1.51 Witch Hunt

It was already dark outside when Cordelia woke up. She must have slept all day. Clearly, her body rhythm was all messed up after the events of the last few days.

She almost didn’t notice the sprites fluttering above her bed at first. It had been a while since she’d last seen them. Not well since before going to Selvadorada, it dawned on her. But they were back now, and with a vengeance, it seemed – the fae seemed particularly agitated as they circled around her.

Cordelia decided the best course of action was to ignore them. She headed downstairs to get some food; her stomach was rumbling. Her needs had not been a big priority over the last few days, but now that Morgyn was back, she could ease off and replenish.

Morgyn was back. Alive. The thought alone was almost enough to forget about the sprites. Her and Micah’s efforts succeeded.

Speaking of Micah, she ran into him as soon as she got downstairs. He just got back to the house, by the looks of it.

“Hi,” he greeted her, his eyes bright. And was that an actual smile on his face? It was only then when it occurred to Cordelia that for the whole time she’d known Micah, she’d never really seen him express joy.

“You look…” She wasn’t sure how to finish the sentence. Happy? It almost say like saying that would jinx it. “Have you fed?” She asked instead; his lack of tension would suggest that, she thought.

“You could say that.” The vampire said. She wasn’t sure why he phrased it that way, other than that he knew his diet made her uncomfortable. Uncharacteristically for Micah, he actually elaborated on his response somewhat. “Something good happened.”

So he was in a good mood. Of course, she could understand why.

“I know.” Cordelia agreed. “We brought Morgyn back to life. Well, the sages did. But…”

He nodded, but his expression confused her. “True. But that’s not what I meant.”

Cordelia felt a burst of appreciation for him in the moment. They’d been through a lot together in a short space of time, and she wanted him to know what that meant to her, that she didn’t see him as a cold-hearted killer…

“Hey, Micah… I… thank you.” She started, unsure how to put her thoughts into words. “I can’t imagine the last few days without you. You were the only thing that kept me going.”

“Same.” He agreed, his voice unusually light. “You have no idea. Cordelia, I- Hang on. There’s someone outside.”

Cordelia hadn’t heard anything, but she got used to Micah’s senses being much sharper than hers. But when she saw him open the door, a strange discomfort overcame her. She felt almost as on edge as the sprites surrounding her looked. And so she followed him out.

She was not prepared for the scene that greeted her.

What in the world was going on? A group of spellcasters in front of their house, all looking right about ready to charge ahead and unleash their magic at them. Cordelia felt dizzy, she could barely make out anyone’s face…


“It’s ok.” Micah told her, oddly calm. “They’re here for me.”

“That is why you’re here, isn’t it?” He addressed the crowd.

“Is that the vampire?” Cordelia recognised Minerva Charm… and god, it couldn’t be. The person Minerva was asking was Grace, with her friend Tomax by her side.

“It is.” Tomax confirmed.

“Step away from the house.” Micah growled at the crowd. “I’ll give myself over willingly, but she has nothing to do with it. Leave her and her home alone, do what you want with me.”

The realisation of what was going on hit Cordelia. She had no idea how the residents of Glimmerbrook found out who Micah was, but she could not allow this to happen.

“No!” She cried out, jumping between Micah and the spellcaster group. “I won’t let you hurt him!”

“Cordelia, what are you doing?” Micah hissed at her, but she paid him no mind.

 “He means no harm to anyone!” She cried out.

“That’s a lie!” Tomax burst out. “He attacked me right in front of the village pub, just a few nights ago. And who knows how many others there have been! People have been talking. The blackouts, the puncture wounds in people’s throats… Doesn’t sound like someone that means no harm to me!”

“I saw it, Cordelia, it’s true!” Grace added.

“But Tomax is alive,” Cordelia objected. “As is everyone else in Glimmerbrook! Micah hasn’t hurt anybody!”

“Not killing people is good enough in your book?” She made out Darrell Charm’s voice in the crowd. “So drinking people’s blood, attacking them in the middle of the night, that’s fine? Because he hasn’t killed anybody yet?”

“You have every right to feel that way,” Micah said in a grave tone. “All I can promise you is that I have found a way to make it stop, a way that means I won’t ever need to feed on a single person in Glimmerbrook again. But if that’s not enough for you, I understand. Cordelia, step away from me. This is between them and me. They have a right to take their revenge.” 

But she knew all too well what would happen if she did. “No!”

“Delusional girl!” Minerva Charm shouted at her.

“Just do what he says, Cordelia!” Grace tried to sway her.

“He must have mesmerised her or something!” One of the other spellcasters cried out.

“Cordelia please, it’s me.” Grace pleaded, her eyes filled with worry. “Everything will be ok, we’ll help you, whatever he did to you…”

“He didn’t do anything to me!” Cordelia burst out. “You of all people should know that all he did is save my life! I told you Micah is not dangerous!”

“Don’t listen to her Grace,” Tomax glared at his friend.

“You have one last chance to be reasonable,” Minerva Charm yelled in Cordelia’s direction. “I suggest you take it!”

“I’m not going anywhere!” Cordelia stepped in front of Micah to shield his body as much as she could. “If you want to get through to him, you’ll have me on your conscience too!”

Everything that came after was a blur. The spellcasters readying themselves to attack. The struggle as Micah tried to push her away. The look on Grace’s face… at least Grace was not lifting her wand or raising her magic against her, Cordelia thought. Silver linings…

A pink blast erupted through the air. At first, Cordelia thought it was whatever spells the crowd threw at them, but she soon realised it was Morgyn who teleported between them and the group.

“No invitation to the party for the sage of untamed magic?” Morgyn turned to the spellcasters. “And you know how much I adore social events… I take this very personally.”

Cordelia could barely process what was happening. The sage created some kind of fire barrier between them and the crowd, and then rose into the air, defying all laws of nature.

“What I take even more personally is an attack on my loves.” Morgyn’s tone was calm but cold as they addressed the crowd, in stark contrast to the flames around them.

“I assure you that if any harm comes to them, I will set your world on fire, and not in the way you’d like me to.” The sage continued. “Do you really want the sage of the untamed for an enemy?”

A couple of the spellcasters ran off immediately, the rest stopped mid-spell.

The only one to openly defy Morgyn was Minerva Charm. “Are you just expecting us to accept that there’s a vampire who will prey on us in our midst from now on? I’ve seen sages be overthrown.”

“As have I, first hand.” Morgyn retorted. “But I’m not the one being unreasonable, Minerva. What is this, a witch hunt? Surely I don’t need to remind you of the irony. Didn’t you hear the man? He found a way to stop his thirst.”

“Is that something you have done?” Darrell Charm looked up at Morgyn. “An untamed magic spell?”

The stance of none of the spellcasters was defensive anymore. They would be ok, Cordelia breathed out.

“You have the word of the sage of the untamed, Micah will never feed on the people of Glimmerbrook again.” Morgyn promised the crowd. “If the agreement is broken, you take it up with me. Now get out of my sight.”

Morgyn descended back to the ground, and Cordelia watched the fire wall subside. One by one, the spellcasters started to leave. Grace was the last one, briefly looking at Cordelia before following the others. Cordelia wondered if things would ever be the same between the two of them after tonight. No, they never could be, could they?

But there were so many other questions on Cordelia’s mind. Had Morgyn really found a way for Micah to no longer need blood? Was that why Micah was so pleased earlier?

Morgyn joined them on the porch. “I see the two of you have made many friends in my absence.” They said with a slight smirk. “It might be a good idea to keep the relationships with your neighbours slightly less… heated.”

“You don’t say,” Micah replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Let’s go inside.” Morgyn gestured towards the front door. “We have matters to address, it would seem.”

They all headed back into the living room. Cordelia sat down on the couch next to Micah and helped herself to a glass of water from the coffee table. She realised her hand was shaking.

“Well then, what do I do with the two of you…” Morgyn said to them playfully. “Cordelia, I would have thought that after everything you witnessed in the temple in Selvadorada, you’d know that putting yourself in the line of fire rarely ends well.”

She looked down. Clearly Morgyn was regretting taking the arrow for her. How could they not? It was a miracle they were back among the living…

“But I suppose the more pressing concern is Micah’s feeding,” Morgyn continued, turning to the vampire. “Clearly, you can no longer dine on the residents of Glimmerbrook. I could, in theory, teleport you elsewhere every night so that you can satisfy your cravings, but of course, it would be dreadfully inconvenient…”

“It would also be unnecessary,” Micah interrupted. “I wasn’t lying. I really have found a way to avoid drinking blood, it seems.”

Cordelia looked at Micah, perplexed. Not only was what he claimed to the spellcasters true, but by the looks of it, Morgyn had nothing to do with it. How could that be?

“Is that so?” The sage seemed intrigued. “What’s your secret?”

“Does it matter? It’s not like you’ll ever be a vampire, so why should it matter to you?” Micah replied teasingly.

It occurred to Cordelia that while she’d spent plenty of time with both Morgyn and Micah individually, this was the first time she actually saw the two of them interact.

She suddenly felt small and insignificant. This was definitely not how she pictured reuniting with Morgyn when they came back from the dead. She shifted on the couch uncomfortably, instinctively moving closer to the sage.

“In any case, I think I’ll keep my secrets for now,” Micah told Morgyn. He looked so confident as he spoke. Different from how she’d gotten to know him. “There are plenty of secrets of yours I’d like to know, after all. Especially now.”

“Let me guess, is it about afterlife?” Morgyn sat down on the sofa between Micah and Cordelia, but their attention was only on the vampire. “Afraid I will disappoint you, I don’t know any more about it than I did back when we had our talk in the botanical gardens. All I know is that it’s good to be back.”

“You need to stop this obsession with death, Micah.” Morgyn continued. “As you’ve so eloquently put it, why should it matter to you? It’s not like you’ll ever die. Why don’t we focus on living instead?”

The look in Morgyn’s eyes, the brush against Micah’s hand… Cordelia felt sick. She had to get out of there.

She dashed through the front door, back out onto the porch, bursting into tears.

The door opened behind her. “Cordelia?”

Morgyn had followed her out, but she wished they hadn’t. She’d been so stupid. Their time in Selvadorada – before entering the temple, that was – almost made her believe there was a future for her and the sage, but seeing them with Micah now, she knew how deluded she’d been.

She wiped the tears off her face before turning around to face them.

“You should go back inside.” She tried her best to stay composed. “I don’t think Micah would like you going after me.”

“On the contrary, Micah was concerned for you, in fact.” Morgyn informed her.

The words stung. Of course Micah was concerned for her, he just had to take every opportunity to prove he was better than her in every way, didn’t he?

“I understand you two have bonded while I was gone,” the sage carried on. “It’s not such a terrible thing, don’t you think?”

She couldn’t take it anymore. The tears rushed back, and before she knew it, she was sobbing in Morgyn’s arms.

But the sage didn’t allow her to stay that way for long.

“Cordelia, we’ve been here before.” They whispered in her ear, drawing away slightly.

It was true. Of course she remembered being out here on the porch with Morgyn and crying. It hadn’t been that long, but in some ways, it felt like a lifetime.

“But a lot has happened since.” Cordelia said, looking into Morgyn’s eyes. “Is that what it is? What happened in the temple… I understand if you can’t forgive me.”

Morgyn shook their head. “That couldn’t be further from the truth. Nothing has changed. Everything’s just like when we were stood here last time. What I said to you then stands. You and me, we can keep exploring what we have. But I will not give up Micah. It’s up to you to decide whether that’s something you’re ok with.”

Whether that was something she was ok with… Seeing Morgyn and Micah together back inside the house hurt her more than she could admit to the sage.

But the alternative, letting Morgyn go – wouldn’t that hurt immeasurably more? Cordelia didn’t want to imagine it. She couldn’t lose them, not again.


“You should probably take some time to think about it.” Morgyn told her quietly.

“No. I don’t want to think. I want to just… be.”

And before the sage could say anything else, she pressed her lips on to theirs.

34 thoughts on “1.51 Witch Hunt

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  1. 😒

    I was going to leave my comment as just that emoji, but think I should at least grace you with a few additional words this time.

    Bloody Morgyn. Sweeping in to save the day, of course. Fondling Micah in front of Cordelia when they know how she feels and how she’d react. Get back in the pit so your loves can run off together and weep in each other’s arms as they make smutty love on the table.

    Also is Micah now vegetarian? Woo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I get words! ❤

      Yes, Morgyn totally saved the day (in an appropriately theatrical manner, of course), aren't they fantastic? 😛 Lalala (channelling April here, haha).

      That's quite a visual, lol. And once again your wishes go well beyond my posing abilities 😀

      More on Micah's diet in the next chapter 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fantastic is not the word I would use.

        “What harm can this blood-sucking soulless demon do, lalala,” said Cordelia of Morgyn.

        The pit or table?

        Yes! Woo! One problem in BC solved? Only a bajillion more to go.

        Liked by 1 person


    That’s it. That’s all I really need. But I’m going to fill the rest of this comment with an angry rant because by now that’s my signature move on your blog, when it concerns Morgyn at least. xD

    “What do I do with the two of you…”
    You do nothing. You’ve done enough. If anything they should be thanking them again foe saving your life. Not talking down to them all condescendingly while they sit on the couch like naughty children. Dear lord. And then getting hot and heavy with Micah while Cordelia is right there, rubbing it in her face. I’m so angry at this bunch of pixels it’s ridiculous.

    Gaaaaaaahhh and Cordelia just keeps going back to Morgyn every time they hurt her. And now she’s agreeing to being hurt every time those two are together while pretending to be fine with it my gods. Doomed. This girl is doomed.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love your rants 😀 All totally justified. I mean, maybe hot and heavy is a bit of stretch. They didn’t even make out or anything. Toootally restrained 😛 In any case, I’m sure Morgyn will give you plenty more opportunities to rant some more.

      Ah yes, Cordelia just loves to give Morgyn permission to screw her over (pardon my language) to make it extra easy for them, she’s been doing that all the way back from the Humour and Hijinks festival, maybe even earlier than that. Definitely not the first time. Will it be the last?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Flirty enough to make Cordelia run out the door in tears is too disrespectfully flirty damn it XD

        Ahhhh so she has. If only she would learn from her getting hurt… but no luck so far.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Heartbreak 💔
    I just feel the pain of my heart 😭

    Such a triangle … for some it might work, but I have my doubts about Cordelia.
    The pure heart has just made a covenant with the devil to receive love.
    I say this despite having a soft spot for Morgyn.
    It is ruthless to exhibit their two lovers in front of each other.
    Morgyns behavior makes me completely forget that they just saved Micah and Cordelia’s lives.

    It’s great to read that Micah has found hope (and maybe a plasma tree)
    I think about what his choice will be in this disorder.
    Micah clearly shows that he cares for Cordelia, but what should he use Morgyn for?
    …. besides enjoying the pleasures of the moment?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s definitely not Cordelia’s ideal scenario, that’s for sure. We’ll see how she copes with the reality of this new setup.

      That’s Morgyn for you, of course they have to “compensate” for doing something genuinely good and useful, so to speak. But hey, everyone lives, there’s that…

      As for Micah, there’s still that vague promise of a vampirism cure that comes attached to Morgyn, which has its own allure. No matter if Micah can find ways to make being a vampire more bearable, not being one at all would be the preference. (Though as many have pointed out, Micah’s guilt and dark thoughts go beyond just being a vampire). Whether you think Micah cares about Morgyn beyond that is up to you to decide 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. If it ever gets too much you can always just sit back and wait to see how it unfolds 😊 While some things will definitely be left open to interpretation, I’m sure you’ll get at least some answers 😊

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay so Morgyn swept in to save the day, good for them. But I wonder if the folks of Glimmerbrook really will stay away? Anyway I guess working will be v uncomfortable for Cory now.. v.v
    But I like her headless courage when it’s about defending someone that is dear to her 😀 just like Dandy!

    I also like Micah rubbing it in Morgyn’s face that he found the cure to one of his problems alone 😏

    What I do not like is that Morgyn knows quite well that Cory is not capable to keep up with this polyamorous bs of them, but still has zero intention to stay away from her. But eh, I don’t expect any human decency of them anymore. 😏 I just wonder how Hard Cory has to fall again and again before she learns her lesson /sigh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I would imagine it’s not ideal to work for someone that was moments away from potentially killing you 😅 And with someone that was a part of that. All around tense situation at the workplace…

      Yeah, she Cordelia does not consider the consequences for herself very much, bless her.

      Yes, unlike Cordelia Micah definitely doesn’t let the balance get too out of order with Morgyn, if he gets a chance to get the upper hand, he’ll use it – always has.

      “I just wonder how Hard Cory has to fall again and again before she learns her lesson.” Good question!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ah man, Morgyn should have stayed in the afterlife dancing the time warp with the Grim Reaper. I guess they saved Micah and Cordelia, in the most overly dramatic way possible, lol. I think Morgyn is walking a fine line between power and destruction. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like they are really showing off their powers since they got back. I think their own hubris is going to lead to their demise and probably a bunch of other peoples (maybe I’m just being all doom and gloom). Where’s Verena? I think she needs to pay a visit to the untamed magic sage, lol.

    Morgyn is the worst. They just sit there and joke and tease Cordelia after the town spellcasters threatened to end her and Micah. Morgyn has no tact whatsoever. And Cordelia being all, I can’t live without them; it would hurt more to not have them then to share them with Micah. Yeah, that’s some great logic for being in a relationship. I can’t blame her though, she’s naïve and Morgyn is manipulative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha of course they made sure the rescue was dramatic. It does seem they are showing off their powers even more now. Who knows, perhaps they are actually more powerful now?

      As for Verena, I haven’t forgotten about her, I can tell you that much. But last we saw her she had no idea where the magic realm was, and no clues to really follow. She does have a lot of time on her hands, though. But I wouldn’t be so sure if a potential visit from her is where I would turn if you are looking to prevent the demise of a bunch of people, haha.

      Ah yes, it’s all delightful. I’ve applied similar logic to Cordelia on some relationships in the past, so I can’t really blame her.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahh I love the magic effects you put in the picture! I especially liked the one where Morgyn conjured the firewall and had magic coming out of their hands. Oof. That’s such a cool picture! I love supersaiyan sims! I also like the one with the townies where they were midway casting spells and have many colorful lights! Do the colors of each magic mean anything? Different types of spells? Different branches of magic? They look small but deadly, like each of those energy globes have catastropic power in them.. Did you use in game effects or added them later? They’re pretty!

    That being said.. This Morgyn-Cordy-Micah relationship… and what Morgyn said of “Micah being the one who worried for her without expressing that they felt anything”. Kay.

    Does Cordy’s left hand tattoo mean anything?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do the colors of each magic mean anything? Different types of spells? Different branches of magic?

      That’s a really good question, actually! I have actually given that some thought, beyond the mere ‘wouldn’t be very visually stimulating if they all had the same colour’ 😀 They’re all meant to represent different untamed magic spells (because you can’t really off someone with practical or mischief magic), more specifically the orange is for inferniate, the turqouise is for chillio and the purple is for zipzap. Of course, that makes this for one rather uncoordinated mob 😀 But the reasoning is that not all of them might necessarily know all three of the elemental branches of untamed magic depending on their area of expertise, or might have one they’re more comfortable with/proficient in.

      I added them in later. I’ve used the effects player before, a handful of times (like in the Selvadorada temple), but the list of effects is a bit overwhelming to me so it feels like complete hit and miss what I’ll find. So adding them in afterwards was a much easier way 🙂

      Ah, yes. Would you like a relationship song for this mess? Here.

      Does Cordy’s left hand tattoo mean anything?

      Yes and no. It’s not plot critical (it doesn’t mean anything like her being marked by the sprite cult or anything of that sort). I do have a little backstory in my head about how she got it, although it’s not all that exciting, so I’m not sure if we’ll hear about it. It’s like Curtis’s favourite coffee blend level of stuff 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Me: reads the last chapter, takes off the “President of the Morgyn Fan Club” t-shirt.
    Morgyn: Swoops in with fire to save the day, protects their loves, kisses Cordelia, sweet talks Micah.
    Me: puts my t-shirt back on, makes an announcement that I am officially back on my bullshit.

    Holy heck! Okay, where do I start? I really loved the tension in the scene where everyone showed up on the front lawn. I understand their fear and their anger. When Micah fed on Tomas in that other chapter, I was like, UH OH, this is gonna come back to bite them (sorry for the pun, I’m the worst). I was so proud of Cordelia though, she stood her ground and had Micah’s back. I’m glad to see their relationship didn’t just disappear because Morgyn was back. I was a little worried for a minute.

    I am sorry that it’s created some problems for her and Grace. I love that Cordelia is making friends and getting connected to the community. Hopefully, they can find some sold ground.

    Ugh, I’m sorry. I would be a throuple with Morgyn and Micah in a hot second, so I can’t judge what’s happening properly. They are really upfront with Cordelia, though, and it’s her choice if she wants to try and make this work.

    Gah. I hate that all my concerns about Morgyn evaporated so quickly!

    And again, with the dope effects!!! Woohoo!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, love it! I wonder if there’s going to be any more outfit changes 😆 But yes, while they may have been a touch pompous about it (obviously), Morgyn did save their butts here.

      Haha, I love me a pun, so that made me giggle. Yeah, I totally get why the townsfolk would feel this way, down to the reaction to some crazy girl that insists the vampire is a nice guy because he hasn’t killed anyone yet.

      Cordelia and Micah have been through a lot together, ever since they first met, and it’s definitely been quite a curve. They have both saved each other in more ways than one. That stuff can’t just go away, even though they have conflicting feelings about each other with the whole Morgyn situation.

      We will see. It will probably be difficult for Cordelia to continue integrating in the community with some of its prominent figures having attempted to off her – granted, only because she refused to step away from Micah, but still… doesn’t quite incite that community feel, lol.

      Hahaha. I mean… I probably would too 😆 You’re right, Morgyn was pretty upfront. Morgyn rarely straight up lies, though they certainly phrase things in a way that will benefit them and omit some truths. But they definitely weren’t fudging here. Though there was no way Cordelia was going to say no.

      Thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Nodding and taking notes at the two elements Morgyn uses here. Really, I do hope this was intentional, because that would be—imo—THE most astonishing coincidence in current SimLit. I’m all like this right now.

    Cordelia has no idea how the townspeople got wind he was a vampire! The lines, babe. Read between them.

    My heart goes out to Grace. She has the exact opposite personality of my pet named Grace. This is a compliment, since Grace the pet is a huge B.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you mean Morgyn using fire, yes that’s not a coincidence, though probably not in the way you think. After all, we’ve seen Morgyn use fire long before Cordelia was in the picture.

      Is pet Grace a cat? I do feel for story Grace too, she’s stuck in a pretty awkward position and all she wanted to do was help.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Gonna comment here now instead since it’s easier for you than my word-walls on the forum.

    Ahh I love that Micah is in a somewhat better place now, poor guy. I like the little moment of heartwarming between Cordie and Micah. Whilst Micah has since found a better ‘outlet’ to sate his hunger, I can in a way understand the worry of the other spellcasters in Glimmerbrook of a vampire about the place. I notice that when Darrel, Minerva and Tomax prepare to fight with magic in the shot before Morgyn arrives, Grace is the only one with her hands by her sides as if she doesn’t want a fight.

    The aftereffects on Morgyn’s spells look awesome, I love it! The ‘I will set your world on fire’ line was quite chilling. (I recall that flashback to Morgyn’s memory…) Still Morgyn is likely keeping them around because they’re useful, nothing else, no doubt. Minerva being the only one to speak out is interesting, I like that she’s not afraid. Then again she’s an old spellcaster, she’s probably seen it all, as it says about sages being overthrown.

    NO CORDIE! No kissing Morgyn! No! Bad Cordie! They may be back with the living but they’re still using you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wherever works for you, I’m good either way! I know it’s a bit of a pain to comment on WP when you’re a Blogger person ordinarily, too many accounts to keep track of 😊

      Yes, Micah’s had a bit of a weight lifted off him. He may have new dietary options, but of course the spellcasters don’t know that. Neither do they know whether they can trust him enough to not feed on them even if he really did find an alternative. All the evidence they have so far is to the contrary. Yes, Grace is not so sure here. Cordelia is in the middle of it all, and they were friends, after all.

      Thank you! Yes, it was definitely no accident Morgyn used those exact words. Oof, cold. Cordelia and Micah have certainly proven useful to Morgyn so far, so it’s certainly possible. The Charms are a pretty old and influential family in Glimmerbrook, and as the head of the family, Minerva’s voice carries a lot of weight. She’s probably the most respected in the area right after the sages. So she can certainly talk back a bit more than others.

      Haha, I love how you’re scolding Cordelia 😅


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