1.55 The Other Lover

Cordelia didn’t have a lot of experience with heartbreak. Weeks went by in a grey haze. When would it feel better, Cordelia wondered? She and Morgyn hadn’t really dated that long… No, they never really dated at all. So why was it so hard to get over whatever it was? Why did she feel so... Continue Reading →

1.54 Make Things Right

The sound of Cordelia and Dandelion’s chatter grew louder as Micah made his way downstairs. The vampire smiled to himself. He was glad those two were spending Harvestfest together, seemed like both of them needed that. Ever since Morgyn told him about Dandy's age, Micah looked at Cordelia’s relationship with the elf differently. It was... Continue Reading →

1.53 Fixation

No matter how many times Micah had visited the magic realm, it seemed there was always a new portal he hadn’t gone through yet. He looked around as they emerged on the other side of the field. It seemed awfully quiet. From what he’d been told, Spooky Day was supposed to mean a huge fair... Continue Reading →

1.52 Poker Face

Micah watched the sprite floating in the air before him. In spite of what he knew about them, he found their presence strangely calming. He sometimes wondered if Cordelia’s memory of her mother’s death was skewed somehow, if it really was the fae that killed her mother as she believed. She was only a child... Continue Reading →

1.51 Witch Hunt

It was already dark outside when Cordelia woke up. She must have slept all day. Clearly, her body rhythm was all messed up after the events of the last few days. She almost didn’t notice the sprites fluttering above her bed at first. It had been a while since she’d last seen them. Not well... Continue Reading →

1.50 Predictable

The old woman’s gaze did not move from the cup she was pouring the hot liquid into, but she was clearly aware of their presence. “I knew the two of you would be back. Can I interest you in that tea this time around?” Cordelia suddenly didn’t feel as brave as before, in spite of... Continue Reading →

1.49 Who I Have to Be

Cordelia woke up, disoriented at first. Where was she? A damp cave. Granite Falls. The retired sage. All of last night rushed back to her. She felt the dried tears on her cheeks. The two puncture wounds on her neck where Micah drank from her. Where was Micah anyway? She looked around the cave. If... Continue Reading →

1.48 The Former Sage

Disclaimer: Same triggers as chapter 46. No swearing in this one though! The cave wasn’t particularly large, but it had a second entrance on the other side, one that opened into a clearing surrounded by waterfalls. And in the middle of it all, a small rickety house. One that definitely looked like somewhere an old... Continue Reading →

1.47 Over My Dead Body

The magic realm looked nothing like Cordelia had seen it before. The air was filled with static, and several lightnings would strike all around them, seconds apart, or even all at the same time. She looked at Micah, almost feeling his tension.  “This isn’t normal, even for here.” He said with a frown, scanning the... Continue Reading →

1.46 No Absolution

Disclaimer: Suicidal thoughts, one f-bomb, generally dark. I’m here to bring the cheer, me. Micah I’ve spent many years haunted by memories, the horrible things I’ve done. It seems I’ve finally escaped them. Because the only thing that keeps replaying in my mind over and over now is that moment when Cordelia showed up at... Continue Reading →

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