1.44 The Demon


We set off into the jungle. At the start, I have to use a machete to clear the way to prevent rousing suspicion from the locals. But once we get deeper, I am able to simply scorch the overgrowth out of the way. Much less work.

It does, however, require a lot more concentration – can’t be dealing with a situation where I set the entire jungle on fire. It’s no worry though. I am in control.

It would be helpful if Cordelia’s outfit wasn’t so distracting. She’s been distracting me the whole time that we’ve been in Selvadorada. But we’re here for a reason. I can’t forget that.

“Wow, would you look at that!” She exclaims, running off to a viewpoint. We’ve only just started our journey, and there she is, stopping to take in the scenery.

“We’re on a tight schedule,” I call after her to stress the need to go on. She’s not listening, already at the edge of the platform.

Reluctantly, I join her. “If the map is accurate, we need just over a day to reach the temple. If we make most of the way today, we can enter the ruins tomorrow morning. That will give us the best starting point.” I try to reason with her.

“Surely we can stop for a few minutes to admire the view.” She pouts. “Wouldn’t it be a waste to come all the way here and not see all the beauty?”

“Fine.” I stare into the horizon to humour her.

Beauty of the world. Of course. They’re more alike than they realise, my loves. Both seem to place a lot of arbitrary value on the appeal of their surroundings. No surprise this is the case for Micah, he’s an artist after all. But in his ridiculous greed for self-inflicted punishment, he has decided he is not worthy of what he so craves.

On the other hand, Cordelia has lost a lot, like him, but she’s turned that into a reason to admire beauty around her with that innocent awe and vigour of hers. But that makes her far too vulnerable. The two of them can learn a lot from each other. I hope they do.

“You’re not really looking.” She interferes with my thoughts. “This is just like when we watched the fireworks at the Humour and Hijinks festival. Don’t you see how amazing it is?”

She wants me to see the world as she does, not realising that the closest I can get to that is through watching her, like when she was gushing over the most insignificant of things when we first arrived in Puerto Llamante. That sense of wonder she’s so full of… I have long lost that. I can barely remember it.

It doesn’t matter. She’s distracted me enough, and I’m not doing myself any favours either. Nothing productive about this whole stream of thought.

“We should go,” I tell her, turning back to the path. She follows with a sigh.

The journey goes fairly smoothly, bar one encounter with some jungle fire ants in the afternoon. They swarm around Cordelia, but I intervene with a quick chillio spell, freezing them in motion. Once they’re taken care of, I free her from the ice.

“Thank you,” she breathes out. “That was close.”

“Barely a concern. They are vermin.” I tell her, looking for the next turn-off on the path.

Naturally, she doesn’t see it that way. So I need to spend more time consoling her, while dancing around the delightful subject of how awful she believes it must be to get burned alive. The last topic I would ever want to go near.

I cannot do this. I’m not even sure what I end up saying in the end. The whole conversation is an uncomfortable blur I make sure to discard. But I manage to reassure or distract her somehow and so we carry on.

We do end up making good headway in the end. We cross a long-elevated footbridge that’s marked on the map. I see the temple in the distance, right above the waterfall. We’re on the right track. I allow myself to loosen up a little – the sun is setting; we can’t advance any further. Time to set up camp for the night.

“Long fall down that waterfall. Doesn’t look like skinny dipping is on the cards after all.” I tease her as we assemble the tent, eliciting the exact reaction I expected.

“Don’t look so disappointed.” I add, allowing myself to marvel at her blushing before I cast the scruberoo spell on both of us.

I get the campfire started with a quick inferniate spell, and soon, we’re roasting dinner.

“Not exactly fine dining, is it?” I remark in her direction.

“I’m used to it.” She shrugs, oddly stingy with words for once.

“Yes, well, those days of squalor are behind you.” I tell her brightly. “I trust you’ve been enjoying having a real kitchen in your new home?”

The look she gives me is almost angry. “Actually, I’ve still been using the campfire a lot.”

I stare at her, puzzled. “Why ever would you do that?”

She looks as if she wants to reply, but changes her mind before the words part her lips. “Doesn’t matter,” she mumbles, turning her attention to her meal.

She must be insane. Not unlike her, I have spent plenty of time living in the woods, a youth on the run with no roof over my head. Not an experience I would care to go back to, our current expedition notwithstanding. So why would she? Even though I’ve freed her from that pathetic dwelling. I can hardly bear to think of the shack she insisted on referring to as a home in her delusion. Too many memories that leave a bad taste.

It’s been decades since I’ve had to relive my past to the extent my loves have forced me to in these last few months. But I’m not blind to the fact that there’s a bit of that old me in both of them. That’s what makes them different, different from the ones before them. Then again, the old me they resemble is dead. And yet here I am, in the middle of a jungle, chasing ghosts.

Neither of us speaks for a while as we finish our food.

Eventually, Cordelia breaks the silence. “Do you miss Micah?”

What an odd choice. She’s made her sentiments on me seeing Micah crystal clear. Anybody else in her position and with her intent would try to make me forget Micah exists, take advantage of the fact we are alone in the jungle. Which I’d be perfectly happy to comply with, especially for her. I can set Micah aside for the night. I’ve had practice.

But Cordelia doesn’t compartmentalise. If she was a spellcaster, she’d rip the world apart. She feels absolutely everything at all times. Which, I remind myself, as cumbersome as it’s been, is precisely why I chose her to join me on this trip.

“Do you really want to talk about Micah?” I point out the flaw in her reasoning. “This was meant to be about the two of us getting some time away together, wasn’t it?”

“I thought this was meant to be about an ancient power in an old temple.” She protests.

“Well, that too. But I can multitask.” I shoot a conspicuous smile in her direction, which of course prompts her cheeks to flush again.

But then she composes herself. “You weren’t multitasking during the day.”

“We had an objective during the day.” I remind her.

“You won’t multitask when it comes to stopping to enjoy the view, but with people, you multitask too well.” She says quietly. “I don’t know how you can be… I mean… I…”

I know what she wants to say. She wants to ask how I could possibly have feelings for two people, but she’s afraid of even assuming I may have feelings for her out loud. She’s not had a lot of love in her life, that much is clear. Probably doesn’t think she deserves it. Another belief her and Micah share. Not that pointing that out would be particularly helpful.

“I highly doubt you want to hear about that either. I wouldn’t expect you to understand, on any account.” I steer the focus away from myself. “You haven’t been with many people, have you?”

Of course, I know the answer to this already.

“I’ve been with people.” She says defiantly.

“Oh?” I didn’t foresee that answer, but I’m curious. “I must admit I didn’t get the impression you’ve done a lot of dating, but even I can be mistaken.”

“You’re not… mistaken. I haven’t really done any dating. But I have been with people.” The way she emphasises her words leaves little room for interpretation. I can tell she’s feeling awkward, but she doesn’t stop talking.  “I told you the sprites like romance. I thought I’d give them what they wanted.”

I wonder if she’s lying to incite some kind of irrational jealousy in me. What she’s saying doesn’t seem to line up with that innocence of hers…

“When we kissed at the Von Haunt Estate balcony, you said you’ve never seen the sprites on such a high.” I remind her. “And that was merely a kiss.”

She looks uncomfortable, probably embarrassed that I caught her in a lie – it’s unlike her to lie, after all.

“Well… that’s probably because what I did before that… it was never with anyone important.” She looks away from me, her eyes fixating on the campfire instead. “It wasn’t dating, it was just… one-time things. I  went through the motions, it wasn’t exactly, uh, pleasurable. I thought it was what the sprites wanted. Obviously, I was wrong.” She lets out a sigh, her eyes lingering on the flames.

A part of me wants to keep hoping she’s lying, for her own sake, but I don’t believe she is.

“That’s a shame, that it wasn’t pleasurable.” I tell her softly. “It’s always supposed to be pleasurable. That’s the entire point.”

And clearly also why the sprites had no reaction to her past escapades, while a mere kiss…

“Well, too bad!” She raises her voice and finally looks at me. The fire is still reflecting in her eyes as she locks them onto mine. “If you feel so bad about it, then show me what it’s supposed to be like!”

I did not expect her to be so direct. Bringing this up was a mistake. Of course I had ideas of how our night alone out in the jungle would go… but it just seems inappropriate now.

The more I piece together of Cordelia’s life, the more in awe I am that she’s somehow managed to retain that innocent outlook of hers. It couldn’t have withstood all that, only to finally be broken by me. I have already caused cracks. I should really just stay away from her, but I clearly, that’s one matter I haven’t quite managed to control just yet.

“Wouldn’t that be a waste?” I deflect in an effort to deter her. “Your sprites aren’t even here tonight.”

Which is true. Come to think of it, the sprites haven’t made a single appearance throughout our time in Selvadorada.

“Oh.” Is all she says in response. Tears rush into her eyes. She leaps up, dashing towards the tent.

Good. Let her go, I ascertain with myself.

But then the demon I’ve once buried decides to make yet another appearance tonight, mocking me once more, as it has been of late.

You hate seeing her like this, it whispers.

I’m used to shutting it down. Over the years, it’s become nothing but a distant mumble somewhere at the back of my head. But ever since the time Micah drank my blood at the duelling grounds, the demon’s voice has steadily grown louder. Clearer. I don’t like it.

You’ve caused this. Again. And to what end? It’s ringing in my head.

Ever since the day of the ascension ceremony, I’ve mostly kept the demon in check. Needs to be done. But we’re far from home, and it’s getting increasingly difficult.

What is one little slip-up, anyway?

“Cordelia…” I grab her hand, twirling her around to face me. “Forget the sprites.”

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  1. First of all, I’m definitely with Cordelia on enjoying the scenery. Wow. Selvadorada has some great views! I don’t have the pack, so this is a treat. <3.<3 I loved the picture of Cordelia on the platform looking out over the jungle.

    Wait, fire ants are a thing in Jungle adventures? Oh my. xD Yeah, Cordelia would not have been able to deal with those by herself. Or anything that the jungle and the temple have to throw at her, probably. I’m still worried about her somehow becoming separated from Morgyn and paying the price for their desire for knowledge.

    “I can hardly bear to think of the shack she insisted on referring to as a home in her delusion.”
    Classy, Morgyn. Classy. Sure, dismiss months of work and her finally taking steps to leave her mark on something and make it hers -to literally carve out a piece of the world for herself- as a delusion. Gah, and they correctly deduce that Cordelia is afraid of assuming out loud that they have feelings for her, yet they do nothing to ease her doubts.

    Okay, Morgyn. Repeat after me:
    “Hey, Cordelia. I really like you. But I can’t commit to one person and if you want to be with me, you’ll have to accept that. We’ll have a polygamous relationship. Can you do that?”
    And then just leave her alone to think, give her space, and accept whatever answer she comes back with. And don't bother her again if she rejects the idea. That’s all they need to do to have a healthy relationship. But nooooooo. xD

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    1. With how manipulative Morgyn is, I doubt he can have any healthy relationship at all. And especially not with Cordelia. He has way too much power over her.

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    2. Oh I’m glad, I wasn’t sure whether to include so many pcitures of the viewpoint because it’s jut the same old, but it is gorgeous. I love the way the jungle looks. That’s why I want more destination worlds.

      Oh yeah, there’s all kinds of critters. You are also meant to suspend disbelief to pretend there’s much larger wildlife roaming about, but that only happens in rabbit holes sadly.

      Apparently Morgyn doesn’t realise that’s what the shack meant to her. Too much projection of their own views. But yeah, they have deduced that about the assumptions about feelings, but did chose not to act on it. Which I guess seems to be the case for many things Morgyn does (or doesn’t do).

      What is this healthy relationship you speak of? I’m not sure Morgyn is familiar with the concept 😆 However, them leaving her alone right now in the middle of the jungle would probably not be ideal 🙂


  2. Okay.

    I hate Morgyn, that’s fine, I like having an antagonist like them in a story, makes it very entertaining.
    I’m v disappointed with Cory, that’s fine too, she’s weak and she’ll probably need veeeeeeery much time to heal.
    But I don’t want them to get redemption. I don’t want them to turn back into a good person, saved by Cory’s innocence, and I don’t want Cory to forgive them. They have caused too much damage.
    I need to see Cory get angry, mad, scream out all the hurt, like she has done already, but this time actually heal and move on, and let Morgyn rot on his bad conscience without ever being able to make amends. 😭😡

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  3. Haha I don’t consider Morgyn an antagonist (but then I don’t really consider anyone in the story at the minute an antagonist), but you’re definitely allowed to hate them and be very justified doing so 😊

    Cordelia is still super hung up on Morgyn, so she’s nowhere near moving on – especially not with where this ended, obviously.

    Is there such a thing as turning back into a good person? I don’t know if one person’s innocence could “fix” someone else 😊 Only time will tell where all of this goes.


    1. Ah, I didn’t mean antagonist as in villain, but he does kinda work against Cory. Even if he doesn’t intend to, haha

      I apologize for my initial rage comment 😆 I’ve just seen it happen so often, and Morgyn starting to doubt his motives and showing actually something like “care” (I wouldn’t really care it caring, it’s actually in a v selfish perspective) upset me a little (okay, a lot 😆)
      considering how this story went so far + your comments on other stories, I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna make anything easy, and def not any cliche HEAs, and none without sacrifices.
      I have faith ok xD

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      1. I know what you mean, and it makes sense, I just personally don’t think of any them that way – even Verena, I think more about what each of the characters is aiming for rather than who they are positioned “against.” But I get what you mean 🙂 I think Morgyn is not necessarily working “against” anyone – but I would also not say that Morgyn is working FOR anyone other than Morgyn 😉

        Don’t apologise 🙂 Morgyn does “care” to some degree – like I said I don’t think anyone is purely good or purely evil. We don’t really see that much from Morgyn’s perspective to fully know their motives. But I’m not planning on them getting a personality transplant if that’s what you’re worried about.

        To sum up, I am sure that after this chapter, Morgyn and Cordelia will braid each other’s hair and skip into the sunset holding hands because suddenly their relationship is not problematic. Yep. 😛😉

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  4. Yay. All the love. Everything is fixed.

    OK, now the optimism is out of the way… what an absolute fudging poostorm this all is. It’s so one-sided and manipulative and controlling. Morgyn, she just wants to be loved you bumhead. Either sort it out or sod off.

    One genuine plus point: your writing of Morgyn’s POV was excellent. Sounded very Morgyn all throughout and just as stunted, blunt and emotionless as I anticipated. But you do know that now I’m thinking of what’s in Morgyn’s pants, right? You’ve broken me. 😂

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    1. Obviously!

      I’m glad that you think I can do manipulative and emotionally stunted well 😂 But thank you, I think. Morgyn has a pretty strong voice as a character so I find it easy to write from their POV, they constantly yap in my head as it is.

      I guess Cordelia is about to find out what’s in Morgyn’s pants, not sure if she’ll share that information haha.

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      1. Well, we write from our experience, don’t we? 😉😂 I only meant that it had a good contrast between the narrative style of your other chapters, felt very POV. But you know what I meant, you’re just winding me up. 😁

        Darn. I will have to use my imagination… OK, right that’s enough of that. Off to wash my brain.

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  5. Cordelia says it clearly: “You won’t multitask when it comes to stopping to enjoy the view, but with people, you multitask too well.”
    Still, she can not resist Morgyn … it’s the curse and magic of infatuation 💔
    Morgyn has their own inner struggle. Call them just minipulative. Most of all, they manipulate themselves. Everyone around them falls victim to the dual signals.
    Morgyn you’re a big mess … and you’re starting to feel it yourself 🤨

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    1. Yeah, to be honest she’s not really been trying to resist ever since they arrived in Selvadorada. Like you said, powerful magic at work, though it’s the non-magical kimd.

      Morgyn does like to try to keep everything under control, their own emotions included, yep.

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  6. Pffft! I love it that Morgyn completely froze her. Ahahaha! I know I shouldn’t be laughing considering I know where it stems from but its too ridiculous not to laugh.

    Does Morgyn’s magic become ‘Untamed’ if they loses control? Or does Morgyn believe their magic to be uncontrollable if they becomes emotional? Their strong inclination to stay in control is suspicious and we know they lost a parent for this reason in the past.

    Morgyn strikes me as emotionally numb. I considered if they were completely emotionless since they always used logical reasoning to deflect everything but previous chapter they was capable of annoyance so they does feel, only that they buries their emotions if they cross a threshold in depth or strength. their manipulative skills are also an indicator that they can’t be emotionless since they would need a strong understanding of emotions to manipulate someone. Superbly manipulating Cordelia here, lightly teasing her about sex to get her to think about the subject all day to increase the probability of this favorable outcome without looking like the instigator. Then the unsubtle put down and skirting the issue by putting Cordelia once again on the defense and have her feel smaller and smaller than deliver a killing blow to her esteem. And it all started because they didn’t want to explain their lifestyle. And even though they is the one who crushed her and made her into the shadow of the person she has become, she can’t even bring herself to be angry at them when they decides it’s appropriate for them to have sex when the basis of emotion for their bodily union is guilt.

    Throughout this debacle, Morgyn gained some of their feelings back. Not the most ideal feeling, but it actually prompted Morgyn to take action than leave Cordelia on her own like how they usually did. So that’s a step up I guess. O.o I can’t get over the heavy price on Cordelia’s wellbeing although I’m pretty sure she’ll fight me about it. It’s her relationship so I can picture her telling me off xD

    I’m curious to see how Morgyn feels now that they realises Cordy evokes feelings in him. Will they pursue more slip ups with her so they can ‘gain some of that they lost’, or will they start avoiding her.

    One little slip up? That’s how babies are made. Unless Morgyn is sterile in your story. o:

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    1. Haha I know, I couldn’t really find a better way of doing it, so let’s say they were being extremely thorough lol.

      You might be on to something.

      Quite right, how could somebody be manipulative if they didn’t have a grasp of emotions and what might elicit them? As you point out, we have seen some degree of emotions, however small, from Morgyn, and they do seem to be quite capable of interpreting or even swaying the emotions of others.

      We don’t necessarily know if these feelings are newly there or if they’ve simply not been acting on them, but you’re right, same difference. They definitely have caused a lot of damage to Cordelia, and as you say, a lot of it was just for the sake of not having to explain themselves or god forbid, open up. But yeah, I can’t see Cordelia thinking about it that way – I’m sure she’ll consider this a win.

      Hah. That is often the case with slip ups, but I’m not deviating from “cannon” Morgyn in that respect. And even if I was, we’ve seen in Morgyn’s childhood memory that they’ve been assigned female at birth, so I don’t think babies would ever be a concern when it comes to this particular union – regardless of Snuffy’s musings on what’s currently in Morgyn’s pants 😀


  7. I actually really enjoy Morgyn’s POV chapters. Gives me a chance to see it from their side of the story. Oh, and I like the change to first-person POV, I can’t remember, but I think you did that in Morgyn’s previous chapter. It’s interesting that they are the only character that gets first-person and others get third-person. Is it because they are kind of self-absorbed? Or maybe they will be the real hero at the end of this and this is actually their story? Either way, I like the transition in writing; it works so well for them.

    Also, what is Morgyn wearing in the jungle? The whole time I was like, dude, your legs are going to get all bit up by bugs or scratched up by jungle brush. I guess they are magical, so maybe they won’t get bit or scratched and I guess they have to look fashionable even though they are walking through a jungle, lol. I also sort of wanted them to be wearing fishnets with those shorts just so they can break into song and dance at any moment. Oh yes, and Cordelia totally looks hot and like Lara Croft.

    I love that view. Every time I take my sims to Selvadorada, I always stop and take a million pictures of that view. The waterfall bridge is really pretty too.

    Okay on to my thoughts on Morgyn. I couldn’t help but sympathize with them. How they have probably been through so much in their life that they have become so numb to the world around them. That’s an incredibly depressing way to live. And that Morgyn actually does have feelings for both Cordelia and Micah, and part of their love for both of them is because of how Micah and Cordelia interpret beauty in the world around them. I agree with Morgyn, Cordelia probably could learn some things from Micah. It doesn’t lessen the fact of how Morgyn has treated Cordelia, and I still don’t think this is a healthy relationship, but it definitely explains why Morgyn is the way they are.

    And it actually makes some sense that Morgyn feels so emotionless about Cordelia’s cabin and like they are helping her. They have been outside so much that they don’t consider it enjoyable, and it’s probably a bad reminder to Morgyn when they were at their lowest point in life. I don’t know why, but this reminded me of people in the military that say that they don’t like tent camping anymore because they basically had to do so much of it in training and/or deployment. Anyway, totally went off on a tangent.

    With that being said, I still don’t condone what they did to Cordelia and it would probably would be better for all parties involved if Morgyn was more honest and upfront instead of just doing things because they think that is the right solution and don’t want to explain things. I also think this is a bad idea, and it is just going to make Cordelia get hurt all over again.

    I really wonder what is in that temple, and what Cordelia has to do with all of this. Can’t wait to find out. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Good question! Yes, I’ve done one Morgyn first person POV before this, but Morgyn is not the only one that’s had a first person chapter, Verena did as well when we were first introduced to her. There was also at least one chapter (the botanical gardens “date” one) that was done from Morgyn’s POV but third person. I really like writing first person actually, but I feel like sometimes it can be too telling/revealing. So I try to limit how much I do it.

      But why it’s mainly been Morgyn that’s had them… I think it’s because there’s most merit in first person when it comes to a character that doesn’t wear their heart on their sleeve, so a first person chapter can dig a little deeper than a third person. So for instance with Cordelia, we already know what she’s thinking so well that it seems a first person from her POV would be almost pointless. Anyway, interesting topic, may bring it to the tea party thread! There’s actually another character first person pOV chapter coming imminently (probably today!) 😊

      Ah yeah, the shorts are not the most practical, but I had to 😆

      Yeah there are some similarities between Cordelia and Micah that attracted Morgyn to both, even though both of those relationships are quite different in terms of how Morgyn approaches them and the power distribution in them. And yeah, Morgyn loathed Cordelia’s original camp setup. To them it wasn’t a symbol of her independence, something she built for herself, to them it was a reminder of days they left behind and tried to forget. I mean if you think about what Morgyn’s childhood home was like as well, of course they wanted their “loves” to live somewhere nice.

      But you’re right, it would have been much better if they actually explained that reasoning to Cordelia – but that requires going to a place of vulnerability Morgyn is not very comfortable with (unless of course a vampire literally forces it out of them!)

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      1. Oh yes, that would be a good tea party topic. I do like the switching between POVs in your story, and that makes sense from Morgyn’s POV. And thanks for clarifying which chapters had third and first person, my memory tends to get a little flaky after a while.

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  8. Yay! Another Morgyn chapter!
    Morgyn has forgotten what it is to be human. That’s what attracts them to their “loves.” It’s the reflection of humanity they once had.
    Annnnnddd…. Dang it, Cordelia! You had to go and fall for them again! This can’t be good. Well, it’ll probably be good, but not the right kind of good.

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  9. I am still trying to put my thoughts into words! I wanted this hookup, I shipped it so bad, but it was bittersweet. I feel like this is the first time I getting a sense of the depth of Morgyn’s pain. They are so good at putting on a show, its easy to just believe that everything slides off of them. But they are carrying around this weight and it colors everything they do.

    It was such a small thing, but I noticed how Morgyn began to put everything they did for their lovers in context—they were hungry and cold and camped in the woods and so they were determined to fix that for Cordelia. Nevermind, if she was happy or proud of her labor.

    In so many ways, things could be solved by communication. But while Morgyn is always talking, they are never vulnerable if they can help it. So how can they make a real connection with either Micah or Cordelia?

    When I first started reading this story, I would not have said: everyone is sad. But over these chapters you’ve peeled back the layers and now I’m like: OMFG THEY ARE ALL SAD.

    That said, I was still 100% on board for Morgyn’s casual discussion of their lovers. Like, I was under the spell. I just wanted to yell: MAKE THIS RELATIONSHIP WORK, CORDELIA AND MICAH!

    Oh gosh, and “the Demon,” does that mean Morgyn has a conscience? Maybe a conscience they are just now starting to hear clearly?

    “If she was a spellcaster, she’d rip the world apart.” – WHEW. Is that ominous or what?

    Gah, I’m all over the place with this comment, I’m sorry. This was just so, so good.


    Okay, I’m done now.

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    1. Oh yes, Morgyn is definitely putting on a show. And yes, most – if not all – of their actions have a reasoning in their head, certainly with the house thing their motivation was not to hurt Cordelia, they felt her former home was unacceptable, disregarding the actual work she put in, because in their head manual work does not have the same value. Though of course, giving Cordelia a “proper” home was not the sole motivation there.

      “But while Morgyn is always talking, they are never vulnerable if they can help it.” Couldn’t have put it better myself! Yes, Morgyn hates being vulnerable, the only reason they have shared a bit more with Micah is because they were pretty much forced to.

      Sounds depressing when you put it that way, but yes, everyone is sad, and everyone has an awful backstory. I didn’t quite realise until I was in too deep haha. Let me distract you with some make-belief pancakes from Sylvan Glade, that ought to make it better 😆

      Morgyn does have a conscience, whether they necessarily act on it is a different story 😊

      Ha, I’m surprised you’re the first person that commented on that sentence about ripping the world apart! It’s there for a reason – though the reason is not necessarily foreshadowing 🤐

      Ha, glad you like the fashion! I had a lot of fun dressing them both for the jungle!

      But now I’m dying to know what your huge realisation about Morgyn was! I know you’re waiting to share till you’re caught up, but I’m not necessarily sure if the next few chapters will confirm or deny your theory or hold answers either way, so I hope you do share anyway, very curious here! 😊

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  10. I wonder why Morgyn is so hell-bent on not letting people in. It seems like they’re just using romance as a distraction and are afraid it will make them vulnerable if they actually get close to someone.

    > Nothing productive about this whole stream of thought.

    Morgyn doesn’t see dealing with emotions as “productive” that much is very clear. But it’s ironic they like to be in control but supressing their emotions only for them to come out when they don’t want them to is the opposite of control.

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    1. That’s a good question, why IS Morgyn so hell-bent on not letting people in? *stalls* Maybe there is a reason. Maybe not. I hope this vague response was satisfying, haha.

      [blockquote]Morgyn doesn’t see dealing with emotions as “productive” that much is very clear. But it’s ironic they like to be in control but supressing their emotions only for them to come out when they don’t want them to is the opposite of control.[/blockquote]

      That’s a stellar assessment! Don’t tell Morgyn that, though, they would not be very happy with you 😀

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  11. Hey, it’s the “Baby Shark” platform!

    If only there were someone in this universe who could tell Cordelia, sparing no detail, exactly how awful it is to get burned alive. And she prefers to cook with the campfire, and avoids kitchens?


    This is a long shot, but is there any elemental symbolism going on here? It could just be Morgyn projecting, but there are an awful lot of parallels here between Cordelia and fire. Morgyn is also quite flighty; air can amplify fire or snuff it out. The only detail that gives me pause is Morgyn’s use of “rip the world apart” rather than “burn the world down,” which I guess could either mean the symbolism isn’t there or that the action Morgyn’s referring to is literal. That might be the way to destroy Sylvan Glade, for example.

    Because if the air/fire symbolism is intentional, all I can say is: great minds think alike.

    Ahaha, so Morgyn’s excursion may be about getting rid of their own actual magic demon, which is tied to emotions just like Cordelia’s sprites are—and everyone needs therapy, bloop bloop, too bad this universe doesn’t have therapists.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok, definitely not adding a chat with Bernard to Cordelia’s to do list, she does not need more trauma, lol.

      Hmm, fire does play a big role in BC, some of which may be symbolic, but is not necessarily related to Cordelia, exactly. If Morgyn perceives Cordelia as fire, it probably says more about Morgyn than Cordelia.

      Well of course Morgyn went on this trip for their own purposes, I don’t imagine that’s particularly surprising 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, good to clarify the lore I forgot or was missing… but no! Aw, man!! My dreams of learning someone else was using the same running symbolism, crushed. But at least it’s similar symbolism, and on the plus side, now you’re on the lookout to drop into the Haunted comments like “heyyy… did anyone notice the [element reference] on this page?” Or forget I said anything.

        I’ll keep looking out for mentions of fire. It does make sense, given Morgyn’s history.

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