1.40 Stupid Heart

Cordelia heard the chimes as she shut the till after she’d finished counting the cash. Typical. Grace had already dolloped off for her hot date tonight, and Cordelia was just wrapping up.

“Sorry, we’re closed!” She called out. Whoever entered should really know from the sign on the door…

“Even for an urgent order for the Magic Headquarters?”

Her eyes shot up from the till. Not that she needed to check. As if she wouldn’t recognise Morgyn’s voice anywhere.

No. Don’t do this to yourself again, she tried to reason with herself.

“I’ve processed the last order myself, the HQ is good for everything we carry.” She said stiffly. “If there’s anything else that’s needed, we don’t have it in stock at the moment. But we both know don’t handle any of the HQ orders yourself anyway.”

“You got me.” Morgyn smiled. “Perhaps my visit is a bit more personal in nature.”

Personal in nature. Cordelia pleaded with her stupid heart to calm down. Do not fall for it. It will just hurt more in the end…

“Then I’m afraid I can’t help you.” She managed. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to lock up.”

“Very well, I’ll take my leave.” The sage nodded. “But aren’t you even the least bit curious to know why I came here?”

And before she could react in any way, Morgyn left the shop.

Of course she was curious. But she couldn’t just follow them out. That was exactly what the sage wanted her to do, wasn’t it? Nope, nope, nope…

If only her feet listened to her head. But she was through the door already. And of course, Morgyn was still lingering around.

“What did you want, Morgyn?” Rats. Why was she so weak?

“Maybe I just missed you.” The spellcaster beamed at her. She’d been dying to hear those words. But Morgyn knew that, she reminded herself.

“I doubt that. I’m sure Micah’s been keeping you… occupied.” She stressed the last word.

“Why don’t we set Micah aside for a moment,” the sage said quickly.

Good one, Cordelia thought. Ignoring Micah’s existence was not exactly easy when he lived under the same roof as her. Surely Morgyn had to realise that. So why were they here, messing with her head even more?

“How would you like to travel to Selvadorada with me?” The sage asked.

Out of all the things she could have imagined them saying, this was not one of them. “Selvadorada?” She’d never even heard of the place.

“A destination known for the vast jungles, ancient Omniscan culture, delicious food and of course, sensual music.” Morgyn’s eyes twinkled.

“What? I don’t understand.” Cordelia’s head was spinning. Did Morgyn just come here to taunt her? “Wouldn’t that be the kind of place you’d go to with your boyfriend?”

“Micah is not my boyfriend.”

“Well, whatever you call it,” She insisted, praying that Morgyn would not get into the finer details of their relationship with Micah. All of this was too painful and awkward as it was already.

“There’s a temple deep in the Belomisia Jungle that holds an ancient power lost in time,” the sage explained. Except their words were just making her understand less and less. Belomisia Jungle? Ancient power?

Cordelia couldn’t even think of what to ask anymore. She just stared at Morgyn, waiting for them to start making sense.

“I believe the temple might be a source of knowledge allowing me to gain deeper control of raw untamed magic, and well, the world around us in general.” The sage concluded.

“Right… um… good for you?” She was less and less confident in what it was the spellcaster wanted by the minute. It just seemed like a sick joke of some kind. “You should go. I do really need to lock up.”

“I haven’t forgotten about the last thing you said to me.” Morgyn said quietly. “And you were right, I never did make good on my promise to help you with your sprite predicament.”

She was taken aback. “You think that whatever is in the temple could help with the sprites?”

The sage’s response was evasive. “Even I don’t know everything.” Was this Morgyn’s way of saying they didn’t have a clue, Cordelia wondered? “But it’s worth a try to explore options, don’t you think? Worst case scenario, it will be a pleasant little getaway, just for the two of us. There is still that Selvadoradian food and music, after all.”

Just the two of them, in some exotic country far away. And maybe even a chance to finally get rid of the sprites once and for all… no, it had to be too good to be true, didn’t it?

“I… I don’t think Darrel would let me take any more time off work.” Cordelia used the last bit of willpower she had to reason with Morgyn, and more importantly, with her dumb heart. “With the time I missed at the beginning of the year…”

“I’m sure I can come to an agreement with him.” Morgyn interrupted her. “You don’t need to answer straight away. You’re apprehensive, I understand. It is a bit of a long shot. The ruins may not have any answers for you. Whether you want to find out or not is your own decision to make. But Cordelia, do not make that decision on the account of someone as insignificant as Darrel Charm.”

She was speechless. Not that the sage really waited for a response. “Anyway, that’s all I had to say. I won’t keep you.” Morgyn turned around and headed down the stairs.

The sage knew exactly what they were doing, didn’t they? If she really thought about it, Cordelia realised that. But if she was fully honest with herself, she was also well aware that her mind had lost the battle with her heart already.

“Morgyn?” She called after the sage. The spellcaster only partly turned around, stopping at the bottom of the steps. “I will go.”

“Splendid.” Morgyn offered her one of their smiles. “I’ll arrange your leave with Darrel, you just focus on getting packed. I’ll pick you up at the house tomorrow morning.”

And with that, Morgyn disappeared with a flash.

Tomorrow morning. That was a lot sooner than Cordelia expected. Her emotions were all over the place. She felt anxious, curious, and above all, confused.

And to top it all off, her stupid heart also insisted that a small fraction of her should feel at least a little excited in spite of everything too.

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  1. Oh for crying out-

    *angry rant about Cordelia not learning from her experiences*

    Gah, at least she gave some resistance this time around. She’s about to get her heart broken all over again. Only this time I’m annoyed at both of them. Morgyn the most, of course. Stupid self-serving potato teasing her and pressing buttons just to get what they want. Morgyn needs to trip over a jungle tree root. Or twenty. Into a crocodile’s open mouth. Arrogant self-aggrandizing pompous little *grumble grumble grumble*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I mean… she’s learned a teeny bit? Not enough, clearly, but she sort of kind of tried to be sensible… and yes, then she sort of mostly threw that out of the window, but she has a touch more awareness now. It’s a bit of progress, right? 😀

      Got it, queue in a crocodile right after Snuffy’s pit of snakes that she wants Morgyn to fall into. Can there be a crocodile in a pit of snakes? I really need to think the logistics through here.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. /sigh. Maybe slowly eaten by spiders would be fitting as well.
    I’d say I’m upset at her, but I know I’d probably do the same thing. Heck, I’ve been in something of that kind of a situation before, and wouldn’t you know it? I fell for it too. The heart wants what the heart wants… the trick is getting it to want someone else.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I guess if I add Lonecat’s predictions to the mix, we’ll have Morgyn dancing around the jungle/temple, hitting on a sparkly skeleton while Cordelia succumbs to jaguars and/or poison arrows, followed by Morgyn falling (probably due to the dancing) into a pit of snakes, crocodiles and spiders, and then finally Lonecat appears on a white horse to save Cordelia. Phew. I think you guys overestimate my abilities 😅

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  3. Oof this chapter is one of the most toxic things I’ve ever read in SimLit. x_x

    Well okay. I guess there are a lot out there actually but this is still painful to read. Cordy is aware of how dependent she is on Morgyn but she can’t help herself. But I can’t even get mad at her because it’s only … sucks to say this, but natural.

    Morgyn.. Morgyn.. I have such an impassioned speech for you. But it will only inflate your narcissistic ego so I’m keeping it. Rather feed it to my feelings than yours. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. At least until certain milestones.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ll take that as a compliment though I don’t think you meant it as one 😀 It’s definitely toxic. Don’t know about the most – but I’ve read a lot of simlit!

      Yes, in her current emotional state it’s unlikely this could have gone differently. Yes, she can’t help herself. At least she’s a bit more aware now. Not sure whether that helps her much, but it’s a start of sorts, I suppose.

      That’s one ominous sounding “benefit of the doubt” 😀 But you’re right, your speech might inflate their ego further, yep.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a compliment. I think you’ve depicted the toxicity of Morgyn and their relationships very well. Through Micah and Cordelia, Morgyn dismisses both their feelings, deflect their concerns, make them question themselves, twists/manipulates the doubts in their minds and use it to their own advantage. Every compromise comes from Micah and Cordelia and whatever worries Cordelia had since she met Morgyn still plagues her. Morgyn has done nothing, absolutely nothing for her wellbeing which is fine if it stayed neutral. But especially in this chapter, every sentence uttered by Morgyn is a ‘trap’, Cordelia becoming more and more hollow as a person is highlighted as she interacts with Morgyn while Morgyn remains unfazed.

        There is nothing imo that justifies toxicity. We can blame history, circumstance or w/e, but there comes an age, a time, a dawn when the person must take responsibility for their own actions. I’ve said this in your comments before that’s why I don’t really know what to comment anymore since I’ll just be repeating myself like a senile person. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I think people as a species are very dedicated to justfifying behaviour. I know you’re talking more about “objective justification”, but as a theme I’m very interested in the justifications we tell ourselves about our own behaviour. Morgyn definitely does all of those things. But nobody does things purely for the sake of twirling their mustache and laughing maniacally. (Don’t get me wrong, this is not me saying that what Morgyn is doing is right.)

          Liked by 1 person

              1. Idk about grand. But theres a layer thats not revealed so im kinda waiting on that :> don’t know if it’ll change anything but it’ll still be nice to get every piece of the puzzle fitted. Unless you’re evil and don’t plan to give us that. 😆

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  4. Poor Cordelia 💔
    All common sense begs her to reject Morgyn…. and then she has these unreliable feet who choose their own path.
    Everything seems to be chaos inside her and now her heart is trying to drown out all voices.

    I love your description of Cordelia’s inner struggle. It’s so alive.
    What should I think about Morgyn? … “a pleasant little getaway” … it’s inhuman to say to a girl in love!
    Should I laugh or cry? 😕

    Now Morgyn has fixed everything and Cordelia has agreed to travel.
    I can hear Yimiki’s gnome army gathering for battle in the distance 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Damn those unreliable feet! Definitely chaos.

      Thank you. I find the way we reason with ourselves fascinating, so I like writing inner conflicts – even though this is obviously not a “fun” situation.

      Morgyn continues to be Morgyn. Up to you what you want to make of them. The popular opinion seems to be finding Selvadoradian wildlife options to feed Morgyn to. I try to be impartial, but this is tricky because my own crush on Morgyn is almost as big as Cordelia’s. On the bright side, perhaps with all these animals everybody wants to throw at Morgyn, I could start a zoo or something 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I must admit that I also have a soft spot for Morgyn.
        Maybe they seduced me with their sweet talk 😳

        They have probably received a large enough number of animals to start a Zoo 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Ah, Morgyn’s at it again, manipulating Cordelia with promises of Selvadoradan food and sensual dancing, lol. They sort of left out all the dangers of the jungle and not to mention, the ruins themselves. At least they admitted that this wasn’t just for Cordelia’s benefit and that they are also going to learn more about untamed magic.

    I really can’t fault Cordelia for behaving the way she did. She’s young and this is probably her first real (I hesitate to call it real) romance that she’s had. Plus I’m sure she is looking for acceptance in some way because she hasn’t had that from anyone in her past. Dandy is really the only other person that accepts her. She’s getting better. At least she realizes what effect Morgyn has on her. She’s had the misfortune of falling for the worst possible person in the Magic Realm/Glimmerbrook, maybe in the sims world. Okay, now I need to swoop in for the rescue and carry her off into the sunset on my white horse, lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can hear you brewing a Selvadoradian version of Sweet Transvestite already. Ah yes, the slight dangers, must have slipped Morgyn’s mind. But yes, they did not really promise the trip will help with the sprites and they did admit that they are going there in pursuit of more untamed magic powers. If you were to ask Morgyn, they’d likely tell you they’ve been very honest with Cordelia.

      Yes, she’s young, and hasn’t really had many people care for her. She does need to learn, but yes, Morgyn may just be a baptism of fire.

      D’aww, how lovely, she could use that epic rescue haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, I don’t even know where I would begin. I can picture Morgyn prancing around the ruins, dancing with skeletons, while Cordelia slowly succumbs to poison arrows.

        Yes, I totally would rescue all the downtrodden, underdogs in all the simlit I read, lol. Plus, I did say I would marry her. We can be crazy cat/dog ladies together. I hope she likes cats or dogs. But in all seriousness, I am really curious to see what is in that ruin. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Those skeletons in Selvadorada are pretty shiny, and Morgyn has been established to enjoy shiny things!

          I’m sure Cordelia would be open to having cats and dogs in your sanctuary 😊

          We’re not going straight to the ruin, but soon!

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Damn. Morgyn is good. Like…I am always Team Morgyn but even I can see they are playing everyone. And yet, I was like SWOON! YES! SELVADORADA. LET’S GO.

    But whew, I am a concerned about this trip, let me tell you. Morgyn is a fan of what is good for Morgyn.

    A theory that has been floating into my head recently, what if Morgyn had a relationship with Dandy and then Dandy was so devastated that L. Faba wiped his memory and that’s…hmm…okay that theory has completely fallen apart before I can even finish the sentence. Then L. Faba should be mad at Morgyn, not Cordelia.

    Damn it! I will figure it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, Morgyn knows exactly what to say, especially when it comes to someone as hung up on them and as impressionable as Cordelia. Micah is not manipulated as easily. But yes, I love Morgyn, but they are problematic for sure haha.

      That’s some out of rhe box thinking there, I like it! It’s interesting to see all the theories people are coming up with, though I can’t really comment on any of them!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. /sigh I thought Cory would have been already hurt enough to be angry enough to be at least safe enough of Morgyn’s advances. I hope so, at least.
    I wouldn’t blame her for wanting to go to the temple, tho, she still has the sprite problem, and also, I don’t think she’d have a chance to have such an exotic vacation 😁😁
    I’d go, definitely ahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Dollop off! Interesting! Now that’s a bit of slang I haven’t heard.

    Petition for me to exchange interest-in-Morgyn levels with Cordelia so she can blow them off without a second thought and I can leave insightful comments on chapters featuring Morgyn. Win-win. This chapter would end at the fourth screenshot: she would just say “no” and continue locking up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now I’m wondering if it’s a British thing or if I made it up. Either is plausible, lol.

      That would be interesting. Would definitely reduce my word count significantly, haha. Also somewhat derail my plot. But it would definitely be a healthier place for Cordelia.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I feel for Cordelia right now. Like she knows she’s more invested in Morgyn than they are in her but she still jumps at the chance to spend intimate time with her. Morgyn has her hooked! I wonder if Morgyn actually realizes the full extent of their effect on Cordelia. Are they using it to their advantage or do they just like it? Who knows (well you, but you’re not telling, lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Cordelia is fighting with herself, but she’s not really succeeding. She knows very well that Morgyn isn’t good for her, but that knowledge alone isn’t enough.

      You’re actually getting pretty close to another chapter that’s written from Morgyn’s POV, so maybe you’ll get some sort of an answer. Then again, maybe not, Morgyn is not that forthcoming even with their internal monologue, haha.


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