1.43 Only the Pure of Heart

Micah flicked to the next page of the book absent-mindedly. The story of Lucas Dark was failing to grip him. Much like the inspiration for his next painting that failed to turn up. He was sick of painting that tree. He just wanted it to go away. But the silence in the house was deafening.

It was a strange paradox; he spent the last 13 years in utter loneliness, but he was not particularly used to being alone. During his time with the coven, it seemed there was always someone prodding, watching him, seeing what his next room would be – even when he was in his room on his own.

In comparison, he lived in relative peace now, but he still hadn’t particularly had a lot of time to himself. Morgyn’s visits kept him distracted in the first place, and then Cordelia moved in of course. Since then, the sage wouldn’t come back to the house, sweeping Micah away on dates all over, or having him visit in their quarters in the magic realm instead.

But whenever Micah was at home, Cordelia would be there.  She rarely initiated conversations with him, even now, but she did take to watching him paint for some peculiar reason. And later at night, he’d hear her soft snoring through the wall when he was in his painting nook.

But neither Cordelia nor Morgyn were here now, off on whatever jungle adventure Morgyn had in mind, and Micah felt as if his head was going to explode.

He slammed the book shut, giving up on Lucas Dark – compared to Micah’s own life, the events in Lucas’s didn’t really seem all that unlikely. The vampire put the book away and headed out. He’d already fed enough that night, but perhaps the breeze outside and the smell of the woods would do him good.

Micah didn’t go far, instead, he decided to go to get the campfire at the back going. From what he could gather, it was the only part from Cordelia’s original campsite that had remained unchanged.

He’d often see her sit there, roasting dinner in the evenings, in spite of the fact they had a perfectly good kitchen in the house. Micah understood that well, it was little acts of clinging onto the sense of normalcy like that that got him through the early days with the coven. Not that he ever broached that subject with her. He felt it was best she enjoyed that time on her own, unobstructed by the vampire intruder in her life.

A sigh escaped his lips. It didn’t seem fair that the girl’s life got so messed up. But as Morgyn had pointed out in the botanical gardens, life was hardly a matter of what was fair. Micah knew that too well.

His gaze moved away from the flames dancing ahead of him. Would his past continue to haunt him forever, he wondered? He decided to put the fire out, it was pointless – he didn’t need the warmth, and he wasn’t about to roast anything. Just another illusion to cling on.

If only he could turn his memories to ashes that easily. Morgyn didn’t seem to have a problem with that. Although Micah was aware that in itself was an illusion too, and one that came at a cost. 

Scanning his surroundings for anything to take his mind off the heavy past, Micah’s eyes rested on the glowing tree. He never did have a look at what was inside, through that passage. As far as distractions went, it would do.

The colour of the tree’s glow changed from one to the next every few minutes. Micah approached it, looking up into the crown, down to the opening. It screamed magic, didn’t it?

Perhaps that’s what it was, another entrance to the magic realm? No, that couldn’t be it, Morgyn wouldn’t have bothered to bring him through the portal if that was the case. Curiosity overcame Micah. He suddenly found it hard to believe it took him this long to explore the tree passage. It was one of those things he’d considered “Cordelia’s.” Then again, she wasn’t here now, was she?

The golden glow he was greeted with on the other side of the tree was blinding. After all, it had been over 13 years since Micah has seen the light of day. It was definitely not something he expected on the other side of the dark tunnel. He hissed, cowering away from the sun instinctively.

He spotted a tree house of sorts ahead of him. Shelter. He had to get out of the sun, stat. He propelled himself towards it, using most of his vampiric energy to speed up the stairs as fast as possible.

Of course, it was still fairly bright outside of the house – he noticed the large windows as soon as he entered. He was hardly shielded here, wasn’t he? It was only now when it occurred to the vampire that the simplest solution would have been to simply return down the tree passage. Genius move there, Micah, he thought to himself.

Would he have enough time to sprint back out to it now, or was that too much sun to handle? Strangely, he felt no burning sensation on his skin in spite of the large windows. He was in no pain. But surely he still had to think quick…

The door to the small kitchen he was in opened, interrupting his frantic stream of thought.

It was that elf. Micah almost forgot about him… A shocked expression quickly spreading across the elf’s face as he entered. 

“What are you doing here? How did you get here?” He blurted out at Micah. He was surrounded by several of those strange floating fairies, much like Cordelia’s only they seemed to be a different colour.

“Is this your house?” Micah asked, although the answer was already obvious. He should have realised that was the case, but of course, his desire for self-preservation was stronger when he bolted for the little cottage to shield himself from the sun. Who knew he had that much will to live in him after all…

The vampire calmed down slightly, realising the sun was not harming him. Odd. A coffin was always necessary during the day, even indoors. Then again, it was not daytime, was it? He had to learn more about this place. But first things first.

“I’m sorry I barged in here,” he told the elf. What was his name again? Some kind of flower… Dandelion, that was it. “I meant no harm. I was just trying to hide from the sun. Vampires and the sun are not the best of combinations…”

The elf eyed him up and down uncertainly. “Right… but how did you get to Sylvan Glade?”

Sylvan Glade was the name of this place, wasn’t it? That was what Morgyn had called it, at least.

“I went through the tree,” Micah replied, his tone apologetic. “I’m sorry. I really should have given it more thought. Should have realised you lived here.” He couldn’t believe his desire for a distraction made him so careless. It was so unlike him…

Dandelion seemed to have calmed down, though. “I guess that all makes sense. You meant no harm, and you got through the tree…. You aren’t going to hurt me, are you? Because if you were, you couldn’t be here, so…”

The elf’s muttering made little sense to Micah. He was probably just scared.

“No, I’m not going to hurt you.” The vampire said, hoping he sounded reassuring. “I was just curious, that’s all.”

Another one of those mothlike creatures flew right past Micah’s face. “These things look an awful lot like Cordelia’s sprites.” He mentioned, hoping to put Dandelion at ease. If the elf was to tell him to leave, what would he do? He couldn’t go out there, back into the golden light.

“Uh…” The elf’s expression changed, suddenly sheepish. “They kind of are Cordelia’s sprites. I’m sort of… looking after them while she’s away…”

Micah was puzzled. “Looking after them? I didn’t get the impression they were like pets that needed someone sorting them out.” After all, wasn’t that Cordelia’s whole sprite deal? She wanted the fae gone, not well kept…

“Not like pets, no.” Dandelion acertained. “They do what they want, mostly. But I’ve managed to make them a bit more… well-behaved. So I get them to stay away from her, when I can.” He almost looked proud of himself.

It was clear the elf cared for Cordelia a lot. Micah could still remember him yelling at Verena of all people, all in Cordelia’s name. Dandelion either had to be incredibly selfless, or incredibly infatuated, Micah determined. But that was none of his business.

“I’ve only ever seen them yellow.” He commented non-committedly. “Didn’t realise they could change colours.”

“Yellow means they’re tense.” Dandelion explained. “This turquoise blue is inspired, I think. I played the violin to them before going to bed.”

Of course, he woke him, didn’t he, Micah remembered. The elf was definitely more hospitable than anyone else would be if they were woken by a vampire trespassing in their house and asking about fairies… Micah was suddenly stumped for what to say.

“Oh, are they making you uncomfortable like they do Cordie?” Dandelion misread the vampire’s expression. He turned to the fluttering fae. “Shoo, it’s bed time! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And amazingly, as he waved them off, the sprites did fly out of the room. No wonder he was proud, Micah thought, Cordelia certainly didn’t have that level of control over them.

Of course, with the sprites gone, there went the subject of conversation too. “Sorry for keeping you,” Micah said uncertainly. “I’ll go as soon as the sun goes down…”

“You might be here a while, then.” Dandelion told him. “The sun never sets in Sylvan Glade.” He sounded so casual, as if he didn’t just deliver the most fatal news Micah could think off.

“That… is impossible!” The vampire managed.

“Not impossible, it’s magic.” The elf shrugged. “I don’t know how it works, exactly. It never gets dark, and it never rains. I mean, it’s probably not even real sun. We are inside of a tree, after all…”

“Right.” It made no sense. And yet it did. There was no explanation as to why Micah was even able to stand it this room, with all the windows, glaring light coming in, without turning into dust. Did that mean the sun couldn’t hurt him outside either? Or whatever it was, if it wasn’t real sun…

“It’s all very old magic, that’s all I know.” Dandelion continued when Micah didn’t say anything else. “I don’t even know about all of the spells that are at work around here… there’s this one, the pure of heart one…”

“The pure what now?” What on earth did that mean, Micah wondered?

“Well, that’s the whole reason you could even get in here, because you meant no harm.” The elf replied, as if that made any sense. “Only the pure of heart can see the tree passage to Sylvan Glade.”

Only the pure of heart? “Is this some kind of sick joke?” Micah gritted through his teeth.

“Not at all.” The elf shook his head. “It’s a protective spell of some kind. If you’re not pure of heart, you can’t even see the tree opening in the first place. It just looks like a tree. And you can’t get in. It’s pretty clever…”

“No.” Micah’s voice flew up. “Your tree is broken. I’m the last thing you’d call pure of heart. I am a monster. I have done the worst things you could imagine.”

Dandelion remained oddly stoic – very unlike how ruled by emotions he was when Micah first met him. “Are you planning to do something terrible now? To me? To anyone?” He asked.

“What? No, of course not!” Micah was taken aback. “But I’m capable of…. I have…” He couldn’t quite bring himself to finish the sentence.

“Hmm…” The elf rubbed his chin, as if in thought. “Like I said, I don’t know how it works exactly. But old magic like that can’t just be broken…”

“Maybe you’re overthinking it.” Dandelion decided eventually. “Maybe your past doesn’t matter. Maybe all it takes into account is who you are right now, and if you wish anyone harm. I mean, how fancy can it really be? It’s a tree. All it’s supposed to do is protect those in the glade.”

“It’s a tree.” Micah repeated, his voice barely a whisper. He didn’t know what to feel anymore. The whole reason he wandered through the tree passage that night was to escape his past, not to confront it.

“You know, since you are here, there’s actually something you could help me with.” Dandelion interrupted his thoughts.

“Oh?” The vampire looked at him, unsure what to expect.

“I’ve been working on something.” The elf said cryptically. “Lulu, uh, I mean L Faba, said those other vampires you lived with might come after us all.”

“They have no way of knowing where we are.” Micah interjected. “I’m not going to tip them off, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“They might still find us,” Dandelion shrugged. “Anyway, they wanted blood, right? My blood, Cordie’s blood… So, I was thinking, what if I gave them something else instead? Something that would work just the same…”

Micah watched him turn away and rummage through the fridge. “I’m not sure where you’re going with this. But I doubt-“

“Here.” Dandelion shut the fridge door and twirled around. He was holding something in his hand.

“What is that?” Micah’s eyes shot to the produce in the elf’s hand. “Some kind of fruit? I don’t think Verena would be interested in fruit. Vampires can’t really eat. Well, we can, but our digestive tract doesn’t quite work right anymore, so it’s just an all-around unpleasant experience.”

“It’s no ordinary fruit.” Dandelion seemed determined. “I made it myself. Just… try it. Maybe use a straw, if that helps you feel like you’re drinking.”

Before Micah could protest, Dandelion opened one of the kitchen counter drawers and plunged a large metal straw into the fruit, handing it over to him.

The vampire sighed. It seemed like going along with it was the best course of action. So he’d have some indigestion after. As absurd as it was, the elf had been stupidly gracious about the whole intrusion. Least Micah could do was humour him.

The taste was odd, but not unpleasant. And somehow, he could even taste those emotions that were typically reserved for drinking blood – the distinct sensation of feeling someone else’s hopes and fears. It was diluted, and Micah could only make out the feeling rather than the memory attached to it, but it was there, in this strange fruit somehow.

“Well? How is it?” Dandelion asked.

Micah only stopped once all of the juice had been sucked dry from the fruit. All that was left in his hand now was the dry pulp.

“How is this possible?” He finally spoke.

“So it works? It could be a substitute for blood?” The elf beamed.

“I don’t know. I’ve already… fed tonight, before coming here.” The vampire admitted. “So it’s hard to say. Do you have more?”

“Not yet. But I hope to grow more. They just need to ripen, that’s all.” A yawn escaped Dandelion’s lips. “I better get to bed. I will let you know when I have more of the fruit.”

“Feel free to stay as long as you like,” Dandelion mouthed over his shoulder as he made his way out of the kitchen. “Just remember, don’t wait for the sun to set. Because you know, it doesn’t.”

A fruit that could replace blood. A sun that didn’t scorch his skin. Micah’s head was spinning. He decided to test his theory about this fake magic sun, stepping out onto the balcony.

He could feel the rays of light touching his face, but there was no burning, no pain. It shouldn’t be possible – none of this should be possible, but here he was.

He climbed down the stairs, as if in a dream. But it couldn’t be a dream. Vampires had no dreams. Neither could they walk in the sunlight though. The precise thing he was doing now, for the first time in 13 years.

He couldn’t remember if he’d ever seen such beauty. The golden glow washed through the whole meadow, glistening on the surface of the crystal-clear water of the small pond. A gorgeous waterfall streamed down from the cliffside. Heck, there was even a damn rainbow dancing right above the water.

It was all so beautiful, and so very wrong. A fruit that could replace blood. A sun that didn’t scorch his skin. The words kept running through his mind over and over.

He could live a charmed life now, couldn’t he? Basking in the sun of this breathtakingly beautiful meadow. Surviving on the elf’s strange fruit. It would be like heaven on earth. But heaven was the last place he belonged.

How could he be allowed redemption, all of these miracles? For all the beauty of the meadow that he found himself in, all he could really see in front of him right now was Carys. Her end. Her lifeless body.

This past decade, all he pined over was the hope that somehow, someday, someone would make a miracle happen and give him another chance at life. But now that one was almost within grasp, he understood how misguided he’d been. He didn’t deserve any of this. He deserved nothing. He should be nothing. It felt like the inside of his head was screaming. And all that his pathetic shell was capable of in response was to drop to its knees and weep.

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  1. I wonder if the sprites listen to Dandy more than Cordelia because Dandy is an elf and so closer to them than a human, or because Cordelia hasn’t tried to “train” them the way Dandy has. Maybe she didn’t know she could. But Micah is right on both accounts – Dandy is incredibly selfless and incredibly infatuated.

    Gah, in Micah’s eagerness to get away from the “tree” connected to his past, he stepped right into something just as heartwrenching. And a fruit that could replace actual blood… I can imagine Verena maybe not caring for it, but it would make all the difference for vampires that don’t want to harm humans, like Micah. I wonder how many Dandy could grow. Enough to live off of? Enough to never have to attack a human again? Or only enough to substitute a little bit?

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    1. Both are definitely a possibility (I had to resist an intense urge to spew spoilers all over the shop haha). And yes, Micah continues to be observant.

      Yeah, I guess you have the vampires that embrace the dark gift and all that comes with it, who would not have any interest in the fruit – because what a waste of their powers that would be – and you have those like Micah. But he is likely a minority. As for how much of a replacement it could be, I guess we’ll have to wait to find out – all very experimental at this stage!


  2. Micah needs a hug, poor guy. He really needs to get over his past and forgive himself because it’s just going to lead to an eternity of guilt and unhappiness. And it’s interesting that he could enter the glade. I wonder if Dandy is right, that the spell only takes into account a person’s current intentions, and not what happened in their past. Or maybe because Micah feels remorseful about what happened in his past that makes him pure of heart?

    It’s interesting how the sprites can be handed off. I wonder if Cordelia can hand them off to other people, or is it just Dandy because he’s an elf? And Dandy growing plasma fruit, aw, he’s trying to find a solution to the vampire problem, good job Dandy. 🙂 I also liked the interaction between Dandy and Micah. I love seeing different dynamics between characters.

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    1. Yeah, he’s so guilt ridden, poor dude. Dandy does have a point that the main reasoning behind the pure of heart spell is a protective one. But how exactly it works is open to interpretation.

      Good question about the sprites! But alas, I will not answer 😊

      And yeah, I thought it was about time we saw Micah and Dandy interact 😊 They are very different, so it’s an interesting dynamic.

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  3. Ah geez. I love the screenshots – the stark contrast between sober, grey Micah and the sparkly pinkness that is Sylvan Glade. I really feel for the dude. I hope he can realise that is he worthy of redemption; the very fact he still carries the burden of Carys’ death is testament to that. The sun on his face, a fruit that may sustain him. A dream within grasp.

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    1. Thank you! Micah does stand out in Sylvan Glade like a sore thumb. Yes, him carrying that burden speaks a lot about him. Of course, he has caused the death of others, not just Carys, but she is definitely a cummulative symbol of all of them in his mind. And Sylvan Glade and Dandy’s fruit offer so much promise… too much promise for him to be able to handle.

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  4. I find it ironic that for all the hopes and wishful thinking piled onto the Sage of Untamed, Dandy is the one with answers for both Cordy and Micah. In an alternate universe (mine), Dandy is the one having relationships with those two, and all parties will be satisfied. 😆

    Everyone asked the question about Dandy’s elf status and connection to the sprites so I won’t ask again, but I’m inclined to think that instead of it being solely a gift frkm his Elven status, Dandy has throughout been putting a lot of effort in keeping the sprites happy, so I’d like to acknowledge that. I think he ‘got to know’ and actually ‘bonded’ with the sprites and didn’t treat them as if they were a nuisance and, hence contributed to his having some influence or persuasion over them.

    Am also wondering if sprites have a preference towards ‘pure of heart’ types. I mean they show up in slyvan glade too. If they are harmful, they wont be able to enter in the first place. Which begs the question I think Ive asked in the first place, are they friends or foe? They’ve been as you like to put, chaotically neutral throughout and still are. (In case Im using it wrong, i meant neutral though their wishes have some mischief)

    Then again, when you think about it, the sprites are satisfied when Cordy is successful romantically and socially, not the other way around.

    Ah Micah, poor tormented soul. Settling for what he thinks he deserves, which he thinks he deserves nothing. Is it purely a coincidence that when Cordelia was feeling terribly low that she met Dandy, and Micah guilt ridden by his relationship with Morgyn (hence the tree obsession) that he finds Dandy too? It’s like the tree makes itself available for those who have lost their way. Provide a safe haven for ‘pure’ healing? Makes me wonder if Morgyn ever entered the tree.

    Theres more to it than Dandy’s theory that the tree is only trying to protect its residents and itself. Otherwise it meant Lfaba and Morgyn have ill-intentions on Dandy or the tree. Im pretty sure “pure-heart” meant something bigger, an entire vision of a forest, and we’ve only been presented a tree’s perspective.

    Weeellllll sorry for the essay lol, but there was a lot in this chapter and im still not done because I forgot half of it. 😆

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    1. Ooh I love the essay! ❤️

      Indeed. Morgyn has made a lot of promises, but we’ve not exaclty seen them deliver on any of them yet. Dandy has not made any promises at all, he even tries to keep his involvement with the sprites a secret, and yet here he is, taking action. Not that helping Micah was a motivating factor for him, though their encounter now may change his opinion of Micah a bit.

      Hah, don’t know if an ultra “pure of heart” type like Dandy would be interested in a three-way romantic relationship, but never say never, I guess 😆

      Whatever the case, you raise a good point that Dandy has been treating the sprites very differently than Cordelia has. Then again, unlike her, he doesn’t have any traumatic memories tied to them, so it makes him being open to them much easier for him than for her. Hard to say if the sprites have enough agency to be considered sentient, and therefore pure or evil. But you’re right that we haven’t seen them do anything terrible througout the story, apart from the minor fluke of murdering Cordelia’s mother at the beginning of the story 😆

      Question is, is Micah’s relationship with Morgyn a cause or consequence when it comes to his guilt? Like you have pointed out, Micah does not think he deserves to be happy.

      Interesting theory! As for whether Morgyn has ever been to Sylvan Glade, all we really know at this point is that they are aware of its existence. We don’t really have any confirmation of whether Morgyn or L Faba can or cannot see the tree passage, although we will get some answers on that front in the future. Technically the answer to one of those already is in one of the previous chapters, though 😉

      I enjoyed the essay! I like the way you think 😊


      1. Oh, and I absolutely forgot to mention, but can we just stop a second and admire how sweet and innocent Dandy is??? Aww my boi!
        It’s lovely that he thinks that the vampires only want the blood for the blood’s sake, and completely disregards that they want Cory and him for other reasons.
        And not enough, he’s kind enough to make a blood substitute for them, who could easily, and would easily have killed them all, if given the opportunity.

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        1. Yeah, again, in Dandy’s mind the matter is quite simple. He wasn’t there when Morgyn and Verena’s negotiations took place, and he was too worried about Cordie to pay too much attention during L Faba’s chat with Verena, so he doesn’t realise there was more to it than just vampires wanting to feed. Bless.


      2. oops I replied to the wrong comment 😅
        anyway, Mercury does have a solid point –
        the sprites certainly killed Cory’s mother, but also the sprites can enter Sylvan Glade.
        (or maybe it was not the sprites that killed Cory’s mother, and they were just accidentally there?)

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        1. Cordelia was only a child, so it is possible that her version of events is not necessarily exactly what happened. But there’s many unknowns, it might be as simple as the spell only applying to humanoid creatures, or a lot more complicated.


  5. “…he’d hear her soft snoring through the wall when he was in his painting nook.” <- this is awesome. Omg I love this tiny detail xD It adds a layer of reality

    HA! I knew Micah has a "pure heart"! Speaking of, so that means it is enough not wanting to harm Dandy, to be "pure of heart"? And looks like Morgyn really can't see the entrance, does that mean in reverse that he does want to harm Dandy? But then he could have, multiple times when Dandy was outside of the Sylvan Glades.
    Or does it mean in general not wanting to harm anyone?

    "It was only now when it occurred to the vampire that the simplest solution would have been to simply return down the tree passage." Exactly my thoughts 😏😏

    Ugh Micah…. in a way I'm glad he has all this possibilities in front of him now, plasma fruits and sun lights, a life that could be happy. It makes him finally face his guilt. And the realization that he can't make amends for what he has done before. But I really hope he'll find another purpose in life, that makes him accept that he deserves happiness too.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t figured she snores very loudly, but of course as a vampire Micah’s hearing is heightened, so he does hear her through the wall. I think about a lot of stupid stuff haha.

      Well, we only got Dandy’s interpretation of what being pure of heart means, who’s to say if it’s accurate? Seeing that it’s Dandy it probably is a tad simplified 😊

      Haha I know. He panicked. Also, it wouldn’t have made for a very interesting chapter if he just went back 😆

      Yeah, up until now he could tell himself he wants to go back to being happy but it’s just not possible, but now he’s realising that there may not be such a thing as a switch that will just make it all ok again, even if he gets good things in his life.


  6. This chapter hit me right in the feels and I don’t even know where to start! I love when a story gets to this moment: the character is on the verge of getting everything they’ve professed to want but it isn’t at all what they thought. In Micah’s case, he was not really prepared for how this would make him feel. It sounds like he wants to keep punishing himself, even though he was talking all these steps.

    It’s interesting that Cordelia and Morgyn seem to want something that will fix their past. They are both so busy searching for it, they don’t seem to think a ton about the here and now. What is their life like now? What about this moment? Is the thing they are searching for necessary?

    Micah, meanwhile, is haunted by his past, but the thing he wants is pretty forward-facing. Ugh I have so much more to say but I have to go to a meeting 😦

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    1. Thank you for the high praise! Yes, it’s all well and good for Micah to say that he’s unhappy of his present and try to focus on a future where it’s resolved, but when it comes to actually getting something close to what he wants, he realises it may not solve everything at all. He definitely likes ounishing himself, yes.

      Interesting analogy with Morgyn and Cordelia too. Cordelia wants rid if the sprites, or so she says, though their presence has lessened, thanks to Dandelion, and she’s barely noticed. As for Morgyn… who even knows that their intentions are? 😇

      But yes, very interesting observations indeed! I definitely agree that Micah is very proactively forward facing, whether he can actually handle what lies ahead (especially if he gets what he claims to want) is another story, as you say 🙂

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      1. Oh dang, I did not notice but you’re right, it’s been awhile since she’s had a real encounter with the sprites. I mean, I’m commenting after having read ahead a few chapters but she is taking a big swing to fix something that isn’t really that huge of an issue…


        …I just realized something huge abour Morgyn. I’m going to keep it to myself until I catch up to Chapter 50 (because maybe I’m wrong) but holy cow!!!!!!

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  7. I feel so bad for Micah. He can’t even see the good that’s in him. He thinks he’s a monster for killing Carys (in an accident) but a real monster (like Verena) would feel absolutely no remorse or guilt which Micah seems to have plenty of. I think that’s what makes him so pure at heart because even though he’s a vampire he’s still compassionate for humans.

    On another note, isn’t there some way in The Sims game to bring ghosts back to life? Not really sure, but since you said this story was somewhat gameplay driven, that might be an option for Carys 😮

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    1. You’re spot on about Micah. He’s drowning in remorse and doesn’t know how to reconcile the past, or what he is. In a way, if he calls himself a monster, it’s easier, because he can justify things that way… now that there’s a different life within his fingertips, it’s hard to come to terms with that. Makes Carys’s death seem more “avoidable,” though of course, at the time, it wasn’t.

      There’s loads of ways to resurrect sims these days! In the BC universe it’s a little bit more challenging (much like becoming a spellcaster is not as simple as it would be in game), and can’t be done by everybody, but it is possible. Except that it needs to be done before the spirit “moves on,” like Morgyn mentioned in the botanical gardens, and Carys has been dead for 13 years. So it’s not promising, unless she has not moved on, for whatever reason. I sort of hope she did!

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  8. Artificial sunlight! So Lulu made this place, huh? And oh—I forgot about the infatuation. That does it: I’m referring to Sylvan Glade as the Friendzone from now on. Yeah, that’s not heaven, it’s a prison.

    “Anyway, they wanted blood, right? My blood, Cordie’s blood… So, I was thinking, what if I gave them something else instead? Something that would work just the same…”

    People who have done experiments with DNA: OH NO.

    “What is that? Some kind of fruit?”

    People who have done experiments with DNA: Whew.

    Although, I don’t even know if DNA is the important bit. This isn’t that one Black Mirror episode where your DNA remembers where your nudes are. How did Dandy grow that fruit, also? Impressive bit of horticulture there.

    People who have done experiments with DNA remembering that there’s an ‘Evolve’ option on well-cared-for-plants: Groan.

    And the sprite color reveal here is incredibly effective for people who don’t play with magic: I somehow didn’t make the connection until Dandy pointed it out (which is even funnier coming from a writer who also exploits the emotion/color mapping for worldbuilding) and appreciate the implication that Cordelia herself is just tense or uncomfortable all the time. So the way to make the sprites happy is for her to be happy? Awww. Though, if they are a projection of her own emotions, it does say something about her that romance and mischief, specifically, are the things that placate them.

    Drives home that the sprites were never the problem.

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    1. Did Lulu make Sylvan Glade? All we really know about it is that it has something to do with old (potentially elven) magic. Lol, the Friendzone. I guess Sylvan Glade can be a different place to different people.

      Ermn I’m pretty sure vampires would not accept other bodily fluids as substitute, lmao.

      How Dandy grew the fruit is a good question and something that will be addressed at a later point.

      Yes, the sprite colour is relevant (and a pain in the butt to get the one I need in most cases haha). Dandy simplifies a lot, though. The sprites have their own emotions, so they don’t necessarily reflect the emotions of whoever they are with, it’s more of their response to what they are witnessing.

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