1.50 Predictable

The old woman’s gaze did not move from the cup she was pouring the hot liquid into, but she was clearly aware of their presence.

“I knew the two of you would be back. Can I interest you in that tea this time around?”

Cordelia suddenly didn’t feel as brave as before, in spite of the potion, in spite of the voodoo doll almost burning in her hand. Luckily, Micah took it upon himself to answer.

“You know we’re not here for tea.”

“No.” The former sage confirmed, still apparently not deeming them worthy a single glance in their direction. “You’re here for a far sillier reason. Have you considered that perhaps sometimes things come to an end because they have run their course?”

The statement gave Cordelia her determination back.

“Shouldn’t be for you to decide when someone’s life ends!” She yelled out at her, not trying to contain herself.

The woman finally looked up from her steaming cup. “What is there to decide if the life has already ended?”

“It wasn’t supposed to end! If I hadn’t triggered the trap going after that relic…” This was not the time to trail off, Cordelia reminded herself. She waved the voodoo doll at the woman to signal her intention. “I don’t care what you think. You will help us!” She blurted out.

Cordelia wasn’t sure what she was doing, exactly, but taking the pin out of the doll’s head seemed like it would be a good place to start. All she’d have to do is pin it back to cause… oh gods, she was not sure about this anymore. She couldn’t really hurt this old lady, could she?

The doll gave her no time to decide, it moved in her hand, pointing another sharp pin directly at her.

She heard the woman mumble something, and then Cordelia’s head filled with a sharp, painful noise, making her drop the pin she was holding.

Micah jumped in front of her as she cried out in agony.

“Stop this or I’ll make you regret it.” He hissed at the former sage, his voice stone cold.

But the woman just laughed. “Will you? I’ve lived a rich life, longer than most. What are you threatening to do exactly? You didn’t try to attack me yesterday, I have a feeling that killing an old, powerless woman will do more harm to you than me.”

“You are not powerless,” Micah objected, baring his teeth. “Stop what you’re doing to her!”

“What am I doing? I’m not the one holding the voodoo doll,” the woman pointed out, turning to Cordelia. “I suggest you hand it over to me before you hurt yourself.”

Cordelia extended her arm out, allowing the old sage to take the doll from her. The pain stopped within an instant.

Micah calmed down a little bit, although he still hadn’t moved, shielding Cordelia away from the woman. Cordelia wasn’t sure how that made her feel. She didn’t want anybody else come to harm for her sake again.

The former sage seemed to be studying Cordelia’s face. “You’ve got guts, I’ll give you that. I can see why Morgyn would have found that appealing.” Her lips curled into a smile. “Tell me, have you managed to charm Morgyn as much as you have your vampire protector?”

Cordelia was taken aback. That was obviously not true. Yes, the vampire had been kind to her, kinder than he had to be, for some bizarre reason. Pity, perhaps? Some strange sense of obligation towards Morgyn? But whatever the case, the main point was that the two of them had to work together to achieve their common goal, nothing more to it than that.

“You are misreading the situation.” Micah confirmed her thoughts.

“But of course.” The woman smiled with a slight smirk. “I beg your pardon, clearly it’s me who’s deluded, not those attempting to use voodoo on the old mischief sage, of all people.”

She patted the doll’s head softly, and a burst of purple sparkles sprung up to dance around her.

“Wait, mischief?” Cordelia stared at the woman as she completely subdued the doll. “We thought you used to be the sage of untamed magic.”

“Oh, we’ll be seeing her, I’m sure.” The old sage said with a distracted nod.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Micah vocalised what was going to be Cordelia’s next question.

“It means I will do what you’re asking for. Seems like the only way to finally get some peace and quiet again,” the woman sighed. “I’m sure you can imagine one does not move this deep into the woods if they wish to have a never-ending influx of visitors reappearing on their doorstep. I suppose it will be good to see Simeon and Luella again.”


The old sage had used her magic to teleport them to Glimmerbrook, but the trio made a stop at Cordelia and Micah’s home to pick up llama statue. They then made their way through the portal. The magic realm looked about the same last time, storm-ridden, falling apart. At least it was no worse, but it definitely didn’t seem safe, Cordelia thoughts as she clutched on to the relic.

They hurried into the safety of the thick walls of magic HQ. The old woman looked around approvingly. “Hasn’t changed at all, it seems.” She said, more to herself than to her travelling companions.

The practical and mischief magic sages were exactly where Cordelia and Micah left them, in the middle of the entrance hall. Cordelia wondered if they’d gotten much rest themselves. L Faba looked particularly tired.

It took a brief moment for the sages to speak when they spotted the old woman approaching them.

“Haruka,” Simeon greeted her, his tone unusually soft. “I wasn’t expecting you to actually come.”

“I’m sure you had it all under control.” The woman, apparently called Haruka it seemed, replied, as if she hadn’t just seen the torrential madness outside of HQ.

“But I hear it’s you, my dear, that sent for me.” Haruka turned her attention to L Faba.

“I…” L Faba didn’t quite finish her sentence. It was the first time Cordelia had seen the mischief sage speechless.

“Come here, let me have a look at you,” The former sage pulled L Faba’s chin up, as if she were dealing with a child.

“All grown up now, aren’t you, Luella?” Haruka said. “A mischief sage in her own right. You’ve done well for yourself, sweetheart.”

Cordelia couldn’t quite decide if the old woman’s tone was genuinely caring or condescending. Perhaps that was where L Faba got it from. After all, if Haruka was the mischief sage before her, she would have likely been Faba’s teacher.

“Speaking of which, those two seem to have come into possession of a couple of items that would be best out of their hands.” Haruka gestured towards Micah and Cordelia. “This voodoo doll certainly should be in the hands of the mischief sage.”

She handed the doll to L Faba, who smiled for the first time since their arrival.

“Look how precious it is!” The elf coddled the doll in her hands.

“And then there’s that relic.” Haruka continued, addressing the practical magic sage now.

“Ah yes, I did request they bring that along on their next visit,” Simeon nodded, turning to Cordelia. “Could you please place that on one of the tables by the door?”

Cordelia did as instructed. She still had no idea what the relic was for, or if any of the sages had a clue either. But with any luck, they knew what had to be done to bring Morgyn back. Bring Morgyn back. Everything would be ok again… it had to be, right?

“Well then.” Haruka looked from one sage to the other. “I suppose we have work to do.”

Simeon let out a deep sigh. “It would appear so. Tempting fate, if you ask me… but the realm is at stake.” He sighed once more. “We don’t have a body this time. We’ll need to use necrocall to summon the dead. I trust you know what that’s bound to mean.”

Cordelia, for one, had no idea, but the old mischief sage nodded. “Time to reunite with all old friends tonight, it seems,” Haruka said quietly.

The three spellcasters made their way to the symbols on the ornate floor, assuming a triangle formation.

Each took out their wand, pointing it towards the centre of the circle. Sparks of magic flew through the air at their hushed whispers.

A spectral body rose from the centre of the circle. Morgyn, Cordelia realised, her heart pounding so fast as if it was trying to escape her chest.

But Morgyn wasn’t the only ghost that rose from the ground.

The sages didn’t stop the ritual when the crimson-coloured spectral woman emerged – at first, Cordelia wasn’t sure why, but it then dawned on her that they’d been expecting more than one ghost to appear. But who was she?

It seemed Morgyn was not surprised to see her – if a ghost could be surprised at all. Were they together wherever they came from, Cordelia wondered?

“Aine, how delightful of you to join us.” Morgyn’s voice had a strange echoing quality to it, but they had their typical calm confidence. “You’ve always hated seeing me shine, after all.”

None of the living spellcasters said anything.

“You continue to be an ungrateful brat,” the spectral woman’s voice pierced through the silence. “And yet again, everybody is bending over backwards over your newest stunt. Having those more powerful than you do your bidding is pathetic and unworthy of the sage of the untamed. The again, you were never supposed to be a sage in the first place. You stole what was mine!”

“Difference in perspective,” Morgyn cooed sweetly. “And certainly, you’ve been gone for far too long to gauge how much power I really hold now… But I see you’re unwilling to have a civil discussion, once again. There can only be one sage of the untamed.”

“With that much, I don’t disagree.” The crimson red evaporated from the woman’s body, and she became as transparent as Morgyn’s form was. Cordelia watched in horror as the two ghosts unleashed their magic on one another.

Morgyn was powerful, but the duel was unevenly matched still – Cordelia now felt foolish to have assumed Haruka was the untamed magic sage. Clearly this woman’s powers were on another level.

The burst of raw untamed magic she released with her bare hand struck Morgyn to the floor. Even Micah by Cordelia’s side seemed to have lost his cool, but nobody in the room did anything at all – aside from L Faba, the spellcasters didn’t even flinch.

Cordelia wanted to scream at them to help – surely if the sages joined forces they could overpower this woman. Why weren’t they helping?

But then she noticed that Morgyn was cackling.

“I feel death has made you stale, Aine, your attacks are predictable.” Morgyn taunted their opponent.

“All talk, and yet you’re the one on their knees.” Aine retorted. “The only predictable one is you.”

“But that’s where you’re wrong…”

Morgyn’s hand reached out towards the entrance as they stood up. For a split second, Cordelia thought they were reaching out to her. It would, after all be only fair for her to shield them this time… but before she could throw herself in front of Morgyn, the golden llama statue flew through the air, towards Morgyn.

The explosion erupted through the hallway. And then the woman was gone, and the relic had returned back to its place on the table by the entrance.

Morgyn’s ghost turned a vibrant green colour. “Well then, where were we?” They turned towards Simeon and Haruka brightly. “Shall we continue? And of course, Haruka, always a pleasure, it’s been too long – please forgive the social indiscretion of me only greeting you just now, I’m sure you appreciate I had my hands full…”

“No.” Simeon interrupted Morgyn’s giddy chatter with a single word.

“I beg your pardon?” Morgyn looked at the practical magic sage.

“The rest of the ritual will not go ahead.” Simeon said sternly. “Perhaps I’ve lost sight over the years, and it took seeing you with Aine to see the similarities between you, but you’ve become as arrogant, dangerous and power-hungry as she was, Morgyn.”

“Thank you for the compliment,” Morgyn didn’t sound phased. “Don’t get me wrong, Aine was a brilliant sage of untamed magic. But her time is over.”

“So is yours.” Simeon replied, quiet but resolute.

“Are you sure about this, Simeon?” Haruka turned to the practical magic sage. “I know it’s not my place to decide on matters of the current sages, but that storm outside will not be held for much longer. Are you really willing to risk the realm for this?”

“An unstable sage of untamed magic is equally detrimental to the realm,” Simeon replied, not a hint of affection in his voice.

“I have been turning a blind eye to this long enough.” Simeon continued. “A sage who leaves the realm for long periods of time, travelling to the other side of the world in the search of a deadly relic with uncertain effects, not even taking precautions to protect the realm in their absence…”

“Are you saying I should have made arrangements for my possible death, Simeon? That’s just morbid…” Morgyn attempted a joke.

Simeon did not acknowledge the comment. “A sage that puts their personal affairs before the realm, compromising it by chasing after strays, exposing us to vampires in the process.”

“I cannot in good conscience stand for any of this anymore.” The practical magic sage concluded. “A so-called sage that keeps on ignoring their duties like that is a hazard to any continuity the realm may have and-“

Simeon stopped mid-sentence, his expression turning somewhat vacant.

“We will continue with the ritual.” He said abruptly.

Cordelia and Micah exchanged confused looks. No visit to the magic realm was ordinary, but this particular one was turning stranger and stranger by the minute. Not that Cordelia was complaining about the sudden change of heart.

“Nice of you to make your mind up already,” L Faba scoffed from across the hallway. “Are we going to get this over with or what?”

Morgyn stood in the middle of the circle as the three other spellcasters assumed their original positions on the symbols. They were muttering indistinctly, and one by one, each of them raised their hand with a bundle of magical energy above their heads.

And then Morgyn landed back on the ground, gracefully, but flesh and blood again, as if they were never gone.

L Faba’s eyes narrowed at the sight of them. “Go on then, this is the part where you gloat about being the master of the untamed, isn’t it?”

The corners of Morgyn’s mouth twisted upwards. “Miss me, L Faba, dearest?”

Morgyn did not wait for a response – not that L Faba was offering one. Instead, Morgyn headed up the stairs to the entrance, up towards Cordelia and Micah.

Cordelia’s stomach filled with butterflies as they approached them.

“You have done well, my loves.” Morgyn said.

Cordelia wasn’t sure how to respond – she wanted to fling herself into Morgyn’s arms, but that didn’t seem right in front of Micah. And so she waited for the sage’s next move.

“I’m sure you can both appreciate that I have quite a bit of work here in the magic realm right now.” Morgyn told them. “Wouldn’t want Simeon getting all cranky again, claiming I slack off on my responsibilities and calling my loves all sorts of unsavoury terms. Besides, I’m sure you must both be exhausted. Go home, get some rest. I’ll find you when my duties allow.”

And with that, Morgyn twirled around and left Cordelia and Micah to their own devices.

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  1. Nice to see that bloody Morgyn has been changed for the better by this experience. I’ll carry on working on that wildlife pit.

    Ooh! Ooh! What got to Simeon? L Faba’s dolly? Gah, so much happened in this chapter and I still have so many questions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sheesh, Snuffy, first you want Morgyn killed, then the minute I oblige you hate me, and then as soon as I revive Morgyn you want to prepare the death pit again… you’re about as decisive as Simeon is in this chapter 😝

      But yes, of course Morgyn remains unchanged – I mean, if they were suddenly acting different, you guys would be suspicious that it’s just some imposter from the netherworld, so I wanted to leave no room for doubt that it is indeed Morgyn that’s returned.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hated you for the way you killed them, not that you killed them. I realise that doesn’t make me sound any better, wishing my fantasy spouse had died in different circumstances rather than not died at all. And now they’re back I can’t even claim any life insurance. Darn.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “But of course.” The woman smiled with a slight smirk. “I beg your pardon, clearly it’s me who’s deluded, not those attempting to use voodoo on the old mischief sage, of all people.”
    This made me laugh. I like this lady. xD

    Whoa, did someone just mind control Simeon? If it was one of the sages, surely the others would have noticed it… was it Micah? No, he was just as confused as Cordelia. What on earth?

    “”Besides, I’m sure you must both be exhausted. Go home, get some rest. I’ll find you when my duties allow.”
    And with that, Morgyn twirled around and left Cordelia and Micah to their own devices.”

    “Thank you so much for saving my life, guys! For risking life and limb to bring me back! For being faced with depression and despair over losing me, and holding on to some shred of hope despite all odds, just for me! If not for you I would no longer be walking this earth, or Aine would have just defeated me! I’m really really grateful!”
    There. Fixed your lines for you, Morgyn. Excuse me while I go get more scythes and call back my gnome army. Dear lord.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like Haruka! We’ll be seeing her again.

      Who knows what happened with Simeon. A lot of powerful people in that room. Or maybe nothing happened to him at all and it’s just the lack of sleep getting to him…

      Haha, your improved dialogue made me LOL. I mean, that’s basically what Morgyn said, right? 😅


  3. Ahh… Okay.

    Y’know I had a far-fetched theory that Morgyn orchestrated his death, knowing in full confidence that he will be revived. Or as Aine seemed to be, never moving on and still existing somewhere. I also have a farfetched theory that LFaba likes Morgyn. I forgot which chapter made me think so, but her using the voodoo doll to hoodwink Simeon baffles me to no end and lends weight to my again far fetched theory.

    Ah well. Puppet master is back.

    I’m also sad that Cordy didn’t use the voodoo doll. So it’s not dark magic at all, just mischief. AH well. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The puppet master is back, I can hear you cheering all the way from the other side of the globe 😛

      Interesting theories – too bad I can’t say anything about them one way or another 😀

      Well, Cordelia did try to use the doll, but wasn’t really able to. Should have probably consulted the manual or something.

      L Faba would like to point out that some of the cruellest of spells are “just” mischief magic. But on a more serious note, most magic in BC universe would fall under one of the three schools, so they don’t necessarily distinguish magic as light and black – I suppose in our society a necromantic ritual would be considered “black” magic too (well, if a necromantic ritual was possible in our world, but you get my point I hope 😀 ), rather than untamed.

      That being said, another kind of magic beyond what’s captured by the three schools does exist in the BC world…


  4. I love this chapter ❤
    There were lots of little hints to past conflicts and events in The magic realm. Do we ever get answers to all the questions it raises?

    The whole session around Morgyn’s resuscitation was really exciting. I have not played enough with Realm of Magic at all so I fully understand what was going on. The pictures are amazing 🤩

    It was predictable that Morgyn would be as arrogant and seemingly superficial as they used to be … otherwise it would not be Morgyn 😂
    Not even death can shake Morgyn. Emotions are still disturbing demons and it seems like both Simon and L.Faba are very tired of that attitude.

    Cordelias and Micahs do not get the big thank you speech, but at least they get praise for their efforts.
    Maybe it was good that Codelia did not throw herself into the arms of Morgyn. She could easily have been even more hurt 💔

    I’m so excited about where the story is moving from here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought you might enjoy this one ☺️ Hope it made up for the heartbreak I’ve put you through!

      Definitely plenty of history here. I can’t promise everything will be fully cleared up, but some of it definitely will!

      Thank you! Don’t let this set your expectations for Realm of Magic if you ever get to it, underwhelmingly, the dedeathify spell in game doesn’t have any animation at all – kind of a bummer. I like my version better ☺️

      Yes, good old Morgyn 😄 And yeah, they said Micah and Cordelia did well and acknowledged they were probably exhausted – that’s pretty warm and fuzzy for Morgyn speak 😆

      “I’m so excited about where the story is moving from here.” You hold that thought 😅

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ah, so Haruka was the mischief sage. I knew that Cordelia probably wouldn’t be able to use the doll on her.

    Wait, was this all Morgyn’s plan all along? Okay, here goes, tin foil hat time. I’m guessing Morgyn knew they might die, and they wanted that statue and knew it had lots of power. Maybe they died in order to bring Aine back and send her back (wherever ghosts go). But then, that was also incredibly risky. Aine and Morgyn are both dead, so if Aine won the magic duel, then Morgyn would be sent back and she would be left. But she can’t be resurrected and I’m guessing a ghost can’t fill the sage’s seat. So the realm would have collapsed. Morgyn also relied quite a bit on Cordelia and Micah to find a way to bring them back. Or maybe Morgyn didn’t plan this and I’m reading into things too much. Regardless, Morgyn is still the same old Morgyn, self-absorbed and manipulative.

    Simeon does have a point, Morgyn is pretty reckless, but maybe that just comes with being the sage of untamed magic. I’m wondering who controlled Simeon. L Faba with the voodoo doll? Or maybe Haruka? She seems pretty powerful, but not sure she has the power of mind control. I’m not sure Morgyn being back with some strange relic is a good thing. I see the power going to their head.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She was. And yes, Cordelia was definitely in over her head with the voodoo doll.

      That’s some intense tinfoiling there! I feel bad that I can’t reply to any of this, but I always love hearing your theories!

      The only thing I really can confirm is that Morgyn definitely still is the same good old Morgyn, yep 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was rather abrupt, wasn’t it? Simeon is not exactly known for being fickle and impulsive either.

      We will find out eventually (probably), but feel free to speculate away in the meantime 😊



    I don’t know how I feel.

    I wanted Morgyn back so bad, and on the one hand, I love how they are. On the other: how you just gonna roll out like that, my dude!?!?!?!

    But mostly, I’m afraid that Morgyn is trouble…with a capital T. I don’t think Simeon had a change of heart. I do think Morgyn is power-hungry, and omg this is hurting my little heart. Haruka is healing it though, she is a straight-up queen. I liked seeing her with L. Faba, it made me look at her differently.

    Shout out to Micah having Cordelia’s back!

    The screenshots this chapter were chef’s kiss! All that magic stuff looked so cool, especially the ghost fight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha Morgyn’s back and in top for form. Still very much Morgyn, for better and for worse. Trouble? What trouble? 😀

      Haruka and L Faba go way back. Well, Haruka has a history with all the sages. We’ll learn a bit more about it later.

      Yes, Micah did have Cordelia’s back there, bless.

      Thank you, that’s a huge compliment coming from you! I’m not capable of anything remotely like your amazing special effects, so I’m glad my terrible use of photoshop and effects player was not too jarring haha!

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  7. I continue to appreciate Simeon. He’s so done. Kinda feel bad for him having like, four of the five braincells these sages share.

    Of course I wanted Morgyn back (don’t always like them but the story would be poorer without them) but…I got where Simeon was coming from.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woah, is this real time? Did you really get from chapter 8 to chapter 50 within the space of 2 hours :O Damn, you’re a fast reader!

      And yes, Simeon continues not to be impressed, poor guy. He’s not having a good time.


  8. Yay, Morgyn is alive!! I wonder who cast the spell on Simeon because he definitely didn’t decide to continue on his own. Cordelia will probably feel all sorts of emotions right now. I wonder what will happen when Morgyn comes back to talk to the both of them after they stabilized the magic realm.

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  9. Damn it.

    Some solid doll-and-llama representation in this chapter. I assume all the fancy tricks with the relic involved Photoshop, in which case, bless.

    Right: so Morgyn still has powers, it’s interesting that both S.o.U.M. ghosts appeared at once, and it looks like the only thing I got right is that Morgyn indeed did kill their old mentor. But maybe I should wait before abandoning all parts of my previous theory entirely.

    I’ll echo the concern for Simeon’s behavior. I adore the way you’ve set it up here because if it’s a mischief spell, there are two high-level mischief spellcasters present, so it wouldn’t be clear who had the opportunity to cast it even if L has more motive; if it’s an untamed spell, there are possibly two sources of untamed magic in the room, Morgyn and the relic. We didn’t see anyone cast a spell, but, given cooldown times, it may be possible for the caster to cast something early and only decide to use the mind control here. This would only be possible for L, though, not any of the previous Untamed Magic Sages.

    My money’s on the relic. We see the relic in the shot just before he changes his mind, and we see him looking in the direction of the relic when he makes that statement. Sage of Untamed Magic souls seem to stick around for a while, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the relic contained the soul of a previous Sage of Untamed Magic, possibly the first one, and Morgyn’s trying to destroy the previous souls to, idk, lift a curse or something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, we did get some doll and llama action, woop! Haha I don’t know if I’d call any of the “effects” fancy, but yes, it’s a combination of photoshop, effects player and the actual relic assembly.

      Ooh, more theories that I can’t comment on! Who knows, maybe Simeon is acting weirdly all on his own… though yes, that’s probably unlikely. It’s a magic world and all. I do wish I could reply with something a bit more meaningful, haha. We will learn what happened with Simeon… eventually.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Love the confirmation that Morgyn IS a murderer and of course, ultimate puppeteer and sex fiend (I guess according to more than half the scene here…) I had my wonderings about Haruka. This is gonna sound weird but I have a human makeover of L for one of my “realistic” saves and I try to keep something the same about faces. Surprise surprise Haruka’s not that far off from it. It doesn’t have to mean they’re related but the magical lineage is the only one I care about anyways.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morgyn may or may not have known what they were getting into with that Selvadorada trip. And there’s definitely an unpleasant history with Aine in there somewhere. Sex fiend? Interesting, I don’t remember anything sex related in this chapter, but it’s been a while 😅

      Oh really? I’d love to see your sages 😊 I didn’t base Haruka on the original L Faba but I did make her to look like I’d imagine a mischief sage, so maybe it’s not an accident! Story-wise, stands to reason there’s a link between L Faba and her predecessor, whether it be biological or not ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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