personally, I don’t really believe that any one person is purely good or purely bad, and that goes for our sage too. It’s hard to tell what they might be thinking, and that sweet talk sure doesn’t help! I guess time will tell, though who knows if we’ll ever fully understand Morgyn 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Morgyn is very strange. On one hand, they’re incredibly honest, to the point that it hurts, telling Cordelia exactly what they’re doing at the house and that they are seeing Micah. And on the other hand, they have so many secrets about their past that they won’t reveal to anyone, except Micah, and that’s only because Micah drank from Morgyn. I really don’t know how to read Morgyn. They seem pretty clueless about the feelings of others, but they also come off as manipulative, so they must have some inkling about what’s going on.

    I guess in a way, it is probably good that Morgyn told the truth to Cordelia; it is probably best that she knows exactly what’s going on, so she isn’t led on anymore. It hurts, but it probably hurts less than if she had established a relationship with Morgyn, had started seeing them, and learned they were lying about Micah. Just my thoughts on it. But yeah, Morgyn, you need to be upfront with people if you want an open relationship, gah!

    Oh, and a huge slap in the face to Cordelia. Morgyn converting her house that she built into a workshop. Yep, Cordelia has every right to be angry and upset. Well, at least she has Dandy and his pancakes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, they’re honest about the current reality, when it comes to the past, less so. Of course, one of those comes along with all kinds of emotions Morgyn does not seem particularly keen on exploring, and with a side serving of trauma. Let’s be honest, even Cordelia who is very “what you see is what you get” doesn’t open up about the more painful parts of her past all that much.

      And that’s a very good point, yes, it doesn’t seem likely someone would be able to be both completely unaware of how others are feeling and manipulative at the same time. Up to you to decide which one it might be.

      Yes, at least Cordelia knows the full story now, and yes, her and Morgyn weren’t really a couple in the first place, they only shared a single kiss. But of course it still hurts.

      The workshop is technically Cordelia’s, but yeah, kind of defeats the point of having a little place where you can make all sorts of handmade household items when all of your existing ones have been discarded.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oof Im going to echo the comments above cuz the first thing in my mind was “thats not how you start an open relationship, Morgyn.” Then 2nd thought “I’m glad Cordy pieced it all together even though its heartbreaking”, then I’m not sure how I feel that after piecing everything together she still falls in his arms. Oweee.

    I thought Cordelia going into the shed at the end was a good..uh, better than going straight to the tree passage. If she went for the tree, it’ll be like she’s running away. But she stopped at the shed for a last confrontation, a true confirmation of Morgyn’s wishes of her. I liked her “Face the music” moment. And she did it on her own. No Dandy No Grace or Micah. Imo this moment is pivotal. Very beautiful. If Cordy decides to do a 180 and become a complete different person. I’d coin this moment as the catalyst of her transformation.

    This chapter also made me wonder if Morgyn actually “changed” (subtly). According to Tomax and everyone, every person that talked about Morgyn says he always fluttered to the next shiny person. But here. He is trying to keep 2 shiny things at once. It made me wonder if he ever tried to keep 2 shinies before or this is his first time trying. Or that he always did present the option to his partners but they blew him off and never revealed that part. And he simply continued to employ this same broken method of expanding his shiny collection. I think its possible, his inflated sense of self may prevent him from realising this way of initiating an open relationship is… ineffective also given his lack of actually discussing anything with his partners unless they bite him. 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, Cordelia doesn’t really have an off switch to shut down all of those feelings she has for Morgyn. I think she handled herself pretty well though, all things considered.

      I mean, technically speaking, she does have to pass the shed to get to the tree 😀 But yes, she made a point of looking at it, and it definitely cemented that the old camp as she knew it was gone.

      Well spotted. Yes, it does seem that Morgyn’s current behaviour is not in line with what Tomax, L Faba and the others have described, Morgyn moving on to the next person and leaving the other one behind. We also don’t have much evidence suggesting that Morgyn conjured houses for their “loves” in the past, though of course Micah and Cordelia’s case is pretty unique. We don’t really have much to go on either way, so both are plausible, though I will say, are you confident that none of Morgyn’s old flames would have agreed to an open relationship if that was what was suggested to every single one? Of course, we only have pretty limited information about the “Morgyn always moves on to someone else” scenario too – it’s not like Tomax or L Faba have whipped up a pie chart or a graph detailing all of Morgyn’s past relationships 😀

      “given his lack of actually discussing anything with his partners unless they bite him” LMAO that would be one interesting couple’s therapy premise.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ugh. I’ve been there–where the one person you want is also the worst one for you.

    Haven’t read the other comments because I didn’t want my opinion swayed, so sorry if this has already been answered. What was that whole deal about Micah almost acting like he could read her mind? Or am I just seeing things where there’s nothing there?

    I’m glad we got to see more of the inside of the house. That place Morgyn conjured up doesn’t really scream Cordelia to me. I like her assessment of it: It’s what Morgyn thinks she’s like.

    And most of all: YAY to Cordie for standing up to Morgyn! Everything CANNOT be conjured up by magic. Some things have to be real, like love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. I bet many people can relate.

      That’s a good approach to have, I try to do that too 🙂 Micah can’t read Cordelia’s mind, but she isn’t particularly hard to read (more often than not her emotions are written all over her face, and she even took an actual step back from him when she got scared), and he’s very perceptive (had to learn to read between the lines during his time with the coven) and supplements with his own views on vampires, which are not all that favourable.

      I think that’s how Cordelia feels about the room too.

      Yeah! She did well here 🙂

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  6. I need to scream about the wallpaper in Cordelia’s room for approximately 35 minutes.

    ::deep breath::

    Okay, that’s out of my system.

    This was really something. I went on Cordelia’s whole journey. I was curious, then annoyed, then indignant, then swept off my feet, then hurt.

    I have no problems screaming at characters when they make bad decisions but I don’t even know what to yell at Cordelia. Get out of there! But also stay, maybe? I don’t know!!!! I’m so conflicted!

    It’s a testament to how deliciously complex these characters are.

    Oh and can I talk about Micah? I mean, it’s awkward. Yes. But he doesn’t have to take it out on Cordelia. I mean he didn’t ask for this but neither did she.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In case you’re wondering, the wallpaper (both in Cordelia’s room and the living room) is this: https://albiorixsims.tumblr.com/post/188002611700/art-nouveau-collection-bluebell-set-basegame

      Thank you, that’s a huge compliment! I definitely feel for Cordelia here, and felt proud of her for pulling herself away – not sure I would have managed to do the same in her shoes!

      Micah, well the guy just woke up, he’s probably wanting to feed, and here’s this tempting human right in his bedroom yet again. So his response to her here may have had something to do with that. I definitely don’t want people talking to me for at least half hour after waking up, personally 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay true on waking up! My bad Micah! I would 100% have been too weak in the face of Morgyn and also, I don’t what I’m going to put these wallpapers in, but it’s going to be something! They are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the link.

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  7. Morgyn who?

    But seriously, Cordelia’s making a lot of assumptions that she admittedly has to because she’s not going to get answers from Morgyn. It’s like, girl, how do you know they think you’re soft, pretty, and peculiar? You’re the one who labeled the painting as ‘peculiar,’ even, when that might not have been the reason for choosing that awesome painting. Plus interior design, done well, is so personal that it’s not reasonable to expect a single other person to replicate someone else’s taste exactly unless they have comically well-documented taste in furniture.

    She gets mad points for walking away. Double points for yelling at the Sage of Untamed Magic AGAIN. AGAINNNN. And oh, do I love the crunch of having feelings for two people at once or having feelings for someone unacceptably capricious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a classic scenario of when you bring yourself into a downward spiral based on nothing but your internal monologue alone. But of course she has reasons to be pissed off, she’s just taking it out on the oddest things, like the decor. You’re right, who knows what Morgyn had in mind with the interior design – given that they conjured the house up within a few minutes (if only it actually was that quick for me 😆) after a sleepless night and having their blood drained, chances are they didn’t give it that much thought at all.

      She does not hold back, at least! And yes, loads of messy feelings here. Just the way I like it, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I thought the same about the painting. It doesn’t even resemble Cordelia and is just the tip of the assumptions iceberg (and you know what they same: when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. :P)

      Liked by 2 people

  8. I knew Cordelia would be upset to find out about Morgyn and Micah! Morgyn doesn’t seem to understand why Cordelia is upset though. They have their own version of love/dating and can’t comprehend that it’s different for other people? I’m not sure. It just feels like Morgyn never takes responsibility for leading Cordelia on, they’re just… too calm you know. Pretending like Cordelia is just being crazy or immature. But I think they are partly to blame for being very insensitive to other people’s feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morgyn definitely does not get very emotional, you’re right, they’re very calm. I suppose they don’t feel responsible because they haven’t lied to Cordelia per say, but they haven’t gone out of their way to subvert her naive expectations either. So yes, they’re definitely at least in part to blame as you say.

      Liked by 1 person

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